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NIST proposed Student Acceptable Use Agreement

NIST proposed Student Acceptable Use Agreement

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Published by: Neil Commons on Sep 26, 2011
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Secondary Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Rationale: At NIST we understand the immense power that technology has in our world today. With power comes responsibility. This document aims to ensure that at NIST the use of technology is undertaken in a safe and responsible manner. We aim to ensure that all NIST’s technology users are fully aware of their digital footprint. This awareness extends beyond the boundaries of the School. General understanding: I understand that the computers are the property of NIST. Using a NIST computer is a privilege and not a right. E-mail, Internet and network use may be monitored. General use: ● You are responsible for the safety and security of your computer ● Access to the network and Internet connection is available to students for school purposes only ● While on the school network, if you come across something you feel is inappropriate, please advise a teacher so that effective filtering of such materials can take place ● Care for your computer: ○ Away from food and drink ○ Dry ○ In your possession ○ Out of harms way ● Only legal software is allowed on school computers ● Passwords protect you; keep them private ● When damage or loss occurs, it must be reported immediately to Tech Support Use in class: ● Use of technology in class is at the teacher's discretion ● Your computer should be used for class related learning only ● When leaving your computer unattended, lock the screen ● Any technical difficulties should be reported to the teacher Online behaviour: ● Appreciate licence laws ● Online contributions should be positive and respectful ● Behavior online should be the same as anywhere else. ● Treat others as you expect them to treat you ● Post only what you can afford others to see ● Remember what you write is possibly out there forever Health: ● Maintain a good balance in your life ● Remember the correct posture for using your computer Limitation, termination and/or revocation of student access If you do not adhere to these guidelines you may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with policies in the student handbook or at discretion of the school administration. By signing below, you agree to the terms and conditions of the above agreement.

FM-TEC-01 , R03

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FM-TEC-01 , R03

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