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I. Pronunciation: A.Vowels (the underlined words):
1. A.frie ndship 2. A.stuffed 3. A.brother 4. A.pack 5. A.confide

B.effect B.during

C.health C.such

D.even D.stuck D.cousin D.share D.principal

B.psychological C.another B.animal B.hobbies C.math C.convince

B.Stress (Noticing the main stress is on the second syllable):
1.A.stuffed 2.A.Animal 3.A.Finished 4.A.Common 5.A.Evolve

B.Motobike B.Matter

C.Shoulder C.Effect

D.Idea D.principal D.Depression

B.Psychological C.Evening B.Developing B.Sociable

C.Friendship D.Guarantee C.Proverb D.Sensitive

II.Fill in each blanks with one suitable phrase words below:
1. I'd

like 5.Hello

2.You're welcome 3.Hi 4.Thank you very much 6.What can i do for you? 7.Oh, yes

Minh:______(1)________! My name is Minh. I'm new here. Miss:______(2)________, Minh. (3)__________? Minh:Yes.(4)____________ to get the information related to the coming shcool festival. Miss:(5)____________. There are some brochures over there. Help yourself. Minh:(6) ___________. Miss:(7)___________.

III. Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tense:
1. They

usually (have) lunch in the factory canteen. Today, they (have) lunch in the restaurant.

2. Wood (float) 3. I

on water, but iron (not float).

(give) her a call tonight. next June, he (write) his second novel.

4. By 5. It

(be) two years since i (have) a puncture. (watch) TV when his brother (call). (go) home after they (finish) their work.

6. John 7. They 8. It

(rain) heavily when he (wake up).

IV.Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tense:
1. I wish she (not go) to London last month. 2. If i had know that i (not make) a mistake. 3. He acts as though he (be) rich. 4. I'd rather you (go) now.

V. Fill the gaps with the suitable prepositions: gapswith
Against above in front of under in by below

It's no use hiding---------(1)------ the bedclothes. He lives on the top floor and Charles lives on the one --------(2)---------- I saw a ladder learning -----(3)---------the wall. The only problem with living in the basement flat is all the noise from -----(4)-------. We could not see the TV screen because there was a bookcase ------(5)------it. The children's toys were kept --------(6)------ the comer -----(7)---- the window.

VI. Replace the words with one of those below:
Call off take down try out switch on give up

1. They'll cancel the meeting. 2. Copy the instruction! 3. I tested the car before i bought it.

4. I stopped smoking. 5. Please turn on the light.

VII. Read the passage and do the task that follow:
My best friend is Thu has long black hair that falls down her shoulders and surrounds her full moon-shaped and smooth-skinned face. She has black eyebrows over her dark eyes, which are oval in shape. Her nose is straight, and neither too long nor too short. At the bottom of her nose, on the left side by her nostril, is a black mole which adds to her beauty. Looking at her mouth, one might think that she is happy because it seems to be smiling all the time. However, when she really smiles, her well-formed and even white-teeth brighten up her face like a full moon. 1. Write down the words which describe Thu's appearance: Hair:.................................................................................................................................... Face:···································································································································· Skin:···································································································································· Eyes:···································································································································· Mouth:································································································································· Teeth:··································································································································· 2. Answer the question: A. What is the main content of the passage above?

B. Your thought about appearance of Thu?

*The End*

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