UK Website For Solar Panels Launched Solar Pages offers a detailed and up-to-date source of information about solar

p anels and renewable solar energy sources. Maidstone, Kent, September 29, 2011 -- Solar Pages and Paul Simms, site owner an d operator are pleased to announce the formation of a new solar panels informati on and price comparison website service. The page was set up as part of Solar Pa nels Quotations pages dating from January 2010. The purpose of the Solar Pages i s to disseminate information and to learn where installers of solar panels can b e found. In a recent interview, Paul Simms, site manager was quoted as saying, "We aim to be the number 1 source of solar energy news and information and help UK homeown ers discover the full benefits of solar power." Energy costs continue to increase, making renewable energy a more popular and pr actical option for UK homeowners. Photovoltaic solar panels are only one type of panel that are now available in the UK market. Solar panels are made of a serie s of crystalline cells of semiconducting material in a frame of aluminum. There is a glass sheet that protects the crystalline cells, yet lets the light through . The silicon cells may be either monocrystalline or polycrystalline. In the United Kingdom, polycrystalline panels are widely available and are popul ar. This type of panel is cheaper than monocrystalline silicon crystals and is r elatively efficient to produce electrical current. Learn more about the increasing number of options available in solar or renewabl e energy panels and how they can be installed in the homes of UK residents by vi siting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about solar power, or about the material included within this specific press release may contact Paul Simms at the locati on presented below. Contact : Paul Simms Solar Pages Maidstone, Kent ME15 8LW United Kingdom 08455198710

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