Rivera, Reynald N.

July 05, 2011 TThS Operational Definition of Terms Bioclimatic Housing the relationship between the housing form and fabric; living organisms; and the climate in the context of sustainability Bioclimatic Design the process that brings about the disciplines of human physiology, climatology and building physics. CASBEE stands for the Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency; a tool for evaluating the environmental performance of buildings: both the environmental impact and quality of life provided by buildings Climate Change the evolving condition of the meteorological atmosphere affecting the environment in a global context Climate Responsive a feature that has a greater synthesis between building elements and the conditions of the sun, wind, and rain, with better interpretation of location and climate parameters, and harmonious passive and active cooling strategies Comfort Triangle, The a method to relate comfort, climate and habitat listing the innovations, advantages and limitations of this method Eco-Efficiency recognizing the earth’s carrying capacity; described as “getting more from less”

The study may be seen as an inspiration to look into vernacular architecture. the study intends to be utilized as guide into designing bioclimatic self-built neo-vernacular housing in places with weather conditions such as Baguio and alike. for solutions to the problems we face today and the future. . the structures we design should evolve to adapt to changing environments. concepts from indigenous Philippine architecture may be adopted in order to reinterpret passive cooling strategies into the modern day context of neo-vernacular. not only in the Philippines.Self-Built Housing the structures built by the common people without the consultation of professionals using vernacular construction methodologies and materials Vernacular described as methods of construction which use locally available resources and traditions to address local needs and circumstances Importance of the Study With the trends of current technology and research aiming towards passive design and low-energy consuming structures. To address the phenomenon of climate change within the Philippine setting. Even though the majority of the Philippines is involved in the development of self-built urban settlements. bioclimatic design needs to be emphasized in the environmental context of the Philippines As world experiences climate change as it grows.

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