Kasabian – Fast Fuse

Oh baby I was born With a fast fuse I've got no time to love Just a city to abuse Oh baby I was born With a fast fuse I've got no time to love Just a city to abuse Come get me Wicked fines won't arrest me I'm like Lucifer's child, wild, acid done Black sunglasses shade the morning sun Come get me All you fuckers can't touch me I'm a hooligan cryer, sire, sit don't scatter, It don't matter Give me one, two, three Gold lightening in the skyline Gold lightening in the sky Oh baby I was born With a fast fuse I've got no time to love Just a city to abuse Oh baby I was born With a fast fuse I've got no time to love Just a city to abuse The vultures circle round They wait above the ground Oh How dare you! Now it's time to address you I'm the reason you claim Shame, stalk my name See my fist chopping off your reign It's getting hotter Now I'm spitting out lava Well I'm just putting it into words Just genuine stock

Hear that bomb going tick tick tock Gold lightning in the skyline Gold lightning in the sky Gold lightning in the skyline Gold lightning in the sky Oh baby I was born With a fast fuse I've got not time to love Just a city to abuse In the middle of the night When they come for you Where you gonna be? What you gonna do? Heaven may come And heaven may call But I won't be there Heaven may come And heaven may call But I won't be there Heaven may come And heaven may call But I won't be there Heaven may come And heaven may call But I won't be there

Character Profile: Arrogant Ruthless Rebellious Druggy/Alcoholic Violent Fast Explosive Short Tempered Undiscovered criminal?


(Dual Narrative)

Lead Singer wakes up; possibly after a rough night…hair is all messy and spiky, walks out of bed almost zombie-like and dead…he is dressed in a leather jacket and tight jeans (as if he slept in them).  Dis-orientated POV shot/shaky handheld cam following him.  Scummy, Small pretty empty room with a bed in it, could just be sheets on a floor for practicality issues, could be filmed in a boring, plain room at school  Music doesn’t have to start immediately, maybe about 3 seconds into the video  The start of the song is very mysterious, dis-orientating and slow, therefore I think this start would work  ‘I was born’ -> start of life…start of day  ‘Morning Sun’ -> just woke up  At 00:12…first ‘aahhhhh’, singer looks around confused after getting out of bed as if he can hear the screams  Confusion…almost where am I?!  As if he’s been disturbed by us? 

At 00:22 (tricky guitar)…camera cuts to CU POV of lead guitarist playing

 at 00:24.75 (first repeat)…cut to CU POV of drums  at 00:27.5 (second repeat)…return to lead guitarist (different shot)  at 00:30.25 (third repeat)…return to drummer (different shot-infront of drummer?)  at some point, cut to wide shot of whole band playing, possibly 00:33 (faster guitar part)  Room is very plain/small, some sort of garage?

At 00:42.75 (lyrics begin)…cut to CU beauty/money shot of singer. ‘Oh Baby I was born….with a fast fuse…I’ve got no time to love…just a city to abuse’. At 00:53.75 (first repeat)…cut to lead singer exiting his house on some sort of quest, but seems completely f****d up. Begins to run (almost

confusion) for some unknown reason to the audience, as if he was led or carried by spirits/drugs?)  House he leaves doesn’t have to be house he slept in, as the audience will not realise that it’s a different building because we cut from him in a room to him exiting a building, but we have to find a strange, dilapidated building in an urban area with little greenery. During the rest of the video there will be constant cutting to the bands performance (but the majority of the video will be the lead singer’s journey) At 01:05:75 (‘come get me’)…lead singer is briefly chased by a possibly enemy/angry drug dealer? Defeats (escapes from) enemy by 01:28:00 (before slow part)…lead singer could hide and lose this guy temporarily? Lead Singer stops for a few seconds during ‘Gold Lightening in the Skyline’…could look up at the sky (illustrative lyrics). During chorus lead singer continues running down the street (different street?) and could wack a can/bottle off a pillar as ‘city to abuse’ is sung… he isn’t being chased at this moment in time, but you can see a sense of urgency in his face. Between 01:50:00 and 02:00:00, shows singer running in slow motion (possibly whipping sweat off his face while showing aggression in his face with a CU) Lead Singer is attacked or tripped at roughly 02:35:00 and at 02:38:00, ‘How Dare You!’…lead singer shouts (lip-syncs) the lyrics towards his enemy (who has returned with vengeance)…lead singer is soo passionate, verbal and intimidating that the enemy gradually backs away in fear and eventually runs away (by 03:00:00). Lead Singer makes his way towards the garage (where his band is located) to get to his band practice…between 03:00:00-03:50:00 During ‘Heaven may come and Heaven may call but I won’t be there’… shows flashbacks of past crimes by lead singer…as he makes his final steps to his band practice? Lead Singer finds band playing and sees himself as some sort of flickering ghost (editing)…leaves audience on edge?...is this a dream?

Notes Alternate Setting: Lead Singer destroying stuff in a room, either another location or his own room (he has a fast fuse…abusing the city?) Dull mysterious colour gradient, possibly black/white, during either the lead singer’s journey (emphasising his rage/ruthlessness/possibly his messed up mind?) or during the band performing. Lead Singer in narrative will lip-synch some words to add emphasis. END: Finds band playing in studio (where they’ve been playing for the whole video) …sees himself playing (could edit this so that he is flickering and that it’s his imagination?)…is he some sort of ghost? Is this a dream?  Leaves questions for the audience  Alternatively…the band could be playing without him, but I like the mysteriousness of him almost being in two places at the same time  Band could be well into the song (performance) or just getting ready to have their band practice (narrative) ALTERNATIVE ENDING: Could be something completely different, as his actions need to be justifiable, but lead singer is messed up so anything is justifiable…shouldn’t be humorous though. We need to cut out at least one minute of the song. Lots of editing/creative opportunities

SUMMARY (read the above info first or this won’t make sense): 3 Settings: - His scummy apartment (similar to ‘Temptations’ room) - The streets of London - Garage where band practice - Possible alternate room where lead singer is smashing stuff in, but could do that in his apartment? Main Story: Lead Singer wakes up during start of song (or before). He is completely shattered, hung-over and on drugs. Looks confused as if we have woken him up. Hears screams ‘aaahhh’ in thesong and looks around as if he’s heard spirits. He leaves house in a rush and begins to increase his pace almost immediately to jogging speed, reason is unknown at the moment. He’s aggressively running through London when he is chased by a possible enemy/evil drug dealer for about 30 seconds. He loses him and carries on running through London. He is hit/tripped by enemy and lip-syncs ‘How Dare You’…’Time to Address You’, etc.. and this scares off the enemy. As he approaches his destination possible flashbacks of his past crimes during ‘Heaven may come…but I won’t be there’ Starts running through destination building and finds his band playing. Sees himself as some sort of flickering ghost…leaving questions to the audience.  Not sure about this ending, but it’s inter-changeable along with many other ideas, the overall idea is him running through the street (not a chase) after exiting his house and going somewhere.  This is purely my interpretation and I’m more than happy to adapt it

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