This competition is open to all Form 1 and 2 RK students only. Each team comprises a maximum of 15 participants including the technical crew, stage manager, technical conductor, set and prop assistant.

3.2 Duration of performance is limited to 20 minutes including the setting up and clearing of sets and props 3.3 The drama should be based on literature text of form 1 & 2 3.4 It is compulsory to use English language throughout the sketch 3.5 The drama should portray theme and values 3.6 There are 2 categories to be won 3.7 The judges decision is final.
1. Best Performer 2. Best Performances


Without any delay, I would like to call upon the first team from ____________________ to perform a play entitled _________________________

5. Thank you. Such a superb performance.
Let us move on to the next production called _________________________. It is going to be presented by the participants from ______________________________.

6. Thank you. An entertaining yet educational performance.
Last but not least, I would like to invite the team from ____________________________ to present a sketch. The title of their sketch is ______________________________________.

7. Thank you for the wonderful sketch. That is the last team competing in the English
language Sketch Competition this evening. Now, let us take a short break to allow sufficient time for the judges to come up with the result.

8. again, good evening everyone. Now is the time we have been waiting for. To start off the
prize giving ceremony, I would like to invite our most respected _____________________, ________________________from ____________________ to give his/her speech.

9. Thank you, _________________________. Without further adieu, I would like to
announce the winners of the the English language Sketch Competition this evening. 9.1 The third place goes to ______________________________________________ 9.2 The third place goes to ______________________________________________ 9.3 The third place goes to ______________________________________________

10. Before we go, once again, thank you to all of who have put a lot of effort to ensure our
competition today a success. See you again next. Attention to all teachers, refereshment is provided at the canteen. Thank you.

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