We the People We are the ones, the ones without cause, We are the causeless fighters that make

ruckus without motive, without pause. We are the delinquents that do not fill your shoes, We are those that will see what the world will become of, whenever we choose. We are the generation of degenerates, those that “back in the day”, did not exist. We are the ones without a nation, carefree, addicts, racers, debt makers and fornificators. We are the ones that cannot be seen, growing in the age of modern technology: Cell phones, Facebook and online games. Deprived of sports, reality and life without AIM. We dress in the robes of burlesque and passion, We disrobe your clothes of oppression and dissatisfaction. Miniskirts, tank tops and push up bras is only a slice, Massacre, “two 4 one” prices and vibrating devices. We are the ones who scorched the skies, created the global warming, and finally emptied the oil mines. But… We are also the ones, That brought you your beer, listened to the fights, and were pulled by the ears, We have fulfilled the roles of punching bags and endless pressures that for you never happened. You wanted a fortune, shot to the stars and missed, you folly and foul are the results of this. We are the generation after X, before the Z but after the blitz. You remember our errors, our murders and crimes, Violent video games and dead beat friends that own you their lives. You remember everything, except what you yourself do. So never forget, The parents that were supposed to shape us, the future, were you.

Anthony K. Rosales

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