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Case Study - Hyundai

Case Study - Hyundai

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Published by Vikram Kumar

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Published by: Vikram Kumar on Sep 27, 2011
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Case Study Hyundai
While there are many companies that have a diverse range of products and services, few can compare with The Hyundai Group. Founded in 1947 as a construction company, The Hyundai Group has grown to encompass automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, finance, electronics and retail. Known primarily in North America as an automobile manufacturer, Hyundai is the world's 7th largest automobile manufacturer and recently exported its 1,000,000th vehicle. In 2003, it surpassed $10 billion in export sales and has formed lucrative partnerships with other automobile manufacturers. With engineers, sales and marketing staff around the world, Hyundai is one of the most diverse organizations and always looking out for new technology.

Automotive Industry

The Issue - Hyundai's engineering staff use high-end graphical, analysis and computer aided design (CAD) tools for three dimensional modeling and development. Due to the requirements of these applications, they often run them on AIX systems rather than Microsoft Windows. However, the marketing staff and sales organization use Microsoft Windows to complete their work. If engineering users wanted to collaborate with the marketing and sales staff, they were severely limited on their capabilities. Competitive collaboration products provide few features when trying to communicate in a cross-platform environment and Hyundai found that their users were unable to collaborate on the scale that was required. Typical usage would involve remote controlling of an application on AIX systems from Windows based PCs which couldn't be done with currently available technology. This translated into users traveling to different locations to hold meetings in person which increased costs and decreased productivity. Hyundai needed a method for their engineering staff to collaborate with sales and marketing without the delays and expense of traveling to different locations to do so.
Sketches of Hyundai’s concept cars.

As a result of these specific requirements, Hyundai contacted BrightCom, a California based collaborative solutions company. BrightCom specializes in enterprise collaboration systems to surround and extend a company's infrastructure. In the case of Hyundai, BrightCom was able to implement a collaborative solution that allowed Hyundai to hold on-line web meetings between users on various operating systems. By using BrightCom’s solution, Hyundai has been able to communicate more effectively with employees and to share information in a collaborative environment.

“Hyundai is the world’s 7th largest automobile manufacturer and surpassed $10 billion in export sales.”

The Product - In order to satisfy Hyundai's need for high-end cross-platform application remote control, BrightCom deployed the Visual Collaboration System (VCS). BrightCom Visual Collaboration System is designed as a network appliance web conferencing system. As an integrated hardware and software solution, the BrightCom Visual Collaboration System eliminates the deployment time, challenges and costs of server based systems and offers richer features and lower costs than hosted solutions. In hosted solutions, too many users can slow performance for all participants. As a network appliance within Hyundai's infrastructure, they're in control of how many participants access the server. As a result, the BrightCom Visual Collaboration System is ready to meet the challenges of their connected enterprise.

For more information, please contact BrightCom 5811 McFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach, California 92649 USA Telephone: 877.483.9737 e-mail: info@brightcom.com

The Result - Since the deployment of the BrightCom Visual Collaboration System, Hyundai has been able to conduct their engineering review meetings via a web conference. This has reduced travel time for their employees and also increased productivity and collaboration between different development teams. All members of the development team and other departments can review a design document and change elements on the fly without having the CAD application resident on each machine. All users regardless of their operating system can participate and actively make changes as required. As a result, employees can share ideas and projects with people half way around the globe as if they were in the same room.

The Future - What does the future hold for Hyundai? They are currently in discussion with BrightCom to extend their collaborative infrastructure with additional BrightCom technologies such as the Versona Instant Messaging System and GlobalConnect to further extend their collaborative environment.

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