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PROGRAMME 1 : PRACTICAL USE OF THE FIDIC CONTRACTS Module 1 : Introduction to FIDIC Documents (1 hour) Background / History Examination of format and content Basic Principles Risk Analyses and Selection of the appropriate Contract Module 2 : Clauses 1 to 3 (1 hour) Definitions General Provisions Responsibilities of the Employer Responsibilities of the Engineer Module 3 : Clauses 4 to 7 (1 hour) Responsibilities of the Contractor Nominated Contractors Design (Plant Contract) Management of projects key areas: Staff and Labour Management of projects key areas: Plant, Materials and Workmanship Module 4 : Clauses 8 to 11 (1 hour) Management of projects key areas: Commencement, Delays and Suspension - Commencement Procedure - Programme - Extension of Time - Suspension Management of projects key areas: Tests and defects liability - Taking over Certificate - Defects period; Performance Certificate Module 5 : Clauses 12 to 14 Financial Clauses and Procedures (1 hour) Measurement; Evaluation Variations; Adjustment Contract Price; Payment Guarantees; Bonds Module 6: Clauses 15 to 19: Risks, Force Majeure and Termination (1 hour) Termination by Employer Suspension/Termination by the Contractor Risks and Responsibilities Insurance Force Majeure Module 7 : Clause 20: Claims and Disputes and Arbitration (1 hour) Contractors Claims and Employers Claims; Claims procedures Disputes Adjudication Board: Agreement and Procedures Amicable Settlement and Arbitration