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Davi d Gyor i

Personal det ail s

•Address: 1 Barkston Gardens, SW5 OQF
•Date and place of birth: 20/3/1985 Kaposvar, Hungary
•Nationality: Hungarian
•Marital status: Single

Work His tor y

January 2006 – September 2006

•We s t O ne A g en c y – Lo n d o n – Wa iter (Peter Jo n es, H a mp to n C o u r t Pal ac e, Tottenham
S ta d i u m,
N ig h t Fra nk , C he ster B oyd , Towe r Hill)

- Silver service

Aug 2006 – June 2005

•B a c a rd i M u sic C afe – Siofok (Hungary) – Cocktail Bartender

- Classic cocktails (screwdriver, rusty nail..), fancy cocktails (orange mojito, strawberry caipirinha…),
Shots (B52, Black Army, Bloody Brain), jugs (jug of Mojito, jug of Sex the Beach), shakes
- Prepared 200-300 cocktail in a daily basis

Aug 2005 – June 2004

•I b iz a D is c o – Szolnok (Hungary) –Bartender

E ducati on
1999 – 2002 Ve r s eg hy Feren c Sec o nd ar y Sc ho o l
2002 – 2004 E LTE U ni ve r sit y – P ro g r a m m er (no t fi nish ed )

Cour ses
•Barmen Diploma (2004) Bacardi – Martini Hungary – (Hungary)

Lang uages
•Hungarian (Native Speaker)
•German (Fluent/High Level)
•English (High Level)

Com puter Sk ill s

•Windows 98, Windows Professional 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
Corel Draw, Microsoft Office
•System Administrator (hardware, software)

O the r Sk ill s
•Ability to make decisions and work unsupervised
•Ability to work quickly and effectively under pressure
•Flexibility to adapt to unexpected changes and new priorities
•Self-motivation and highly developed organitational skills
•Ability to act on my own initiative and to work as part of a team