Midtown Neighbors!

Your tax dollars are sitting in a pot of money that you have a right to help decide how to spend in our neighborhood.

If we don’t move now, we may lose NRP money! Help us save your tax dollars and decide how to spend them where you live.

Midtown Phillips (MP) is in Phase II of its Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP). During this funding cycle, MP will decide how to spend an estimated $240,000.00 in our neighborhood. MP is determining how to use new NRP funds in two areas –Housing and Community Building. NRP requires that we allocate at least 70% percent of our total funds to Housing. We are asking residents of MP to help us identify community issues of highest importance, so that we can recommend how to best invest in our community. Midtown Phillips has spent the summer surveying the neighborhood to help us make our recommendation. The results are in and we will be discussing and voting for our proposed plan at the Midtown Phillips general meeting on October 11th, 6PM, at Stewart Park. Come learn about the proposal and ask questions. Our final version of the proposed NRP Phase II Plan and the survey results will be available on our website at: http://midtownphillips.wikispaces.com/ Please give us your feedback on the short follow up survey. Follow the link on the website.
This flyer meets the neighborhood notification requirements for citizen participation in Midtown.

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