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Employing the Most Effective WP2

Employing the Most Effective WP2

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Employing the most effective advertising in a changing market.

Next generation advertising employs wireless technology – providing its users dynamic text, audio and video messaging using mobile broadband connectivity.

White Paper
February 2010

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Table of Contents > Executive Summary Traditional Advertisement and Media Tools Introduction to Wireless Digital Signage Business Benefits Wireless Digital Signage Applications Why Sprint 4 4 5 6 7 7 > > > > > 3 3 .

4 4 . Companies pursuing such means of advertisement often find their marketing budgets quickly draining as a result of monthly charges with little return on investment. With a reliance on "passer-by" traffic. resulting in a higher risk of security breaches. bulletins and traditional signs mounted inside and outside of business buildings. a changing market and evolving society have made more traditional methods of messaging less effective. today’s businesses have begun to explore other methods of advertisement. as well as system shutdowns due to necessary network maintenance and equipment upgrades. Advertising has long been viewed as the key to generating mindshare among consumers for products and services. wireline “digital signage” quickly emerged. These installed displays are designed to catch a person’s attention and quickly leave an impression. To replace the growing number of empty billboards and posters. LED boards. After undergoing inspection. businesses can experience disruptions such as tied up LAN/WAN capacity and resources. This white paper will consider the issues facing businesses today surrounding advertising. projection screens and more. Additionally. print posters. and explore the potential of wireless digital signage to cost-effectively ensure audience reach and advertising return on investment. static signage is broadcast to a wide array of audiences for extended periods of time. In search of more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Though dynamic messaging can more easily be achieved.Executive Summary In today’s highly competitive and crowded marketplace. reaching your target audience with information and compelling brand messaging is more critical than ever before. enabling content and messaging to be electronically displayed using LCD or plasma screens. and requires lengthy cycles of updates to maintain freshness. but regardless of viewership. however. Traditional Advertisement and Media Tools Static signage is among the oldest forms of advertising and includes media tools such as billboards. backdoor hackers and intrusions threaten your network. Advertising has long been viewed as the key to generating mindshare among consumers for products and services. the immobile messaging can quickly lose its punch. wireline signage still presents various challenges that are costly and require multiple resources at start up and throughout its lifecycle. a changing market and evolving society have made more traditional methods of advertising less effective. however. gaining necessary permits and withstanding construction for cable installation.

system and content log reporting. October 2009 2.Introduction to Wireless Digital Signage From financial institutions to theme parks. highly targeted advertising for nearly every business industry today that utilizes standard digital signage. remote-control features to poll the detailed player status. and eliminating the need for physical visits and manual intervention. Once implemented. Hardware monitoring is typically accomplished through the software platform and requires the digital signage software to “know” which display is being used. Digital Signage: Frequently Asked Questions. PCs or special purpose media PCs and display devices such as plasma or LCD displays. wireless digital signage is made up of six major components. 2008 5 . Connected to a wireless router and controlled by a central management system. Wireless digital signage delivers more dynamic. flat-panel video screens can be spotted almost anywhere.4 billion by 2013. the media-rich. this emerging market is predicted to grow to $1. volume control. But even further increasing the dynamic nature of this medium and replacing wireline digital signage is wireless digital signage using mobile broadband connectivity. a distribution network.com. reboot player and software upgrades2. This enables users to quickly schedule ads or content to be delivered to the median players and execute specific messaging. A well-executed digital signage system should support real-time remote player status check. servers. including customizable content. cost-effective. Simple Digital Signage Block Diagram Corporate Network Internet Wireless 3G/4G Router Media Player Internet Display 1. specialized content management software. screen controls. In fact.com. DigitalSignageToday. DigitalSignageToday. pushing new content to display screens in near real time. an increase of almost 120 percent over five years1. messaging can be monitored and updated remotely.

Additionally. at any given time. wireless digital signage allows for customizable content and updates to provide viewers timely. For example. with almost half saying they would rather shop in stores with digital signage3. without the need for physical visits to display sites. rather than broadcasting a message that hits everyone. Additionally. An international petroleum company with thousands of pumps at stations throughout the world looked to wireless digital signage as a new source of revenue at pumps.com. As consumers are heavily influenced at the point of sale. Advantages of Wireless Digital Signage > > > > > > > > Dynamic advertising Easy implementation High bandwidth Narrowcasting Reduced costs / Increased revenue Wireless connectivity True mobility Increased security 3. for example. six ads could simultaneously be displayed in only one minute. DigitalSignageToday. antifreeze and coffee on a cold day to customers who are pumping gas. Unlike traditional signage. up-to-date. These targeted ads can also greatly reduce costs. A public high school found this particularly useful when considering ways to broadcast useful information across campus. Narrowcasting helps advertisers reach a more specific audience. the remote administrator can change content on the fly and advertise. businesses have an incredible opportunity to make them aware of critical information before making the decision to purchase a product or service. Users can even share the cost of signage. static images. More than one-third of Americans have watched a retail video display. localized messaging. Updates can be made to multiple messages and ads on one display or several displays from a single location. messages can be moved from one display to the next to ensure correct messages are being sent to the right audience. recorded video and even livevideo feeds could be streamed on multiple displays and could be managed by school staff from any location. as well as increase revenue. With mobile connectivity. raising overall advertising effectiveness and response to messaging.Business Benefits Wireless digital signage technology provides businesses a number of key advantages. Using digital signage. generating more revenue dollars. since messages can be changed and displays can be utilized by multiple parties. unlike that of a typical wireline installation. Wireless digital signage can also be a cost-effective solution as fewer costs are required at start up with minimal infrastructure investment. at the right time. 2008 6 6 . depending on unit of time or time of day. Since the displays operate in real time. users are also spared maintenance and infrastructure support costs. wireless digital signage allows for the concept of narrowcasting. enabling messages to be presented to only those who are targeted for a specific message. Easy updates and customizable content make it possible to have more advertisers and messages. Digital Signage: Frequently Asked Questions.

The following industries can utilize digital signage to communicate information with text. sports arena or any other site with high-traffic locations. no matter the location. Sprint allows you to utilize wireless digital signage to create more dynamic text. weather. low-latency Internet connectivity. the inherently secure Sprint 3G and 4G networks provide high-speed. With wireless digital signage. such as conventions and tradeshows. supporting your wireless digital signage needs. audio and dynamic images: > Financial Institutions – Stream video and rate information to existing and potential customers within local branch sites > Healthcare – Display informational content for patients in a doctor’s office waiting room to increase patient loyalty and satisfaction > Higher Education – Communicate with students with dynamic. to ensure consumers are being targeted with the most compelling. highly secure. such targeted messaging is not contained in just one location. retail/shopping mall. Much like the international petroleum company. relevant information no matter the location > Transportation – Display transit information. on campus or in a temporary location. eliminating employees’ need to leave the floor for informational meetings > Retail – Implement promotional digital signage at the point-of-sale and temporary locations. restaurant. full-length videos from their wireless and digital signage platforms like never before. Sprint Data LinkSM ensures a secure. entertainment and advertisement messaging in buses and taxis to attract more passengers and enhance the customer experience Why Sprint With growing competition and increased media saturation of today’s consumers. audio and information delivery method. Meeting the digital signage requirements of threedimensional displays and capabilities for streaming large video and audio data files. In addition. Whether your message is suited for the road. Sprint 4G allows wireless digital signage users to remotely update content and messaging at blazing-fast speeds while simultaneously running several multimedia applications. real-time messaging. With the added ability to increase security of sensitive information with VPN compatibility and 3DES encryption. non-traditional ways. The innovative solutions.Wireless Digital Signage Applications In addition to the many key benefits and advantages of this robust video. expertise and proven technology of Sprint provide businesses and organizations the capabilities needed to seamlessly implement and operate wireless digital signage to attract more customers and generate mindshare about your products and services. whether the information is suited for an airport. users can stream audio and high-definition. both large and small companies can use wireless digital signage to advertise and promote products or services with messaging targeted to their customers. public announcements. but can be further extended to temporary mobile locations to ensure customers are being hit with compelling. 7 . advertisers are forced to deliver targeted messaging and information in innovative. in an arena. Further enabling media-rich content to be displayed wirelessly is Sprint 4G network. wireless digital signage has the capabilities to improve the communication of advertisement and informational messaging with its viewers in ways that are unique to your business. news. on the side of a building. video and audio messaging and capitalize on what is already a rapidly expanding industry. high-definition videos across campus to ensure important messages reach them > Manufacturing – Update and display messaging on digital signage installed right on the production floor. the Sprint 3G and 4G networks provide significant advantages over conventional wired services or Satellite links. IP-based network. seamless VPN connection by leveraging Cisco-certified Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN) to connect multiple locations and data sources on a single private.

See sprint. ©2011 Sprint. on select devices. Sprint 3G network reaches over 266 million people. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Sprint 4G network reaches over 65 markets and counting. 105101 .com for details. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.Coverage not available everywhere.

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