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By Gary Soto

1. What details does the narrator use to describe the setting of his neighborhood in the opening paragraph?

2. Based on these details, what other details are you able to infer about life in Fresno? (For example, how would you visualize the environment of the neighborhood? What other images can you come up with?)

3. Using context clues, what is another word you would use to replace “orneriness,” as it appears in paragraph 2?


Why did Gary hurl a bottle at Rick? What was the result of this dispute?

5. How would you describe Gary’s reaction to what the “Okie” said to him?

6. Using context clues, how would you define the word “provocation” on page 2?

10. After setting fire to the first box. or extreme? Explain your reasoning. the narrator.” What image do you form about these boys based on this description? 9. 8. When is another point that the eyes of one of the characters are described? Write the quote. and our eyes grew wild.How do you think Gary’s other family members (like his grandmother and his mother) view him and his brother? How does Gary want to be seen by them? . mentions that the Sotos (his family) may have been “inherently violent. Gary says “We hovered over the fire.Gary.Name: _________________________ Period: _________ Date:___________ 7.” What is your opinion about why they act the way that they do? 11. What is your opinion about Rick and Gary’s reaction to the neighbors who sneered at them? Was their reaction appropriate.

Name: _________________________ Period: _________ Date:___________ 12.What is the central idea the author wants us to think about after reading this story? .

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