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IL-2 Sturmovic Flight Manual

IL-2 Sturmovic Flight Manual

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Published by: landlubber7 on Sep 28, 2011
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Ma in Directorate of the Engineering-Aviat~on Red Alrmy Air IForc,e



Peop~e Com lssa ri,i:lt (,f Defernse




All p;ll\Jts,!tyingC>l'Ill·:<! airJ;ll&~eMr"iro~fduIIYMqui~e mdllpre:11Jdy (',fI11i)' out ajll ~tio)M of lillt ~urlrentmanu!!1 in ~ec,1n~d se-q,~en<:e, itly ~l1iool~ ~OO rewr ...e regllflJlefilt~ <Ire to provid\l· Je'o'eIQ;p, ment of ~f.ill(!l s~llls. ~nt!lllutOO'Nitilsffifi'In, operatli1t9i ~I~J a~(>f";!lng~hlll manUf!t ~hlilf ei1Iglneer (If ~11e~ AffflyAIi' rf.ifaf GeflernHleut'l"i'I~1i'It cl the IIlli[)lFleerl~'lhl\"'11njQIi'ISeF'l'too A.lRepli1l

(Ii'!i~f D~i9t'i!erD~ the ~L·2Ar.rpIOlt'i!e. IH~ro"ohh>€!SodaliiSt laooLlr


Pi!opli! Comiss'lriiiat or D@lf@n5@ MllLJiARY PUBUSHIN:G HOUSE N\Q5~tlW ·19~2


11.8efore the til i9 hit ~akeread irmesseport from the r
.a,ilrlPla mec ~.ank, ne


II~· the,re ~~din,), exte mal danflage (lhiole:s, scratches) on :b~adesand the M5:>,C heel::for t~\e blladJe's visible belt11.tlillrlig;

c hec k.lrfthe bottom engln e ~'1li3i~c'hes are I!oclked, If there I:> 3<1We'~-loiLl\:: n on pi theceve r of the ro n/IJ,UO, hstch,

I~fires has normal pre:s~ure,lf posltlens o~ boU'iI s~'1iOd: abs(l~be rs are norlililall andlldenitlcall




tu be' has been removed ------- -- ! .

if th ere is any damttge.I. if clam IPS on the rudder were removed \ skid- if there is alirrin shock absorber of the ta ill wheel. _ "'f' .. if there is bad(. is the t~ has If€! normel pressure ReductEon 30 mm ___ ~- _ -• .aU de mage if the:re is any._.jlilsh in pi n-jolnts t.! ~.

wit~hedlooff.ismaglfiletto s. .

.~f SSI~ts ln "sari A (Safety On) posltlon 4.. -... PiLn teet on the pedalls ....---- ... under the fi!t$~e~er$ Iij----~.-- - .

S. Check if the control stick and pedals move e.aisilly. ---- .

--- .C heck the elevator trim ccntrcl ha ~dlle and set it 'into takeoff positton senirn9!s ohhe hrgh-ali~itud!~ conoctm .6 •.aftterbu ner - ---- -- .

~rd osUio~} p .if steering control ofVISH-22T propeller was rotated fu II back to increase propeller pitch lf'the W.t~e:rand o..illllfOJw.illradjators' shutters alre closed if !he~lre-w(k ~sopenecl {~nh.

Chec'ik thea~1i" pres:SIl~1i"e ij n the 0 n-boerd ailr cyllilfildeli"(~(iI0~ SOa~mo~ 1 spheli"es. .::. (Inee k pestnon of Ilalllldiill1lg '£leal! and~lap$ control handlss I"t'ii.·It 9. open con tiro Iiefthe la nding gear /sterter system and check air pressure ln the system {35 atmospheres ls nermell with manometer.8. a nod swlrtc ~ en allr syst-ems.).

and ln the starterelr c:yllm:ielr (normal pressurels 5iOatl'ino- spheres).~ . opelii!\lallve of the breaking system - -- - --- .~ . " - '.

.110.Check Ibrak~ng system wlith two-arrows manometer by smulta neousand separate braking of the both wheelis.

:.& ..~ :._.t_..'_\':. r .-:.' -. * ..~ "thennometef$'" " I_ _ !II!I~. IIPEiI. _ . I .h on and check ele:etricall system.SWil~.'11.I"I._ _~ liilr=. . df ' §!I III r...~ .r-s:: .0 . ....-"..-...

- - - -- - ---- - - -.._------- - .battery dosed circuit voltage swittch~ng on Pitct tube heatl ng for .- _.2:-3sec.. by check tem perature of: water -.- _.- -. -.

:l~n 730 I~telrs (550 lntetal k9) ..Three fu:elltanks c:ont.

14l.- put safety lockof the glur1S pnsu matilc rs-c h~uglerin "Open" pesjtle n (IPush ihandli€ full forward).~ase . ~ __ .ck and prepare weapons: ~ ---. - - -------_.a.Che. Set ESBR-3P electric bom bs relleaseconttlroll~o des~rabile Venia ni~of bomb rell.ccoroirllgl fl~grhtt orders .

set PBP~1 sl:ght. iln firlng poslnon deck if sight:s ({oUimator or mechan leal) eros sh al r match with the m erk 0 n the propel ler blade .

In IP"Ooir llighru:ondit~ons SW~["{:1tn on PIBP-1siglin't baekl~ght~ ng .

I' CHEC'KINIG IEINGIINE IBEF'ORIE TAKE .[.OFF C~eck brake blocks under the wheels ------ - -- .

e" positicn. un the plufi'lgler of the booster pump uipwarcL 3.lA:e~s~t valve of the booster pump in ~i Ik.1. nta - - ------ i . n 2.. Set vahle of the booster pum p In ~i take" posmo n.

Push pl !Ulngelr of the booster pump down 5.ake"posmon. . Ufr. ---------- .4. t~e plunger ohhe booster pum p iU pward and re -set code of the booster pum p in ~int.

Open va Ive ofthe startling al rsystem o ~ the plipelline near booster pump. 2.START' 1.h~! elnglne up to 600·700 rpm. TIh[ron. ---- --- - -- - --- - .

3 .-------- .aliili( to "St:i:'l'y elear" from the pro peilletr snd.- .eilv~ng ccml1lrmatlon uCle~..after h lis rec..lI'ecl'~ sw'iltch 0 rI! magnetO' --- - -. Girder ailrpl1ane me(h. .

Opelfil (li~rvahfe ofthe s<ellf~staner.4.and aftelf onefulltum oft~e pm pe IIIeIf. .. press vibrator button {keep button pressed for 5 sec or I@ss) If enqlne didn't start. repeat starting procedure .

Clheck lnstruments daita: rIIO 0111 ressure should lbe p I!esst ~an 3 atmospheres If wilthi ill1 5.6.Srnoothlly push plunger of t he booster pu mp down.·10 seconds oil pres. $wiitx:h off th e erngine foditxing low ei] pre$5~re problem.slUlr~willi no! increase up to 3. . annespheres. 8.

---- - . Rotate· steerring control of V ~S H-:2ZT forwa rei to decrease prepeller pltch and lock it IUp outlet oll ~4.<t -- .----------- -. 2.WA.. .---- .RMIING UP lhroHile engine up to 700-300 rpm.

ur ..set eng ine on TI 00 rp:m fo r 5 further warnni:ng up.$.3" Set engine on 1200 rpm andlaftel' temlPelratu tre afinlet oll willi irnctrea.and--IP . so' oUIllet .-...-.oill is IO·. -....E! to 25" or omllet oill·~ up to .

035 atmospheres ---- - - - ..TESTING TIHE.70~-H 5·~ oill pressure: 7 .. the engine le~t (HlI nomi rII all power. - - - - - _.. gas pressure 0. - . ENGIINIIE 11.8/5 atmospheres.el'il1p€ratIUlre. - .+/-25 m m Winer 'l:empera'lure: 80~ '~11 O· revs 20 SO rpm c outlet o'illt. . [ .3 . Dur~ng timenormal funct~on~ng of th IS! engine settings shcu Id be: supercharger 1180.

grlleto and spa Irk pl ugs.2. . ThrQUIe back to deck ma.

27 V ----- -- .3. Th rottle down !C! 1200 .11300 rpm and check generator output with voltmeter Normal voltage Is 26 .


Check rnaln and backup frequency of thle rado $let . without squeezllngit 2.1" Make surs that helmet flts tig ~rly a nd 'throat mtc ro pho riles ~alveg:ood ccntact w~'t~ the larynx.

3.!IC~iQIlI . (onnecleiarplhone hellmet w~th~llLlF"(tellephone) and ~lAR:ING~ (throat mH~e)mkuotelep~one sockets "lAHING~ socket po:>litf:on After 1-2 min radio setls re~dy foQr ..

but rad lo set lis wmik. Fe!' nermal sound volume IFotate-lJIolllUlmecontlroll knob dodwise ("Ilouder'} or CO!l. Ilf su rfac€l radlo stanonts not o peratl:on. set proper radio fr€qjuency. 'In wllill generalte typicall noise 7.~II. .liosckw~5e eqlUlieter").lng.6.mter--(. Slowly Irotatling adjustment handle.

8.Jlnd switch ml:c:r:otellelphcone to ulPlfU)I' pos~tior.) approx:imaltelyafter 11-2. After c:hecikHng radto set. turn ~radl:o" switch off . nlncall radi:o station acccoirding r arrang~d call signsandi establishcermeetlon 9.j[.o estalbllisfn rsdl:o connettlion on the grol.

------- Genl'hali'Iaiv~ationr and our gkHll oUS reputaHonof the feadess fighters.-.earni!d for thems€M-s proud .-. .---------- . Sta~in --. " I.--. .NO ur aviation has better q tqa~ than ity p~IQts ..


. Open water radiator shutters deperndng on the outslde ailr . Opern oil [radiator shutters 2.TAXIIING 1.

~ '":_ ._ - - 41 - - - __ - 1 .IFastel1 the seatbelts.3.

4.0rder "(lear the brake blocks'' After rece'ilvilill9 the confumatlon "8 ra ke b lee ks dea'lIedl'~ start taxl ing. ---- -- ----- .

. II • ----- ---- .' ~S-t!U rns" whetm~~x~ing. 6\ Check brakes on tax:iing. • "• . • • .i''a rd ma k. For the best 'lJliew fOIr\!J.E... T II • • •.5.

Check po $.PRE.itt~Qn the elevi1ttor of tlrllmmerr co ntrel pesitlen of the fire-cock ~~ ts steering control of propeller pitch I!ocked ----- ---- .PARATIION FOR TAKIE-OFIF 1.------i ..


Qlnd ~e$tt~e engine 0 I'll nomil'll. Check lif fuel ·are.flil power Ch~clkt~e 'remlpernture ..----- .of 'water snd oi II.------- -- . nOlrmaL oil rnd 0111 ressure p --------.

If water tempe-ralture is ~essthan 90"

inlet ol I temperatll!l
IS less

tha III 40"


outlet 0111 t@mperartl!.llre ils less than 7n~ above 111 er S·










1. Fiu Ihhrottt~e

2.lDlIIrling the mkEH)1f maintain dlirectllon, smoothly apply Ileft pedall to compensate allrpllane torque to the rl:glrnandavol:d sha ~prudder movements.

Strktly forb~dden to use brakes. ln order to compensate a,ilflPhme's r~ghttorqiU:e.

:3. Af[.e'r Ilift-off hold the ailrplane ;steady untlll
alrrspeed 240-2S{1' krn/heurls then sta rcdi mnbingl. reeched,





._ ..





------ --- -

----- -----

englne revs 2150' rpm

90 -1 15"


outlet oll tempelrature ~ 80 ~~20°







.lDoc reass PlflilSSIIJI re 0 Ii'I the stick using elevator trim mer co ntrol.-.achedl.6.a... decrease stick pressure adjUistimlgl trimmer control ---------.-- lL .SetcUmbing airspeed 240 ~250 Iklm/ih.com~nue hm'irroIil!t:all flig h.r9~ng Ilevellait 950 mm rig . --------.. After the proper heig hit ls re.::.~o~1 .::::::::~~ 8. 7.or Iless. Throttle engllne baclk to maintainsUlper(h.


NIDLY AIIRSPACIE 11.:50~270 km/iholUlr .IINI f'RIE. 118S0 rpm 2. 10 max~m~2!e mg~t range Iloweir propeller pitch to. T~rottle up to the best cru~:sing airspeed 2.

3.35 atmospheres ------------- . ~rQdl:c:allly chec k out 'imtirurnents Iinstirumerrllt:s l mon'irtolfling eng ine performance. Adlj ustwater and oi II temperatu re.3.11TIS" pressure: 0111. data should be: water tsmpereture 80~-110~ inlietoill Item pemture 40~-80· outlet oi II tsmperatu re 70" .not II..5 atmospheres ~l]ell~0.e'55 t~an 5..0.

- - .g overthe startlnq point otthe mute {SPR) write dawn the time. -------- - .. When tlyin.4.

5witchol1l the racll~o 7. sh - -- . Set mlrrotelephene swlltc~ to the "PRD~pcslticn and aft~r 1-2 min calli radio stetlon and estalbl~ COin nectlon.5.

8.. n foillow fIi:g III route' usl IflIgi cempessand watehes. Mailnta~ general orlentanon. andcontrol actual a.irplane posiition usl migIland fila rks -- - ------ .

push ASSH le'!. ----------------- .!1~rlin forward posltlon. pres:singls~eellock !'nand Ie to. 9'.Every lPillo~ oHhefiligh~ should maintain g:e IfiI era II0li11elfiltatkm .. Ilf'it's nscessa ry to drop born bs ~n~passll'!.!1E::l'"I~nalrmed} mode ( whllle in frllE::llfildillyairspace. [he lev'er.

chi 11. Before approo. . Che(lk if the safety Ilock of the gtms pneumatlc re~dTlalrger iml ~OlPe~lt posltlon.liN ENEMY'S AIRSPACE 1.9 fron~11 i rr!( lfealSie ine" $e~ propellier pitch 'to 2050 rpm 2.

.3. puslhlllngtext:ollite Ilever back $[-eel hand Ie should not be pressed to th e· levelr: :5.0Ipen saifety (:aps of the ellectlric born lHelleasegealr.psettlings {saifety off} posltion. Check ESBR~·3.

terrel n~a IfiId sigllna Is of tlhefllig ht liriladril r.6. - - . (a r€~LllllyoIb:S€lrve aIlrspace.---- .

and .adjust airspeed to 306 ~ 310 kmfh(JIlL.!r - -_ ------------------- .7.e approaching close oill Iadlla~olrshutters targ'et . Befor.~uea .

Iffilri rrJ·g was no~Ire.--.s. . press (orlfespondllng triggler fulll fon"lillli'di 3. -------.2.~mdrello._------.sumed.ching t~e tarqet.--------- ~. check ASSIH contrail s and reset if necess. 2..stolPpa. llf gun . release the tlfigg:e:r . Befbre approa.-- .ary.:ld. Pr@ssconespondllng button to release bornbsor rockets.ge oc:c:ur.

d upli(.iri1!9I ASSIHI ----------- --- -- - W ri1!trO Is.3. -I .sed.l..e num ber of the' releasedlloortl bs.(lrt-e Ii'€!leas~IUIsi IfiIgl ASSH controls.I~ea.w~lr'e released press s~gnal button . After bombs. To Ir~lease bombs wit~ ASSHI press. re Ileased. s.~IS'e UIs. duplilceJlte rel!.After alii bombs were 1r.:md check t~.['€el handleto th€ bombs were ASSH le-v'~1" 5.

--- ------- . Aft.eralll born bs were releills. :se! ASSH ilin ":SOil'(Safre~y On) posltlo 11 lin. and setelrspeed accolrding fllight plan.6.ed.


Set 5ar€'ty loc k of the glUlns pn eumatic rlilcha r'gerr ~n"On" posttlon (pu Ills. grurns and machlne9 IUIns pneumstk recha rg er handles . f 3" Pires:.:lflllty ha nd li£ilull I back).AP'PIROACHIIIING YOIUR AIRfiELD: :2 .

) en- L- ___'69 1 bo~n~~~ i" <yl'iinder: ' .4.irsystem. Sw'jitd1 otf IESBIR-3P 6. Decrease pro peilier pi1ich "Check 11ihe p:re$$~lreilr) the tt1lr (l.' is lower" oper. If allr pressuitI. which s~oulld lbe 30 ~35 atmospheres.

il~240-2500 km/hour or less Plush !Ianding ge. Lower 'Iandinggealf 0 ~Iy iif the .8.ar in "d own" positlon. Check iHhe landing gea r 'ilstowered using c-ontu)11 li:ghts and pesttlon of the mechanical ~ ndleetors. .a.irsl~oo. Lock land Ing! gea r re~ease ha rndlle lin ~dlQwn"posltlon uSil1lg. ptn. hand le fonNa rd 9. 1 o. safety-Iod.

. . . 1"Close locking and connection controls 3.OFTHE DING GEAR lng gear wasn't lowered normally.. apply emergency procedure: 'tli'N""rt30 .. PuII out emergency hand crank ...

.no~30 2 km/hour 6. . Shift hand crank in the regular posmon. 8.5. Reduce air speed to . clockwise. Rotate the emergency hand crank counter.

(lose water radiator shutters (to mel ntali ntemperature 90" or hligher). 2. Check if conl!l€ction v'alve is opened 3. . removin91 the safety~lo(kpi~.control hancHe.1. Vnllockfl!i::Ips.

- -- : I I I I ~ ---- .ali~t..-- lower thle flaps by p'Uls~i~gI cent IfO IIha nd I!eforwa rd to the "fllaps down" posltl on I - I ---- 6.-190 krn/hour .ali~llidi~gl airspeed g at ~85. . . M.-I .

..--. ..-~~~~.' • ~ • ~.Ad]ust Ilalndi~gapproach l!S~ t ~ rottle ng (~.. I ..-~ ..~...7 .""f~ 15 • ...... -------------. ..eight should be niOt less then 25 m) 25. !i. '_" . I~ _ '. •. ' ....

thronle E1!n. Reading 1100rn ij·el:giht.. r~'M~&iiil~=::.and at airspeed not less than 220 km/hou r.Qlpproach.e· n up and increase alilrspeed. Remove pressure on the stick by the elevator trimmer control and start climbing 4.gi .dllng .. retract flaps .essary to rna Ike another .NIIEW LAND'IINIG APIPR'OACH TI If it's nec. la n. Innease a~rspeed to 2lO~220 krIiJlho'~lr 3.

. V~€ brakes on theru nway smoothly a. .11. 2.. .lDulrilng the lallld~ngwitth retracted flaps don't pull the control . L' .lDurilng the landing controlstkkfull wlth extended filap5 pu ~Ihe t back. 3.stkk ~UlIIIback.pply brakes wit~ ceunon a nd after la n ding run of 30-40 m.. . ..

M1t~l1it1t~n connoll stick fullJ b~dk 'G!nrtillll~.ndirngi run speed is reduced. I \ un lock the skid retract the fliaps 18 .4.

. Chec k Iland ng and take-off a reas a nd stair! talXiilng to the parkilill9 area.6.


2 --I . 1000. increase propejler pltch b) Th rottle up to.2.g control to.. 0 seconds.111 00 rpm for 15. Set propel lieIf on the h'i:glher pitch. a) Rotate.back st~r~n..

3.1rhroHlle ba ck to 400~450 rpm and rna lnta in revs (not more than for 3-4 mlrn) urntil tempearture drops to 90 0 .

Close fire-cock . SWllliC h off and thermometers 6.s.

n 0 Iii. Report fli:ght engill!eer abolUlt engine.or FLIGIIHT fuel systems.apons and speda.(I. pen armored hatches and che-clkiftheire is any leaks O 3. .AFTER ~ wate~.irnplane.we. .l eq ~ripmer)~ f~Jn(~i9ni durn ng the 111:9 ng ht. 11.

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