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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Malcolm Co teacher: Anne Date: week 3 we2/6/06

Class Name: 4th grade Room: Expected no. of students: 40

Context: Review of unit 3 encompassing the phrases “Good morning/afternoon/evening”,“Can you help me”and
“How old are you”,.

Teaching aids: Listening task(textbook) , , flashcards with times and Yes / No, homework sheets,age changing

Learner objectives:
Personal Aims:
Students demonstrate an understanding of the
Better time management to allow all tasks to be completed
language and can use it to complete the role play .

Anticipated problems for teacher: Possible control

Anticipated problems for students: problems, Listening task is too easy
Confusion with the set up of the role play and
reluctance to get students moving Solutions: Have Anne operate the computer system
Solutions: and keep the class list at hand at all times. Work out
Examples of the language required in a demo between a signal for Anne to help with control and another
Anne and I. for her to use Korean. Have a back up game .

Procedure Phase Timing (1 hr) Interaction

Start lesson with a quick review of instructions ie. Engage 5 mins T-S
Stand up sit down point to etc, Listen to chant twice to
get back on track.

Introduce the listening task -3 questions, Then swap Study 10mins T-S
with a partner to correct.

Students look at pictures on page 35 then they practice Study 5 mins S-S
the language with their partners.

Lets sing. Listen then sing Study 5 mins T-S

Students in groups of 4 complete the role plays Activate 10 mins S-S

Game students take turns to ask each other how old Activate 5mins S-S
are you each time choosing an age changing card

Assign the homework exercises writing

Time filler A-Z races

How old are you races students must ask each other
round their groups

Procedure Phase Timing (1 hr) Interaction