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Purpose of Yoga

Purpose of Yoga

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Published by: frezai on Sep 29, 2011
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According to the philosophy upon which the Science of Yoga is based, the Reality withi n us is free from the

fundamental illusion which is responsible for the limitations and miseries of our life. The individual consciousness or Purusa is a manifestation of that R eality. How does he then become subject to the Great Illusion and the consequent sufferi ngs of the lower life? By the imposition of the I consciousness which makes him identi fy himself with his vehicles and with the environment in which his consciousness is immersed. As long as this veil of Asmita or I -ness covers his true nature Svarupa he remains bound by the limitations and illusions of life and the only way in which he can regain his freedom from them is by removing this covering of I consciousness. This 206 is the basic idea underlying the whole philosophy of Yoga and all systems of Yog a aim at the destruction of this I consciousness directly or indirectly, by one means or another. The practice of Isvara-Pranidhana is one of such means. It has for its ob ject the dissolution of Asmita by the systematic and progressive merging of the individua l will with the Will of Isvara and thus destroying the very root of the Klesas -I.K. Taimni

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