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United States Heg kills 1. Cold War power projection lead to violent ideological clashes in hundreds of instances. a. El Salvador (supported genocidal government) b. Honduras (coup) c. Guatemala (1954 coup of Jacobo Arbez led to a 30 year civil war d. Vietnam (millions left dead) 2. Regime change leads to instability and death a. El Salvador b. Guatemala c. Afghanistan (central government not respected or given legitimacy, led to insurgency) d. Iraq (democratic government considered illegitimate, led to religious conflict). e. Iran (1954 overthrow of Mossedegh leads to rise of Ayatollah Komeni in 1976 and the takeover by the radical religious fringe). 3. “Expands” economic markets, leads to death a. 60 year occupation of the Philippines and war for independence b. Overthrows Panamanian regime, civil war ensues, new government pops up: Panama Canal!

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