Materials Needed

Yellow and Green felt Fiberfill Green Thread (I used 438 DMC Thread) Needle Scissors Using the pattern from page 2, cut the body of the lemon out of yellow felt and the stem/leaves of the lemon out of green felt. Start by arranging 2 pieces of the lemon body together. Using a sewing machine, sew down one side of the pieces you have arranged together. Make sure to leave ¼ of an inch open from the top. Continue arranging the pieces of lemon body together, sewing each new side together. Conclude by sewing the last sides together, closing the lemon shut. When all sides have been sewed together, carefully turn your lemon right side out. Generously stuff your lemon with fiberfill. Grab the stem/leaves piece, the sewn and stuffed body of the lemon and green thread and needle. Using the green thread, sew the top of your lemon closed. This will be covered with the stem/leaves, so the green stitches will not show and does not need to look perfect. Tact down the round stem to the body of the lemon. Sew around the entire circle of the stem pulling the thread to give it a knob shape. Pull the needle up through the center of the stem. Make a thick French knot. This provides no real purpose other than visual. Using the same needle and thread, pull it back into the French knot and re-emerge the needle down the center of one of the leaves. Embroider up the center of the leaf, attaching it with each stitch to the body of the lemon. With each new embroidery stitch, pull your thread tight. This will pull the sides of the leaves up, giving it more shape. *Repeat these steps for the remaining leaf.


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