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Blades Marketing Broucher

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PRIMERGY BX Blade eXcellence

Build for Dynamic Infrastructures

Contents Introduction Value Drivers for Blade Servers PRIMERGY Value Proposition PRIMERGY BX900 PRIMERGY BX600 PRIMERGY Blade Server
Hardware Overview Server Blades Connection Blade Storage Blades

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System Management
PRIMERGY ServerView Suite ServerView Virtual I/O Manager (VIOM) ServerView Resource Coordinator (RCVE) ServerView Resource Orchestrator (ROR)

Case Study - PRIMERGY BX How the portfolio works together Services Case Study - Managed Blade Server Summary

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Infrastructure A blade server is simply a clever way of setting up an IT infrastructure. Today‘s blade server architectures go beyond that and help save time and costs through increased productivity for most common IT tasks. use less power and are ready to grow with your individual needs. similarly to the performance of IT-systems increases year by year. For the data centers operation the needed energy for power and cooling are an increasing share compared to the pure acquisition costs. but also advantages in the integration of other infrastructure components. The demand of computing power increases unbroken.Infrastructure Evolution Companies and their business processes highly depend on their IT infrastructures in terms of applications and IT-systems. You can use it to build business solutions that are more affordable. the figures for blade servers are likely to grow to 22. A smarter way to built an IT. The systems offer advantages such as low space requirements. Whereas these servers accounted only 3% of worldwide server deliveries and 1. . Blade Server Market Blade servers are the fastest growing server form factor worldwide. clearly arranged cabling and a large number of individual servers can be consolidated in one single chassis. take less time to maintain.2% of global revenue in 2014.2% of global server revenue in 2003. Blade servers offer not only for this challenge a new approach.3% of worldwide deliveries and 30. At the beginning of blade server development the reasons that caused market growth were particularly self-evident.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE INTRODUCTION IT.

this ratio will reach 0.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE VALUE DRIVERS FOR BLADE SERVERS Blade servers integrate infrastructure components in a common housing. additional I/O components such as Ethernet-. but a 40 to 50 percent equipped blade enclosure will be more cost. In addition. This aspect is of particular importance because the kilowatt-costs per power have risen over the past several years. the integrated midplane of a blade server consolidates LAN and SAN access and thereby reduces the number of interconnecting cables and devices. In addition to the server. Blade Server combine server. the blade concept provides modular upgrade path opportunities. storage.and InfiniBand. KVM.and storage blades. fan modules and supporting switches. etc. the power supplies and fan modules have a higher efficiency and the energy management is better integrated. simplifies the administration and increases the control over the server. blade servers can save up to 50% space. because infrastructure components are shared. so that new technologies can be integrated into existing environments. Researches from market leading analysts indicate that for every 1€ of new server spending.70€ spent on power and cooling in the next five years. simpler ways to manage the increasing complexity of servers. including cables. The centralization of resources makes it easier to deploy servers. cluster interconnect. the cost of a single blade is greater than the cost of a single rack mounted server. Rack servers have to be connected via various connections to the outside world. and network environments. Improve Energy Efficiency Blade servers require less power than rack servers. Each additional rack server requires additional cables for power. Furthermore blade servers have a smaller footprint than traditional tower or rack servers. and introduce more flexibility into the IT environment. Fibre Channel. Compared with these. Ethernet.50€ annually for power and cooling.effective than rack mounted servers. Additional servers often mean adding network-based storage as well as increasing the complexity of the LAN. customers spend an additional 0. .switches can be integrated in the blade enclosure. Flexible and Simplified Infrastructure Adding more and more servers in an existing environment increases the complexity within the server room. The savings in cabling can be up to 70%. Blade systems can reduce capital expenditures and operating costs. Lower Capital Expenses Rack mounted server require many repetitive parts. Typically. Additional blade servers can be integrated without additional cabling into the existing blade enclosure. storage capacity and networking components into a single enclosure and thus create the precondition for an easy management and lower management costs. This poses significant problems for IT staff as they struggle to identify more cost-effective. The blade server concept simplifies the cabling of servers. Fibre Channel. and if current trends continue. Lower Operational Effort and Expense Blade servers are designed to provide simplified server management and reduced operational expenses compared with rack mounted servers. improve energy efficiency. In comparison.

PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE PRIMERGY THE POWER OF ENTERPRISE The perfect platform for Dynamic Infrastructures Based on industry standard architectures. ServerView Resource Coordinator VE and ServerView Resource Orchestrator. where the key demands are reliability. Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers PRIMERGY BX blade servers are the perfect choice for today’s and tomorrow’s datacenter solutions. power consumption and cabling complexity. performance. traffic and transactions. By helping organizations improve operational efficiency and reducing TCO. and are complemented with a comprehensive offering of solutions and services. The Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers satisfies all needs of branch offices. Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are the best answer to the domore-with-less challenge. x10sure. Based on Intel® Xeon® processor technology. And as business requirements grow. and are designed from the ground-up for a broad range of applications ranging from Web or terminal servers on up to high-performance databases. midmarket companies and data center environments. they are the foundation for Dynamic Infrastructures and the best in class IT infrastructure solutions from Fujitsu like FlexFrame. BX blade servers provide high performance and maximum redundancy with minimum rack space. PRIMERGY servers represent a rock solid base which delivers high quality. PRIMERGY BX blade servers can easily accommodate the changes in volume. and connectivity. . via state-of-the-art technology and features at competitive costs. ETERNUS CS.

and it provides complete investment protection for flexible growth scenarios. the PRIMERGY BX900 can completely protect itself against any possible failure and has the fastest automatic recovery. the Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 is optimized for almost all application and virtualization scenarios. large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance. The PRIMERGY BX900 can house up to 18 server blades in a 10U chassis and thus offers the highest packing density for a large number of applications to be served. The innovative cooling concept Cool-safe™ makes lower demands on the air conditioning. Due to its fully redundant design and the combination with ServerView® Resource Coordinator VE. ServerView® Power Manager Holistic energy and thermal management for changing demands in the data center: g Power Consumption Monitoring g Power Consumption Limiting g Power Consumption Control g Power Consumption Budgeting Cool-safe™ Technology EPA compliant power supply modules with high efficiency up to more than 90% g Big fans and airflow channels cool processors and memory directly and more quietly g Benefits: g Cool-safe™ design cuts temperature by 10°C and doubles lifetime of electronic components! g Prevents from overheating by keeping cool air coming into the system. 6 power supply units and 2 management boards in a 10U high chassis. Dynamic Power & Cooling The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 is setting new standards throughout the industry with its significantly reduced energy consumption. provide companies with the opportunity to greatly reduce their power and cooling costs. combined with highly efficient power supply units and the embedded ServerView® Power Manager software. our protected cooling concept. Equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series. The blade server adapts itself dynamically to various IT requirements and thus reduces costs while at the same time increasing IT agility. the PRIMERGY BX900 provides an enormous density.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX900 DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE IN A CUBE The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single chassis. and moving the hot air out of the system . With its high scalability and space for up to 18 Server Blades. it provides a really dynamic power and cooling that saves money. Through the use of Cool-safe™. 8 Connection Blades. Combined with its ability to interconnect several system enclosures and to stack Ethernet Connection Blades over chassis boundaries. State-of-the-art PSU technology and innovative server management functions. the system allows comprehensive and easy manageability and flexible scaling. such as ServerView® Power Manager.

Dynamic Virtualization The server blades of the Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 are equipped with processors of the latest Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series as well as high memory expandability with up to 512GB per server blade. 8 Connection Blades. server recovery time is reduced significantly. thereby achieving near native performance for each virtual machine on a physical server. high-density design that allows performance upgrades through the addition of further PRIMERGY BX900 units. thus resulting in faster reaction to server failures. 6 power supply units and 2 management boards in a 10U high chassis. the system architecture enables Fujitsu to offer two more blades than in a standard 10U server chassis – with a record-taking 18-blade design. e. from local HDDs or Solid State Drives. business applications can be resumed without any administrator intervention. the PRIMERGY BX900 is optimized for investment protection through its scalability. Dynamic Scalability By design. thus leading to increased efficiency in server operations. The system has an interconnect enabled.g. With space for up to 18 Server Blades. the Dynamic Cube immediately offers 12 percent more system performance. This process creates a number of virtual functions per physical port of the I/O device. Dynamic Availability Within the PRIMERGY BX900 the ServerView® Resource Coordinator VE (RCVE) can be used to address unplanned downtime scenarios. the PRIMERGY BX900 has the highest density. By leveraging this automated server switchover capability. Together with the ServerView® Resource Coordinator. RCVE enables the implementation of a very cost-effective HA concept. as well as data protection between the virtual machines. SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) defines a method to share a physical function of an I/O port of the NIC without software emulation. . This so-called N+1 high-availability concept can drastically reduce the number of required non-productive spare systems. Thanks to these extra blades. Various server boot options. from a USB Flash module for VMware ESXi or via the network make the server blades ideal for every application. By automatically triggering server switchover operations when a physical server fails. Combined with its stackability the system allows the most flexible scaling. The basic idea is to share one or a few spare servers between many production servers. Compared to manual recovery processes. the PRIMERGY BX900 makes a contribution towards simplified IT operation: physical and virtual servers are controlled in a standardized way via the same management console. In addition. In addition of using RCVE’s auto recovery features of failed servers for unplanned downtime scenarios. It is thus an excellent platform for both virtualized and physical environments. The integrated onboard 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers support VMDq and SR-IOV. Each virtual function is directly assigned to a virtual machine. it can also be used to address planned / maintenance scenarios with its server switchover functionality.

The BX600 S3 offers a high level of reliability and availability through highly developed hardware and software components. who want to reduce their costs for power and cooling. switch blades. The system is particularly suited for customers. Prefailure Detection and Analyzing (PDA). The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 S3 Blade Server is a compact. the server management software ServerView®. This includes hot-swappable server blades. Fibre Channel (FC) and Ethernet connection blades.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX600 ADVANCED BLADE ECOSYSTEM The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 S3 is ideal for branch offices and upper midmarket companies in the area of small business applications and in virtualization scenarios. power-saving and scalable server system. occupies seven height units in the rack and can accommodate up to ten server blades of different models and configurations. blades and chassis g State-of-the-art technology with the latest genera tion Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series and high memory capacity of up to 192GB per server blade g Innovative Cool-safe™ design combined with ServerView® Power Management software ensures an excellent concept for power and cooling g Easy and reliable remote management capabilities through the integrated Remote Management controller (iRMC S2) g Simplified day-to-day operations and a flexible usable I/O concept through ServerView® Resource Coordinator and ServerView® Virtual I/O Manager . and Automatic Server Reconfiguration and Restart (ASR&R). as well as to consolidate the previous IT infrastructure and thus reduce network and cable complexity. management blades. hot-swappable power supply units and fan modules. Advantages of the PRIMERGY BX600 g Investment protection through continuity in the development of components. The PRIMERGY Blade Ecosystem is the ideal choice for infrastructure solutions in which a reliable and proven platform with state-of-the-art server blade technology is needed.

The system convinces with investment protection through continuity in the development of components. 7U chassis for 19-inch rack 307 x 446 x 735 mm 10 full height bays for hot-plug server or storage blades 4x for Connection Blades 4x for PSU modules 2x for Management Blades 1x for KVM module High speed midplane with 2 redundant fabrics 2x hot-plug and redundant Management Blades as standard 2x hot-plug and redundant fan modules as standard Up to 4x hot-plug power supply modules (2x as standard) CB Eth Pass-Thru 1 Gb 10/10 CB Eth Switch/IBP 1 Gb 30/12 CB FC Pass-Thru 4 Gb 10/10 CB FC Switch 4 Gb 10/6 CB Eth Switch 1 Gb 10/6 + 2 Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 Complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single chassis for enterprise data centers.W. redundant fan modules Up to 6x hot-plug power supply modules (3x as standard) CB FC Switch 8 Gb 26 port Brocade 5450 CB FC Pass-Thru 8 Gb 18/18 CB Eth Switch/IBP 1 Gb 36/12 CB Eth Switch/IBP 1 Gb 36/8 + 2 CB Eth Switch/IBP 10 Gb 18/8 CB IB Switch 40 Gb 18/18 CB Eth Pass-Thru 10 Gb 18/18 Form Factor Dimensions (H.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX HARDWARE OVERVIEW Model Characteristics Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX600 S3 Ideal suited for branch offices and medium. Next generation blade server ecosystem designed for constantly changing IT environments. server blades and the chassis and yet offers the advantages of the latest technology. 10U chassis for 19-inch rack 435 x 445 x 778 mm 18 half height or 9 full height bays for hot-plug server or storage blades 8x for Connection Blades 6x for PSU modules 2x for Management Blades High speed midplane with 4 redundant fabrics 1x hot-plug Management Blade as standard.size businesses.D) Front Bays Rear Bays Midplane Management Blades Fan Configuration Power Supply Configuration Connection Blade Types . New high-end product that complements the PRIMERGY BX Blade Server family. redundant Management Blades as option 3 to 6 hot-plug.

Socket server blade 18 Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series 1 GB – 288 GB. Dual 10Gbit Eth.Socket server blade 18 Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series 2 GB – 144 GB. 18 DIMM (DDR3) max.5-inch 160/320 GB SSD SATA 2. Dual 8Gbit FC .5-inch 32/64 GB 4 x Gbit Ethernet 2 x PCIe Gen2 x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth. Dual 40Gbit IB) PRIMERGY BX922 S2 Future-oriented server blade with all the prerequisites for virtualization environments Dual. 32 DIMM (DDR3) max. Dual 40Gbit IB) 4x10 Gbit Ethernet 4 x PCIe Gen2 x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth.5-inch 73/146/300 GB HDD SATA 2. Dual 10Gbit Eth.Socket server blade 10 Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series 1 GB – 192 GB. Dual 10Gbit Eth. Dual 4Gbit FC) PRIMERGY BX920 S2 Universal DualSocket server blade with high computing and I/O performance in a small form factor Dual.Socket server blade 10 Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series 1 GB – 96 GB.5-inch 32/64 GB 6 x Gbit Ethernet 1 x PCIe x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth.5-inch 73/146/300 GB HDD SATA 2. 12 DIMM (DDR3) max. 2x SSD SATA 2. 2x HDD SAS 2. Dual 4Gbit FC) 4 x Gbit Ethernet 2 x PCIe Gen2 x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth.5-inch 160/320 GB SSD SATA 2. 2x SSD SATA 2. 2x HDD SAS 2. number per system unit Processors Memory capacity Hard disks Ethernet controller onboard Mezzanine cards 6 x Gbit Ethernet 1 x PCIe x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth. 2x HDD SAS 2.Socket server blade 18 Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series 2 GB – 192 GB.5-inch 32/64 GB PRIMERGY BX620 S6 Next generation platform maximizing energy efficiency and performance Dual. Dual 8Gbit FC .5-inch 32/64 GB (non hot-plug) Type Max.5-inch 32/64 GB (non hot-plug) Quad. Dual 10Gbit Eth. 9 DIMM (DDR3) max.5-inch 32/64 GB (non hot-plug) PRIMERGY BX924 S2 PRIMERGY BX960 S1 The Virtualizer Dynamics paired Dual-Socket with high scaling server blade for maximum number of virtual machines per ccm Dual. Dual 8Gbit FC .5-inch 160/320/500 GB SSD SATA 2. Dual 8Gbit FC . 2x SSD SATA 2. 12 DIMM (DDR3) max. Dual 40Gbit IB) .PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX SERVER BLADE OVERVIEW Model Characteristics PRIMERGY BX620 S5 Energy-efficient and highperformance virtualization platform Dual. 12 DIMM (DDR3) max.5-inch 73/146/300 GB HDD SATA 2.Socket server blade 9 Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series 8 GB – 512 GB. Dual 40Gbit IB) 2x10 Gbit Ethernet 2 x PCIe Gen2 x8 (Quad 1Gbit Eth.

power consumption and packing density g High bandwidth.Monitoring of temperature and power consumption . low latency for compute-intensive applications g Automatic and dynamic routing of data traffic to avoid overload g Management . reliable and flexible access to data and storage networks.Hot-pluggable g Supported system units Down-link ports Up-link ports Max. Model Ethernet Switch/ IBP 1Gbit/s 36/12 PRIMERGY BX900S1 36 x 1 Gb Eth 8 x 1 Gb Eth RJ45 4 x 1 Gb Eth SFP 6 (Connection Blade Slot 1/2 3/4 5/6) g Variable usage in one of the 8 connection slots on the rear of a system unit g Effortless switching between the pure switch and the IBP functionality allows flexible use depending on demands g High scalability due to a large number of external connections g The IBP mode avoids protocol compatibility problems and offers extended functions in comparison to the standard switch mode Ethernet Switch/ IBP 1Gbit/s 36/8+2 PRIMERGY BX900S1 36 x 1 Gb Eth 8 x 1 Gb Eth RJ45 2 x 10 Gb SFP+ 6 (Connection Blade Slot 1/2 3/4 5/6) g Variable use in up to 6 installation bays on the rear of a BX900 system unit g Easy switching between the switch and IBP functionality enables flexible use depending on the requirement g Variable link to external networks with both low and extremely high bandwidths. ensuring fast. All Connection Blades are integrated within the chassis and benefit from a high-speed midplane as well as from energy-efficient power and cooling. enables a flexible configuration of the server or the SAN ports with ondemand extension to 26 ports g Secures investments in existing storage and SAN devices g Increases the availability via automatic failover to the next available or assigned port InfiniBand Switch 40Gbit/s 18/18 PRIMERGY BX900S1 18 x 40 Gb IB 18 x 40 Gb IB 3 (Connection Blade Slot 3/4 5/6 7/8) Leading industrial switch platform as regards performance.Configuration settings . this CB is usable also in the future.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX CONNECTION BLADE OVERVIEW PRIMERGY BX Connection Blades simplify network connectivity for PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers. when FCoE technology is being introduced for blade servers Fibre Channel Switch 8Gbit/s 18/8 PRIMERGY BX900S1 18 x 8 Gb FC 8 universal Fibre Channel ports 4 (Connection Blade Slot 3/4 5/6) g Maximizes bandwidth and performance in order to support the most demanding use of server blades and virtual servers g Reduces costs and complexity by consolidating band width. number per system unit Benefits .Health check . ports and cables g Low-priced scaling for growing environments. bundling option for several internal 1 Gb on external 10 Gb connections g Top management flexibility due to the standardized view of a group of several similar Connection Blades within one or more blade servers Ethernet Switch/ IBP 10Gbit/s 18/18 PRIMERGY BX900S1 18 x 10 Gb Eth 8 x 10 Gb Eth SFP+ 4 (Connection Blade Slot 3/4 5/6) g Effortless selection of pure switch or IBP functionality allows flexible use responding to demand g Perfect transmission of data from Mezzanine cards to various external networks g Variable connection to external networks with extremely high bandwidth g Today’s investment in this connection blade (CB) guarantees long-term operability. A wide range of different Connection Blades are available to address current and next-generation I/O requirements for standards-based Fibre Channel. InfiniBand and Ethernet networks.

800 GB .5-inch 73 / 146 / 300 GB HDD SATA 2. It is often essential to have local access to large amounts of data. number per system unit Hard disks Storage blade tape 6 max. half height. Operation within confined environments as file servers as well as for Microsoft® SharePoint portals and Microsoft® SQL Servers are popular usage cases for disk-based Storage Blades. together with the PRIMERGY Server Blades.5-inch 32 / 64 GB Type Max.5-inch 160 / 320 / 500 GB. On the other hand.e. for a transition from rack or tower servers to high density Blade Server architecture.5-inch 73 / 146 / 300 GB HDD SATA 2. this for example applies to the world of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). half height. 1x LTO 3HH Ultrium. 4x HDD SAS 2. 5x HDD SAS 2. SSD SATA 2. usage of tape drive equipped Storage Blades (available for certain Blade Servers) offers an easy and fast way to backup system data locally. SAS 3Gb/s LTO 4HH Ultrium. The introduction of Storage Blades Disk for all PRIMERGY Blade Servers offers an easy and cost effective server consolidation opportunity. 60 MB/s. where smaller workgroups locally have to work on and create very large models. i.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE FUJITSU PRIMERGY BX STORAGE BLADE OVERVIEW PRIMERGY SX Storage Blades are designed for installation into the PRIMERGY BX system units. SAS 3Gb/s . Model Characteristics PRIMERGY SX650 Simple low-price server consolidation and extension of the internal storage capacity Storage blade disk 5 max. 400 GB .5-inch 160 / 320 GB PRIMERGY SX910 For easy and fast data backup PRIMERGY SX940 For easy and cost effective server consolidation Storage blade disk 6 max. 120 MB/s.

Administration is also eased by uniform RAID-. This can be done either locally via media or remotely and for multiple servers in parallel using PXE boot and a deployment server. storage-. such as fans or CMOS batteries. Extensive graphical support eases to identify the failure cause and locate defective components for quick remedy. To reduce administration costs when deploying server farms ServerView® Deployment Manager can install a large number of servers in parallel or rapidly multiply a server installation to a single server or groups of servers. flexible and automated twenty-four-seven server operation and improves end-user productivity with intelligent and innovative system management solutions. It covers all functionality for a fail-safe. complete system failure can thus be prevented. It consolidates all management tasks in a single easyto-use web-based tool. Further the following server built-in features support uninterruptible operation: Pre-Failure Detection and Analysis (PDA) proactively monitors server components with a limited lifespan. The continous preventive twenty-four-seven monitoring of physical and virtual servers and infrastructure components as storage extension units or uninterruptable power supplies greatly increases system availability. It delivers optimized deployment.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVER MANAGEMENT PRIMERGY SERVERVIEW SUITE ServerView® Suite is the key to higher value and efficiency of IT operation. Deploy ServerView® Installation Manager enables error-free configuration and unattended installation of operating systems and management software. The faulty component is immediately removed from the configuration and a server reboot is initiated. permanent status monitoring and extensive control or analysis during malfunctions hich result in less outages as well as improved maintenance and service quality. Most energy efficient server operation is assured by latest power monitoring and control functions. Automated and time-controlled cloning uses centrally held boot images in an own image repository database for highest flexibility. Control ServerView® Operations Manager offers proven. Automatic Server Reconfiguration & Restart (ASR&R) becomes effective if components such as CPU or memory fail unexpectedly. management and performance management helping to determine current or long-term bottlenecks. A longer. It alerts if their performance declines and thus enables an early exchange. The clearly structured management console with a simplifies administration. Seamless integration of PRIMERGY in heterogeneous IT landscapes with different management is natural. flexible and safe control of several thousand devices. . Moreover the configurable Event Management reliably and location-independent informs in detail on critical server states. It provides a status overview of all monitored devices and instantly visualizes any malpractice. Thereby the support of technologies for virtualization and higher dynamics of IT infrastructures is already taken into account.

ServerView® Update Management updates the server configuration with regard to BIOS. Maintain ServerView®Suite offers powerful tools and functions for failure prevention. . Proven and mature solutions here are ServerView® Virtual IOManager and ServerView Resource Coordinator VE. firmware. OS drivers and ServerView management software. Integrate ServerView® Integration Packs enable seamless and easy integration of PRIMERGY servers in enterprise or other vendor’s management systems.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVER MANAGEMENT PRIMERGY SERVERVIEW SUITE Dynamize ServerView Suite also covers revolutionary management solutions which dramatically reduce complexity. enabling to fully control and analyze the servers irrespective of their system status. trouble shooting and fast recovery. ServerView® Remote Management for PRIMERGY BX Servers provides extensive remote control. It compares inventory data to identify configuration changes and possible caused problems. Previously complex and time-consuming data center tasks are carried out much easier and in minutes versus hours or days. Depending on the requirements it supports updating a single server via media or centralized and automated remote updating of a many servers in parallel with minimal interruption of IT production. improve flexibility and efficiency at deployment and operation of both physical and virtual server environments. ServerView® Asset Manager helps to run systems safer.

virtual customer-defined addresses are used because they can be flexibly assigned to specific server blades. maintain or failover servers without affecting complex network settings. but also to keep the network path to a specific uplink. maintenance and recovery tasks. Reconfiguration of the network settings normally involves many manual steps like re-cabling. This is particularly useful in configurations where many customers residing in separate physical or virtual networks should be operated within the same blade chassis. also making it possible to keep those settings constant in server switchover or failover scenarios. Depending on the coordination between the admin teams. The VIOM approach goes far beyond virtualization of WWN and MAC addresses of a server. Instead of using default Media Access Control (MAC) addresses for Network Interface Controllers (NICs) and default World Wide Names (WWNs) for Host Bus Adapters (HBAs). Although the hardware ships with default MAC addresses and WWNs. and it requires the assistance of network and storage administrators. . The ultimate goal is to virtualize as many server parameters as possible to have a stateless blade. Each server profile is stored in a central repository and serves as a pointer to a boot image. a VIOM server profile can contain other parameters like BIOS settings. a network reconfiguration process can considerably slow down server admin tasks. enabling administrators to run an application by simply assigning a profile to a server blade. I/O virtualization I/O virtualization technology puts an abstraction layer between the servers and the external networks. I/O virtualization resets these addresses prior to the boot sequence so that only the virtual addresses are used during operation. VIOM paves the way for substantial improvements in scalability and flexibility. but also across hundreds of server blades residing in different chassis. In combination with the Intelligent Blade Panel (IBP) it is not only possible to keep MAC addresses constant. VIOM uses a special server profile to store blade-specific information like I/O addresses. In addition to WWN and MAC addresses. I/O virtualization lets server administrators add. offering maximum flexibility for assigning server resources to applications. If a blade is moved or exchanged. I/O connections or even boot parameters. IBP makes sure that the new blade will be connected to the correct customer network segment.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVERVIEW VIRTUAL I/O MANAGER (VIOM) SIMPLIFIED MANAGEMENT OF I/O ADDRESSES Traditional I/O infrastructure Each server I/O adapter comes with a pre-assigned default physical network address (WWN or MAC) used to identify servers on SAN or LAN networks. This makes it necessary to reconfigure network settings when performing server deployment. I/O virtualization with VIOM VIOM is an I/O virtualization technology specifically designed for blade server environments. As each profile can be moved not only within the same blade chassis.

As a result. RCVE provides visualization of server resource states and common basic operations on physical and virtual servers. For managing mixed hypervisor environments. Virtual resources and their relationships to physical systems are shown on a single console. a large number of production servers in a pool can be protected by one or a few substitute servers (N:1 failover). the percentage of x86 server workloads running in virtual machines today is still low. stop. In this way. The spare servers can be jointly used in mixed. RCVE makes it possible to create system image backups. Using a single console. Leveraging the integrated fully-automated server deployment capabilities. . there will be a need for management tools that can handle the management of both physical and virtual environments. Uniform Management Server virtualization is a key enabler for building dynamic IT infrastructures and many experts share the vision of a completely virtualized IT infrastructure. Server downtime due to maintenance tasks can now be reduced to a minimum.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVERVIEW RESOURCE COORDINATOR (RCVE) SIMPLIFYING OPERATIONS IN MIXED ENVIRONMENTS Simplified Lifecycle Management RCVE enables fully-automated server deployment for entire server farms through integrated cloning and remote system image distribution capabilities. RCVE also simplifies and speeds up hardware maintenance by easy and automated restoration of system images after hardware components have been replaced. physical and virtual environments. Furthermore. ServerView Resource Coordinator VE automatically starts a spare system to prevent downtime. And the high availability function complements existing high availability functions of the hypervisor vendors for their virtual machines and can be combined with them as desired. RCVE has a uniform interface for common administrative tasks like start. But despite the rapid growth rates of server virtualization products. which enables server administrators with limited network skills to easily confirm the network configuration. RCVE addresses the management challenges in a heterogeneous physical and virtual server environment by integrating the administration of physical and virtual servers as much as possible. In PRIMERGY blade server environments this includes the monitoring of physical and virtual network connections. reboot or live migration operations for all supported hypervisor products. This means that mixed operation of physical and virtual servers will be a long-term reality in most data centers. Cost-Effective High Availability If a server fails. which are centrally managed on the admin server.

which enables multi-tenant management in larger scale environments. ROR enables collective management of resources in “resource groups” allowing a clear separation of resources belonging to different users groups. OS images). network. Fujitsu offers a next-generation system management software that enables IT organizations to deliver IT infrastructure resources faster while at the same time lowering the barriers for users to gain access to IT resources. Moreover. ROR not only provides interfaces to Fujitsu’s own management platforms. which hides the complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure. A logical server is an abstract server definition. ROR introduces a logical server concept. user and role-based management capabilities allow IT organizations to enforce enterprise-specific security policies. Automation of provisioning processes helps to streamline infrastructure administration workflows with a positive impact on operational data center costs. A logical server concept hides the complexity of the underlying physical infrastructure and provides users with an interface from which they can request server resources easily and efficiently. ROR serves as a key building block for companies moving forward on their way to implement more dynamic resource management in order to integrate and run their infrastructure in a cloud computing environment. Resource Abstraction In order to give IT users easier and more dynamic access to server resources. it also can integrate with management products from technology partners. where a huge amount of resources have to be managed. ROR manages the complete life-cycle of logical servers. storage. which describes all parameters required to setup a physical or virtual server. Resource Orchestration The foundation for effective resource orchestration is ROR’s ability to automatically provision a physical or virtual server from shared pools of infrastructure resources (physical and virtual servers.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVERVIEW RESOURCE ORCHESTRATOR (ROR) FAST AND EASY PROVISIONING OF IT RESOURCES With ServerView® Resource Orchestrator (ROR). Advantages Compared To Traditional Provisioning g Deliver system resources to applications much faster and speed up rollout processes g Time savings of up to 90% g Increase utilization of invested hardware g Increase quality of service g Improve consistency and compliance of your system configuration through standardization and automation g Increase agility through fast adaptation of your IT infrastructure to changing business needs g Build an SLA-based IT operation with a high level of service orientation . For management of the individual resource pools. including storage and network settings.

but we are considering the use of virtual servers for other applications. the automated.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE CASE STUDY NEXT GENERATION INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTION FROM ITALIAN RED CROSS BASED ON PRIMERGY BX900 IN COMBINATION WITH x10sure » THE EXPERIENCE OF FUJITSU IN THE DATA CENTER AREA IS HELPING US DRIVE OUR CONSOLIDATION AND OPTIMIZATION PLANS FORWARD. Coordination Center for Infrastructures. compliance with different service levels becomes extremely cost-effective. the Italian Red Cross set up e-mail accounts on the PRIMERGY BX900 Blade Server system for all volunteers who rely on e-mail messaging. When applications were consolidated on the Blade Server system. The power and cooling systems of the PRIMERGY BX900 are designed to deliver efficiency in excess of 90%. The e-mail accounts of permanent staff and institutional groups that are now administered on a different system will be migrated to the new platform in a second phase. SAS and advanced SSD storage media. THE PROJECT Deployment of an efficient in-house e-mail infrastructure on a flexibly scalable platform that features high performance and high-availability management plus the possibility of integration of further services and applications in the future. ICT Systems and Applications. application-independent high-availability solution for physical and virtual servers from Fujitsu. Partnering with Fujitsu. the ETERNUS DX80 disk storage system provides outstanding support in the case of scenarios involving centralized data storage and availability. THE SOLUTION Technical assistance to support consolidation and optimization of the IT environment of the Italian Red Cross. a third phase will involve further consolidation of services and applications.” says Micozzi. ITALIAN RED CROSS PHASES IN A DYNAMIC IT PLATFORM In an initial phase. the Italian Red Cross provides humanitarian services country-wide. Italian Red Cross THE CUSTOMER The Italian Red Cross maintains a network that is the only one of its kind in Italy. Deployment of a PRIMERGY BX900 Blade Server system and ETERNUS DX80 online storage in combination with x10sure. Micozzi emphasizes that “the use of x10sure with only a single failover server for an entire series of productive systems and automatic restart within only a few minutes without manual intervention is definitely an important aspect for us since it gives us an efficient way to guarantee uninterrupted service.« Alfredo Micozzi.” . However.. which means savings in the form of significantly lower energy costs.000 volunteer workers at more than 1. IT Dept. PRIMERGY BX900 provides optimal support for step-by-step migration to create a dynamic IT environment. With 150. With exceptional scalability from less than one to up to a maximum of 120 terabytes on Nearline SAS. Italian Red Cross decisionmakers decided in advance which applications would come into question here.000 locations. various applications were also migrated from the physical server to virtual machines. “No plans exist to virtualize e-mail service. Eighteen server blades in a 10-U chassis mean not only the highest performance density available on the market but also maximum flexibility to drive the consolidation strategy of the Italian Red Cross forward. x10sure gives the Italian Red Cross a high-availability solution that also leverages the benefits of server virtualization. Finally.

State-of-the-art power supply modules provide companies with the opportunity to greatly reduce their power and cooling costs. large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance. . Due to their full redundant system designs and the PreFailure Detection & Analysis the blade servers can protect themselves against possible failures. CHALLENGE: Rising energy consumption with inefficient cooling generating higher costs and limiting future growth INNOVATION: g Cool-safe™ technology g ServerView® Power Manager g Super efficient power supply modules HOW WE DO IT: With Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers you can save up to 50% of the costs for power and cooling in comparison with standard rack-server infrastructures. Monitoring and measurement capabilities of the ServerView® Power Management helps you to understand power and cooling conditions and resolve issues before they impact cost or performance. By automatically triggering server switchover operations when a physical server fails. CHALLENGE: Protect data and business processes for maintaining a successful business and stay competitive INNOVATION: g ServerView® Resource Coordinator g Full redundant system design g PreFailure Detection & Analysis g Investment protection through scalability HOW WE DO IT: ServerView® Resource Coordinator can be used to address unplanned downtime scenarios. permanent monitoring and extended control or analysis in the event of faults mean less downtimes as well as improved maintenance and service quality. Due to simplification and automation RCVE enables dynamic allocation of server resources for applications and low-priced high availability with a simultaneous reduction in operative costs. The software provides standardized operation of physical and virtual servers. ServerView® Resource Coordinator VE is the latest generation of our server resource management software. Optimized deployment. ServerView® Virtual I/O Manager simplifies the administration of PRIMERGY Blade Servers in LAN and SAN environments and offers maximum flexibility for your operations. Our innovative cooling concept is designed to reduce your electric bill and put less strain on the air conditioning. With a PRIMERGY BX Blade Server you can add. replace. With their high scalability and the highest available blade server density in the market the systems provide complete investment protection for flexible growth scenarios. move or recover blades and virtual machines in minutes instead of days or weeks without involving numerous administrators. Equipped with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor series.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE HOW THE PORTFOLIO WORKS TOGETHER CHALLENGE: High complexity. the PRIMERGY BX blade servers are optimized for almost all application and virtualization scenarios. high I/O flexibility and bandwidth HOW WE DO IT: ServerView® Suite supports 24/7 operation and improves user productivity with intelligent system management solutions. business applications can be resumed without any administrator intervention. slow response to business demands and too much time spent for administration INNOVATION: g ServerView® Resource Coordinator g ServerView® Virtual I/O Manager g Latest blade technology. It minimizes an entire layer of complexity from today‘s switch architectures through virtualization of physical network addresses and clear separation of server management from LAN and SAN management.

transitioning. This ensures smooth IT operation right from the start while intern IT specialist can concentrate on their core business. Fujitsu can provide you with a complete range of infrastructure services that allow you to deliver an optimization of the overall IT while reducing overall costs. Fujitsu Financial Services offers a complete portfolio of financial solutions enabling the planning. companies must develop new IT-focused opportunities that allow them to gain and maintain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive global market. acquiring. Maintenance and Support Services In addition to cutting-edge products and solution. and retiring of your dynamic IT infrastructure. local. and regional requirements. improving ROI and still delivering outstanding service quality to your users. ServicePack/Contract Hardware g g ServicePack/Contract Software g g The right level of software service Smooth. InstallationPack g g Prompt and reliable installation of your new IT equipment tailored to your needs Configuration of hardware and operating software in line with specific customer requirements Fast and efficient expert service to ensure a prompt elimination of hardware faults Perfect extension on top of the standard warranty Financial Services IT financing has become increasingly popular in today’s ever-evolving technological environment. We cooperate with select leading global IT financing partners to offer custom solutions based on customer. Depending on the best fit for the customer’s situation. our specialists propose standardized service offers or design and realize customized service solutions. trouble-free operation with proactive services SolutionContract g g Problem analysis and solution for hardware and software components of the infrastructure One single point of contact for all problems with your solution infrastructure . thereby allowing you to conserve your capital. We can transition fixed costs into variable costs. Our strong global presence allows us to provide financial solutions in all key international markets through our presence in over 50 countries. Rather than the IT just supporting existing business processes.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVICES HELPING TRANSLATE IT INTO BUSINESS Today your company‘s IT must support the overall business like any other department. Fujitsu delivers world-wide Maintenance and Support Services for heterogeneous infrastructures out of one hand: From integrating new technologies in IT infrastructure to providing fast and uncomplicated support proactively. managing.

whether goods management or invoicing systems. while simultaneously immunizing IT operations so your business processes. Proactive services such as Auto Immune Systems®. Managed Services from Fujitsu offer solutions that reduce IT complexity and total cost of ownership while also improving overall IT governance. In this case Fujitsu takes over the full maintenance service responsibility as a prime contractor. the service covers all IT infrastructure components of your data center including virtualization. The solution methods used have been standardized and combined with the experience of the comprehensive product and solution skills provided by the Fujitsu group. automation and integration. Furthermore Managed Maintenance harmonizes SLAs and generates cost advantages for our customers by using innovative service concepts. handover and documentation Planning and verification of the installation Installation of all necessary software components (Hypervisor. A fair and transparent invoicing model is applied on either a performance or “pay-asyou-go” basis. This has been made possible by systematically analyzing a large number of successfully implemented consultation projects. handover and documentation Integration of base management functionalities g g g g Hypervisor Integration g g g Integration of I/O virtualization g g g Installation of operating system. support automated fault detection and elimination. Managed Maintenance takes care about the fulfillment of all Service Level Agreements in a heterogeneous IT Infrastructure covering maintenance services. From analysis and planning to organization and operation. and prepare for cloning Configure ServerView RCVE incl. g g g Installation of hardware and corresponding software (operating system with necessary updates and patches) Setting-up of physical connections Configuration in accordance with defined parameters Test and handover Planning of the management environment Installation of ServerView Operations Manager Setup of add-on components and basic configuration Test.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SERVICES SMOOTH IT OPERATION RIGHT FROM THE START Server Integration Services Fujitsu offers efficient consultation packages for existing infrastructure environments at a fixed price. Management server) Test. storage and network services for your IT-infrastructure. Thereby Fujitsu acts as a single point of contact for all kind of maintenance relevant service request as well as IMAC/D services. never fail. Base Installation g Managed Infrastructures IT departments and data centers are increasingly faced with the challenge of managing a wide range of hardware and software products from multiple vendors and operating at different locations. spare server and failover tests Demonstration of system functionality and handover . all necessary patches and ServerView Virtual I/O Manager Configuration and creation of server profiles Failover tests for the profiles. Flexibility and fast integration are essential. If wanted we consolidates all the existing IT service contracts into one major contract for the entire IT infrastructure. and handover Integration of advanced management features & HA g g g Installation of the “managed nodes” with operating system and necessary patches. The result: first-class consultation and analysis packages quickly provide customers with specific information and suggested improvements for the infrastructure involved. Managed Data Center provides server. Managed Server ensures that your server infrastructure runs perfectly without any downtime. helping you maintain agreed service levels and facilitating growth in emerging business fields such as mobile working and virtualization.

and secondlevel administration and support are provided. installation. Symantec. while clearly defined service levels control service delivery. a virtualization layer designed using VMware software. THE CUSTOMER The telematics service provider Digipolis supplies the two Belgian cities of Antwerp and Ghent with information and communications technology resources and support for the services these cities offer their citizens. The range of on-site and remote services extends from configuration. The charges paid for the services are based on fixed price scales. A single platform and service partner reduce the amount of time and effort involved in coordination and administration. operation and support.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE CASE STUDY DIGIPOLIS DELEGATES COMPLETE IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT TO FUJITSU Belgian telematics service provider relies on one-stop shop for products. integration and migration – was soon followed by a second: Digipolis delegated responsibility for operating and supporting the new data center environment to Fujitsu as well. THE CHALLENGES g THE PROJECT The Belgian telematics service provider Digipolis was looking for a suitable partner to modernize its entire service and storage infrastructure. capacities and performance. the Managed Services provided by Fujitsu free up resources. hardware-oriented stage – comprising delivery. . error and problem management to change and release management and all the way to controlling and ensuring availabilities. Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). As a result. And last but not least. solutions. and a storage infrastructure equipped with EMC systems fulfilled the requested specifications and are now the bedrock of Digipolis’ new efficiency. Each service process is assigned key performance indicators and thus is transparent and measurable. First. enabling Digipolis to adapt quickly and flexibly to the new requirements of its customers. The IT structures have been streamlined. Fourteen PRIMERGY BX900 blade servers running Microsoft Windows Server. they are more transparent and enhance planning security. The first. efficiency increased and costs cut thanks to consolidation and virtualization. g g Strengthen core competencies: Freeing up resources to focus on core strategic tasks and innovation Increase cost-effectiveness: Maximizing savings potential by leveraging the synergies offered by a service provider. BMC SDE Self-Service Portal Managed Services: Support for all areas of service management with a mix of on-site and remote services THE SOLUTION g g g THE SUCCESSES Digipolis has boosted its competitiveness thanks to the new system architecture. BMC Service Desk Express (SDE). Its philosophy – everything from a single source – perfectly reflects Fujitsu’s strategic orientation as an end-to-end provider of infrastructure products and solutions plus extensive Managed Services for operation and support. and cutting operating costs Continually improve quality and reliability Hardware: 14 x PRIMERGY BX900 with a total of 223 server blades and 4 x EMC Centera and 6 x CLARiiON CX4 storage systems Software and tools: VMware.

On top. The design of our blade systems are especially optimized for use in virtualized environments supporting all major hypervisor vendors. A lot of computing power in a very small space. maximum memory configuration and high I/O bandwidth means that all types of workloads – on both physical and virtual servers – can be centralized. use less power and are ready to grow with your individual needs. The PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite improves end-user productivity with intelligent system management solutions and is the key to higher IT value and reduced operating costs.PRODUCT INFORMATION PRIMERGY BX BLADE EXCELLENCE SUMMARY Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX blade servers are ideal for building your next-generation IT infrastructure with more efficiency. take less time to maintain. You can use it to build business solutions that are more affordable. Our blade server systems have been specifically developed to enable efficient operation. ServerView® Resource Orchestrator in combination with ServerView® Resource Coordinator VE and ServerView® Virtual I/O Manager offer the dynamic resource management capabilities enabling IT organizations to deliver IT infrastructure resources faster while at the same time lowering the barriers for users to gain access to IT resources. Active power management and the highly developed CoolSafe™ cooling methodology additionally improve the use of energy at data centers. The PRIMERGY BX900 also boasts energy efficiency significantly. That dramatically reduces power consumption. agility and business continuity. .

Germany Copyright: © 2010 Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH Contact: ts. 80807 Munich. including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model. the use of which by third parties for their own purposes could violate the rights of their owners. We reserve the right to change delivery options or make technical modifications.Published by Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str.com/contact All rights reserved. 8. . All designations used in this document may be trademarks.fujitsu.

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