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不 定 式 过去式 (Past Tense) 过去分词 (Past Participle)

abide 居住 abode, abided abode, abided
alight 下车 alighted, alit alighted, alit
awake 唤醒 awoke awoke, awaked
be 是 was, were been
bear 忍受 bore borne, born
beat 击打 beat beaten
become 变成 became become
befall 发生 befell befallen
beget 引起 begot begotten, begot
begin 开始 began begun
behold 注意看 beheld beheld
bend 鞠躬 bent bent
bereave 剥夺 bereaved, bereft bereaved, bereft
beseech 乞求 besought, beseeched besought, beseeched
beset 围攻 beset beset
bespeak 预约 bespoke bespoken, bespoke
bespread 铺盖 bespread bespread
bestrew 散放 bestrewed bestrewed, bestrewn
bestride 跨坐 bestrode bestridden, bestrid,
bet 打赌 bet, betted bet, betted
betake 前往 betook betaken
bethink 想起 bethought bethought
bid 出价 bade, bid bidden, bid
bide 忍受 bode, bided bided
bind 绑 bound bound
bite 咬 bit bitten, bit
bleed 流血 bled bled
blend 混合 blended, blent blended, blent
bless 祝福 blessed, blest blessed, blest
blow 吹 blew blown
break 断开 broke broken
breed 产生 bred bred
bring 带来 brought brought
broadcast 广播 broadcast, broadcasted broadcast, broadcasted
browbeat 严斥 browbeat browbeaten
build 建筑 built built
burn 燃烧 burnt, burned burnt, burned
burst 爆炸 burst burst
buy 买 bought bought
can 能 could -
cast 铸造 cast cast
catch 抓住 caught caught
chide 责骂 chid, chided chid, chidden, chided
choose 选择 chose chosen
分裂 cleaved, cleft, clove cleaved, cleft
打通 clave cloven
cling 粘附 clung clung
clothe 穿衣 clothed, clad clothed, clad
come 来 came come
cost 价值 cost cost
creep 爬行 crept crept
crow 报晓 crowed, crew crowed
cut 切 cut cut
dare 敢 dared, durst dared
deal 处理 dealt dealt
dig 挖洞 dug dug
dispread 扩散 dispread dispread
do 做 did done
draw 画 drew drawn
dream 做梦 dreamed, dreamt dreamed, dreamt
drink 喝 drank drunk
drive 驾车 drove driven
dwell 细想 dwelt, dwelled dwelt, dwelled
eat 吃 ate eaten
fall 落下 fell fallen
feed 喂 fed fed
feel 感觉 felt felt
fight 打架 fought fought
find 找寻 found found
flee 逃跑 fled fled
fling 派出 flung flung
飞 flew flown
逃逸 fled fled
击飞 flied flied
forbear 克制 forbore forborne
forbid 禁止 forbade, forbad forbidden
forecast 预报 forecast, forecasted forecast, forecasted
fordo 损毁 fordid fordone
forego 居先 forewent foregone
foreknow 预知 foreknew foreknown
forerun 作先驱 foreran forerun
foresee 看穿 foresaw foreseen
foreshow 预示 foreshowed foreshown
foretell 预言 foretold foretold
forget 忘记 forgot forgotten, forgot
forgive 原谅 forgave forgiven
forsake 抛弃 forsook forsaken
forswear 发假誓 forswore forsworn
freeze 冷冻 froze frozen
gainsay 反驳 gainsaid gainsaid
get 得到 got got, gotten
gild 镀金 gilded, gilt gilded
gird 束缚 girded, girt girded, girt
give 给予 gave given
go 去 went gone
grave 铭记 graved graven, graved
grind 磨 ground ground
grow 成长 grew grown
hamstring 残废 hamstringed, hamstrung hamstringed, hamstrung
挂 hung hung
吊死 hanged hanged
have 有 had had
hear 听 heard heard
heave 力擎 heaved, hove heaved, hove
hew 砍劈 hewed hewed, hewn
hide 隐藏 hid hidden, hid
hit 打 hit hit
hold 拿住 held held
hurt 伤害 hurt hurt
inlay 镶嵌 inlaid inlaid
keep 保持 kept kept
kneel 下跪 knelt, kneeled knelt, kneeled
knit 编结 knitted, knit knitted, knit
know 知道 knew known
lade 舀水 laded laded, laden
lay 放置 laid laid
lead 带领 led led
lean 倾斜 leaned, leant leaned, leant
leap 跳跃 leapt, leaped leapt, leaped
learn 学习 learnt, learned learnt, learned
leave 离开 left left
lend 借出 lent lent
let 让 let let
躺下 lay lain
撒谎 lied lied
点燃 lit lit
照亮 lighted lighted
lose 丢失 lost lost
make 做 made made
may 可以 might -
mean 意思 meant meant
meet 见面 met met
melt 熔化 melted melted, melten
misdeal 处理不当 misdealt misdealt
misgive 担忧 misgave misgiven
mislay 放错 mislaid mislaid
mislead 欺骗 misled misled
mistake 弄错 mistook mistaken
misunderstand 误会 misunderstood misunderstood
mow 割草 mowed mowed, mown
must 必须 must -
ought 应该 ought -
outbid 中标 outbade, outbid outbidden, outbid
outbreed 超产 outbred outbred
outdo 胜过 outdid outdone
outeat 多吃 outate outeaten
outfight 击败 outfought outfought
outgo 支出 outwent outgone
outgrow 生长快 outgrew outgrown
outlay 花费 outlaid outlaid
outride 冲过 outrode outridden
outrun 超越 outran outrun
outsell 畅销 outsold outsold
outshine 亮过 outshone outshone
outshoot 发射 outshot outshot
outsit 久坐 outsat outsat
outspend 花钱过多 outspent outspent
outspread 伸展 outspread outspread
outthrow 扔出 outthrew outthrown
outthrust 刺穿 outthrust outthrust
outwear 用旧 outwore outworn
overbear 压抑 overbore overborne
overbid 漫天要价 overbid overbidden, overbid
overblow 吹过 overblew overblown
overbuild 建造过多 overbuilt overbuilt
overbuy 买得过贵 overbought overbought
overcast 遮蔽 overcast overcast
overcome 克服 overcame overcome
overdo 做得过分 overdid overdone
overdraw 透支 overdrew overdrawn
overdrive 超速 overdrove overdriven
overeat 吃得太多 overate overeaten
overfeed 喂得太多 overfed overfed
overfly 飞过 overflew overflown
overgrow 过度生长 overgrew overgrown
overhang 悬垂 overhung overhung
overhear 无意听到 overheard overheard
overlade 超载 overladed overladed, overladen
overlay 覆盖 overlaid overlaid
overleap 跳过 overleapt, overleaped overleapt, overleaped
overlie 躺在上面 overlay overlain
overpay 付出太多 overpaid overpaid
override 藐视 overrode overridden
overrun 泛滥 overran overrun
oversee 监督 oversaw overseen
oversell 卖完 oversold oversold
overset 推翻 overset overset
oversew 缝合 oversewed oversewed, oversewn
overshoot 打过头 overshot overshot
oversleep 睡过头 overslept overslept
overspend 过度使用 overspent overspent
overspread 扩张 overspread overspread
overtake 追上 overtook overtaken
overthrow 推倒 overthrew overthrown
overwind 旋太紧 overwound overwound
overwrite 写得冗长 overwrote overwritten
partake 参与 partook partaken
pay 付出 paid paid
precast 预计 precast precast
prechoose 预选 prechose prechosen
prove 证明 proved proved, proven
put 放 put put
quit 退出 quitted, quit quitted, quit
read 读 read read
reave 掠夺 reaved, reft reaved, reft
rebuild 重建 rebuilt rebuilt
recast 重铸 recast recast
reeve 贯穿 rove, reeved rove, reeved
relay 转送 relaid relaid
rend 撕破 rent rent
repay 报答 repaid repaid
reset 重设定 reset reset
retell 重述 retold retold
rid 除去 rid, ridded rid, ridded
ride 骑 rode ridden
ring 响 rang rung
rise 升起 rose risen
rive 扯裂 riven riven, rived
run 跑 ran run
saw 锯 sawed sawn, sawed
say 说 said said
see 看见 saw seen
seek 搜索 sought sought
sell 卖 sold sold
send 送 sent sent
set 设置 set set
sew 缝补 sewed sewn, sewed
shake 摇晃 shook shaken
shall 将 should -
shave 剃须 shaved shaved, shaven
shear 修剪 sheared shorn, sheared
shed 脱落 shed shed
shine 照耀 shone, shined shone, shined
shoe 穿鞋 shod, shoed shod, shoed
shoot 射击 shot shot
show 展示 showed shown, showed
shred 撕碎 shredded, shred shredded, shred
shrink 萎缩 shrank, shrunk shrunk, shrunken
shrive 忏悔 shrove, shrived shriven, shrived
shut 关闭 shut shut
sing 唱歌 sang, sung sung
sink 下沉 sank, sunk sunk, sunken
sit 坐 sat sat
slay 残杀 slew slain
sleep 睡觉 slept slept
slide 滑动 slid slid, slidden
sling 吊起 slung slung
slink 潜逃 slunk slunk
slit 切开 slit slit
smell 闻 smelt, smelled smelt, smelled
smite 打击 smote smitten, smote
sow 播种 sowed sown, sowed
speak 讲话 spoke spoken
speed 促进 sped, speeded sped, speeded
spell 拼写 spelt, spelled spelt, spelled
spend 花钱 spent spent
spill 溢出 spilt, spilled spilt, spilled
spin 旋转 spun spun
spit 吐 spat, spit spat, spit
split 劈开 split split
spoil 破坏 spoilt, spoiled spoilt, spoiled
spread 散布 spread spread
spring 弹跳 sprang, sprung sprung
stand 站立 stood stood
stave 凿孔 staved, stove staved, stove
steal 偷窃 stole stolen
stick 粘贴 stuck stuck
sting 刺激 stung stung
stink 发臭 stank, stunk stunk
strew 散播 strewed strewn, strewed
stride 大踏步 strode stridden, strid
strike 打动 struck struck, stricken
string 捆扎 strung strung
strive 奋斗 strove, strived striven, strived
swear 发誓 swore sworn
sweat 出汗 sweat, sweated sweat, sweated
sweep 打扫 swept swept
swell 膨胀 swelled swollen, swelled
swim 游泳 swam swum
swing 摆动 swung swung
take 拿到 took taken
teach 教 taught taught
tear 撕 tore torn
tell 讲述 told told
think 思考 tought thought
thrive 蔓延 throve, thrived thriven, thrived
throw 投掷 threw thrown
thrust 刺入 thrust thrust
tread 践踏 trod trodden, trod
unbend 放松 unbent unbent
unbind 解开 unbound unbound
unbuild 拆除 unbuilt unbuilt
underbid 出低价 underbid underbidden, underbid
underbuy 贱价买走 underbought underbought
undercut 廉价出售 undercut undercut
underdo 不尽力 underdid underdone
underfeed 喂不饱 underfed underfed
undergo 遭受 underwent undergone
underlay 铺垫 underlaid underlaid
underlet 低价出租 underlet underlet
underlie 位居其次 underlay underlain
underpay 克扣 underpaid underpaid
underrun 跑不过 underran underrun
undersell 抛售 undersold undersold
underset 暗流 underset underset
undershoot 进入射程 undershot undershot
understand 理解 understood understood
undertake 担任 undertook undertaken
underwrite 签名 underwrote underwritten
undo 取消 undid undone
undraw 拉开 undrew undrawn
unfreeze 解冻 unfroze unfrozen
ungird 解带 ungirded, ungirt ungirded, ungirt
unhang 解除悬挂 unhung unhung
unknit 拆开 unknitted, unknit unknitted, unknit
unlade 卸载 unladed unladed, unladen
unlay 松开 unlaid unlaid
unlearn 忘却 unlearnt, unlearned unlearnt, unlearned
unmake 恢复原状 unmade unmade
unreeve 抽出 unrove, unreeved unrove, unreeved
unsay 撤销 unsaid unsaid
unset 去除设定 unset unset
unsling 取去悬索 unslung unslung
unspeak 缄默 unspoke unspoken
unstick 扯开 unstuck unstuck
unstring 去掉绑扎 unstrung unstrung
unswear 毁弃誓言 unswore unsworn
unteach 使人忘却 untaught untaught
unthink 打消念头 unthought unthought
untread 折回 untrod untrodden, untrod
unweave 拆解 unwove unwoven
unwind 打开 unwound unwound
upbuild 在上面建 upbuilt upbuilt
upcast 上抛 upcast upcast
uphold 赞成 upheld upheld
uppercut 上击 uppercut uppercut
uprise 起义 uprose uprisen
upset 颠覆 upset upset
upsweep 向上弯曲 upswept upswept
upswing 跃进 upswung upswung
wake 醒来 waked, woke waked, woken, woke
waylay 埋伏 waylaid waylaid
wear 穿着 wore worn
weave 编织 wove woven
wed 结婚 wedded, wed wedded, wed
weep 哭泣 wept wept
wet 打湿 wetted, wet wetted, wet
will 意愿 would -
win 获胜 won won
wind 缠绕 winded, wound winded, wound
wit 辩智 wist wist
withdraw 撤退 withdrew withdrawn
withhold 扣留 withheld withheld
withstand 对抗 withstood withstood
工作 worked worked
劳动 wrought wrought
wring 拧 wrung wrung
write 写 wrote written