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Assignment # 1 (Part B)

Name: Rufi Shahzada Program: Ph.D - MS Registration #: 1131103 Course Facilitator: Sir Zaki Rashidi Assignment Deadline: 25th August 2011 (4th Session)

Effectiveness of Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBTS) and Remittances in Banking A perspective of Pakistani Beneficiaries

5Ws + 1H
WHAT: The advantages would be to the Banks so that they can improve Funds Transfer System WHY: To tackle possible problems faced by People of Karachi in Funds Transfer System WHO: People of Karachi, Pakistan engaged in receiving and sending remittances WHERE: The Urban residents targeting Old City Areas of Karachi WHEN: The idea is applicable and can be initiated anytime in the calendar year HOW: The idea would be executed after collecting data from remittance customers in banks