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Sono Bello

Sono Bello

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Published by: jordan_steward_3 on Sep 30, 2011
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Sono Bello is gratified that the Medical Quality Assurance Commission and Dr.

So brino were able to resolve the outstanding issues involving his treatment of Aur a Javellana today. Sono Bello reiterates its heartfelt sympathy to the Javellan a family. During the pendency of this investigation, Sono Bello chose not to di scuss the particular facts and circumstances surrounding this matter for a varie ty of reasons. Unfortunately, a number of inaccurate claims and false innuend o were disseminated during this time period suggesting Ms. Javellanaâ s death was cau sed by an overdose of lidocaine. We are pleased that the Commission found the m edical evidence did not support these claims. As we have maintained all along, there was no finding that anything Sono Bello did caused this unfortunate death. The Commission specifically concluded that the patient did not follow the post -surgical instructions from her physician and specifically failed to have a care giver with her for 24 hours after the procedure as she had been instructed to do by her physician and the clinic. The findings do support the importance of t he need for patients to follow the instructions of their doctors, particularly p ost-surgical nstructions. Sono Bello has strengthened its procedures to assure compliance with its instructions and has earned the accreditation of the AAAHC ( Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) testifying to the strength of its commitment to the highest standard of care for its patients. E. Pennock Gheen Sono Bello Attorney

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