lol spinning random words from yellowcard Take you away from that forgotten day you say its ok its ok Waking up life, what is it like You think you want it to be When hurt me, broken my heart I take you away from that forgotten day stay and forget you love me, you say its ok too lonely, nearly let go only gets harder more lonely, no falling down together, you along with I knows how it feels I see you again, look at me again your friend, I take you away empty you say forget what it is you love you say its ok its ok its ok Just… sent it to josh one day… or something lol Baried deep below i see, Under dirt, underneath, Baried is my sanity. Floating high, Floating free, Away away and, Gone... is my sanity.. Sinking fast, Completely, Sunken is, my sanity. Driving moron, Hitting me, Killing forces of, Insanity.

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