Missing Letter & Cost Articles Printing Reconciliation System

Abstract of the project
We are going to implement a Project for Missing Letter & Cost Articles Printing Reconciliation System Using PHP & MYSQL. It is an implementation of a project our system will managing the post office Service keeping a record of the letters and articles which are posted and to be delivered at the specified address and at the specified Time. If a letter or article goes missing a complaint can be made by the person who has mailed the letter/article using our system. Once complaint is received the letter/article should be retrieved and it should be delivered at the proper destination.

A Post Office wants to improve its efficiency by delivering the lost letters and lost articles (which are sent in parcels) in a short period of time. Currently it takes some time for a lost letter or a lost article to reach the correct destination. A machine reads addresses on letters. The ones, which could not be read by machine, are sorted by human intervention. Even after this, the address is not readable, it becomes a lost letter. Articles that fall out of the parcel become lost articles. When the sender/receiver calls up or contacts the post office for their letter/article, a manual note is made and then this note is sent to the warehouse where lost articles and lost letters are kept. The reconciliation process of finding the lost letter/article is manual and sometimes wrong letter/article(s) is sent.
We develop a system, which captures the above functionality and reduce the turnaround time from months to few working days.


RAM: 512 MB or more 3.Hardware and Software requirements Hardware: 1. Hard disk: 16 GB or more 4. MYSQL . Android Device Software 1. Processor: Pentium 4 2. PHP Backend 1. WAMP server Frontend 1.

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