1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 NORAD White House, Richard Clarke NORAD Able Danger: DIA, USSOCOM, LIWA Stratus Ivy: DIA Door Hop Galley: DIA (?) Proactive Pre-emptive Operations Group (P2OG) NORAD (NEADS) Exercises: UN HQ, NYC NORAD (NEADS) Exercises: UN HQ NYC Pentagon MASCAL exercise FAA drill Positive Force ’01: NORAD plus a dozen agencies; worldwide Unified Vision ’01: US JFCOM; US CENTCOM; US SOCOM: 40 agencies Red Ex (Recognition, Evaluation, and DecisionMaking Exercise); NYC OEM; FDNY; NYPD; FEMA; FBI Amalgam Virgo ’01: USCanada multi-agency drill; NORAD; SEADS; Coast Guard, Army, Navy 1998 1999-2001 Dec. 1999-2001 Dec. 1999-2001 (?) Dec. 1999-2001 (?) unknown October 16, 2000 October 23, 2000 Oct. 24-28, 2000 December, 2000 April 17-26, 2001

Between 1991 and 2001

Foreign hijacked airliner crashing into famous US building Terrorists load Lear Jet with explosive, attack Washington DC Hijacked aircraft hit many targets, including WTC, MASCAL Manipulate al Qaeda; data mining (patsy control) Operate on patsies “out of the box” (patsy control) Still secret (patsy control?) “Stimulating reactions” of terrorists (patsy control) Terrorist crashes Federal Express plane into UN HQ NYC Terrorist crashes Fedex plane with WMD into UN HQ NYC Commercial aircraft hits Pentagon, MASCAL Scenario: a chartered flight out of Ohio that had turned its transponder off Continuity of government; attacks on transportation; one scenario: terrorist group hijacking commercial airliner and flying it into Pentagon (Pentagon attack) Invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan (prepared Operation Enduring Freedom, October 2001) Plane crashes and building collapses in New York City (WTC attack, demolition)


May 7-24, 2001


May 11, 2001


June 1-2, 2001




Mall Strike 2001, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania (near Shanksville); 600 local first responders and emergency managers FAA Drill: FBI Miami field office, Miami-Dade County Police Department. Ft. Belvoir, Davison Army Airfield helicopter base MASCAL

June 16, 2001

UAV drone launched from rogue freighter in Gulf of Mexico or cruise missile from barge in Atlantic Ocean; Joint Based Expeditionary Connectivity Center (JBECC) mobile radar command center tested. (Pentagon attack) Toxic chemical agent and the simulated release of radiation and radiological contamination; (indoctrination of first responders).

Summer 2001

Varig airlines Boeing 767 hijacked over Florida Scenario based on plane hitting Pentagon (indoctrination of first responders).

June 29, 2001



Nellis AFB. Chantilly. Saudi Arabia. Assembled and indoctrinated Pentagon first responders. CO (Vigilant Guardian) Vigilant Guardian: NORAD. CIA anti-terrorist and special operations agents and heavy equipment away from Boston. Nevada: 100 pilots Through 9/11 31 Through 9/11 32 9/11 33 34 35 Andrews AFB local drill National Reconnaissance Office drill. AND ACTIVITIES OF 9/11 19 US Department of Transportation Hijacking Exercise NORAD. blown up Ilyushin IL-62 from Cuba hijacked by asylum seekers. New York City 9/11 9/11 9/11 36 Fort Meyer VA Education Center training drill for 9/11   . Turkey to impose no-fly zone over northern Iraq Diverts fighters. of Transportation Crisis Management Center drilled hijacks. NEADS (Vigilant Guardian) NORAD. simulated cell phone calls. NEADS. run from backup command center at Pier 92. lands at Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia 20 September 6. 2 25 9/11 26 9/11 27 28 Through 9/11 Through 9/11 29 Operation Northern Watch Through 9/11 30 Operation Northern Vigilance Operation Northern Guardian. Hudson River. diversion and confusion Reported by Richard Clarke Diverts 174th Fighter Wing. New York Air National Guard. Iceland to counter a Russian bomber drill Diverts most F-15s of 71st Fighter Squadron. 2001   ON 9/11 Drill 24 FBI training exercise in Monterey. NEADS (Vigilant Guardian) NORAD SEADS NEADS (Vigilant Guardian) August 31. satellite imaging (WTC attack) Response to biochemical attack. NYC. to Sultan Air Base. 2001 September 10. Langley AFB. 350 personnel to Alaska and northern Canada to counter a Russian bomber drill Diverts fighters from Langley Air Force Base (Virginia) deployed to Keflavik AFB. 2001 21 22 23 September 6. Diverts 3 F-16s to North Carolina Simulated plane crash into high-rise government building. NEADS (Vigilant Guardian) NORAD. DC ANG’s 121st Fighter Squadron of Andrews Air Force Base also depleted. Washington DC Full ‘battle staff’ levels to test entire organization Live-fly hijacking and air defense. 2001 US Dept. to impose no-fly zone over southern Iraq Diverts 6 fighters from Langley AFB sent to Incirlik AFB. Tokyo to Anchorage flight hijacked by “Mum Hykro” to Vancouver and San Francisco Seoul to Anchorage flight hijacked by “Lin Po” to Seattle UK to NYC flight hijacked. Virginia Tripod II. hijack multiplication. California for FBI/CIA Anti-Terrorist Task Force NORAD annual readiness drill.THE 46 DRILLS. VA. USCanada NORAD/JCS Vigilant Warrior Operation Southern Watch Date Through 9/11 Scenario Diverts top FBI. WAR GAMES. Keflavik AFB. Iceland Red Flag. 2001 September 9. Cheyenne Mountain. OPERATIONS.

Two AWACS aircraft from Tinker AFB. Minot AFB. actors as passengers. Fiduciary Trust Co.       3   . 97th floor. Canadian police to hijack DC-9 near Vancouver BC. Nebraska. surveillance of capital and president during coup. Armageddon. Meeting called to assemble and silence unreliable outside contractors? 39 9/11 Nuclear warfighting. surveillance. AND ACTIVITIES OF 9/11 37 38 local firemen Timely Alert II. No details known. Nebraska. Amalgam Warrior 9/11 9/11 Indoctrination of WTC first responders. OPERATIONS. North Dakota. Louisiana. “bad insider” has access to key C³ system (missile launch option) Three E-4B National Airborne Operations Center planes (Doomsday or Looking Glass) airborne. Whiteman AFB. Offutt AFB.. Air Combat Command Apollo Guardian. (deterrence of Russia and China during invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan) 40 9/11 41 42 43 Crown Vigilance. Oklahoma sent over Washington DC and Florida. No details known. (Committee. MD. passengers include Brent Scowcroft. Enemy forces “war dialed” STRATCOM’s telephone and fax systems. STRATCOM: Offutt AFB. Missouri. tracking. 9/11   After 9/11 Drill 46 Amalgam Virgo ‘02 Date Scheduled for June 2002 Scenario Air defense. WrightPatterson AFB. air defense against foreign retaliation. Fort Monmouth.THE 46 DRILLS. Andrews AFB.deviated from Salt Lake City to Hawaii. US Space Command AWACS drill. South Tower Global Guardian. WAR GAMES. ordered by NORAD commander Gen. of Public Safety option?)) 44 9/11 45 STRATCOM Strategic Advisory Committee. Delta 757 with real Delta pilots. and pursuit drill. Warren Buffet at Offutt. FBI as hijackers . Ohio. New Jersey World Trade Center Emergency Drill. Barksdale AFB. Larry Arnold Global Guardian Computer Network Attack 9/11 9/11 9/11 Large live-fly air defense and air intercept. Dayton. interception. and surveillance drill.

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