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^ 'Renovatio PCENITENTIA 'CONTRITIO EUCHARISTIA Confirmation Illuminatio PTISMUSi Re-gen eratio . Ordo ^SAtiCTlTKK Unctio Extrema.Matrimonii™..

" "not necessary to Luther went so far as to style the Sacrament of Con- firmation a " FiKMELUNG. If he had had the slightest notion of the Inner Meaning of the Sacraments. he would not have handled the pruning-knife with such deplorable alacrity." which word signifies or Fraud Cheat. the Sacraments are " Ordained means of Grace." How that these divinely-appointed ordinances of Grace. . these glaring failures gave birth to grave doubts con- cerning their efiicacy. lost their original and have degenerated into mere ritual As they repeatedly failed to transfer the immense benefits which they were appointed to transmit. The Sacraments have gradually signification. which ought to bind together the Members of the Church. instruments of Eternal — through is it outward and visible signs— transfer to the Faithful inward and spiritual Grace. have turned into veritable apples of discord ? The reason is very simple. necessary to salvation. At the Reformation simply discarded as five of the Sacraments were Salvation. Life. functions.'TT'CCORDING ^/« which » to the Orthodox definition.

which were on this account terribly persecuted by the Orthodox Priesthood. abhor. in coming men and women will be judged according to their to their acts. share her views. In our days the Church has lost the faculty of inflicting bodily injury to those who do not logicwm" opinions. This power has long ago ceased to be the appanage of Orthodox Christianity. to be hoped that. During the first centuries of the Christian era this different Secret knowledge remained in the hands of Societies. and not according more or less strict adherence to certain forms of belief It is a remarkable fact. and ages. Spirit of Intolerance is Such vehemence of The it is gradually vanishing. and " condemn the " certain which are declared to be styled wicked heresies. . Knowledge the esoteric signification of the Mysteries was in ancient times called "the Power of the Keys" (potestas clomcwm). that nearly all the Sectarians who have been opinions were persecuted on account of their heterodox men of a deeply religious turn of mind.12 One thing occurred of the if is certain: no Reformation could have the Church of Rome had retained possession of Sacred Gnosis. " Demons language meets scant approbation in our days. but the " Odiv/m Theosubsists still Christians are still requested to " detest." efiicacy of Luther those who denied " Baptism administered to unconscious possessed by worse demons ! ! ! infants.

who devoted themselves wholly to prayer. no value whatever. The Messalians. as well as the Mystics. unless these signs FAIL to transfer the Inward Grace promised. it serves to hide and protect the is but if that kernel once removed. in our eyes. unworthy of a cultured mind. We do not despise the husk. The reason is — The Gnostics. who had a very low esteem of the Sacraments. These. to be acts of superstition. then the husk has.IS Numerous records prove conclusively that disregard of external ordinances can by no means be considered as a token of impiety. prove no contempt for the Holy Sacraments ! On the contrary. the illumination of the soul was that their hearts desired. void of spiritual signification. who apparently were eager to conquer Life Eternal. as long as living kernel . should manifest contempt for the Ordained Means of Salvation : there must be some cause this : for such an anomaly. It men. refuse to be fed on husks. were a Sect of Mystics. It is just because we . of Can such a frame denoting particular in " mind fairly " ? be described as wickedness The Gnostics did seems strange that no way despise Divine Grace. We consider external ordinances. our views. We do not object to outward signs. Ireneus informs us that the Gnostics declared all outward and material Sacraments to be unnecessary: their chief aim was enlightenment all .

fact of their administration — convey Christ to the all The Council The of Trent anathematizes who deny that the Sacraments confer Grace ex opero operate. The glaring absence of all practical results makes admission indispensable. in the their own nature. then they remain mere outward signs. un- accompanied by any vestige of spiritual Grace. is This. our mental atitude. But it is a dangerous ad- . stated that the It is expressly Outward signs confer Inward Grace TO tliat THE Faithful. The Church of Rome has down the principle that the Sacraments are. which brings with magical results. All the Reformed Churches hold that Grace is NOT this inseparably tied to the reception of the Sacraments. that this doctrine is simply a false melancholy fallacy. ritual function is supposed to act as a charm or it incantation.14 feel the deepest veneration for the ordained means of Grace that we intensely object to their promiscuous distribution unto unworthy recipients. which —from mere Soul. The present state of Christian Communities affords abund- ant evidence of the fact. apt to engender feelings of security within the hearts of men. in strict* harmony with the views of the Primitive Church. On laid this point there has been a general defection from the Original Faith. vehicles of Grace. if These words of reservation imply the Sacraments are administered to those who are not faithful.

the practical use all these ritual functions is The Catholic Church be. Confirmation. Penance. VII. has long ago ceased to be aware of the reason WHY nor there ought to be seven Sacraments. Baptism. what " ? is. Extreme Unction. fact. V. VI. They have There is invariably been mentioned in this order. Holy Orders.: 15 mission ! It inevitably generates the question : " If they of fail to confer Grace. theoretically right. spirit and in true truth. then. II. something very remarkable about that . These Sacraments are I. If to the Sacraments were administered as they ought — in . Marriage. The ex opero operate kernel it is is if the recipient absorbs the living not true if he merely fed on the value- less husks. —then is they inevitably do operate in a magical transformation of Man. III. neither more less. Eucharist. The correct number of of the Sacraments has been the subject of considerable litigation. The Church though it Rome insists upon the number Seven. IV.

without hidden meaning. Goethe suggested that Marriage Sacrament. From the human point of view. logic and Divine Wisdom are sometimes fifth There are powerful reasons why Extreme Unction should be the the but. Sacrament and Marriage be mentioned These reasons of all. last. then there no apparent reason at the end. very If the Sacraments are simply outward is Unction logical last in the row. —though has the great merit of having kept the sequence of the Sacraments intact. which has not entirely minor Sacraments. severed the connecting link between them. ought to be the the wedding. unlikely that they should by chance have discovered the order. who thus established the sequence. for placing Holy Orders and Marriage But human at variance. as the birth of the child ought to come after The Church rejected the five of England. One single individual can no longer be the recipient of them The man who has received the sixth Sacrament — Holy . and conscious of the reason why the Sacraments ought to be menIt is exceedingly tioned in this order. ceremonies.16 It proves conclusively that the Fathers. of course. were initiates. and no other. it will presently first is necessary to point out that the it Church of Kome. places the Extreme This seems. which is esoterically correct. —has all. and come before first Baptism. the progression seems very strange.

" The Ladder meets us in the Cave of Mithra and in '' . imparted in all the Ancient Mysteries. If the links in a chain are disconnected.17 — ipso facto. Mexico. the Initiates of Persia. but only imaginary benefits can be derived from them in their present condition. and played sad havoc with the Divinely-appointed Ordinances of Grace. The Seven Sacraments to are rungs in the Mystic Ladder that Jacob beheld in his vision. Greece.'' Bishop Cranmer was clared that there much mistaken when he de- was no ground in Antiquity for con- sidering the number of the Sacraments to have been Seven. India. very much to its The Reformers threw overboard " all the Mys- teries that they failed to grasp. The mere is. was known by the title tep-f-xet. fact of having faithfully preserved credit. Systematic knowledge of the progressive phases of Evolution was the Great Arcanum. Lord of the Ladder. them however. none can be left out with impunity. — Marriage. for ever excluded from the seventh The seven Sacraments are links in an invisible chain connecting Heaven and Earth each link is : indispensable. That ladder was well known Egypt. that is. and The Egyptian Saviour. the Virgin-born Horus. Orders is. of The Church Rome has carefully preserved the seven links. then they are transformed into useless encumbrances.

^' Vol. and rejected Five ! In the Lutheran Catechism these mentioned. The ascent to the summit of the Paradisical Mount of God by means (Humboldt. but. of a pyramid consisting of seven steps was an old notion entertained— before the vision of Jacob —by the Mexican savages. Oliver states that the ladder with the seven steps was used in the Indian Mysteries to designate the approach of the soul to perfection. "Researches in America. but admits the others as " Minor Sacraments " ! Imagine a ladder on which the alone left intact ! first and third rung are to There is : something almost tragical the two rungs left. latter are not is even The Anglican Church importance of less radical: it accentuates the Baptism and Holy Supper. 86) . alas! it lies flat on the ground! it As long remains in that position cannot be used as a method of ascension. I. fail in such a mutilated ladder bridge the yawning gulf But a ladder on which two rungs five are " essential " and rungs "of minor importance" is a distinctly queer thing On as it the Roman ladder all the rungs are. J. and the ber of the rungs is num- invariably Seven* As none of the Reformers had the slightest notion of the Inner Meaning of the Sacraments.. intact. they kept Two.18 the Well of Life in the Great Pyramid. May the Spirit of Truth illuminate the Leaders of the Church and engender * Rev. p. happily.

The word Sacbamentum the Greek word fii/o-Tn'piov is the Latin translation of (Mystery). Originally the entire drama of Salvation was con- densed in this unique word Regeneration. . but few people what It has degenerated into a current term of the religious vocabulary —a term more or less void of sense. essence of worthy of the name. is a word with which realize all it Christians are really means. Regeneration familiar. so that the Ladder may soon be raised heavenwards! After these introductory remarks. all Let us carefully examine that this term implies Man is by which a potential God.— ! 19 within their hearts the Good-will. What all could this Secret be ? Knowledge of the Great Central Truth hidden the ancient Mysteries all religions in —the Truth which is the REGENERATION is the precious kernel everywhere embedded deep in the husk of empty ceremonies. it is time to ex- amine the original Meaning of the Sacraments. latent Regeneration are is the process into possibilities transformed glorious actualities. In ancient times it simply signified the sign and symbol of a Divine Secret.

the Child of Heaven. when it is purified. within the Pure Heart.20 The Human personality. composed of THOUGHT. like Joseph. that rational faculties in is. In the present state of Humanity the Brain has not the faculty of procreating something that is imfit mortal . —as well as the Deity. through which we obtain ultimate Through the Generation of the Good-will within the Human Soul the Emanuel. come through the destruction of — the offspring of earth. is incarnated. is ever to give birth to the Divine Babe. Salvation can only this evil will. guard and protect the Heavenly-begotten Seed deposited in the bosom of Mary. Feeling. Whenever the Inner Christos of born in the heart " Peace man the Invisible Choir sings ! and Good- will peace. The Man are unable to procreate a Will . the Re- deeming Agency. — and is : the substi- tution of a Good-will. and Will. Brain. but the Heart. or GoD-wiTH-US. When impure birth the dark thoughts ef unregenerate Man join feelings they breed a will tainted from its very by the germ of disease and death. The Human Foster-Father. to Earth " Good-will is the Saviour. It is is only fit to be a his duty to tend. only can The Heart must gradually re-become Virgin then it be fertilized by a Divine Thought and pro: duce an Immaculate Offspring. — is a Trinity.

The Seven Sacraments are the divinely-appointed means through which man ascends the intermediate controversy . ihe Inner Meaning of the Great Mysteries of Incarnation and Immaculate Conception. to the struggle of the New and the Old Adam. and Prophet. through the Grace of the Holy Ghost. to the Consecration of the Victorious Christos as King. Heritage. to the gradual growth of the Divine Eucharist.— 21 that is absolutely it is Good : their mission is to support that Will. The Incarnation is the first step on the Heavenly Ladder the Atonement is the last. Priest. Marriage. that Divine Spirit and Human Soul. which have been the subject of such endless when applied to historical personages. the indissoluble is. Child. to the Birth of the Christos CoNFlRMATON. Holy Orders. to the final death of the latter. This is. in a few words. to the unto onystica. Extreme Unction. . union of the Redeemer and the Redeemed. to His coming into the reception of His Penance. rungs : Baptism corresponds within the Soul. once begotten.

The Council of Trent anathematizes that Baptism is all who deny necessary to Salvation. As a matter of fact and experience. No true Mystic would dream of denying this necessity. associates If the Ordinance spiritual change. Teaching with Baptism. is not connected with a moral and it is then only a meaningless cere- mony. the vast majority of the baptized never undergo the momentous change called Rkgeneration unregenerate. they remain practically Millions of Baptized infants profit grow up to Manhood with no It this is whatever from their Baptism. in His commission to the Apostles. . and limits the administration of the Sacraments to those who were Taught. in any respect. validity of the Ordinance But we DO maintain that the the recipient. The first Sacrament is Baptism." Can this this claim be substantiated ? Can it be truth- fully asserted that all the unconscious infants to whom Sacrament is administered are. stated by the Church that the performance of confers " a special Ceremony mark upon the Soul.22 We will now examine the seven rungs on the Heavenly Ladder one by one. The Apostles baptized none but believers. entirely depends on an intelligent faith on the part of The Lord. whereby Christians are discerned from non-Christians. different from pagan babies? Has empty formalism .

the Spirit of moment when statement ! the breathes into the nostrils the Breath of Life Eternal. under whatever conditions that Soul happens to be incarnated Religion Christian is is not a geographical question ! An immoral no nearer the Heart of God than a virtuous Jew. The glaring absence of all practical results all compelled the Church to declare that " baptized persons.! 23 the power of transforming people into " adopted children of God"? The Ceremony of Baptism God is declared to be "the seed-time of spiritual growth. Hindoo." What an amazing Is Is the Creator. have a RELATIVE HOLI- . Not the slightest " change of disposition " can be noted after the performance of the Ceremony. though not PERSONALLY SANCTIFIED. then. No special "cove- nant " ensures to the former undeserved prerogatives. a Step-Father nnto of the earth ? all the other nations He wicked enough to neglect sowing loves. is Baptism Sin. honours. and the blessed Seed of Immortality in the Heart of the Truth-seeking "Heathen" who obeys Deity under the Name revealed to his forefathers? Surely the Holy Ghost leads the Evolution of every Soul that hungers and thirsts after righteousness. a Rite ordained for our deliverance from How could such an immense result be obtained ? without the conscious Co-operation of the Recipient The entire renewal of the moral nature cannot take place within the infant. or Parsee. Mussulman.

indeed. which clearly what strange mental aberrations IGNORwell- ANCE and FANATICISM can lead even good and intentioned men.24 NESS (! ! !) because they are members of the Church. Invisible Church is. The Ceremony of Baptism. he be a Jew. confers upon them the dubious official of nominal immatriculation into one of the hundred quarrelling sects into which Christianity is split up —that is all There is hardly a criminal in Europe been baptized —unless. Holy ! but of THAT Church unregenerate men and women are NOT memThere are no withered branches on the True : Vine their fruitless condition proves conclusively that they are not in spiritual union with Christ.) The bers. which enlisting into the Army certain of Christ " : One thing identified is the Primitive Church ever Baptism with Regeneration. (see which is Holy " Harold Browne's " Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles. Through this Sacrament regenerating Grace was not merely promised. is who has not The very scum of Earth admitted to nominal reception stated to consist in " the ! of the Sacrament. Over-estimation of husk and shell life. but actually bestowed. is by chance. performed upon unconbenefit scious infants. ." page 617. is fatal to spiritual I heard a few years ago illustrates to an anecdote.

his worthy Colleague they were all dead. conversions. 25 A certain Catholic Missionary in China rejoiced the hearts of his Superiors by sending ports home glowing which re- concerning his efforts the : splendid success had crowned his —thousands of Chinese had from hands received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism Considerable sums were sent out to the energetic funds were urgently needed to carry on this magnificent work.. no startling ! The reason was The good quite simple. Missionary. little very common hell. in China. who loathed the thought of all these poor heathen babies going to had had the bright idea of purchasing the right to Before they baptize them FOR a Penny a head ! ! ! were drowned the poor little mites had solemnly been admitted into the Holy Catholic Church and assured an eternity of bliss. another Priest to assist tending this huge his arrival the On new-comer begged to be introduced to the Christian Community. The Salvation is of an immortal soul at a penny a head certainly wonderfully good value for the money in- vested. who soon It reported a large number of fresh was deemed necessary to send out flock. All ! ! ? ? Why ? Had there been an epidemic or a massacre ? Oh. . yet somewhat is Female Infanticide Priest. explained THAT With some embarrassment.

until the Soul is made " perfect " and has become ripe for Immortality. . Will. " The first lesson to be learned on this planet consists in absolute submisssion to the Divine Each soul which murmurs ! in its darkest hours Thy Will be done " is regenerated. are saved by the laver of regeneration iii." are simply obliged to perform the Nay ! they same task over and over again. is The most : difficult part of its education first accomplished it has ascended on to the rung of the Ladder. The fate from which we are " saved " through EEGENERATION is COmpulsory RE-INCARNATION. These words do not at all imply that the myriads who are not " saved " shall perish. under more and more painful conditions. '' : We 5). The Heavenly Father's educational methods are full of wisdom.26 What of a a strange conception such fanatics must have attributes are Justice and God whose is it Mercy ! How possible that a SANE man can believe that the all expenditure or non-expenditure of a base coin can have the power of affecting for Eternity the fate of a human soul ! ! Augustine held that perish everlastingly. and the eager hands of invisible Helpers are ever ready to assist its ascension. Those children who fail to learn their lesson properly are not punished " everlastingly. It all is unbaptized infants would stated in Scripture " (Tit. until they have finally grasped the signification of the word Duty.

human institution. or " Guides. and most parents would resent any attempt in that direction an intrusion." Amongst us this magnificent Institution has defarce. but a Divine The New-born He Ohristos needs aid and protection has to " grow in wisdom and stature " (Luke ii. only the Sponsors are relieved of their charge.: 27 Sponsors are not a Ordinance. Then The Soul which has been admitted unto personal Communion with the Saviour has no further need of " Guides. 1 3). stature of the fulness of Christ " (Eph. more or handsome present its What has this institution. to do with Religion . in ? present condition. until has attained the measure of the iv. generated into mere The Godfather and God- mother are supposed to guarantee that the baptized infant will faithfully keep the Covenant entered upon on its behalf without its knowledge and consent will really : they promise to see that the Child as a Christian. its The re- Regenerated Soul sources. 52) Two Guardian tached to Angels. but never abandoned to " own tenderly guarded and led by Invisible it Protectors. be brought up ? Do they keep this pledge cases." are specially at- Him and is attend to His welfare. the In the majority of Sponsors never give an atom of as is religious instruction to their God-children. to give a All that less is required of the Sponsors to the Baby.

— — that they can succeed in passing their examination by cheating Such educational methods cannot dire results : fail to produce is they lead to neglect of that which : essential. The consequence was pro- — miscuous distribution of the Sacrament. Imagine the state of a School in which the unfortunate youngsters had the option between two awful alternatives : —either to enter without due preparation an examination much above their mental capacity. is Regeneration absolutely indispensable to Salvation. having. Damnation became the As Baptism was the means really regenerate to pur- through which damnation could be escaped. so as to " save " all the multitudes yield who were not in the least disposed to own will. and as the number chase of men and women who were was very small. which teaches that performance of empty ceremonies has the faculty of procuring celestial resembles a schoolmaster who tells his pupils benefits. or else be expelled in utter disgrace and be ruined for is life. This the only option offered to humanity by Orthodox Creeds. the Development of the Divine Germ. viz. The Church. it was deemed necessary to try Heaven up their at a reduced price. found itself on the horns of a dilemma: Salvation and only two alternatives left. . rejected the Doctrine of Re-incarnation.28 The Church. unfortunately.

The Church declares that both can be received but once in a lifetime. hidden in the soil fact that the Acoen The acorn remains life-giving influences fill —a potential but unmanifested tree —until the day when the combined its destination. as they "imprint a character. of moisture and heat compel the seed to evolve and The Moisture and Heat life indispensable to vegetable are the physical counterparts of the " Water and . Confirmation is the completion of Baptism. We now come to the second Sacrament. are not in the least " miraculous " : they constitute the natural budding and blooming of the Divine Germ lie hidden in the Soul.— 29 but the administration of H^O and empty formula are void of any value whatsoever. Spiritual faculties which dormant in carnal Man are brought into vigorous action is through the Sacrament of Confirmation: there no more miracle in that than in the gradually develops into an Oak." This statement of Confirmation is is absolutely true if the Sacrament accompanied as it ought to be—hy the actual bestowal of spiritual variably the case in gifts. twelfth Chapter of the First Epistle to the Corinthians. upon the Soul which can never be effaced. as described in the The Gifts of the Holy Ghost. or mark. This was in- New Testament times.

30 Spirit." or Psyche and Pneuma." The symbolical Water bestowed in the Sacrament to germinate. . A superior its element Water — descends from above. Christos. of Baptism causes the Divine Seed within the heart of Man The mysterious imposition the Sacrament of Confirmation of hands performed in is the Magnetic Force indispensable to the proper growth of the germ. the two great agents of " Verily. unperceived by all mortal eyes. breaks through the hard crust that imprisons Him. the seed emerges from its obscure prison and rises upwards towards the Realm of AiR. the Great Light hidden beneath the bushel of matter. As long still as the seed remains hidden in the soil it belongs to the dominion of Earth. 5) : say unto thee. except a man be born of Water and of the Spirit. verily I Kegeneration mentioned by Christ in His well-known reply to Nicodemus (John iii. The Ascension of Man from Earth to Heaven takes place in a similar manner. and emerges higher planes of glory life in radiant : consciousness on unveils to the its a new world Him Regenerate Man SEES and hears and FEELS with entirely new senses that at He did not possess an earlier stage of evolution. thanks to this aid. to assist evolution. The germination of Divine Manhood occurs. and. deep but there dawns a day when the Inner in the bosom . he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.

interpretation." Even the memory what this gift originally meant has been obliterated from out the Christian Communities. Holy Ghost are not in the least supernatural they constitute the glorious heritage reserved for super-man. It generally believed that these first were only distributed during the centuries of the Christian Era. No wonder that the gift of tongues is generally con- . —has repeatedly prompted religious maniacs to pour out torrents of incomprehensible sounds. void of any apparent sense." described 1-11. his consciousness imprisoned in matter the five senses are the only peep-holes through which impressions from the outer world can reach him. This —which is completely erroneous. and that " gift of the mysterious of tongues. nature lies But deep in the centre of his hidden the rudiment of a sixth sense — that of spiritual perception. The Speaking in tongues " is generally supposed consist in the more or less involuntary utterance " to of incoherent sounds. One of them in particular is supis posed to have vanished. gifts xiii. " Gifts of is the Spirit. It would be miraculous nature to do so once for an acorn to produce soil . There has been considerable speculation within the Church concerning the in 1 Cor. : Unregenerate is Man is in darkness . a multitude of leaves below the surface of the is its it it has emerged above ground.31 The gifts of the .

The thoughts of : Heaven if not. of has. perhaps. must be expressed in the language of Earth the message cannot be correctly transmitted. granted separately. It is sad to think that modern nations are so utterly ignorant of the true nature of the gifts of the Holy Ghost that they identify the ravings of unsound minds with the magnificent faculty of teries. which is sidered generally. which they sometimes hend. All our the gift of speaking in tongues : their brain is a sort of receiving-apparatus for fail thought-waves. unless it be accompanied by the gift of interpretation. of the to compre- It is the glorious mission Inspired Artist to express sublime truths. yet register faithfully. poets possess.32 by the Church to be of small value." " Speaking in Mys- The real gift of tongues is of immense value : it is the power of veiling eternal verities in the more or less transparent garb of A. which he never himself grasped the Hidden . however.LLEGOEY. Knowledge of into a celestial if truths cannot be projected human brain they utterly transcend the com- prehension of the Recipient. One thing is certain the faculty of understanding Nonsense has never yet been distributed by the Holy : Ghost ! Utterance of sounds void of sense and imaginary comprehension of their meaning are feats belonging to the realm of mental acrobatics . more or less. they ought to be re- served for the Pentecost of the Lunatic Asylum.

and Parables." The faculty of speaking in tongues has been distributed all since time immemorial amongst it the nations of Earth. as festation is one of the favourite modes of mani- of the Holy Ghost. Goethe was an Initiate." God worketh . to another that of expounding them." Tannhauser and " Lohengrin '' are Divine Revelations in the fullest sense of the term. It was particularly abundant in the Middle Ages. Ibsen often sneered at critics who perceived in his works depths to which the conscious thought of the Author never had plunged. and meets us constantly in those modern times. But this gift is only discerned by who have " from the self-same Spirit " received the still greater gift of Interpretation. and St. yet it is doubtful whether he ever understood the wealth of wisdom which is embedded " in the mystic ballad of the " " King of Thule. Paul was justified in saying " that it gave edification. Metaphors. Fables. but the " same in all.83 Meaning. The great Norwegian poet : possessed the gift of tongues he lacked that of inter- This latter gift of the Holy Ghost gives more joy than any other: the it consists in instant perception of Inner Meaning of Allegories. To one is given the faculty of putting forth riddles. pretation. It is a magnificent gift. as they contain truths from the celestial spheres —truths of which Wagner had probably very incomplete knowledge.

in 1904. Church may receive all edifying " (1 Cor. The wonder. in a remarkable of the faculty Interpretation . the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation. so did my venerable friend.34 It is indeed literal an admirable working method is ! The meaning of allegories it generally of such childish simplicity that can be grasped and remembered by the most unintelligent mind. for Then the is Veil is lifted away the gift of Interpretation bestowed upon some servant. xiv. gift Those Christians who have received no special ABE NOT YET CONFIRMED. late Anna Kingsford possessed. and miracle Divinely-instituted Apostolic times were not accidental. Mr. Michelsen. If you oaks. The Power of under- standing Hidden Verities was the special gift granted unto me when I received. to the Church of God. . so " that the . lie Behind this plain surface hidden worlds of beauty which remain unrevealed ages until the hour appointed by God. went to a nurseryman and asked if for young what would you think he exhibited to you a . mystery. 5) then the Mystery hidden through the Centuries is suddenly revealed. The degree. The bestowal of spiritual gifts invaeiably accomof the panies the actual reception of the Second Sacrament. but are essential.

" — 35 collection of stale acorns ? You would ! stare at ! him in amazement. as well as two thousand years ago Great will be the confusion of the tens of thousands of so-called Christian Priests. —who imagine that they " have received the Holy Sacrament of Ordination. but the . and say your feelings acorns if : " Sir I " want trees In " Imagine miraculous ' he replied : New Testament times that was ' possessed the extraordinary and : faculty of being transformed into oaks for the benefit of others ' ! These acorns are oaks in an abiding and ordinary veloped plant." sands of so-called Pagans are members of the Invisible : Church : they may possibly never upon this earth have heard even the Name of Jesus of Nazareth. on the Day of Judgment.' To remain unde- quite compatible with the welfare of the Would you fool ! not. in silence." is state. At the sight of this colossal sham the Spirit of Truth he only is a Christian will sternly say: " I know ye not Thousands upon thouwho leads the Christ-life. they bring forth their flocks of 350 millions of so-called Christians. the great miracle of growth occurred NOW. when." who IMAGINE that they have been admitted into the True Church of Christ by the administration of water and empty words on their unconscious heads. turn : your back on that nurseryman and think If those acorns " You are either a knave or a had been submitted to proper would have ! treatment.

an un- deniable fact that the Mystery of Holy Communion was The magnificent this celebrated in different countries several thousands of years before the Incarnation of Jesus. discoveries of conclusively. tion of which Man was Deified. the branches beautiful. India." . we have known the Gods The Egyptian " Book of the Dead. to have been by Jesus Christ. have led their spiritual evolution The Church instituted declares the Holy Supper It is. Communion with bread and wine all played an important part in the ancient Mysteries. however. Modern Archseology have proved In Egypt. and Greece we find traces of this Sacrament. my drink I eat them under the trees I know. we have entered the Light." which is the ! We Manual used at the Great Initiation. —through the consump— of very ancient is In one of the Vedic hymns the worshipper exclaims " have drunk the Soma. we have become immortal." exclaims : — —speaks of is " the The Neophyte red : " My bread is white . tears they have shed in Invisible Sponsors and to-day these despised " heathen " are Sons and Daughters of God.36 Divine Seed in their own heart has reached glorious maturity . . Angelic hands have baptized them with silence. Mexico. The notion descent. of a heavenly food. food of the Gods behind the Shrine.

and offer "Take 12 stones. The Book of Adam S.' and the Holy Ghost came down : ' on that oblation." all this In the presence of to maintain that the evidence. we meet lated from the Ethiopic by Rev. and peace of heart in the place of Bread and Wine.— 37 The two trees alluded to were the Vine and the Fig- tree. son of Noah." And. it is impossible Holy Communion was originally : instituted by Jesus of Nazareth Jesus was the High- . further on " To me is given splendour." " In one of the Ancient Sacred Writings of the Early Eastern Church.' ' Keep this Mystery King Further on we find it related that Melchizedek." The Neophyte of the says : " I obtain power from the bread I eat it Gods : I obtain power as beneath the : foliage of the Tree of my Lady. prepared : Bread and Wine. of Salem. : and Eve. and Melchisedek said : an altar. symbols of Our Lord and Our Lady. joy." transMalan. a cup of wine and a morsel of bread. The Ritual further speaks of the " Divine food that giveth Power. shall God said This oblation ye have offered me I make it my flesh. took 12 stones and offered on them a sacrifice of bread and wine. C. the following startling passages "Adam and Eve made • an oblation of bread on the Altar. and that he gave Abraham the Holy Eucharist. and make thereof upon it Bread and Wine." Later on " it is stated : " Shem. and said secret.

but by the Divine Being of whom that historical personage was a temporary Manifestation. the Divine Being with which the Man. " ! Jesus was able to say: The Holy Eucharist was NOT instituted by the historical personage we reverence under the name of Jesus of Nazareth.38 Hierophant of the Essenes. Heavenly Ladder would. just as well as * See note on page 55. in that fold. then no one can have received them prior to the Christian Era. All those who have in previous ages ascended the case. Jesus. At first sight. If the Such is not the case is HISTORICAL Jesus the originator of the Sacraments. it appears as if this distinction were of ! small importance. " Through the consciousness of His Unity with that Central Before Abraham was I am Self. ? be outside the Why this injustice ? Surely Are we not told that " the Heavenly Father giveth the Holy Spirit to them that step-children God has no ask Him " ? (Luke xi. In this capacity He ad- ministered to His disciples the Holy Eucharist — Sacrament to which evolved Souls had been admitted for many centuries.* Jesus was a Manifested Ray of the Great Invisible Spiritual Sun. loved and obeyed God long ere Jesus belong to the Holy Invisible Church. The Seven Sacraments are means of Grace ordained by the Pre-existent Christ. was at-oned. . 13) All men and women who was incarnated. the Source of all Illumination.

its first which has overshadowed this planet since the evolution of ALL formation. leads its children. future or of the past The Spirit of Christ. is hope of reaping posthumous In the eyes of the are. The a saintly person. on the same still ethical level. According to the Catholic Church. which we must aspire. spiritual miser. those two extreme types of manhood more or in less. To sacrifice the joys of Earth in order to purchase the joys of commercial transaction. Salvation great thing to be desired above to all. an immortalization of the very Root of Evil But what is salvation if not Self ? The worship of Self is Selfishness —the great life- bar to Divine Communion — is not eradicated by long endeavours to conquer spiritual one's advantages for own personality. his Heaven is simply a The prodigal who squanders spiritual immortal birthright " by riotous living " is a spendthrift. is based upon the great principle of it Unity : no one can partake of worthily in spirit and . Supreme.! 39 those born at a later period and under different climes. The Christian who hopes for personal advantages is recompense of his virtues This Sacrament not yet sufficiently evolved to be worthy of receiving the Eucharist. is the the ultimate goal. who denies himself legitimate joys in the benefits. Time and space has nothing Religion is to do with Salvation not a thing of the an ever-present ! reality.

in truth unless

he be keenly conscious of his solidarity

with the entire




desires the redemption of

all humanity


merely the salvation of separate individuals.

It is the

proud prerogative of Regenerate


to co-operate

with Deity in the accomplishment of this grand labour
of love.

When we

have patiently toiled our way upwards to

the Gates of Heaven, then

we must crush our great
back to Our Father the
still far

yearning to enter and return to the lower planes of

in order to try to bring

Sons and Daughters who are

away from Home.

The mystic expression

" to rest

beneath the Altar


which has puzzled so many Christians,

refers to this great spiritual fact.


one who EEALLY

has been admitted to the Sacrament of the Altar would

wish to enjoy heavenly bliss as long as millions of his




ENTER First.
Those souls who are admitted unto true Communion
with Deity gladly
sacrifice their spiritual prerogatives

in order to assist in executing God's plan of Redemption.

They rest




season, until their fellow-servants


fulfilled" (Rev. vi. 11).


the Mystic Ladder

that Jacob beheld in his vision Angels


This expression

very significant



Angels did not remain at the Top their mission to serve those beings who are less evolved. Each



Soul which has ascended into the Divine Presence re-

own free accord as a Messenger. But Good-will and Peace ever walk hand in hand. Those who labour for others enjoy rest in the Lord they
descends of

" rest

beneath the Altar," sustained by the Food of
Celestial "

Heaven, the

Meat "

ever granted to those

who do

the will of the Father (John
is "




of the Father

that not one of those

ones shall


cannot enter the





we have done His

and brought home the

sheep that have gone astray (Matt.


the Church of Rome, which claims to have the

Monopoly of Salvation, remember that
In the Sacrament of the Altar each vigorous young
Tree which has grown up from the Divine Seed deposited in the Heart of " every


that cometh into

the world




9) yields


his right to a separate


transformed into a tiny twig upon the

Great Tree of


The Wine and Bread
sustain temporal
of Christ
is life

are nutritious elements which

in separate individuals

the Blood

the life-giving Sap which supplies nourish-


Members of the Invisible Church, In Him we live and move and have our being." Wine and Bread belong to the Realm of perishable
to all the


the Mystic Blood and Flesh of Christ belong

Through the to the Realm of Immortal Substance. Holy Eucharist the regenerated Soul acquires the

capacity of assimilating food directly from the Celestial


The scant spiritual nourishment contained Creeds, Dogmas, and Ritualistic Ceremonies is


an everlasting draught from

the well of Absolute Truth.

The overwhelming magnitude

of the Grace conferred

the Sacrament of the Altar inevitably produces

within the Soul a crushing feeling of unworthiness

becomes keenly conscious of the necessity of the
If a beggar

Sacrament of Penance.

suddenly admitted unto the table

of a King, he may, in the

flush of emotion, forget
rejoice at all the glory



and simply

he beholds, but there inevitably comes a he

moment when

ashamed of



While he was


the path their wretched condition did not strike him,

but the undeserved honour conferred upon him makes

him yearn

intensely for clean garments.

True reception of the Holy Communion has the


vision of ideal

making the Soul keenly conscious of SiN. Manhood, in all its immaculate
all its

beauty, compels the Soul mournfully to recognize



Each thought, word,

or deed in our past life is photoastral

graphed in our aura, and the moment when these
records are presented to our gaze

tebeible, even

" That old familiar sentence is verily . wipes away true. in the flesh. None of." 48 for those who have This led pure lives. us could weigh down the Scale representing JUSTICE. according to earthly is standards. called " the " Fiery Ordeal.' : " they begin to say to the mountains ' Fall on and to the hills Cover us ' ! During the Fiery Ordeal the Soul repeatedly in Scripture." to traverse it men and women inevitably have to when they leave the physical body. unless the Judgment of Osiris. but those who are admitted the great Initiation pass the Burning Furnace while still they are trance." mystically All the valley of the shadow of death. all sin. Grace is placed itself at our side and supplied all that lacking. We would all succumb unless the Sacrament of Holy Communion ever "The Blood of Christ preceded that of Penance. all Plunged in a death-like an agony of ' they behold the inexorable past in the in merciless light of eternal verity and shame us. is brought face to face with the "Accuser." the terrible being mentioned The Accuser is graphically represented in the shape of a Crocodile-headed Sphinx on the Ancient Egyptian drawing which represents The Accuser presides at the Ceremony when the Heart is weighed in the balance against the symbol of Divine Law. No Man unless he can pass victorious through the Fiery Ordeal is at-oned with the Saviour.

own Judge. assist a Soul in the dark hour but ritual functions. A ceremony performed upon a affect the welfare body can. Soul begs to be wiped away from amongst the At this stage of ExTOEME Unction. and children. to have a soothing influence upon distressed They apparentlybelieve that the anointing has a magical effect. to all nominal members of the Church. The penalty of sin is death In the agony of remorse. in no way of a soul which has just divested itself of its garments of clay . and seems relatives. consider the ceremony to be a mere Even those who act of superstition would not care to deprive illusion.. yet this ceremony is impressive. But it is an and hardly anything else Loving prayers do of death . evolution the Soul receives the The Church of Rome never administers this Sacrament until all hope of recovery has vanished it is given.. in extremis. men. and will be of great help to the Soul in Purgatory.. often after con: — — sciousness senseless has left. mourners of this illusion . of course. even of if sternest of his life that he he obtained the pardon God and his fellow-creatures.44 Intense consciousness of sin transforms his Man into all. the Repentant living. women. and that Judge is the The culprit feels that there are acts in cannot pardon himself. performed by a stranger .

is a symbol of Peace but Peace and GoodIf are inseparable companions. not generated during earth-life. but those souls who are eager to ascend the Ladder have the faculty of entering the burning furnace while they are still in the flesh. It is not desirable to abbreviate the pangs of all Purgatory: the flames must not be extinguished until the dross in us is consumed and only noble metal left. The Central part of the Ancient Mysteries voluntary descent into Hades for 3J days was the each Initiate : had to cross the Chamber of Fiery Ordeal. there can be no Peace in the Beyond. The Soul will is suffer. will is or Cheisma. the painful process of purification takes place after death.45 who attends the death-bed simply because it is his professional duty to do so. As a rule. not because a wrathful Deity claims vengeance. with which the dying man . but : because Pain the great cleansing Agent the Soul absolutely will suffer neither more nor less than is necessary for its purification. can only be of scant benefit to the departed. The Sacrawill ment of Extreme Unction was not conferred on poor the Chrisma was administered wrecks of humanity who drifted against their towards the dark shores : to those strong souls who. Those who attempt to avoid pain resemble naughty children who decline to be washed. The Oil anointed. Good-will was and must suffer. left the flesh-pots of Egypt and went into the desert to be . of their own free will.

According is Chrysostom. far than that of Emperors and Kings. Why of a physical body when there a possibility to conquer "The Golden Fleece" is only granted to those who gladly yield up their " coats but that garment was given them to hide of skin sin. Bernard declares that his power is greater than that of the Angels and Arch-Angels. there is nothing in our nature left that needs hiding.46 confronted with the Last quered before Victory fear of Death. of The Church Earth to St. and we can only entirely dispense with it when a glorious body? '' . it accepts with equal submission Life cling desperately to the possession is Death. loftier is Rome declares that no position on as exalted as that of the Priest. or voluntary tomb. But they had no to the fifth walked hand in hand with God. for they is Enemy. the dignity of the Priest St. The is 3 1 days spent in the Pastes. The Soul which has ascended rung on : the Heavenly Ladder never looks back with regret it has no longer the slightest wish to remain on the lower planes of or life . " Jonas was swallowed 3^ " before days by the preach Monster of the Deep he began to The Soul must die away from Earth before it receives the Sacrament of Ordination. which must be concomplete. the indispensable preparation to the sixth Sacra- ment —that of Priesthood. These proud claims are absolutely justified if ad .

of course. No higher position can be conceived. and Prophet. of But the proud of gentle- affirmation absolute superiority appears slightly ludicrous when applied to the vast number men who have simply selected the clerical profession in order to obtain a more or less comfortable living. is. individual members through of the clergy who are true channels of grace. The true recipient of the Sacrament of Holy Orders emulates in his person the functions of King. put in motion by conflicting It is the professional duty of the clergy to expound the Scriptures to the multitude. machinery. many perform the " Magnum They transform Bread into Stone. but Opus that " d. and are absolutely ignorant of the ? Esoteric meaning are. has finally been ordained by the Great Leader of the Invisible Church. How can this duty be properly fulfilled by men who There only grasp the Literal sense. simply a stupendous forces. The Priesthood official —such as it is established by the churches all over the world It is — has nothing to do with the Sixth Sacrament. To reserve the sixth Sacrament exclusively members of the male sex is an undeserved insult to to . Priest. pure religion into adulterated and indigestible theology. whom spiritual life is actually transmitted to the congregation. after having ascended the Ladder of Evolution. rebours.47 vanced in behalf of the half-deified being who.

48 womanhood. The . corresponds to the power to and to bind. to is appointed to hand free access. is That power bestowed only upon those souls who have actually ascended the Ladder and passed vic- toriously through all the phases of Re-generation." occult formula. granted by Christ to the Apostles when He conferred upon them the sixth Sacrament. down the which he has unto those who are beneath him on the ladder. That is the mystic coming ages the the famous loose attitude which meets us so frequently on drawings and monuments. Priest or a Priestess in the kingdom less The Priest is a King because he has legitimate evolved beings and is dominion over multitudes of responsible for their spiritual welfare. because he riches of Heaven. Sex can no be a bar excluding half humanity from the reception of the sixth Sacrament. " to transmit to Solve et Coagula. The mission of the Priest is to The only sacrifice acceptable to God of Self. the immolation Whoever all is willing to give has and that he is for love of up all that he the Redeemer is a of the Messiah. Now that the great truth that God is FATHER but sinister. and not only We must evolve also into a nation of Priests Priestesses. the other Bestow. offer is up sacrifice. intended Ancient Wisdom. of his hands One must be lifted one stretched down to up to Receive. Mother is beginning to be longer openly preached from our pulpits. He is a Prophet.

and he enjoys the Beatific Vision.— 49 true Priest has the glorious mission of liberating his fellow-creatures. it is not yet Beloved. These rare moments — sacred Priest beyond expression which is —are the preludes to the Ineffable Joy.'' He sees no longer but face to face. powerful weapon is That all- The Word of God. Unto him alone is granted access into the Holiest of Holies. The true Priest is a Mediator between God and Man. In rare and solemn hours of deep contemplais tion his enraptured Soul lifted beyond the Veil. is Betrothed to the Divine Bridegroom Wedded. but has not yet conquered the right to remain for ever in But when it has received the Seventh Sacrament. On the sixth rung the Soul . and emerging from the pages of a justly reverenced Book. But the to perform. a period of intense activity precedes the coming of the Great Sabbath. The intolerable chains forged by Ignorance and Fanaticism snap asunder at the magic touch of the shining sword in his hand. A Word not shrouded in the venerable garb of antiquity. . It has fugitive glimpses of the His presence. but a Living Word. emanating from a heart filled by the Holy Ghost. "in a glass dimly. He toil has still many duties The six days of are approaching their end . reserved for the Soul on the last rung of the Heavenly Ladder. is not yet entitled to remain per- petually in the Sanctuary.

indispensable propagation of the for the welfare of human race. which has enjoyed " the the Heavenly Sophia" (Divine Wisdom) to embrace ? use Jacob Boehme's expression — — will divulge nothing concerning the Sacrament of Marriage. unseverable." and began to ascend the Ladder. I dare not speak. That for the under present conditions. " What God united let no man . And when ! the Father. I have sinned " —then he received the white robe. its But the link is not. go out no more " —that is. it was not instituted in order to legalize the physical union of man and woman.50 then the Soul enjoys Eternal Rest. Marriage. It is highly important its the child that the knot uniting parents should be solidly tied. "the far country. The Prodigal Son has for ever left definitely returned it home he has . One thing union is. is certain . by own nature. the symbol of the Seventh Sacrament. and finally the mystic Ring. the peace that passeth all It enters into " It will understanding. Of the Unio Mystica It is a sub- ject too holy to be treated publicly without profanation. his father descended and ran to meet him on the third rung. The great argument. behold ! —the very minute " arose. What the bride would describe to strangers the rapture of first kiss of The Soul. and brought him the " meat prodigal said " " of heaven." where was his fate to be he " fed on husks. the indissoluble union of the Redeemer and the Redeemed. it will never more re-incarnate." And.

or dissolve unhallowed unions Ritualists may retort that the views expressed in this all paper are simply subjective and lack I objective value. 32) refers to the at-onement of affairs. "The Great Mystery" God and Man. I it. not of a Sacerdotal. not to matrimonial May those Marriage to be a is Sacrament meditate upon problem: "Which it worse profanation. is The tie between husband and wife of a Legal." cannot reasonably be applied to the countless unfortunate alliances which day. is But if the continuation of the partnership impossible. meet us every ! God unites no ill-assorted couples The mere fact that a member of the clerical profession presided at the nuptial ceremony does not imply that the union Deity. am in a position to prove that these views are . nature. instituted in The Seventh Sacrament was not for ever order to unite two imperfect beings on the physical plane. found to be fail to see the necessity of prolonging to the detriment of all parties concerned. who consider this of which St. two consorts together was not unselfish Marriage partnership." 51 put asunder. It certainly ever met with the approbation of lacked Divine sanction if the motive that brought the love. is the contracting of a very important entailing strictly grave responsibilities. which ought to be and honourably kept. Paul speaks in his Epistle to the Ephesians (v. to administer to to unworthy ? recipients.

I. regeneration of the Soul. being Adopted. sin." Lib. find the following sentence in his "Paedagog. at a period when the Fathers were Gnosis. " Liberty to the remission of light. We . as described with the miserable results obtained through the indiscriminate distribution of the spiritually ignorant multitudes.52 identical with those held in the first Christian era. These words ascension of corroboration of describe with extreme lucidity the the mystic ladder. the great contemporary of Tertullian." Is it probable that he would have used these glowing frigid words concerning the ceremonies administered in our days to countless millions of unregenerate in- dividuals ? May the Christian Community compare the magniby St. ficent evolution of the Soul. Cyril of Jerusalem also extols the virtue of the : Sacraments in the following words captive. we are Perfected. to quote St. step by step. garment of holy seal indissoluble. delight of Paradise. Holy Sacraments unto . No my statements could be more effective than that of one of the Canonised Saints of the Church of Rome. Clement. we are rendered Immortal. St. chariot to heaven.:— "Being Bap- WE ARE Illuminated being Illuminated. BEING Perfect." tised. still in possession of the I True beg Clement of Alexandria. we ARE Adopted.

a more or less superficial whitewashing.53 The Divinely-ordained Means to such of Grace are misused to an extent that they have almost ceased life eternal. be instruments of Baptism generation — the is Sacrament of Repentance and Re- — administered to unconscious infants. Penance is —the awful Ordeal of Inner Judgment— transformed into a yearly function. CoNFiEMATON tion —the Sacrament of Interior Illumina- — is conferred upon unripe youths and maidens. Extreme Unction Will. Marriage ments —the most stupendous of the Sacra- — is supposed to be instituted in order to legalize the amours of Jack and Jane What is this if not " ? CORRUPT following of the Sacraments are Apostles " The sad fact that the . the —the utter yielding up of the Sacrament which claims the most intense effort personal — is performed upon poor wrecks of humanity too unconscious. The Eucharist the Sacrament of Divine Communion is granted wholesale to men and women — — steeped in vice. feeble to have a will and often entirely conferring Holy Orders —the Sacrament upon Manhood the highest dignity which can be conceived — is granted to all those gentlemen who choose the all clerical profession.

Machinery. The problem : Christianity a Failxire ? with —which has been so difficult to solve truthfully a negative answer — is a thing of the past it No has been thing can be declared to be a failure until properly tried Christianity has hardly Begun yet ! But when it shall for once be established.54 NOT properly administered Admission of this fact is proved every day by their utter failure to produce the blessed results promised. in The very Existence its present condition. has far-reaching consequences. . that there exists at present no Visible Christian Church on this Globe. is hinged upon this question: "Are the Saceaments Properly Administered. of good Millions Invisible men and women but the enormous belong to the ecclesiastical Church . little — has to do with the pure Religion taught by " Is Jesus Christ. or If is — is No " ? we arrive at the reluctant conclusion that such case. —then a New Heaven Earth will ever smile down on a New Pbincess Karadja. Yes. Tiot the then the inevitable consequence recognition of the fact. of the Christian Church. —put very in motion sixteen hundred years ago at the bidding of the iniquitous Emperor Constantine.

" pre- pared from the beginning of the world. and drinking the she had anointed with Immortality. She was further told to put on her bridal gown.— 55 MOTE. the daughter of Potiphar and wife of Joseph. In the Apocrypha. . did spend eight days in fasting and penance. I have quoted this strange fragment. Then the Archangel Michael appeared announced cup while eating the blessed bread of filled life to her and to her that henceforth she should be reborn. herself with the blessed oil of incorruption her name would be written in the book of never to be effaced. as it evidently refers to the Great Initiation and the various phases of Evolution through which the Human Soul has to pass. When life." Michael then disappeared in a fiery chariot drawn by lightning-like horses. " Life —which shows indisputable it is and confession of Asenath" elements of Essene lore stated that Asenath.


. Dutch." CatTioUc Watchman." T^mes..' " —" . and has been translated into German. poem is in blank verse of considerable vigour... taught by the Catholic Church.. Journal.. The — poem is a powerful meditation on Whatsoever a man sows that shall he reap.." — ment of an ." EngZisft Mwil. — ' . The present English verse-translation is by the Author herself. but no sermon. .. "This poem was originally written in Swedish." "This poem has met with a very considerable Ocealt Eevieui." — Theosophical Review. . There are incidents powerfully described. Bucoess. and Danish. No theologian has better defined the unforgivable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.. this work contains a certain number of truths." " This poem is both a psychic problem East and West. " The story is told in a dramatic and moving language. and went through six editions." etc. The poem in the original Swedish has a delightfully musical flow. and the Life.. and." Aberdeen the theme : Da/ih/ ' Universe. Beyond. It is interesting both as a psychic experience and as a description of after-death conditions and is thoroughly readable. . The poem is on the theme of Eternal Hope." — — Pall Mall Qaiette. the Truth. " The translation into English vernacular does this talented lady great credit. . It is so remarkable that it requires no story of a wondrous birth to account for its extraordinary success. had she not acquainted the English readers with the fact that it is a mere translation of her former work. " This mystic poem contains a serious stateThe various steps of penance after-life experience. on the success of which she is to be highly congratulated. . . it would easily have been accepted as a piece of original English verse. a deeply impressive work . and repentance are graphically ^escribed. 80 rich is the language and so melodious its tone. — " This a noble message from the Great — . ever contained less of dogmatic theology. taking the Founder of the Christian Faith as the Way.EXTRACTS FROM PRESS OPINIONS OONOEBNING PRINCESS KARADJA'S POEM "TOWARDS THE LIGHT. — " . blank verse. . . and much of this is preserved in the translation made by the Princess herself. and remarkable in one whose thoughts are habitually expressed in another tongue. Light. That treacherous medium. It is at once a warning and a promise. is handled with an ease and accuracy rare enough among native writers of the language. " The poetess has a wonderful mastery of blank verse and an excellent ear for English rhythm. . There are a chain of circumstances powerfully described." Nottinghami Ouardian. Bombay and an inspiring message. .







Elegantly bound copies 2s.' Beautiful thoughts are enwrapped in beautiful language. — "This poem is on the theme ' : Whatsoever a man sows. There is found It glows with poetry of the some of the highest flights. and an excellent ear for English Catholic Watchman. is as living as ever. after having enjoyed all earthly His soul. and a religious sympathy which will appeal to the general reader as well as to the — — — metaphysician. her pleasure in accepting a presentation copy." etc. — "The poetess has a wonderful mastery of blank verse. a simplicity. and Love. its glowing themselves with each Towards the Light is a " gem of purest beauties revealed ray serene." ' ' — . — " A noble message from the great Beyond. Mercy. and his subsequent redemption through Sorrow. to Divine Forgiveness. — " A deeply impressive work. " This poem wondrous birth to account — is so remarkable that it requires no for its extraordinary success. "This work contains a certain number of truths. This work has received the cordial approbation of several eminent theologians in England A and elsewhere.TOWARDS THE LIGHT." From start to finish the poem maintains a high level of story of a East and West. 'gem order." Her Majesty Queen Alexandra has graciously intimated Light. excellence. Mystic Poem. Pall Mall Gazette. . Third thousand." — The Harbinger of Light. that many of those fortunate enough to obtain copies read and re-read pages. The theme is based upon the autobiography of a man who. however. So warmly was it welcomed. In neat paper covers is." — Nottingham Guardian.' " Universe. This difficult one might say daring conception is beautifully worked out by Princess Karadja with an originality. " A wonderful poem. It is the narrative of his spirit-life which forms the main interest in the poem. " A remarkable inspiration. pleasures." shall he reap. is disgusted with life and commits suicide." Glasgow Times. It is seldom that a work absolutely unknown in Australia should obtain at once such a first-rate importance as Princess Karadja's poem. affirming that — new successive perusal. taught by the Catholic Church. ." a powerful meditation Aberdeen Daily Journal. therein Tasinanian News. that rhythm.









Bovigny Castle, Belgium).


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The Ancient Therapeuts.

It appears at first sight as if the subject of could only be of remote interest to modern



men and

women. More than fifteen centuries have elapsed since the day when the religious communities of which I intend ta speak to-night vanished from the face of this globe. What have we got in common with those silent cenobites who lived and died in the far-away Libyan desert? We, in our twentieth century, live in a whirl, and we rush towards a grave that most of us avoid ever thinking, about. Our thoughts are centred on the NOW, with its feverish joys and poignant anguish their thoughts ever circled round a glorious TO-MORROW and its perfect

build glittering castles in the air that ever they patiently laboured at the erection ; of a spiritual edifice, and that temple though it was not completed cannot be entirely demolished by the rolling wheel of time. Our highest thoughts and aspirations are immortal and cannot perish. Each man and woman who leads a noble, unselfish life adds a living stone to the great invisible building which it is the mission of humanity to erect. Modern science has placed an enormous amount of information at the disposal of the human race. In ancient times mental wealth was the privilege of the initiate. The evolution of the heart preceded that of the brain, as it ever ought to do. The result was harmonious development of all the faculties. The divine germ was able to bud, blossom, and carry fruit. In our days mental growth is all that is desired. Scant trouble is taken about the culture of man's moral nature. The


tumble down

The healer uses a working method. To most men in our days the welfare of the body is Physical health that is. own strength.Tesult of this unbalanced evolution is disastrous for humanitj-. to bestows upon his fellow creatures a share of his own vitality. which has been — — — — known from time immemorial. He is a living channel through which force and grace stream down to suffering humanity from the spiritual and celestial planes. have as sacred rights to enjoy brief existence as ourselves are sacrificed daily to the insatiable Moloch of vivisection. and a contemporary of Christ. and tell you what I know concerning the Ancient Brotherhood of Healers. the the chief desideratum. and blessings ever follow the steps of the True Healer. erected on the foundation of iniquity. Josephus and Philo. and has at his disposal a more or less perfect knowledge of physical laws. He walks hand in hand with God. Various antiHappily a reaction has taken place. possibility of enjoying aa much and as hng as possible the pleasures of earth is the main thing. was for a long time Roman prsetor in Galilee. Flavius Josephus. I will now pass on to the real subject of my lecture. and had spent several years of his youth among the healers. according to He walks in his the latest fashion of medical science. He relates in his " De Vita Contemplativa " that a community of Jewish Ascetics. We find no trace of them in the New Testament. in the vain hope of purchasing immunity from suffering for guilty man. who died in the ninety-third year of the Christian era. He was extremely well acquainted with the religious movements in his country. vivisection societies are energetically at work and try to demolish the proud edifice. but the great historians of the time. and can be submitted no change. settled . It is the all-important consideration to which everything else has Hecatombs of living creatures who to be sacrificed. The physician cures or kills his patient. called Therapeuts. for reasons that I will later on explain. give us plenty of valuable information. and silent healers have begun to reconstruct the temple of health on hallowed ground. He was a celebrated historian. and belonged to a family of Jewish priests. gathered on the mental plane. He The philosopher Philo was an Alexandrian Jew of Levitic family.

The members of both societies were highly evolved men and women. or holy supper. To show merciful justice to man and brute. The Essenes were one of the three great sects into which the Jews were divided at the time of Christ. They had branched oflE from the Essene Brotherhood. In villages and towns they generally settled around a central house. The word " therapeut " signifies. There was no such thing as private property. and to ourselves. The word " Essene " is supposed to come from the Arabic root "hassan " to' be pure or from the Hebrew word " asa " to heal. as you all know. These three vows really include all our duties to God. the suffering bodies of their fellow-creatures. they hoped to be worthy of becoming recipients of Divine of their lives all their darkened souls.on the Lake Mareotis. They attempted to heal. of which one was the common meal. which was spread all overPalestine. struck the outside observer was their excellent organisation and thorough-going asceticism. filled with a burning desire to help struggling humanity upwards. FAITH AND PRACTICES OF THE ESSENES. but they were not absolutely identical. Their working methods were slightly different. be fairly questioned whether any religious society has ever produced such a community of saints.lews in his own time. healer. not merely — — . in which they followed their religious observances. true servants of God. Through maintaining the highest possible standard of purity and holiness. was to restore the Adamic race to spiritual and physical health. Their programme was of sublime simplicity. Josephus dwells at great length and with special emphasis on the faith and practhe Essenes. but they had the principal things in common. It is impossible to improve upon this threefold code of ethics. In describing the different sects which existed among the . There were ver}. They were universally recognised as the most pious members of the Jewish community. They It maj' They deserved indeed XDromised To love : — God above all things. to our fellow-creatures. to be called healers. in the vicinity of Alexandria. To lead chaste lives.great analogies between the two sects. Whatever tices of What most . but above The great a.

" They devote all their attention to ethics. but upon zeal for virtue and philanthropy." The Essenes eschewed marriage. They despised riches. but. being treated with a respect which springs from spontaneous attachment rather than from kinship. At the end of this probation his character was submitted to a fresh trial «f two years. and neither bought nor sold anything. toiling only for the provision of their necessary wants. nevertheless. " Their houses are open to all adherents coming from other quarters. but brought up as- . but they are all free. because they have few wants.10 anyone earned went into the common purse. A candidate for admission had to pass through a year's novitiate. — — period. Among them no one follows any occupation that leads to injustice or covetousness. The former devoted their time to deeds of mercy the latter lived in solitude in perpetual contemplation. They condemn masters as representing a principle of unrighteousness. who are no longer carried away by tihe vehemence of the flelsih. for the use of all. They had houses in most places in Palestine. without the outpouring of which the human mind could possess no knowledge of God and the beginning of all things. but enjoy genuine and true liberty. They do not neglect the sick. where all members of the sect were received and supplied with all they wanted. They only aooe^pt as members of the Community full grown men. serving one another. ful arts. " They live in the most happy state. they are the richest of all. . Following their ancient tradition they obtain their philosophy by means of allegorial interpretation. Each one gave freely away all that was superfluous to him and received in exchange all that he needed. Among all men they alone are without money. There is not a single slave amongst them. which has made us all brethren. He then received certain symbolic gifts an apron and a shovel symbols which also meet us in Freemasonry. using as instructor the Divine Spirit. P!h(ilo words: describes their — "Some cultivate oOoupatttoiis in the Ifollowing the others pursue peacesoil. The full membership was only acquired at the end of this second. They bring their -wages to the common treasury. Their institution is not based on family connection. and are content with their lot. There were practical and theoretical members. as they have aimple means to offer relief to those in need. violating the law of Nature.

whose authority they recognised. — ESSENES AND PYTHAGOREANS. Philo states that " they had no desire for mortal progeniture.11 their own children a multitude of orphans and outcasts. The naane of God was no mere distinguishing title. not only as to mode of life.'' and states in a pissage quoted by Euseljius tihat they had been initiated by Moses into the mysteries of their sect.. Both based tlieir philosophy on allegorial interpretation of ancient tradlitions. I might add' several other points of analogy. Pliny. Pliilo calls them " The Holy Ones. the Incarnation of the Christots in a Virgin Heart. It represented the entii-e Hebrew conception of the Divine Nature. sipeaking of the Essene community established ou the Dead Sea." and states that it was a race continuing its existence for thousands of centuries. " Zeller points out in his " Geschichte der PliilosopJiie what great resemblances there are between the Essenes and the Pythagoreans. yet there was no want of population. which only the pure soul can give birtih to. That is the reason why it is stated in certain cabalistic writings that the manipulation of . B(Mi the Healersi and the Pythagoreans were absorbed in the study of the unpronouncable name of Deity. Both had dualistic views of the retatiomship between spirit and matter. but yearned for the Immortal Fruit. Both insisted on strict secrecy about their schools. per seoulorem millia. Their dogmas included the Trinity in Unity of God and the doctrine of the Marriage of Virgins with Deity. Both veiled their doctrines in symbols and metaphors. in modern times translated by the word Jehovah. Both worshipped higher powers in the foxir elements and offered up prayers to the rising sun. Both venerated the equilateral triangle. fertilised by a Divine ray from the Father. Not a single birth took place in the com/miinity." This passage is most interesting. the Sacred Tetragramraaton. without eitJier wives or children. The different letters corresponded to the various attributes of Deity. but also as to doctrine. Both cultivated the belief in intermediate beings between the Supreme Deity and man. as it proves that they were acquainted with the great Central Truth. which meets us in all divinely inspired religions viz. good and evil. calls it " The Marvel of the "World.

There has never been . quite irrespective of outward creeds. as is generally supposed by the ignorant. and recognised as brethren. and as such bound to attend to his wants. The ancient wisdom was handed down from prophet to prophet.more than one single religion. His voice was merged! in the song of the priests. Knowledjge of this circumstance gives a very simple and natural explanation to the fact that Elijah was fed in the desert by the Ravens. know for certain that Ahijah. They were his sahordinates. The high hierophant was styled the Eagle . which was afterwards given to Elisha. require an entire lecture to be properly treated. and not birds. It is interesting to know that he reserved his esoteric teaching to the most (highly evolved men of his race. the Inner Meaning of the Tetragrammaton was lost there remained no trace of knowledge as to the correct pronunciation of the name. Philo informs us in his tract " On Repentance " that Moses brought together the most pious members of his nation and invited them to his most secret mysteries. Ahijah handed down to Elijah the Mystic Mantle. means used .12 the sacred letters forming the Divine Name was the to create the world. This great analogy of doctrine between the most pious " memtiers of the Jewish community and so-called " pagan philosophers may seem startling to the outsider. revealed and re-revealed. all know that there is nothing mysterious in the exotei'ic religion founded by Moses. was an Essene. Knowledge of 'the Nomen Ineffaibile or Shem-Ha-Mephorash was reserved for the most advanced members of the brotherhood the key to the Holy Name was delivered to the disciple with great solemnity. the serving brethren were called the Ravens. Its utterance was prohibited. The High Priest alone spoke the Name of God on the Day of Atoneanent. The mystei-ies into which he initiated them were identical to those revealed in pre-historic times to the builder of the Great Pyramid. symbolic ot superhuman power. so that it should not reach those unworthy After the Destruction of the Second Temple. He was one of the socalled "seven long-lived saints" of Palestine. It was the name made known to Moses at the vision at Mount Horeb. We We . Both the Healers and the Pythagoreans were initiates. to hear it. It v/ould I cannot dwell longer upon this subject now. It is expressly stated in Holy Scripture that Moses was initiated into all the wisdom of Egypt. God-fearing men of all deuominations. who is not aware of the inner unity of all revealed) religions. the great teacher of Elijah. all through the ages.

The Essenes urged their disciples to -seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. of all those who wished to join them to sell all their possessions. It would seem that there was room for ." They demanded The Healers had all in common. 19. There can be no doubt concerning the fundamental unity of all these various sects." both belonged to the Healers. who "waited ior the redemption of Israel. but the analogy between the doctrines of Jesus and tihose of the Brotherhood of Healers is so great that it must bring conviction to every unbiassed minC. Tliis assertion may at first appear rather startling. 26. which was one of the chief tenets of the sect. and we know that the evangelist Luke was His also a " Healer. There was also a great analogy betwen the colony founded by the Alexandrine Mystics and that of the Egyptian priests. It is an remained several years in retreat at Mount Carmel. where Elijah had estalblishedl a school of the prophets.. timie otf preparation was spent in the wilderness. So did Christ. 13 Pythagoras had also been initiated in Egypt. where the Essenes had their main establishment. Their motto was Mine is thine and thine is mine." The similarity between original Christianity and Essenism is very striking. 44. His preaching of righteousness was in complete harmony with the essene teaching.1 definite contact between John the Baptist and this Brotherhood. near tlhe Dead Sea. This is the claim put by Jesuis to the rich young man. described by Strabo. His insistence on baptism was in accord with the essenic emphasis on lustration. liistorical fact that lie THE ESSENES AND THE NEW TESTAMENT. He had) a Messianic outlook. The utter absence of any mention can only be explained! by the fact that the writers were Ussenes. Without this sacrifice he was not fit to join those who strove after " per'fection. which in so many respects resembled that of the Therapeuts. etc. Acts ii. On his return to Italy he established his famous sodality at Crotcna." Many passages in Holy Scripture prove that the first Christians were Com" munists (John xii. This fact seems enigmatical. The Essenes are not mentioned in the Kew Testament. Matt. vi.). To the Essenes lAysical relationship was of small . The prophetess Anna and Joseph of Arimathea.

the Holy Ghost. the Ruach Hakodesh. The Essenes avoided swearing . the pure in heart. . nay. "Who V : . The axe was one of the main symbols of the Essenes their axe was laid unflinchingly at the root of those trees v?hich dlid not carry fruit. God the same shall be My brother and My sister and My mother. He that is. was to inquire. I think that you will all find from th© points already mentioned that there are s. x. the merciful. They were never provided with gold and silver 'because tfiiey knew that the members of the brotheiftiood disseminated all over Palestine would supply them with all that they needed. when they arrived in a new city. good many reasons to presume that Jesus and His disciples belonged to the Brotherhood of Healers. and the peacemakers." The Essenes paid the highest homage to the law-giver . That is. Both the Bssejies and Christ declared that the power to cast out evil spirits and to perform miraculous cures would be possessed by their disciples. — We . Those guilty of blasphemy were punished with death. their simple word was more brnding than an oath. They enjoined their members to mutual service they praised the poor in spirit. T might add another score of analogies. the Essenes laid great stress on being meek . But there is one circumstance which transforms all mere suppositions into quasi-certitude that is Jesais's . Boftih. Jesus told His disciples to say merely yea. and nay. combined the healing of the body with Uiat of the soul. The manner in which Jesus directed His disciples to go on a journey (Matt." " and] lov/ly in spirit.14 of The Healers commanded their 'disciples to call no man on earth MASTER so did Jesus. " What Essenes is worthy " are there in this town ? The Healers veiled all their inner teaching in parables. All that the disciples had to do. yea. " Without parables spake It is said about Jesus He not unto them and when they were alone expounded] all things to His disciples. know that Jesus considered that sin against the Holy Ghost oould not be pardoned. JESUS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF HEALERS. Jesus said .) is the same which the Essenes adopted when they started on a mission of mercy they never possesseii two coats and two pairs of shoes. Like Him. : Whasoeiver shall do the will importance. but used the same garments until they were utterly worn out.

— 15 " Vexily. In the parable of the fruitless fig-tree it is also stated that the owner sought fruit " these three years. your Majesty. story which has puzzled many Christians. tree He could never for not carrying fruit out of season. The vine corresponded to the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid. simply because he had given a vulgar demonstration of clairvoyance. The two trees are repeatedly referred to in the " Book of the Dead." the manual used at the great initiation.'' It is extremely improbable that the piouB Nathanael would have given the sacred title "Son of God" to a stranger. natural . of the neophyte save the high Jesus said to Nathanael. second coming of Christ takes place when He is re-born Grod . shoot forth. Nathanael instantly replied." because this was the title by whdch the Grand His reply was as Master was invariably if in our days a subject replied to his sovereign. When days. have 'been guilty of such folly and would never have misused his superhuman power in order ito vent his anger at not finding physical nourishment where he hoped to do so. saw thee undei the fig" Rabbi. "Yes. But a member of the Essene community who tailed to produce the "immortal fruit" of which Philo epoke was doomed to be cut off and wither. " Thou iart the iSon lof God. a faculty very usual in those Nobody knew the name hierophant. Gentle Jesus would never have reproved a physioaj. In anothpr parable Jesus said that the Kingdom of would be nigh at hand when the fig-tree should The That statement is supremely true. Chamber. The spiritual interpretation that I have just given also explains the cursing of the fig-tree which did not carry fruit s. did not carry fruit during these years of probation they were cut off from the community and doomed to wither spiritually. and referred to initiation into the lesser mysteries. " I saw thee under the fig-tree. words to Nathanaol tree. and found none. Thou art the Son of God!" The vine and the fig-tree were Egyptian eymbols of our Lord and our Lady. and referred to initiation into the great The fig-tree corresponded to the Queen's mysteries." and Nathanael's reply : I ." Neophytes were only initiated into the If they lesser mysteries after three years' novitiate." he revealed to him His identity as grand master of the order to which they both belonged.

however. The Catholic monks and nuns believe that they perfoi-m a meritorious act by utterly yielding up their will to that of their religious superiors. individual liberty is left to the members of the coanmunity. The Free Will is the most precious gift granted us by God. . contributed in no small degree to shape the conceptions of primitive Christianity entertained by mediseval thinkers. The true life of solitude and contemplation was the sequel and reward of am active life of service to their fellow-men. and finally saw the They were really the forerunners of the Christaan Gnostics and Jewish Cabbalists. and most of it is occupied iby endless repetitions of the same prayers Thinking men and women are thus and litanies. is pernicious. Our aim must be to sanctify it. but who may in reality be our spiritual inferiors. as a rule. The latter are allowed to embrace the religious profession while stiU in the prime of youth. and there to set an example of probity and noblfc aims to others. The Therapeuts. who have risen above the animal plane. then THERAPEUTS AND CATHOLICS. This view. Eusebius. but it is no merit in beings. They allegorised and svmibolised. VIRGIN. on the contrary. identific-d the ascetic group described in the " De Vita Conteiiiplativa " with the earliest Christian Church of Ak:iandria. numerous points in which the of life of the Therapeuts and that of Catholic religious communities absolutely varies. All vows of absolute spiritual obedience to other men who call themselves our superiors. In the sixteenth century it was challenged because the Papal party made it one of its chief arguments in favour of monkery. Their time is strictly regulated. It is not desirable to annihilate the will. give up their life In most monasteries very little to independent study. Mark. Catholic ascetics do not. Conybeare informs us in his scholarly work on Philo that the first Christian historian. devoted their time to the study of the inner meaning of Scripture. and then to strengthen it tenfold. Blind obedience may be a virtue in sheep. No one has the right mode UNSEEN. There are. gradually transformed into praying machines. The Therapeuts considered it to be their duty to remain in the world until the age of f-fty.16 When the human soul has re-beconie the fig-tree shoots forth and our Lady becomes manifest in us. which was founded by St. passing unquestioned for jnany centuries. in a pure heart.

but also the revelations granted to other nations. The list of his victims includes his father-in-law. which it became mov? which a or less compulsory to embrace. the principal thing. the followers of Jesus were exposed to all sorts of hardships. •During the first centuries of the Christian era. by the pretext that it is for the good of the victim. his former friend. It is expressly stated in the Catholic catechism to crush that of his fellow-creature. The Roman monk gives up the joys of earth in order io purchase the bliss of heaven The Therapeuts had no desire of reaping personal advantages in payment of their virtue. Their one desire was to prepare the earth for the coming of the Messiah. It was in reality the gi'eatest disaster that ever befell the Church of Christ. will is really a . But the main difference between the Therapeuts and Catholic monks lies in the inspiring motive for all their actions. " dangerous " writings. When Christianity wii transformed into a State religion. ! that the obtention of salvation is the greatest object to human being can devote his attention. If you rob a man of his most valuable property this act is not exonerated by your statement that you did so in order to prevent him from mis-using it. They studied not only their own secret books. No index to read so-called limited their mental horizon to the narrow fields of any particular . They knew that heaven is a state and not a locality. . and saw the Divine unity in them all. The iron discipline of the Church of Rome may produce the it does not negative result of sometimes precentinij sin engender the far greater result of eradicating all wish io commit it. Those only who followed the narrow path were admitted into the bosom of the Church. It is not justiiied. his brother-in-law. then the Holy Dove fled in dismay from the desecrated temples.17 Subjugation of the dangerous hypnotic practice. No All the world was laid open to their mental inspection. his sister's husband. but to share with ofthers the heaven they carried in their own breasts. The ancient Therapeuts professed the maxim that no They were not forbidden religion is higher than truth. his nephew. Their wish was not to conquer a distant heaven. however.sect. The Roman Church hails the so-called conversion of the Emperor Constantine as an immense spiritual victory. The Emperor Constantine was one of the most infamous men that ever disgraced this globe. That is. Their thoughts did not dwell on their own ixltimate fate.

were profanated and vulgarised. The Wise Men of the East then handed to the noblest sons of the West their sacred treasure of occult wisdom. but they eluded their persecutors and preserved intact the sacred deposit of ancient wisdom. and many others were originally Brotherhoods of Initiates. Peter the humble fisherman were to sit in pomp. John. Knights of the Golden Fleece. Those Builders still existed in Palestine when the Crusaders invaded the Holy Land. Its result was the Paganisation of the Christian communities. When the great Christos Mysteries. are the ways of Providence The Crusades were organised to extend through fire and sword the power of the Church of Rome. the burning of the priceless library of Alexandria all the countless crimes of those dark ages were in vain. celebrated by the Brotherhood of Healeas. then the true Initiates retired in silence to their inacretreats in the desert. which had cessible — — — led their steps. Knights of St. We hear no more of the Healers. All ouar modern — ! — . lit in their soul by the vision of the Blazing Star. To-day the orders founded by the Crusaders are mostly extinct or have lost their original signification. The murder of the noble and beautiful Hypatia. The Roman fanatics organised persecution upon persecution in order to wipe away from the face of the earth the retainers of the True Gnosis.18 liis own son Most of these h^'-nous crimes were committed after his conversion It was from the hands of this monster that the misguided Bishop Sylvester corrupted through the bait of earthly grandeur received the dignity of Supreme Pontiff The bloody hands of a murderer established the throne on which the successors of St. The unhallowed alliance of Constantine and Bishop Sylvester did not bring about as falsely represented the Christianisation of an empire. And when the Crusaders returned to their own country they brought with them carefully hidden the glorious light. of Calatrava. Wonderful. and the name even of the Therapeuts fell almost into oblivion. but we can trace to a much later period the sect of the Bannaim. or Builders. Ostensibly the Essenes ceased to exist. Their ultimate result was the renaissance of the Gnosis. and ! ! — — ! — — — RESULT OF PROFANATION. whioh Roane has ! always considered as its most mortal enemy All the "iiystic orders formed by the Crusaders Knights of the Temple. indeed. but their offspring is as the sand of the sea. of Malta.

the Freemasons are descended from those Palestine mystics. The aim of the Crusaders was to deliver the hoi. God. dense physical bodies. It will gradually illuminate and transfigure the coarse bushel of matter in which it still is embedded and hidden.19 Rosicrucians. and. They did not understand that the animal which has to be killed resides within our own breast and is our own lower nature. last. which prevent us from perceiving the glories of the Beyond. who preserved all through the ages the heritage left by the Ancient Healers. They imagined that they served Deity by cari. The Holy Tomb which must be delivered is not a geographical locality. Mistaken conceptions of duty ever arise through our deplorable tendency of materialising spiritual truths. but not least. societies Illuminatii. When the Emperor Constantine saw in the heavens the sign of the cross and heard a voice call out. When Peter the Hermit heard a voice from above call out. " In this sign shalt thou conquer " he nominally embraced Chris-tianity. and that the only conquest attainable through the Cross is the conquest of the Kingdom of Heaven. Martinists. in the hope of thus obtaining victory over his enemies. Oddfellows. We have to conquer the Golden Fleece May the gentle hands of the Modern Healers assist Humanity to recover physical and spiritual health May we all obey the Divine command. or Builders. the Bannaim.y TOMB.'ying ruin and desolation into foreign lands they committed calmly the most terrible cruelties to the Glory of secret — — . " Deliver the Holy Tomb " he misinterpreted the celestial message. He never grasped that the true warrior of Christ has no enemy save the old Adam.. That spark has to be transformed into a. We are not for ever to remain shrouded in coats of skin. and start a new crusade in order to deliver for ever the Holt Tomb : ! ! ! ! ! ! ! . Nay We are some day to be clothed with incorruptible bodies. The Holy Tomb is the gross physical frame in which a Divine spark is buried. great light. When in former days the Jews received tne command ' Kill the animal " they began to slaughter hecatombs of innocent beasts.






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