I have listed larger antennas. First requisit. hence their selection in this category. its installation with a rotator ontop of a pylon or on a sloping roof should require at least two persons for security reasons. a load that each of us can lift without much problem (as we said it is equivalent to a 810m long aluminium ladder) and that can be supported by a relatively light mast. At right a few minutes after have opened the package containing the Degen Baby Boomer Quad BBQ 101520. most of these antennas display a high gain very appreciated by DXers. but the task is not impossible. Documents ON4AGP and Degen. because like all quads. the BBQ is bulky and its weight is close to 17 kg. The best are of course bulky displaying a wingspan that can reach 10 meters for wire beams. many of them offer a lightweight below 10 kg. It comes pre-tuned and pre-strung. mostly designed for a semi-permanent installation. Plus side. If you are used to assemble/disassemble it you can erect it alone in about 20 min. Wow ! Two examples of antennas at the limit of portability. At left. They are however portable due to either their lightweight or their pre-assembling. Not easy to handle such a size alone and to lift it up to the roof. a simple dipole or a short vertical does not allow 2 .3m.Telecommunications Equipment for portable HF operations (Trans)portable HF antennas (III) In the second table displayed below. If the BBQ can still be assembled and erected on a mast fixed at ground level by one person (working some hours for the first assembly). Its wingspan reaches 10. Only drawback it is paid by the size. Some models however are heavier. That can't be easier ! But this picture is misleading. on holiday or when participating to Field Days and other CQ WW activities. do you wonder ? Sometimes. Why have selected these "monsters" for portable operations. even a large pole with guy wires. even shortened. here is to what looks like closely a 5-bander Titanex LP5 log-periodic beam once all 25 elements assembled. up to 17 kg for the Degen's Baby Boomer Quad (BBQ) what is at the limit of the weight that an alone person can lift. All meet our requirements and belong to our scope even if some look huge.

Telecommunications 3 .

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