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The Science of Drama

 The science of acoustics concerns the study of

sound (and hearing) in air, water and other fluid media
and its interactions with solid materials.
 What is Architectural acoustics ?
 A class activity was given to students of XI science to
study the different aspects of architectural acoustics
and then study the present conditions of the school
auditorium where the dramas are staged.
Major points of study were:
 Reflection of sound from walls and ceiling
 Absorption of sound
 Reverberation
 Materials used
 Sound system
 Suggestions for improvement of auditorium acoustics


• The school auditorium constructed in 1959. It is

90’*30’*30’ in size.
• Suggestions for the improvement of its acoustics.
• Absorption panels which are available in an array of
styles and colours should be used to reduce the
reverberation time.

• Diffusers should be used to scatter sound wave

• The auditorium should be equipped with the latest
sound technology.