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Financial Terrorism

Financial Terrorism

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Published by: ehtasham_ali_1 on Sep 26, 2011
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By: Khawaja Asad Saeed

A1Im!g1Im!st2fH n br.i:illiiJgs usto t'Jhe 401llil.aN'ru.iversarry of President Richard Nison's decis:.~on lake to world off a. pMtial gold. slR(UdruJd for the sake of "the best interests of the United States," consequently making every currency in the world fiat (worthless paper in circulation by the decree of the government, and sadly accepted by the public). 40 years down the lane and the world witnesses financial markets in turmoil around the globe but gold making record nominal highs and explosive silver prices, riots taking over the entire continent of Europe, and the US economy teetering on the verge of collapse. The Financial Terrorists are making hits everywhere! The big capital investment banks are running the US government and the rest of the world's economic policy via the Federal Reserve which holds the printing press for the reserve currency of the world. In this piece, we analyze how these financial terrorists hold so much power and how they are creating havoc around the world, yet making profits at the same time in terms of food price hikes, violent riots, war and poverty. We again present our solutions as done earlier and which are being adopted by many policy makers around the world.


ra~ng age,llCYd~wn.gr<ldeUScrOOi~ra.ttil!Jjg~ Which Jed h) amassive :ieU-off in the global! financial markets. In real~ty.the S&tP Cirudnot downgrade the US enough,
The US bonds deserve junk status for the simple reason that was explained in "Currency Wars" and the June, 2011 piece, "The Return to the Golden Age". The US will print money to get out of debt which will in return cause massive inflation around the world which will lead to riots everywhere. Why lend someone money when you are going to get less in return?! All this printed money was loaned not only to the investment banks inside the United States of America, but it has come to light that around $10 trillion+ was loaned to foreign banks by the Federal Reserve in secret! All this is funny money. It is money created out of thin air. It does not exist as real money like gold and silver. It's just paper floating around until people lose faith in it, which is exactly what is

In our April, 2011 edition of the magazine, our piece titled "Currency Wars" presented the macroeconomic situation of the western world. It was estimated that the dire situation will most likely lead to massive political instability and civil disobedience, and that it could happen any moment. It just required a few clicks. This is precisely what has transpired. In a matter of months, we have seen the Standard & Poor

happening and hence, gold prices recently hit a record highof$1875.00/0z. or Rs. 61,OOO/tola!Only a month or so ago it was only at $1485/0z. (Rs. 48,OOO/tola). Silver is about to make all-time highs very soon as well! The funny money loaned out to the foreign banks by the US Federal Reserve in secret, is a tool to create political instability around the world and collapse regimes and start war. If there is too much money trapped inside a place, it loses value and prices

skyrocket and the middle class is wiped out. The funny money made its way to Tunisia first, then Egypt, Libya, China, India, Europe, Latin America, creating massive food inflation and as a result, riots all over the place. Tunisia fell, Egypt fell, Libya is being destroyed, Greece and Portugal have sold out to the IMF, Spain and Sweden are burning and recently, Germany experienced a wave of arsonists burning down "FAT Cars" or luxury cars in retaliation to the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor. The severity of the situation is shown in the images here.

What about the UK?! It experienced the worst riots in modem history with the situation getting so out of control that they had to consider deploying the army to regain control. Wherever the fiat money makes its way, it brings along destruction. But this is not a new phenomenon. Monetary history teaches us that every time a government has tinkered with real money (gold and silver) and introduced fiat money (worthless paper), it has always gone back to its intrinsic value: ZERO! The US dollar as we know it has cancer; it is on its death bed and the time is not far when it will be part of history books just like every other paper currency that ever existed.

Here's Why it Happened:
The world has totally lost confidence in the US dollar now. The stock markets plunged by more than 10% in just a week while gold exploded on the upside by more than 10% and silver, 15%. So people are exiting paper assets and going into something very real, something very monetary in nature, GOLD & SILVER! It was suggested again and again that the State Bank of Pakistan should start acquiring at least some gold and silver to diversify her foreign reserves. If that had been done back then, our debt in total and interest payments would have gone down by now, rather than reaching more record highs. In the meantime, many central banks have increased their gold holdings in the past couple of months like China and India. There are some new comers to the list too. Below is that list: • • • South Korea: 25 tons of gold Thailand: 19 tons gold Mexico: 90 tons of gold

As stated before, the funny money concept started in 1971, when the world went off the partial gold exchange standard. A lot of money was printed. This money needed a place to go to! Wherever it went, it created temporary booms and then eventual busts. The larger the amount of funny money created, the larger the boom and hence, the bust. It first ended up in the West, and there was massive inflation. It then ended up as "petrodollars" and oil prices exploded! All this funny money ended up in Middle Eastern hands. Again, this funny money needed a home. At that time, only the western banks could handle this huge an amount. So it ended up in the so called BIG banks. The banks needed to loan this money as soon as possible to use fractional reserve banking and make even more funny money to make even more "profits". The money ended up in the Latin American countries and booms followed busts with massive inflation and in some cases hyperinflation, destroying many lives and families. The funny money turned around and went into global stock markets and US bonds in the world and then it exited giving us the Black Monday, 1987, when the markets plunged! The money then ended up in technology stocks creating another massive stock market bubble in 1999-2000, which as expected went bust. Finally, the money ended up in the real estate markets in the world which boomed till 2006 and then as expected, bust! This should ring a bell as to how the property and stock market bubble came into existence in Pakistan and then, went bust. But still, more funny money is being created by Central Banks every single day. Now this money is about to exit US bonds and the stock markets again, but this time the funny money is conservatively 10 times bigger than what it was in the 70s which means that this time the bust is going to be so huge, the whole world will feel it. Already we are seeing massive riots around the world, regimes being


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toppled, families denied their basic rights and economies in peril. Eventually, all this funny money is going to end up in the safest store of value, gold and silver and that will be the time when prices for these monetary metals will go parabolic. The countries that learn from this piece of history and apply it will be in much better shape compared to the rest ofthe world. In our April 20 10 "Currency Wars" piece, we compiled a list of gold reserves for the top 20 debtor nations. Lately, in just the past 2 months, new faces have emerged who can see the global hyper depression coming. They are taking action!

Hugo Chavez Bombshell & The GOLD Rush:
Hugo Chavez recently nationalized the entire gold industry in order to rack up the national gold reserves. Venezuela holds around 365 tons of gold, 221 of which are held in US, European, Canadian and Swiss institutions. Hugo Chavez just demanded physical delivery of all the 221 tons from the foreign institutes. This shows a lack of trust or discomfort at holding gold with "developed" nations. The game is exposed. The world is waking up to the fractional reserve system which is not just prevalent in paper dollars but

also "paper" gold and "paper" silver. These two monetary metals have been leased out again and again by the Western Banks on "paper" to suppress their prices so people do not lose confidence in the US dollar and other paper currencies. They can't do it anymore. Central banks and people around the world are demanding physical delivery of gold and silver rather than just certificates which have no backing in reality. This only increases the price every month. The time is now to move into these two monetary metals. Any more economic upheaval could send gold and silver parabolic. It's just a matter of time now. Pakistan needs to make its move soon as suggested many times previously. When the prices go parabolic, we can pay off our debt very easily and break the shackles of debt. This will give us the freedom to focus on investing into our economy and future. Ifwe do not act now, another great opportunity will be missed!

The Financial Terrorists:
Reading all this may make you feel that immense wealth has been and will be lost or destroyed around the world. However, wealth is always transferred. Whenever these booms and busts happen, there are always a few people who end up becoming extremely rich while the middle class keeps shrinking. How does this happen? It's very simple. The financial terrorists, big investments banks on Wall Street in the United States of America, who jointly own the Federal Reserve, create these

Food Derivatives: Speculating with Food Prices:
These financial terrorists have even started speculating on our food now! This adds to the global spike in food prices. In 2011, the "food derivative" speculation has taken over the financial derivative as the hot new trend promoted by the financial terrorists like Goldman Sachs and lP Morgan. So the same banks which caused the 2008 financial crash are now responsible for skyrocketing food prices! It is estimated that in 2011 alone, Goldman Sachs made $ 1billion profit just by speculating on food prices. The reports found in these links are very informative on this issue, if one has the desire to study this in detail: http://www. wdm. org.uk/sites/ defaultlfileslhunger%2 010ttery%20report 6.10.pdf http://www. theecologist.orglN ews/news analysis/93 1513/a guide to food speculation how to argue with a banker.html What is even more horrific is that the same banks are now buying vast lands in the third world which is now at the mercy of the IMF! In 2009, the Oakland Institute presented a research proj ect which revealed the terrifying facts about the financial terrorists' land grab. The published report, "The Great Land Grab," which shows how the big banks work in collusion to seize vast amounts ofland, break the back of the farmer, and send prices skyrocketing can be found here: http://media.oaklandinstitute.org/sites/oaklandinstitu te.org/files/LandGrab final web.pdf Furthermore, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has reported on this in extensive detail as well, estimating that around 40 million acres of farms in the developing world was seized from 2006 to 2009. The institute revealed that the International Financial Corporation, which is the

massive booms and then exit when the masses start coming in. As a result, they end up transferring the wealth of the middle class towards them. The government then has to give a lot of benefits to the unemployed which again, are outsourced to these banks, like lP Morgan, that manage the food stamps business in the United States of America. Currently, there are in excess of 44 million people in the United States of America living off food stamps as of February 2011! That is such a huge number that tent cities around the United States of America have emerged because these people just cannot afford to even feed themselves. They have lost everything to the corrupt financial terrorists' investment banks.

Suicide Banker: Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO:
People are living off food stamps in the USA because they cannot own basic living. As we can see, another banking crisis and financial crash is in the making! One wonders if 50%-70% of the population in the United States of America will be on food stamps then. That will mean excessive money printing again by the Federal Reserve which loans it out to the government who taxes the workers to pay these loans off! But in this case, there will not be many workers and the government will keep borrowing and hyperinflation will ensue. That is the doomsday scenario for the world! Only people with gold and silver will survive.

private sector branch of the World Bank, played a major role in "corporatization" of global agriculture. Another World Bank agency, The Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS) has been shown to have played an important role in pressuring the "third world" governments to abolish their taxes and law codes on such "foreign investments". The entire African continent has been decimated with plague and hunger because of these financial terrorists' "foreign" investment and the so-called growth banks! The big investment banks take highly leveraged bets in the speculative markets and when they go bust, they blackmail the governments that if you don't "bail us out", the whole world will collapse! So the corrupt and ignorant government in the United States labels these banks as "Too Big to Fail" or as we call them "Too Pig to Fail", borrows money from the Federal Reserve which prints it and hands it to the banks and then the government charges higher taxes to the public to pay these loans off to the Federal Reserve! Recently, these financial terrorists have started attacking nations as a whole. The procedure is to create a financial crisis by ill advising the corrupt regimes, funded by the same investment banks, and in the end giving them loans which the nations cannot pay back so they can then sell their national assets to these financial terrorists! Keep in mind that these "loans" are funny money! It does not exist! They just issue a digital number and the world accepts it.

payments become so huge that we cannot afford to pay even for our basic necessities and massive riots ensue because we would be paying them back by printing our own fake funny money which will create massive inflation and eventually, hyperinflation inside Pakistan! It is time that we wake up to this con! The world has lived under this fake pretext of paper money being real money for too long now. Enough is enough! Even in our own schools and universities in Pakistan, the teachers and even professors have no clue about this. Noone has ever even mentioned this in public. These "foreign-trained" economists just keep teaching the same failed economic policies that were taught to them by the "western" institutes which are funded by the same financial terrorists' investment banks, who just keep the public brainwashed as to how economics of the world really operates so they can keep plundering the world while the common man thinks they are there to help them. It is this ignorance that has led us to this tipping point in our history as a nation. Are we going to keep living at the mercy of these financial terrorists or going to take control of our destiny and eventually introduce gold and silver as legal tender for all trading inside Pakistan which brings no inflation along with it and is a real job creator as proven in our previous articles? It has worked before, it is still working in some parts of the world, and it will become the standard very soon in the future. We do not have much time. The time is now. Let's educate ourselves on this issue and preserve our wealth in gold and silver. Let's do this Pakistan!

Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece & Spain (PUGS): Before & After the IMFRaid:
The IMF loans that Pakistan accepted do not exist in reality. They are just digital numbers and when the payment is due, IMF borrows from these same investment banks which do not have the money, who borrow from the Federal Reserve, whichjust creates it out of thin air by printing it! What kind of a system are we accepting in this world and Pakistan in general?! It is because of the corrupt, incompetent and sold-out government and our central bank that these looters keep piling debt upon debt on us until our interest


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