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IN THE REALM OF THOUGHTS Looking Back, Looking Forward

I. OBJECTIVES A. Listening 1. Listen to determine whether conclusions are logical or illogical 2. Listen to clues to enable one to tune into a topic discussed B. Speaking Ask and respond to questions raised in different situations

C. Reading 1. Scan rapidly for specific information 2. Make inferences 3. Arrive at the meaning of words through word families D. Grammar 1. Express future plans using future perfect tense 2. Determine the use of future perfect tense E. Writing Write about a future scenario Literature Deduce recurring themes underscored in the literary piece


II. SUBJECT MATTER A. Listening: Meeting My Needs in English IV, Ma. Lourdes G. Tayao B. Reading: “The Future Is the Present”, English Communication Arts IV, Justine Balajadia, et al., pp. 197-200 C. Literature: “Crossroads”, English III, DECS, pp. 58-59 D. Grammar: Future Perfect Tense, English Communication Arts III, pp. 88-89 Function: Clarifying (defining)


How do you see yourself 10 years from now? B. What are the dreams of the girl? 132 . THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION III. Tasks Task 1 Pre-listening • Study the picture carefully. Previewing One advantage of man over other creatures is his ability to look forward to the future. He has the desire to improve his future and the capacity to plan for it whether or not the plan is successful depends on many factors.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. PROCEDURE: Day 1 A.

What three things did the person aspire to be? 2. But everyone told me I was unrealistic. 2. Write three things you would like to be in the order of your preference._________________ b. For each trait or ability in your list. List down what the person wanted to be and the reason he/she gave for each one. is there a need to change your dreams? What does your list tell you about your dreams? 133 . Later on I developed a passion for painting. I sang all the time. 4. I painted every minute of the day. Most singers never get anywhere. Listen to the texts. But everyone told me I was unrealistic. Task 3 [Discuss with the class} 1. It took years to make painting pay off. so. What would you do to fulfill your aspirations? Task 4 1. Make a list of at least three traits and abilities needed to attain your aspirations. Compare notes with your seatmate. Everyone says I’m realistic. Most poets died broke. Now. On the basis of your listing. I did it day and night._________________ c. In the beginning I wanted to be a singer. so I gave it up. If you were he/she would you have given up? Why or why not? 4. So I gave it up. But I sing to myself in a shower and write poetry in my head on the bus and read articles on art every Sunday in the papers.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. Aspiration Traits a. I’m an accountant. put a check if you think it is applicable to you. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Task 2 1. I loved writing poetry. I gave it up. But everyone told me I was unrealistic. 2. What comments were made regarding these aspirations? 3. Make a separate listing for each of your aspirations. Then I took writing poetry._________________ Abilities __________________ __________________ __________________ 3.

burgeon – a verb meaning to grow or shoot forth 3. Which of the trait do you find yourself strong in? Which traits must you improve on? Day 2 Reading A. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION C. Closure Now. Is there a need for you to change the ranking of your aspirations? Why? 2. diversity – a verb meaning to enlarge a company by making varied products. expand – a verb meaning to make/grow 4. Recapitulation What traits and abilities do you possess that might help you become successful? What must you do to achieve your aspirations? B. Scan the reading selection for words related to the following. 1. company – a noun meaning a group of people joined together for the purpose of carrying a business 7. 2. combined and combinations.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. Use the following questions in your sharing 1. Work with your partner. subsidy – a noun meaning a grant of money to a business needing help 5. Tasks Task 1 1. conglomeration – a noun meaning the formation of many business companies 2. Brainstorming on the meaning of the title “The Future is the Present” Ask the class to give as many responses as they can. pair off and share your findings with your partner. entrepreneur – a noun meaning a person who starts business 6. A good way to expand vocabulary is through word families – group of words related in form and meaning such as combine. How do you feel about it? 3. Task 2 Reading Scan the selection to find the answer to the following questions: 134 .

the entrepreneurial gene is dominant throughout the Lopez clan. Who is Gabby Lopez? 2.000 overseas subscribers in North America and elsewhere. six belonging to younger brother Oscar (Benpres chairman) and another four to youngest brother Manolo (president electricity giant Meralco).” While her cousins and siblings make money. A 20% stake in Sky Cable television. He cannot keep still. Why is Region different from her siblings and cousins? 4. Seeing is believing. 44. He may also wish it were a magic wand these days. Geny’s daughter Regina gives it away. theaters. the 43-year-old Gina spends $1. As chief executive of ABC-CBN Foundation. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 1. “It’s my tension wand. and disaster victims. music and movie production studios. Eldest son Benpres Holdings president Eugenio “Geny” Lopez. “With the third generation. “My idea of wealth inner wealth.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH.5 million annually on educational television. Besides television and radio stations. a satellite service that has 34.” he explains as he fidgets away the stress. 135 . Gabriel’s burgeoning empire within an empire now includes an international phone service. What characteristics make Gabby Lopez a successful businessman? A new generation shakes up the status quo. Internet access and credit cards. and the Filipino Channel. aid for abused and homeless children. 16 have responsible posts at Benpres and its sister firm First Philippine Holdings. telecommunications and Internet services. ABS-CBN into full service entertainment company” with satellite TV. Of family patriarch Eugenio Lopez Sr.’s 22 grandchildren. She was a free spirit as a teenager – she ran away from home at the age of 18 and lived in Africa for 11 years. The number includes Geney’s five children. She isn’t motivated by making money Gina has dispatched some 4000 free TV sets to 52 cities in efforts to reach some 4 million Filipino kids with an educational tool. Amid the jumble of TV remote controls atop Eugenio Gabriel “Gabby” Lopez III’s antique mahogany desk is a foot-long lightstick. What does his business empire include? 3. Gabby. a device he could wave to instantly realize his complex corporate ambitions. Indeed. “concludes Manolo. Gabriel won’t rule out expansion into Disneyesque theme parks. heads the conglomerate’s media subsidiary.” says Pedro Chanco a Benpres executive. the companies are in good hands.

Wise policy for an heir apparent. brother Gabriel seems proficient at generating the other kind. I don’t argue with him anymore. ABS-CBN projects a 20% increase in revenues and profits this year. The Future is the Present. Despite the ambition and costly diversification program. c. He also had the foresight two years ago to sink $18 million into transmitters in now booming provinces. and I got out and do it. that confidence is unsurprising. He may also wish it were a magic wand these days. May 9.1997 Task 4 Small Group Discussion In small groups. He also had the foresight two years ago to 136 . enjoys what he’s doing and is very intelligent. Closure Following are two passages from the article “The Future is the Present”. What can be inferred from the passage about Eugenio Gabriel Lopez III? a. Each passage is followed by a question about it. He is young and idealistic. b. “He’s doing a good job. He believes in magic. ABS-CBN projects a 20% increase in revenues and profits this year.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. discuss why you think Gabby Lopez is a successful businessman. Credit in part the steel he showed in facing down advertisers who threatened to boycott the company’s broadcasting until after 22% hike in advertising rates. d. Credit was showed in facing down advertisers who threatened to boycott the company’s broadcasting units after 22% hike in advertising rates. Passage 2 Despite the ambition and costly diversification program. a device he could wave to instantly realize his complex corporate ambitions. Passage 1 Amid the jumble of TV remote controls atop Eugenio Gabriel “Gabby” Lopez III’s antique mahogany desk is a foot-long lightstick. He is in his hi-tech office. He is a risk-taker. Is it appropriate to the selection? Why or why not. Choose the best answer. C.” Geny says of his offspring. Adapted Jim Erickson Antonio Lopez Manila Asiaweek.” he explains as he fidgets away the stress. “It’s my tension wand. What made him succeed with his plans? Think of the title. Given his son’s ready deference to Dad on many issues. Says Gabriel: “He tells me what to do. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Fortunately for the entire clan.

Telecommunications still remains the number one problem of our country. “He’s doing a good job. D.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. The Lopez’s provided big capital to expand telecommunications.” Geny says of his offspring. Assignment Make a timetable of your life until age 30. What can be inferred from the passage about telecommunications in the province? a. c. List down all your possible achievements in life after every five years. enjoys what he’s doing and is very intelligent. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION sink $18 million into transmitters in now booming provinces. d. 137 . b. More transmitters in the province mean improved telecommunication system. More telephone lines are now open in the provinces.

Share with your partner your prediction about him/her ten years Task 2 Let’s look at the following sentences: 1. An action which will be completed before another future action takes place – Examples: 1) The parents will have assembled in the library by the time the meeting starts. Ten years from now you will have earned your masters degree 3. Tell your partner about your plans after March 200__. 138 . By March 200_. b. The future perfect tense is used to describe the following: a. too? B. After March 2004. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Day 3 Grammar A.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. 2) The Filipinos will have elected a new president by May. 2) Margie will have read the book before she gives a report on it (next week) in class. I will have started a small business Take note of the time expressions used. Tasks Task 1 Dyads • • after. An action which will be accomplished by a definite time in the future – Examples: 1) I shall have submitted my research by Monday. What is the form of the verb in each sentence? Key Points 1. Recapitulation What insights did you learn from the article on Gabby Lopez III that may help you become successful. I will have graduated in high school 2.

By the time the flag ceremony ends tomorrow.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. Before the examination is given. The progressive form: will/shall+have+been+present participle of the main verb (future perfect continuous) Time Expressions Examples: Future Perfect By next year. (learn) 5. (complete) 2. (study) 3.She will have been going to school for eighteen years by graduation day. my daughter will have started elementary school Before or by+point in time.Also. adverbs of frequency such as already.She will already have won her first. . By next year. I ___ from high school. You ___ all your requirements in school before the signing of clearance comes. . Task 3 Exercise 1 Give the future perfect tense of the verbs in parenthesis: (graduate) 1. The future perfect tense has two forms: a. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 2. .She will have been talking for three years. Carmela ___ the result of the contest long before her teacher informs her about it. 139 . just. students ___ their lessons. and yet Future Perfect Continuous . the principal___ the names of the honor students. recently. (announce) 4. The ordinary form will/shall+been+past participle of the main verb b. she will have For+period of time begun tennis Since+beginning time lessons.

PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. her aunt will have sent her package.m. Jay will join the oratorical contest. 4. say morning prayers 4:15 a. C. By next week. 2.-wake up. write a letter to them describing your activities here in Manila. 4:00 a.-wash clothes 6:15 a. I will rehearse for the play at 4:00p. Construct sentences in the future perfect tense using the schedule below as your basis.m. The class will take the test on Friday. Example: Answer: Hanna will celebrate her birthday on August 19. (read) 6. Exercise 2 Combine the following pairs of sentences to form a sentence in the future perfect tense.m. My friends ___ for Baguio by the time I reach 7.m. Before Hanna celebrates her birthday on August 19. The treasurer will collect P75. They will present a play on Saturday. He will memorize the piece. The English Club will watch a stage play. –prepare for school 140 . She will prepare the agenda for the meeting.00 from each member. 1.m.-cook breakfast 4:35 a. 3.m.m. Her aunt in the States will send her package before her birthday. Closure Pretend that your parents are in the province. My classes will end at 3:00 p. Example: I will have cooked breakfast by the time 5:00 a. –eat breakfast 5:00 a. 5. radio broadcast begins.m. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (leave) school. I ____ this pocketbook. Sheryl will attend the meeting on Saturday. Use the perfect tense for the earlier future action and the simple present tense for the other future action.

The bridges will forge the links of brother- 141 . They bridge places to other places. It would be exciting to write about a scenario that somewhat predicts the future. more and more infrastructure projects will be accomplished. The mothers. Our leaders will safeguard the beautiful signs of growth of the nation that is no longer economically ill. The label “the rich man of Asia” which has attributed to the Philippines for many years will be erased without a single trace of its reminiscence. But that is not all there is in life. B. Soon. Dyads With a partner. Tasks Task 1 Go through the sample write-up that follows and note the details in the article for you to be able to write a similar one. light railways and highways all contribute to the fast-paced delivery of goods and service. the religious and the rest of the sectors of the society will be happy and contented in life. but also to the outside world. Day 4 Writing A. Is this possible? Why not? As the economy boosts. Our families and our communities will reap the products of a healthy and robust economy. The skyway and toll ways will bridge Manila to other Asian cities. no inflation. Assignment Write a short paragraph about your plans for the future. At times. it is inspiring to foresee what is going to happen to ourselves. Everyone will enjoy the blessings of a nation that has financially become an economic tiger of Asia. the professionals. sail ways. The bridges will not only link the city to boost the economy. Previewing At the rate our country is growing we cannot help but hope and envision the possibility of a nation rising into economic prosperity. Toll ways. our families.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. communities and the country as a whole. they will link Metro Manila not only to neighboring cities and municipalities. think of a scenario that predicts the future of the class. giving people convenience in their trips. Trade and industry will take their courses and out products will be best sellers in the international market. There will be no devaluation. the students. The value of peso will be appreciated. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION D.

What are some of the crossroads in our life? Day 5 Literature A. Illustrate a crossroad. neon lights and flickering lamplight 2. highways. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION hood not only among our people but also with those of other nations. Strive for a dream Or let life be? 142 . Then. Closure Show your written work to some of your classmates and ask for comments/suggestions. go over your work and do the final paper. Task 2 Write about a future scenario similar to the write-up that you have just read. What words would you associate with this picture? 3. Bridges and brotherhood will be our nation’s greatest contribution to the world. Tasks Task 1 1. 2. skyways and toll ways will link stronger countries with our Asian brothers. D.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. a. a stream and the sea b. C. The bridges. Describe what you see in the picture. What could the boy be doing in the beach? Task 2 1. Recapitulation Read your future scenario to the class. B. Assignment 1. Compare and contrast. What does crossroad mean? Crossroad Shall I follow the stream Or cross the sea. What is meant by crossroad? 2.

thunder and storm d. Closure Write a short poem made up of two stanzas with four lines on the crossroads in your life. 143 . What crossroads did the speaker encounter in life? 2. D. What would the following symbolize a. the whisper of the breeze and leaves e. heartbeat and head 3. Or flickering lamplight For happiness? Follow the thunder? Follow the storm? Follow the whisper That breeze and leaves form? Follow my heartbeat? Follow my head? What shall each bring me Where shall each lead? Task 3 1. What did you do about it? C. Pattern your work after the poem Crossroads. neon lights and flickering lamplight c.PROTOTYPE LESSON PLANS IN ENGLISH. What do the series of questions imply about crossroads? About the choices that we make? Task 4 Small group discussion Share with your groupmates the crossroads you have met in your life. THIRD YEAR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Shall it be neon lights That spell success. stream and sea b. What are the choices that he/she has to make? 4. Assignment Prepare to read your work in class tomorrow. What influences the choices that we make? 5.

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