Science Microorganisms Prelab

Title: Microorganisms Focusing Questions: What clues can you use to recognize the three main types of microorganisms

? Purpose: To find what clues you can use to recognize the three main types of microorganisms. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that you can use your sight to distinguish different types of microorganisms. For example, if a microorganism is furry, then you could guess that the microorganism is a fungi. Materials: 1. Prepared microscope slides of 4 microorganisms 2. Microscope 3. Reading: Three Types of Microorganisms (page 221) 4. Data page: Microorganisms (figure 8-6) Procedure: 1. Read Three Types of Microorganisms 2. Answer the analysis questions. Make sure you can answer all of them before you go on to the next step 3. Get a microscope slide that shows one of the microorganisms a) Focus it- this may be challenging! b) Record the magnification c) Sketch it in the space that is provided on the data page 4. Repeat step 3 for the other three microscope slides 5. Use evidence you have recorded on your data page and what you learned from the reading to decide what type of microorganism is on each microscope slide. Explain your decision on the data page.

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