Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923

Coverage • All workmen even if hired to work abroad and under Bombay Shops and Establishment Act. 1948. .

• On death or personal injury resulting into • total or partial • temporary/permanent disablement • or occupational disease caused to a workman • arising out of and in the course of employment. .Employers liability to pay compensation.

.000/.whichever is more.Amount of Compensation • On death – 50% of monthly wages multiplied by relevant factor or Rs. 80.000/. • Where permanent total disablement results – 60% of the wages multiplied by relevant factor of 90.whichever is more.

month with the .Deposit of Compensation • Within one Commissioner.

• Willful removal of or disregard of any safety guard or equipment. • Where injury does not result in total or partial disablement for a period exceeding three days.When employer not liable for compensation. . • Willful disobedience of rule of safety. • In respect of injury (not resulting in death or PTD) caused by an accident attributable to: • Workman under influence of drinks or drugs.

000/. 4. 4.Wages • Where monthly wages are more than Rs.000/- .they shall be deemed to be Rs.

.Report of accident • Fatal accident or serious bodily injury within 7 days to the Commissioner (not applicable where ESI Act applies).

Contracting Out • Bar on contracting out and/or relinquishing any rights under the Act. .

unclear title to compensation) be made otherwise than by deposit with Commissioner. . mentally unsound.Precaution • Sec 8 – No payment of compensation in case of death and no lump sum as compensation to a woman or person under a legal disability (minor.

.Principal employers liability • P E is liable to pay compensation to CL like regular employees. • He can recover the same from the contractor.

Penalties • 50% of the compensation + interest to be paid to the workmen or his dependents as the case may be. .