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Ode to the West Wind

Ode to the West Wind

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Published by: Roshni on Sep 26, 2011
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. Ode to the West Wind

By Percy Bysshe Shelley . 1 .Addressing the west wind as a human, the poet describes its activities: It drives dead leaves away as if they were ghosts fleeing a wizard. The leaves are yellow and black, pale and red, as if they had died of an infectious disease. .......The west wind carries seeds in its chariot and deposits them in the earth, where they lie until the spring wind awakens them by blowing on a trumpet (clarion). When they form buds, the spring wind spreads them over plains and on hills. .......In a paradox, the poet addresses the west wind as a destroyer and a preserver, then asks it to listen to what he says.

2 .......The poet says the west wind drives clouds along just as it does dead leaves after it shakes the clouds free of the sky and the oceans. These clouds erupt with rain and lightning. Against the sky, the lightning appears as a bright shaft of hair from the head of a Mænad. .......The poet compares the west wind to a funeral song sung at the death of a year and says the night will become a dome erected over the year's tomb with all of the wind's gathered might. From that dome will come black rain, fire, and hail. .......Again the poet asks the west wind to continue to listen to what he has to say.

3 .......At the beginning of autumn, the poet says, the the west wind awakened the Mediterranean Sea—lulled by the sound of the clear streams flowing into it—from summer slumber near an island formed from pumice (hardened lava). The island is in a bay at Baiae, a city in western Italy about

. quake in fear and despoil themselves.. the powers of the mighty Atlantic Ocean divide (cleave) themselves and flow through chasms. ocean plants decay like land plants.. (In autumn. .ten miles west of Naples.. the Mediterranean saw old palaces and towers that had collapsed into the sea during an earthquake and became overgrown with moss and flowers. While sleeping at this locale. Once more. upon hearing the west wind... . Deep beneath the ocean surface.To create a path for the west wind. the poet asks the west wind to continue to listen to what he has to say. flowers and foliage.

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