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B-Plan on Elevator Advertising (New)

B-Plan on Elevator Advertising (New)

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Published by Harsh Zaveri

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Published by: Harsh Zaveri on Sep 26, 2011
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A B-Plan on Elevator Advertising

Submitted to: V. M. Patel Institute of Management Created by: Om Vasani, Yesha Shah, Shivani Shah & Harsh Zaveri. Division: C

What is elevator advertising?

Elevator + Advertising = Elevator Advertising


Who are We ?? We are Eltise & We are Committed to Growth .

.What we do ?? We combine space lying idle in & around the elevators with different brands filled around the world.

.We combine space lying idle in & around the elevators with different brands filled around the world.

Innovative Ways To Succeed … .

Capturing best locations for our clients … .

At Eltise we put our Clients first . ..

loyalty & growth.Thus bringing in trust. both.. . to them & to us .

What we do ?? .

What we do ?? .


Creative Team .

High Rise Buildings & Malls .


 A part of the advance payment would be given to the mall or to the commercial place as rent for allowing us to use their elevator.Process  Client has to pay half of the amount as advance payment while the other half has to be given through a post dated cheque which would be drawn as per the last date of the contract.  From the advance payment labour charges & print out charges would be paid.  The other half would be used in paying out salaries & .

For e. Price would increase if the print is in color …  Professional advice from our creative team might cost you some money. monthly. etc. weekly.  Cost would be based on the size of the poster or the banner which is to be used.What about the cost ??  Cost would vary depending upon the time for which you put your poster in or around the elevator.g.  Cost would also depend on the quality of the print. annually. .

000 * 2 = Rs 14. (Pay Package – Rs 7000 p.m.Rs 7000 p.000)  Creative Team consisting of 2 people. + Incentives) (Total : Rs 7.m.000 * 4 = Rs 28.Manpower Requirement A Team consisting of 4 Marketing Executives (Pay Package .000)  Laborers – whenever required (Pay Package – On Daily Basis) . + Incentives) (Total : Rs 7.

00.Other Details Office on rent Rs 15. phone bills & all) Initial Capital Required is between Rs 1. .000 to Rs 5.000 p.m. (in Ahmadabad at Income tax) Other expense Rs 10.000.m. (includes electricity.00.000 p.

. opportunities lie if you can seize  Greater those.Opportunities  Increase in development of commercial buildings.  Increasing competition among different brands would help the business grow. malls & multiplexes.  Less or no competition seen in this domain so far in India.  It is a repetitive business.

Poster Once or banners could get torn. .Threat Companies might directly approach commercial places. malls or multiplexes. we begin business many others might join in.

. Planning with different commercials which would then be distributed at various places.. Keep focus in our primary field which is elevator advertising .Future Plans Planning to grow business by buying to launch a paper filled hoarding places.

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