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The Simple Guide to Eating Raw

The Simple Guide to Eating Raw

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Published by: tanzanit13 on Sep 27, 2011
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1 cup of truly raw cashews soaked 1-2 hours(measured
before soaking)
1 cup of young coconut water
½ cup of young coconut flesh
½ cup of agave
¼ cup of cacao butter
1 whole vanilla bean ground
1 raw Chocolate Fudge Bar processed into crumbs

1. In your blender add cashews, coconut water and
flesh, agave, cacao butter and vanilla.
2. Blend on high until smooth.
3. Add this mix to your ice-cream maker and just prior to
putting in the freezer (or when your manual suggests
last minute add-ins) stir in your Choc Fudge Bar
Crumbs. Delish!

Note: If you don't have an ice-cream maker you can alternatively freeze in a mixing bowl and
mix with beaters every couple of hours until it's getting quite firm. This will aerate the mixture.
Gently fold through your Choc Fudge Bar crumbs as late as possible.

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