AggregaLion wiLh ouL lníormaLica AggregaLor

Since Ìnformatica process data row by row, it is generally possible to handle data aggregation operation even without an
Aggregator Transformation. On certain cases, you may get huge performance gain using this technique!
GeneraI ldea of Aggregation without Aggregator
et us take an example: Suppose we want to find the SUM of SAARY for Each Department of the Employee Table.
The SQ query for this would be:
S£L£C1 L£P1h0.SLh{SALARY) FR0h £hP_SRC CR0LP ßY L£P1h0.
Ìf we need to implement this in Ìnformatica, it would be very easy as we would obviously go for an Aggregator
Transformation. By taking the DEPTNO port as GROUP BY and one output port as SUM(SAARY the problem can be
solved easily.
Now the trick is to use only Expression to achieve the functionality of Aggregator expression. We would use the very
funda of the expression transformation of holding the value of an attribute of the previous tuple over here.
ut wait... why wouId we do this? Aren't we compIicating the thing here?
Yes, we are. But as it appears, in many cases, it might have an performance benefit (especially if the input is already
sorted or when you know input data will not violate the order, like you are loading daily data and want to sort it by day).
Remember Ìnformatica holds all the rows in Aggregator cache for aggregation operation. This needs time and cache
space and this also voids the normal row by row processing in Ìnformatica. By removing the Aggregator with an
Expression, we reduce cache space requirement and ease out row by row processing. The mapping below will show
how to do this
Ìmage: Aggregation with Expression and Sorter 1

Sorter (SRT_SA) Ports Tab

Now Ì am showing a sorter here just illustrate the concept. Ìf you already have sorted data from the source, you need
not use this thereby increasing the performance benefit.
Expression (EXP_SA) Ports Tab
Ìmage: Expression Ports Tab Properties

Sorter (SRT_SA1) Ports Tab

Expression (EXP_SA) Ports Tab

Filter (FÌ_SA) Properties Tab

This is how we can implement aggregation without using Ìnformatica aggregator transformation. Hope you liked it!

0-03019  5708843 !*$ !4798%.-!74507908  $47907 $#%*$ !4798%.83905071472.43.9.0 4:300/ 349:80989070-3.059 14:./.9090.2843.- 2..05708843!4798%.3.084790//.70. 4.-   .847907070:89:897.17429084:7.70.

-   907 *$ !74507908%.5708843 !*$ !4798%.70.70.94394:9:8331472.943 4504:0/9 ..-  %8840.381472..9..94797.32502039.


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