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Mercer Ipe English

Mercer Ipe English

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Published by: Burton Lee on Sep 30, 2011
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International Position Evaluation

Modern, fast, consistent and flexible position evaluation

International Position Evaluation
How are organisations using position evaluation systems?
Position evaluation systems offer organisations an independent method to compare various aspects of a job and then rank positions against each other. As a result, companies overcome the ambiguities caused by comparing job titles alone and have an objective basis for:
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Mercer’s IPE system is:

Ready-made: Our system has been tested by hundreds of organisations and can be implemented quickly and consistently across your offices without months of design work. Modern: Reflecting today’s complex and diverse business structures, IPE objectively considers the nature of your organisation as well as a full array of knowledge (technical, management and cultural), communication and innovation requirements. Global: Built from the ground up to be an international system, IPE is supported globally by Mercer consultants. Now, multinational organisations can easily compare positions across job families and organisations, anywhere in the world. Web based: eIPE is a web tool that can facilitate the evaluation process, store your evaluations, compare outcomes across businesses and job families, identify outliers and be distributed globally. Flexible: Our factor-based approach uses a traditional point-factor or decision-tree process, or both, in the same organisation. It’s your choice when using eIPE. Multilingual: No need to worry about inaccuracies due to translation; eIPE now interfaces with multiple languages.


Determining pay for positions, Ensuring internal equity across job families, and

Measuring the organisation’s positions against the market.

Mercer’s IPE System – A step ahead
Mercer’s proprietary International Position Evaluation (IPE) system is a global factor-based approach, allowing for fast, reliable and consistent measurement of positions’ size and value to an organisation across job families, within any type of organisation, anywhere in the world.



Users talk, and we listen and act
Two noteworthy updates over the past few years are a result of users’ desire to increase the transparency of their global pay programs and distribute evaluation responsibility while maintaining consistencies. 1. Decision Tree. Users now can chose to evaluate jobs using a decision-tree approach that equates to a full factor evaluation (same native methodology and same transparency) by answering a set of hierarchically structured questions. Easy to use and ideal for HR generalists. 2. eIPE. Because technology is critical to today’s anytime, anywhere business norms, eIPE now is used by hundreds of clients for quick and easy cross-company and cross-function comparisons. It has linking capability to Mercer’s job family structure, multilingual user interface and the option to use the decision-tree approach.

Consider these questions:
Still wondering whether IPE is right for you? Join the hundreds of other organisations who chose Mercer’s IPE system for the reasons you might now be struggling with within your organisation.

Are you looking for something that has a track record of success and can be implemented quickly and consistently? Do you desire multiple approaches to evaluate jobs, such as point factor and decision tree? Would you like to decentralize responsibility (particularly among HR generalists) while maintaining consistency and corporate oversight and governance? Are multilingual capabilities a key consideration? Is anytime, anywhere access important? Are you seeking a strong and transparent linkage to market data around the globe as well as access to more than 2,000 Mercer benchmark jobs and evaluations to speed the evaluation process?



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To learn more
If you are seeking a robust management tool to provide insights into your job and organisational structures, we should talk. Mercer has significant experience working with the world’s leading organisations in implementing and managing their position evaluation processes. To learn more, visit our website at mercer.com/ipe or contact your local Mercer office.


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