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Christmas Cuddle Ups

Christmas Cuddle Ups

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Published by: mann6965 on Sep 29, 2011
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MATERIIALS Worsted Weighr Yarn. approxirnatelv;
Ecru Or White: - 20 ou ncas ~ 565 grams, 1257 yards} Dk. Teal or Gr,~en - 18 ounces '(513 grams, 1'137 Y<5irds)

pro\l~ded wi th as ch sti tcf .

Each bla riik squ areon thee hart represents QIl e sc in the Ecru (White) section of se border; Qach grey square Oil the chan
:reprl3$(;lnts one cross stitc hover 1:1 SC, T he key th~ c hertl ndic<l,tes the color of va rn muse for Re'hMring to Figi.6 tor pla'cemellt. fol!!QW chert des.igns 011 Irig tit side of ~fg han work~rig cross singi:ll! crochet (Fig. 7J.

D to; Red or Bdg ht Red - 11:2H.ln.O€'$ {338 Q'mms, 755 yards} ( Crochet 'hook, si tel H (:; ,00 mm) or size need 6'd Ior gauge'
Yam neeole GAUGE: Fm cel"lte~r palnel, • 6 crossed de SoUO1ind'" rows - 4~ For se ltloiirder, 14 S>C,and l' 4 rows

to stitch stitch es over

'Fig. 6

,Fig, 7


With Dk TGil~ (Green}, ch 49 I~Qo$ely,

¥II - 11-< ~. . <,
Thread yam needle with an HY I~lilgth of Indicared color of y.a m. Le;.'lvinga 3 ~ ,(3 nd to be worked in later, bri ng need Ie up through hole er lower left of sc. Bring yarn diagonally IJpw.1Jrd across. sc and put needle down ~hrough hole to die r~ghl. COI,timJ€ across from left to right, work ing. ha!f of !'llilch stitch: then wo,rlt frorn right to left. crg'3sing the stitches (Fig. 7j_ Each stitch may be crossed before going. to the fleX t but th e top of aII stitches must be crosse d in 'lh€ sa me directionl. Finish off by \¥eClving ends: of yarn under seven'll. stitches on wrong slde: Cut clese ro work, Collor Key dk teal {g'teen'


Row 1 (Righ t side}: Dc ~ se'V{lnth c to from hO.Ok,workj ng n behind de iU$~ made, de in ch before de, ch 1, '" skip next ch, de in next ch, working behind de ju~t made, de: in &k~ppoo e h r o.rossed de s t made', eh 1: re p fmm across to last 2 ens, de ill lest Gil: 21 crossed de sts, R.ow 2; Ch 4 {counts as first de pJU$ ch 1.• now and throughout}, tum; 'f!" skip next de, de in next de, de ~n skipped de ,c h 1: rep from across, de in la st ,Row 3: Ch 4,. turn; skip next de, de in next de, de ill ~Ikrpped doc, ell l.. rep from... across, de in last de. Rows 4-4'5: A'~p Row 3, 42.t~mes, fin~~h off_





Rnd 1: With rigllii'lt. sideiacilnig, join Dk Red ~Bright Red) with 51:st i r:J IEl"hCOrner eh- 1 !j,p of la5t row center pa nel: ch 1, :3 sc ill serne sp, 2 sc fn end of ealCh of next 6; rows < sc in en d of next row, f2 sc in end! of each .of next 5 rQW:-i, $.0 in end of next row) 5 times, 2 sC in end of each of next 6 rows,


in corner sp: worik~ng ovtJow b~gin,dng chi 2: sc in ead, en- 1 sp aCrO®8110next comer 3P! 3 sc in comer sp: 2. sc in end 'Of each af next (j rows, sc if II end o.t next row, (2 sc in en d of ea ch of next 5, rows, se in end orf next row~ 5 times, 2. sc ~,f"!i endof each of n~xt 6 rows, 3 8C inc 0 m er sp: WQrking_ ,over sts, 2 sc in Bach ch-t sp across; joir1l witl, 51 st to begi nnin g sc, IF! nd 2: C h 1, turn: sc un each sc alfOlU nd working :3 sc in .center sc ,of e;;lGh 3-s.(; gmup;join with sl st to begim'ling 5C, Rndg 3-7: Rep Rnd 2, 5 times. Fini$lh off, Rnd 8: Join Ecru (Whirte) with sl st to ~ny sc, ch 1, turn; sc in each sc around working 3 SG in center Sicof each 3-sc group; join with :$1 sr to beg~nt11ng sc. fI.nd 9, Ch 1, turn: scin each SiC around worloiirlQi3 sc in center sc of eilch '3-sc Qr-DUP; Join withsl ~,t to beginning sc, Rnd!; 10-39: Rep Row 9,30 times, Fini::;h off. Rnd M'.I: J oirr'! Ok Bed (B rig ht Red) wi'th 51 st to any sc, eht, turn: scin each sc around worj,;~ng 3 se in C~.Il,ter sc of each 3-&(; glrOlIp; jo~n with sl srte beginning se, IFind 41: eh 1, tunn;SG ill each SIC around working 3 sc in center scat each 3·sc grDu p: join with 5i st to beg ~nIlli I1g sc, Rnds 42-46: Rep Rovv 41, 5, times. Firill$h off. Rnd 47: Join DI<Teal (Green) with S~st to .~ny sc, ell 1,



elk. ~ed (br~gtnIt redl

~ i



Row~ Row,~



tum; se [n each scarconc workrng 3; sc in center sc of each 3-sC" 9 rOu p; joun with 81 st to beg'irirli ng S-IZ. Rnd48; ell ~,burn; sc in each sc around working 3 sc In cerrter sc of each 3-sc group; join with sl st to oogirmfng sc,

FInds 49,53: Rep Row 48, 5' times, F~!'Iishoff.



ED SIZIE; ApprOximately

45%" x 58%"


(Make 32)

MATERIALS Worst13d Weight Yarn, approximau:-[y: Ok Tea I - 38 0 unce$ (1 072 gnl ms, 2390 rels) Red - S ou nces (229 grams, 50(3 yards} Go,ld - 4 ounces grams, .253 yards) Crcchet hook, size J m.06 mm) or size needed for g'<'mge



With Dk Teall, ch 6 leeselv and join with 5,1st to torm a ring. Rnd 1 (Rlght sidel: eh 2 (counts BS first hdc},.11 hdc ill rin g: join w~lh SIJ st to b,egi nnvng hdc. R n d 2.: eh 3 ,(Coounts a'S :first de, no wand thrmJgho utl, de in same sr, eh '1, (2 de in next Me, en 1} 11 times; join
with 51 st to beg;innl,ng de. IRnd3: SI st in next de, $11 st in nsxtch-t sp, eh 6, (sc in next ch-I so, cb 5) 1~ times; Join with sl 511: to bass ot ch-B, find 4: 51 st rn ne,>:;t.2 chs, en 3, 2 de in same ch-'5 sp, 3 de in next ch~5 5P, f3 de, ch 2, 3 de) in next ch-S sp, f(3 de in next clrn-5 sp] twice, 13 de, eh 2, 3 de) in next ch-S sp] 3 times; join with sl st to beginning de. Rnd 5: Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 8 de, 3 sc in corner el1-2 sc, (Socin next 12 de, 3 sc in corner ch-2 sp) 3 times, SG in last 3 de; join with 51 tot to beg iI'ming SC. Rnd ,6: ell 3, de in next 9 sc, 3 de in comer SC, (de in next 14 SC, 3 de corner sc: 3 times, de in last 4 sc: join with sl

GAU(iE: 1 Square (PQilrisettia Of Plain) -





Gold, eh 6 looselly and join with 51 st to form a ringl. Rnd 1 (Right side): Ch 1i 12 sc in ring; join with $1 st to beg ir~nin 9 SC; fin ish off. Rnd 2; Join Red with sl 10t to any S(:, cht, SIC ln same st, lch7,- sc in second en 'from hook, hdc in next ch, dc in each of next 2 chs, hdc in next ch, SC in last ch, sc in next sc .of Rnd 1 (pata" made)] 11 times, (ch i, sc in second ch from hook, hde in next ch, de in each of next 2 chs, hdc in next eh. Socin last ch I; [oin with sl st to beg inn nng sc: fin lsh off. Rnd 3: Join Ok Teal with $1st to sc between any two petals, working behind petals, ch 5, (de in sc between next two petals, ch 2) 11 times; join with sl st to third ch -of ch-S. Rod 4: SJ st in next en, ch 3 'counts as first dc, now and throughout}, 2 de nn same ch-Z 3P,S de in next ch-Z sp, (3 dc. d, 2, :3 dc~ in next ch-2 sp, 1(3 de in next ch-2 spl twlco, {3 de, ch 2, 3 de] in next ch-Z spl 3 times; join with sl st to beginning de. Rnd 5: Ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 2 de, [insert hook from from to na ck through ell at tip of next petal and through next de, YO and pull up 11 loop, VO ami draw thro u 9 hi 2 loops 011 hook], sc in next 3 de, (in sert h oak frorn from to back through eli at t.ip of next po(')tai and tnrougl1 next de, YO and pull up a loop, YO and draw througtl 2 loops on hook}, sc in next de. 3 sc in comer clh-2 5P, sc in next de, (insert hook from front to back through ch at rip of next petal and through next de, YO and pun up a ~oop, YO and draw th,rough 2 loops on hook], sc in next 4 de; rep from :2 times more, (insert hook from 'front to heck through en ;;11tip of next petal and through next de, YO an,d pull up @ loop, YO and draw UirOllgh 2 loops 011 hook), SC I'nl next 3 de, (insert hook from horn to back throughch at tip of next pe-tal and thrQugh next de, YO and pull up a loop. YO and draw through 2 loops on hook), sc in next de, 3 sc in corner ch-2 sp, sc in next de, [insert hook from front 'to back through en at tip of next petal and throug.h next de. YO a;nd pull up a loop, YO and draw through :2 loops on hook]. sc in last de: jo i til W~Ul sl Sot to beginl'1 Ing sc, Rnd 6: Ch 3, de [n next 9 sc, 3 de in comer sc. [de in next M sc, 3 de in COme. 5c)3 times, de in lasI4 sc: join with 51 st to beginning de: finish off.

sr to beginning de; finish off.


JOllNrNG Afghan IS assembled by forming 7 strips of 9 squares each and then by joining strips. Refer to Fig .. 8: for square placement. Place two squares with right sides together. Working in ba c k loop on IV of both squ ares t hro ugh out, ,oi n D k T ea I with sl st to corner de; ch 11, s~st in each de aCrOSS to next comer de and finislrn off (rtilfe., to Joining, pg. "I). Repeat to ad d seven more squ <J res. Repeat to form si X more strips. Pia ce two Strips with ri 9 h t si des a nd Ion g ed ges. togeth er . Working in back loop onl,y of both strlps throuqhout, join IDk Teal wuth $1 st to corner de; e', 1, $1 st in €l!lch de across to last COrner de .• d finish off. Repeat to, join rernaininq m strips.


F~g. 8




poinsettia plain



With right side facing and workingl in ba,ck loop only, join Dk Taae with sl st to comer de; ch 1, sl st in each st around afghan; jtlin with sl st to beg In ni ng Sf; fi n ish off.


MATERIALS Worstoo Weight Yarn, approximately: Ok Teal :~ .35 ounces ($ISS gtam$,:'2201 JOINING

yards~ Ecru - 2:4ollnces(676 grams" 1508 vards) Croch@t hook, 5i zs H ~5,00 rnrn ~ olr size 11 eeded fa r gt,auge
= 71.. N ~

4 strips

n isa ssern bled by f'Orm i ng 5 stri ps of 7 motifs each and of 6 motifs esc tl arlld tM-en by jo.i [1; ng stri ps,

GA L1G IE: One mori,f'




armm~ the post and drawlhrou'ytl

N~te: T9 work front post dtr, YO 3 times, insen hoo:k: at de 2. row.!> bel~owan d pu II rup~a, tOdp, {YO 2 Joops} 4 times (front post '(iff mild,!,:),

Place tvvo rnot~'h, with riglfl.1t sj~e~ together _ Work~ng in b~ck Icop on~y of berth motifs tihrrou g flout, join Dk T~-.'} with s~ st I in corner eh- 1 sp; eh 1. 51 st ~ne:a,ch st across to next corner ~h-l and fiFlishO'ff (refe'f" to Jo.lning. 1'9, 1J, Repeat to add five mor~ motifs. Repeat to form fOur TT1Q,re $::I.iripf;; (d seven motifs each: If€tp~@t to form four s.trips "Of six !TlQ\,ifs





place one ~eyen~motdf S1tf~Pand


[Make 58)

With ,E CJU, ch·6 leesel ya nd Join wi~h sl st to forrn ,<I rinog. Rrru'll 1 (Right sude~, CIl, :3 {co.ynt${iJs firSt dt;., ",Ow and thta,ughou fl. :2 de in .ring. ell 1, {3 de in rin g, ch 1~ 5 ti mas: j o~n with sl st to be~ i rmilllg de: 6 3-de groups. . ., de in same st as joining {beginning iffC next de f2 de in next de (inc m~dcJl, Gil 1, skip next ch-I sp, (inc; iin next de, de in next de, :inc in ne.xl de, ch l, sk~p next ch-t spl 5 times;. join with sl st to beginn ~rilIg de, ..

(me- s~X-~otll'f strip wiU, r~9ht sides and iong ,oogestCigeUleF. Worik,lng n'l b.u::k Joopo,llly of both strips UlroughoLJ'l, jCin 10k Tea I with sj st 111 Comer ch- 1 sp; ch }, sl st in ea chi sr across to kist ch-l sp and fi nlsh off. Repem to join remain ing

strips. fig. 9


R:nd .2: [Ch de

3, ir;,

Rnd3: Wor.k. begkm tfllg Iinc, de II! Mxt de, work front post a~round 'th~ PO$t of c:eilterdc i n 3~d.c group 2. r9W$ below, de ill rfe~t de, ~nc in n~,'>(tdiG, c:;;h1, skip flext ch-t sp, (inc- in next de, de in ne)ft de, wQrkfron~ post din aroUJF1[d the post of center .dc in' 3-dc group 2 r¢\AlS below,de in tqtlxt d c, inc ill f1'eJ\~de, ell 1, ~kfP next ch-l ~p) 5 t~mes; join with $1 st to beg,irJrl~ Flg de, find 4,: Work ibegunningl inc, de in next 5 '£t1O ~nc ln nextde ch ". skip next .eh-~ (inc in next de, de I~ next 5. sts, i,n~


rt) next de, eh 1, skip next ch·l sp] !5 times: Join with sl st to beg-in ningoc; fi r;iI ish off. . FInd 5; Join DI<: TQ~I with 51 st to t~rsll de to left of any dH :i\P, work begirm~ng lnc, de in next de, work 'front post dtr arDund the post of ~~cQ~d de ofilic2 rowsb,elow .• de in next :], de, work front post dtr around the post of firS'! de oT !l~xt inc :2 FOVVS below, de in next de, klc in next de. ch 1. sk~iP next ch- 1 sp, (inc if'! next de, de in next dc, work flFo-nt p-OiSt dtrhalf'ound the post of second de 01 next inc :2 rows be I?W, dci n ne;,:J3' de, work fw nt POlS!dtr around the post of first de elf next lnc. 2 ,rows be!low, de in next de, inc in In ext de, ch 11,skip 11ext ch.-l 3p} 5 times; join. wi'th slst to
b~~:nn ~!'Jgdc, . FInd 6~ Work beg~nr1irl'9i nc, die in n'@'){t9' sts inc in next dG., ?h 1, ~kJP next ch-Isp, ~~ncin next de, de in next 9. 51S, inc m nsxt de, ch 1, skip next ch-l sp)5 times; joi,n WIU, 1>1 MW


[OGING With rrng hit side facing, jovn 0 k Teal with sl st to mw de; en )!, work reverse sc in each 101 and 2 reverse so ill each come r eh-l sp a raid t)'d; jci n with ~I st to beg irmiorilg s't;fin ~stl 0'1'11.

bEf9inni ng de; finish off



4. Candy Stripe -4{g/uln
Worsted Weight Yam, appreximately: WI1 it€!' - 32 ounces (9Ul gr!1Jns, r

Row 1: Wor,k Beginning Snownake as follows: work Snowflake Leg,. ch 1 and pull up loop on hoork to 1", YO loosely, insert hook in Ilast EY(JJet made. YO arid pulll up a 1~ loop, [VO loosely, insert hook in next Eyeiet (of previous raw), YO and puH up a 1 loop] twice, YO loose!:y (Fig.na)', holding yam back draw throlJgh aU 7 loops on hook, i nsert hook ill he Id back loop, YO ~nd dra w th rough both loops (Beginning S nowf/aka made). ,., ch 1 an d pull up loop 011 hoo,k; to 1 N, YO Ioose Iy, insert hook in last Eve let made, YO and pull up alii loop. YO Woosely. insert hook. in last Ey~~erused Oil previous row, YO and pun up g' 1~ loop, YO loos,el~v. insert hook in next unused Eyele1 all previous row, YO and' pull up a 1 loop, YO loosely {Fig. llb}" holding yam back draw 'through all 7 loops on hook. insert hook in h@ld back loop, YO and draw through both IOOP5 em hook (Snowflake m.ade)': rep from across: 60 Snowflakes" Niote: Be SU re to wo rk into ttl e fina I EV'Ellet of prev IOU s row,

48 ~ x 69


BrigM Red Crochet hook,

28 ounces
size K


1759 yards} rnrn) or size needed fO'F galuge

{7S9 grams,

:w 12 yards)


N1ote: Toe hang e Dolors, wOIrk. las'l Sn ocMlali<e to last step {2 loops on hook), with new color, YO and dra wthf101l 9 h loops; cut o~d color.
Foundation Row: With White, [eh 2 and pull up loop On hook 'W 1 ". YO teosel y, i nsert hook ~Il seco nd ch from hoes, YO dilld pun UIP a. 1~ loop (rig. 7Oa), YO ~!Q,oS€lly, hoi d~ng ya rn back {Fig. 'lOb}, d rawth rough all 3 loops 0 n hook, ~n~ert hook in held back loop, YO {.Fig. 10d and draw through both Iloops tEvel,et made. FirJ. JOdi {Beginning Snowflake Leg made}], r ch 1 and pu II up Icop (;)!1 hook to ~ ". YO :Ioosely, ~nsen1 hook jn last EY(l'I'®-t made, YO and puH up a 1 loop, YO loosely, hoki~llg yam back drarw through all 3 loops on hook. inse-rt hook: in held back ~OOP. YO and draw through both loops {:$fU)wBake Leg rnadB}J: rep from 5S ti rnes m ore: 60 Leg Fou ndati on Row rna de.




dec rea ~e win


IFig. 11a





Fig. 10c


Row 2: Wo rk S nlowflake Leg, tu rn r com p lete Begl nn ~ng Snowflake: work S nowijakes across: 60 Snowfta kes, Rows 3-6: Rep Row 2, 4 times. changing to Br~gllt Red in last SnoW"f!ake of la st Row_ Rows '7·9': Rep Row 2, 3 tf mes, chan g i ng to Wh ~te in last S !1owilake of t<'l st Row. R,ow!> 110-13: Rep Row 2: 4 ti rnes, chan 9 i ng to Brig ht Red in last Snowftake of last Row_ Rows 14·16" Rep Row 2,3 times. changing to' White in last Snovvflake of last Row. Row!> 1!7-2.2: Rep Row 2, 6 ti rnes, ell <In9 ingl to B Iright Red in lalst Sn owfla,k e of last A ow. Rows 23·70: Rep Rows 7-22, 3 times. Rows 71-85: Rep Rows 7-21" Row 86: Rep A ow 2; 'Finish Off.

MATEIlIALS Worsted Weig~t Yarn, approximatelv: White32: eunees ~910 grams~ 2012 yards) 5 yards brignt red 2% ti w satun ri biQon .c rOGh€1 ho:ok. size P ('0,00 m rn] o,r size needed

in last 7 de.
for gauge)

ROow 26: Ch 3, Row 2.7: CM3, in last 3 dc. Row Ztl: Ch 3, Row 29:, ell 3,

turn: de in each 51 across. tum; de- in ne,)i('t 0 dc, work fibbor'l slot, de 7 'fum; de; ~rl each Sl,01IC.rOSS, turn; de in next fro de, work ribbon slat, de

HowJO: CI1 3,tl.l!m; de in ~~cll, st across . Row 31!; CIl 3, turn; de in next 62 de, work ribbon slot, de in last 11 de. Rowl2; Ch ;:, 'lurn; de ,i n each st a cross"

Note li'1: Enti,e 3f9 han is work!oo holding "two strands of yam tog-ether. Note ,12: To WOlrl,:; ribbon slor, IVO,. insert hook into base or ~a de an d puII up a, loop, YO .and drillw throu 9 hone 100 p st 011 hook, (YOl'lnd draw through 2 loops on hook] tvvkeJ 5 times, skip next 5 de, [YO, insert hook into base of last st :arld througth bot~ ioop$ or next de and pull up a loop, (YO arid draw th rough 2 lcops) twice I. Ch 82 loosely. Ro,w1 (IRight ~.ide): 0 c ill fourth ell from hOOK1;Ind in each c h across: 79 sts, Row 2: Ch3 [counts as fi"5t dc, now and :tftraugno,u rJ, tm'n.; de in each de SCrOS$. He",," :3; Ch3, tu rn; de in next 418·de, work rib bon slot, de in last 25 de. RooW 4: Ch3, turn; d G in each st across. FhlW 5~ Ch 3, turn; de in next 44 de, work ribbon slot, de in


Row 33; en 3, ty rrt; de ~n nel( t 58 de, work h'lst 15 de.

fubbon slot, de

29 de.

Row ,34: Ch 3, turn; flow 35: ell ,3, turn; de ~r1 least 19 de. IF! ow 36,: C h :3, turn: floW' 'Yl: Ch 3, turn; ~n last 23 de" tRow 3tk Ch 3,tl"lwn; fI ow 39: C h 3, tum; i nlast 27 de. Row 40: eill 3,. tum; RCiW 41: eM 3, tum; in last 31 dc, Row 42,: Ch 3, rum; Row 43: Ch~, turn: in last 35 oe. RbW44: Ch;3;, turn:

de in each st across. de in next 54 de, work ribbon slot.

de in each sts cross.
de ill next 50 de, work ribben slot, de de in each st across. de ill next 46 de, work rilb bon slot, d G de in each sit .;I·CfOS5. de ,n next 42 de, work ribbon slot. de de Li"Ieach st across,
de iriJ next





slot, de

Row 6: Ch3, turn: de in each st across. Row 7: Ch 3, tum: de ill next 40 de, work ribbon slot, de. in last 33 de,

de Ineach st across. Row 45: Ch3, tum; de in next 34 de, work ribbon slot, de in tast 39 de, ROlw46: ell 3, turn: dc rrl each st (ICW~, Row 47: in last 43 Aow 48: Row ,49: Cli <3,tu m; d c~n next 30 de, work ribbon slot, de


ell .:;:,urn; t

de in

each stacross.


ROiV!.!'9: ell ,3, turn; last 37 de,

de ~n nex.t 36 de, work r~bbon510t,

Ch 3, tum; de in each st across, Ch '3, tum; de in next 26 de, work r~ibbon slot, de

Row 10: Ch 3,

Row 11 : ell 3,hJrn; de tnnext 32 de, work ribbon slot, de. in last 41 do. Row '1.2:Ch 3" tu rill; dc in Eliil G h stac ross, Row ";1:3: Ch 3, turn; de un next 28 de, work ribbon 510lr de
in last 45 de, turn;

rn; de


each st across.

in last 47 de.
Row 50: Ch 3, tum; de in each st across; do not finisM off,

f~IN! ~SH~ MG
Edging 5 sc in same st, 2 sc in end of each fow~crO';>5 11 ext corner de, 5 sc in comer de, sc i,r'! ea ch 51 ac'FOSS nexi comer de, 5 sc 1ncorne r de. 2 S(:, in end of es ch across to nextcorner de, 5 sc in corner de, sc in each across, join with sis t to beg i nn i ng sc: fin ish off.

Rowi14: Gil 3, Row 15:, Gil 3, In last 49 de. Row 16! en 3, Row i17~ Ch3, ill last 53 de. Row '18: Gh :3, Row 19:, CI':i:3,
in last 57

de ill each st across. turn; de in next 2.4 de, work ribbon slot, de

en ."

to to row

turn; de In each st across. tum; O'C fn r'1ext20 de, work ribbon slot, de
tu rn: de i i'iI ea ch 511 aeross, lu rn; de i fiI next 16 die, work If'ibbmn slot,



WelO)ving Ribbon Witn righ:t side faCing, refer to photo to weave rjbbon through each set .of ribbor'! 5~Ot5 o(;rO'\)$ corners of 2lTg.h.an.
Trim ribbonends even with afghan; tack ends to back 'of afghan, Tie remaining ribbon ~ength ill a bow; refer to photo to tack bow to afgh;;;lr1, Trim streamers,

Row 20: Ch 3, tum; Row ,21];Chi 3, ~urn; in iasr61 de. Row 2Z: Chi 3,torn; Row 23: Gh 3, turn; last 105 de. R.ow,24; Ch 3, turn; Row 25~ eh J, turn; 1~5tG9 de.

de insach st across, de ilri next' 2 de, work ribbon slot, de
de in 'each Sf across, de fn next 3 de, work ribbon slot, de Ifli

de In each st across.
de in next 4 dc. w~,rk ribbon sho,t de ill1!


6.Chrisbnas Tree Afgkan_~~
IFINIISHE.ID S'l.ZE: Apprcxlmatelv 45,'" x 57%~

~ ...

,c::;;:" ... ' ...




1:'1 nd d'iG n by jo~ni ng strips. Place two squ ares with ld'g ht sldas togeth er, mate hing top of one square to bottom of ... another square .. Working, in back loop, only of bO'llh squares throughout, join DI<. Red with 515t to corner sc: ch 1. sl st in each sc across to next come; sc en d f nish off (refer to, .JQining ,. PrJ. 1}. Re peat to add three m o-re squa res. Repea t to fo rrn th rae more strips. Place two ~trips with ,:jg ht sides and long edges tog'ether. Wo~k.ing in back loop on~yof bOlth strips thmugnolJt, [oln Dk Red wj'th 51 st to corner soc;en 1, 31 st in each 5C across to last corner sc and fi ni~h off. IR epeat to join rsrna inin 9 strips.

MATERIALS Worsted Wei9ht Yarn, apprcxirnatelv: Teal' - 2S ounces (1'9:9 grams, 1759 yards) Dk Red - 16 OYrlOOS {451 grams, 1007 y,ardls~ Crochet hook. size F (4.00 mm} or size needed f.or gauge

J10INING Afghan is assembled by formpiI1g 4 strips of 5 squares each

GAUGE: 16. de and 8 rows



H ow To IRgad Chart: Each bla nk sq uare 0 n 'the chart represents one Space [ch 2, de} and each grey sqllan~ represents one Block (3 del. The chart should be read from bottom to top. Odd numbered rows should be read from righ t to left; even num bered rows shou.ld be read fro rn left to right.





Teal. ch 44 loeselv.

'Row 1 ~Right side}: De in 8th ch from hook, Ich 2, skip next 2: chs, de in next ch I 12 tim es: 13 ch~2 sps, Rmiioi2: Ch 5 (counts as first ,ae plus ell 2, no W ,and thr,oughQut), tum; de in next de, lch 2, de in next de (Space over Space made)] 12. times .. Row 3: ~h5, turn; de: in next de, worck 4 Spaces, [2 de in next ch-2 $P. de in next de (BJ,ock ,over Sp'ace made)]

EIJ'GFNI'G f'ight side fac~ngand working in back loop only, join DkRed with sl st to corner sc: ch 1, sl st in each st around afghan; ioin with ::;1 to beginning sc: finish off. st Key


o space

3 ti rnes, we rk 5 Spaces.
Row 4: Ch 6, turn; de in next de, work 4 Spaces, ldc dO next 3 de {Block over Block made" 3 times, work 5 Spaces. Rows 5-8: Follow cha Ft. Row 9: ell 5, tum; de in next de, work, Space, lch 2, skip next 2 de, de in next de (,Space o've'l" Bla,ck ruade}J; follow chart. R,ows 10-20: Follow chart, Finish off.




, I





Row 10



, ..

Rnd 1; Wi til rig ht side facin g j olin Dk. FI,edwith 51 st in ~Gft corner Space of last row of tree square; ch 3., 4 de: in same Spac?, 2 de in end of each row across to next corner Space, 5 de In comer Space; working over beginning ch, 3 de in each Space across 'to next corner Space, 5 de in corner Space, :2 de in end of each row across to next Corner Space, 5 de in corner Space; working over sts, 3 de in each Space across; join witn sl st to be-ginning de. Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in each de around working 3 sc in center de of each B-dc group; join with sl st to beginning sc: finish off.






Row 1

ZPlaid 4liThan~~~~~~--~~~~
F1rI,USHEID SIZE.: Apprm::imiMely MATE.RIAtS
44~ x 631~" WEAVI,NG

Worsted Weight Yarn,


Green - 37 OIlJ nees (1050 grams, 2327 yards} Bright Reo - 20 ounces (565g:ra ms, 11257yards) White - 8 ounces (229 grams, S03 V31'd s}
Cmchet hoe k,

Each row i~ woven with eix strands of yam. Cut strands 16 .longer than finished afghan length. Row 1: Thread yam needle with six strandset Gfeer'l. Ho~d aig han ho.rizontaUy with beginn i.n9 Ch of -erec hat at lower fight,hand corner _ lie,av[ng a4~ length of yarn for fr~nge, , insert need 11fl own thmugh eh be low first eh- 1 sp off! rst d


P (10.00 mm ~ or sf Z8' n eeded

for g.~ugle


Bring needle up th roll gl:1 firf!Ot eh- 1 sp of fi<rst rowa nd

Yam needle GAUGE: 5 (ch ", hdc) and 5 rows


go dQWIl ir'! adjoil"]ing C h-l sp of sece nd row. Conti nu ('.I weaving up and down in each ch-I sp across, lnsert rleedle fhrough ch at edg e of af9 han, Pu II row o'f VIle<lvirig out

even Iy

Nore U,': EntJFe afg han is worked hotd i ngl two strands of yam tog9ther. Note #2: To change colors, work last tide before cclcr change to last step ~3 loops on nook), with new calm, YO ano draw ttl rQll 9h loop's; cut ol.d color. Wijln GW6'en, ch 113 Ioose 1'1' . 'Row iI {Right side}: Hee in fifth ell from hook, ch 1, skip next en, hd c in next eh; rep from across: 55 cn-' sps. Row 2: Ch 3 (COunts .as first hac plu$ci1 1, nO w .f;I nd til rougho!.itJ, tu rn: hdc in next hdc, c h 1, 11 e in next d hde; rs p from across. Row3~ Rep Row 2, chang rng to White in last hd c. ,RCiW 4: Rep Row 2, c hang ~ng to G reeln in last hd c. Rows &-7: Rep Row 2, 3 time-s, ch.mging to Bright Red 11"1 last hde of last row. Rows 8",9: Rep A ow :2 twtce ,c hang i ng to Wh~te in last tide of ~ast rOW. Row '10: Rep Row 2, ch.mglng to Bright Red in lsst hdc. IF! W!> n-12: Rep Row 2.Mti ce, chan 9 i ng to Green in 18 st Q M'c of last rOW. Rc,ws 13·15: Rep Row 2, 3, times, chiilnging to Whitoein last hdc of last row. Row 16: Rep Row 2, c halng1 to Green in fast hdc, ng Rows 17-1:9: Rep Row 2, 3 times, changing to Bright Red in

so afg I;a n does not pu cker , 2; With G ree n and III rm.ni ng u p and dawn positions





with tnose of preced i ng row, manner. Con tl nue weavi ng in Row 3: Green Row 4: White Rows ~7; Green Rows 8~9: Bright Red Row 10: White Rows 1Vl2: Bfigh t Red Rows 13·1'5: Green Row Hi: Wh ite Rows 17-19: Green Rows 20·55: R~p Rows 8-19, completed, lay afghan flat on en ds evenJy.


weave next row ~ sam e n the following color sequenee:

3· times. When W\"t<Jving is hard surface and trim fringe

1000st hdc of last row.

FIow!> 20-67: Rows 68·76: IRows, 77·19;

A.ep Rows 8- 19, 4 tim es. Re pRow:;; 8-1B. Rep Row 2, 3 tj rnes. Fi n ish off_

We h~,,,~ m~rl!e every etta rt tQ ensure that thellie In~tructtQ!U

.'I!'d comp'ete. W'il CIll'!flO't, however, 00 re:swnsit!!~rm tYJl"Ci'{jraph leal mlsta};:~ .. o r vaf~tiOIi<!i In IflDFYuDual work.
Ins.truc11'fIl\S tostM ana COWlr !t.ems rn,;!de by J Etrtfll~

ere aceu r",~ 1'I1Imari error.


Ch)bra Dov~,



Sherry Mer,ritt. Tracy Rheln, an..;!Annie Mary Wilson.


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