The history of The Globe Theatre

Guided Notes
The Globe theatre was first built on the ___________________ river (pronounced ____________) in the city of
______________ in the year ____________.

Held the acting company ____________________ --

Shakespeare was a member/shareholder.

Had a _____________stage -- audience sits on _______________ sides.

Had __________ audience capacity.

Who played female characters? Why?

_____________________ were also called _________________. They were __________________ (not middle class or
aristocracy. They paid _______________ to stand in the ___________, also called the _____________.
What would the Penny Stinkers do if they did not like a play?

They likely spread the ______________________.

In __________, the Globe Theatre caught fire during the production of ______________ and burned to the ground.

It was rebuilt in ________________ then was closed by the __________in __________ and demolished again in

The New Globe Theatre opened in _____________.

List 5 fact that you know about The Globe that are not mentioned in the above notes:

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