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Referring to the instruction manual of SIEMENS POWER TRANSFORMER 31.5/40MVA, 132/12KV, M/S. Siemens has specified following: 1. Spark Gaps of Arching Horns : For rated voltage Gap width 10KV70mm 20KV85-120mm

2. Maintenance Work with time interval (VIII-5/9): Cleaning the Protective spark Gaps 3. Trouble shooting Action If frequent operations of Protective Spark Gap Reason Electrical Arching distance no longer correct Remedial Action Adjust the clearance between the arching horns and screw them tight 2 times in a year

Reason for construction of arching horns: Arcing horns function by bypassing the high voltage across the insulator using air as a conductive medium. The small gap between the horns ensures that the air between them breaks down resulting in a flashover and conducts the voltage surge rather than cause damage to the insulator. The horns are constructed in pair so that one horn is on the line side and the other is on the ground side. Suggestions: Arching horns creepage distance be checked and increased if required.