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9-28 COJ Dismissals

9-28 COJ Dismissals

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Published by Timothy Gibbons
People removed from Jacksonville city government employ Sept. 28, 2011.
People removed from Jacksonville city government employ Sept. 28, 2011.

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Published by: Timothy Gibbons on Sep 29, 2011
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Civil Service

Al-Basir, Salimal

Department /Division
Central Operations

Job Title
Account Technician

$ 26,213.86

Recreation & Chief of Community Military AffairsServices Veterans and Disabled $ 83,299.96 Mayoral Appointee Buehn, Robert A. Jr. Administrativ Mayor's e Aide $ 32,986.80 Mayoral Appointee Caulfield, Glenda Office Clapsaddle, Mayoral Appointee Michael Central Operations Chief of Procurement

$ 88,200.00

Civil Service Civil Service

Recreation & Recreation Crabtree, Brandon Community Leader Senior Services Davis, Eric DeBelen, Chris Public Works Information Technology Centrao Operations Engineering Drafter User Interface Designer I Technical Illlustrator/SPE

$ 24,518.07 $ 27,175.92

Civil Service Domingo, Renato Civil Service Mayoral Appointee Duncan, Joey Freeman, Tira Civil Service Frobish, Dennis Civil Service Gardner, Lauren Civil Service Mayoral Appointee Givens, Michael

$ 58,760.64

$ 34,754.64 $ 146,404.59

Director of Public Works Public Works Central Operations Information Technology Account Technician/S PE Applications Analyst Senior

$ 33,785.54

$ 60,636.36

Recreation & Recreation Community Leader Senior Services Finance Treasurer

$ 22,238.64 $ 116,444.46

Chief of Planning & Building & Developmen Zoning t Inspection Mayoral Appointee Goldsbury, Thomas

$ 102,761.90

Green, Elroy Civil Service

Recreation & Recreation Community Leader Senior Services Director of Housing & Housing & Neighborho Neighborhoo ods ds Director of Environment Environment al Resources al & Compliance Central Operations Central Operations Clerical Support Aide III Chief of Fleet Managemen t

$ 20,690.40

Mayoral Appointee Greger, Wight

$ 107,409.96

Gujjarlapudi, Mayoral Appointee Ebenezer Hatcher, Katheryn Civil Service

$ 117,600.00

$ 30,463.69

Mayoral Appointee Houston, Sam K. Jr.

$ 104,511.68

Mayoral Appointee Hull, Sandra

Recreation & Community Chief of Adult Services Services $ 83,299.96 Mayor's Office Finance Temporary Clerical Assistant

Mayoral Appointee Innes, Michelle Jackson, Lillie Civil Service Civil Service Civil Service Jackson, Tyrone Jiminez, Evidio

$ 21,953.57

Accounting Project Specialist Engineering Public Works Drafter Engineering Public Works Drafter

$ 46,785.69 $ 31,789.20 $ 31,954.08

Killingsworth, William Mayoral Appointee Klonisko, Stephen Civil Service

Planning & Director of Developmen Planning and t Developmen t $ 120,049.96 Clerical Central Support Aide Operations III $ 41,409.08

Recreation & Special Community Events Public Services Relations Manager Mayoral Appointee Langston, Christina

$ 68,599.96

Civil Service Civil Service

Mack, Donna Malice, Penelope

Central Operations Central Operations

Project Assistant Administrativ e Aide

$ 42,274.26 $ 36,336.00

Finance Miller, George Mayoral Appointee (Mickey) Mosley, Leroy Civil Service Mayoral Appointee Newman, Alice Oates, Eugene Civil Service Mayoral Appointee Olson, Kent

Director of Finance/Chie f Financial Officer (CFO) $ 156,710.28

Recreation & Recreation Community Leader Senior Services Mayor's Office Administrativ e Aide

$ 21,174.36 $ 43,907.02

Recreation & Recreation Community Leader Senior Services Finance Budget Officer

$ 24,518.07 $ 114,844.93

Mayoral Appointee Pappas, John Parliament, Chris Civil Service Pender, Kara Civil Service

Deputy Public Works Director of Public Works Information Technology Central Operations Central Operations Emerging Tech Analyst/SPE Clerical Support Aide III/SPE

$ 117,600.00

$ 83,299.92

$ 26,824.80

Pennymon, Mayoral Appointee Benjamin

Public Communicati ons Officer $ 58,800.00

Mayoral Appointee Phillips, Roslyn

Recreation & Director of Community Recreation & Services Community Services

$ 133,196.70

Mayoral Appointee Price, Theresa

Recreation & Community Special Event Services Manager $ 111,069.92 Central Operations Director of Central Operations

Mayoral Appointee Reed, Devin

$ 122,500.04

Civil Service

Recreation & Recreation Richardson, Douglas Community Leader Senior Services Roberts, Mitzi Information Technology Information Technology

$ 24,518.07

Civil Service Scott, James L Civil Service

Telecommuni cations Lead Tech $ 38,202.24 Telecommuni cations Lead Tech $ 40,445.23 Principal Internal Auditor Customer Relationship Coordinator City Comptroller

Smith, Jin May Chen Finance Civil Service Stafford, Sharon Civil Service Mayoral Appointee Stork, Kevin Swed, Karl Civil Service Tribe, MIchael Civil Service Information Technology Finance

$ 75,888.75

$ 80,752.04 $ 117,010.37

Recreation & Veteran's Community Placement Services Specialist/SPE Central Operations Mayor's Office Clerical Support Specialist Jacksonville Journey Project Manager Customer Relationship Coordinator Courthouse Documents Control Applications Analyst Senior

$ 30,379.96

$ 27,506.52

Mayoral Appointee Verges, Deborah Wallace, Shaun Civil Service West, Quilnetta Civil Service Williams, Travis T Civil Service Information Technology Central Operations Information Technology

$ 58,797.65

$ 68,222.70

$ 34,300.04

$ 47,731.40


Will revert to Civil Service position

Will revert to Civil Service position

Will revert to Civil Service position

Will retire

Will retire

Will revert to Civil Service position

Will retire effective 9/30/11

Will revert to Civil Service position

Will retire

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