China's government ordered the three days of mourning, an outpouring of state sympathy on a level normally reserved for dead

leaders. Holding national mourning, the respect for human lives during relief operations, and nationwide rescue efforts mobilized rapidly, show signs of a long-awaited civil society in the making. First and foremost, the Chinese government’s rapid response, the transparence of information after the quake, and the open attitude towards foreign aid, are unprecedented. Secondly, we also saw the contributions of corporate citizens. Lots of enterprises, big or small, participated in all sorts of donation activities. Last but not the least, the actions of ordinary people. People all over China comfort the people in disaster area by many means, such as donation, bestowing many beneficences and so on. Chinese people both at home and abroad donated money and relief material.People observed moments of silence during the torch relay.And the countless caring cyber posts and text messages. And here in Sias, we students also play very positive roles in such kind of charity activities. All of this shows a civil society that cherishes life is in the making in China.

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