www.boxxtech.com via (www.escapestudios.co.







www.nvidia.co.uk (Graphics cards)

Example Specification HP Z400 Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.06GHz CPU 6GB RAM + Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB Graphics Card 320GB HD 500GB Additional HD DVD RIW Windows 7 64 Bit OS

High End Computer Suppliers
We recommend that you purchase a computer from a recognised computer graphics industry supplier. • Manufacturers such as Dell & Hewlett Packard supply computers to Hollywood and London studios . • You can expect to pay between £1000 and £2000 for a computer capable of 3D work . • We recommend Nvidia Quadro graphics cards for Autodesk Maya

An External Hard Drive 1TB or Greater (£80+)

A Graphics Tablet Wacom Intous 4 (£100+)

A Flash (Pen) Drive 8 Gig or Greater (£30+)

A 10+ Megapixel Digital Camera Digital SLR if Possible (£100+)

Computer Peripherals
In addition to a desktop computer we recommend that you purchase: • An external hard drive and pen drive to back up and transport your work. • A graphics tablet for home use and use in Photoshop / concept art classes. • A digital camera to use for reference, background, and texture photography.

Photoshop CSS.S For Concept Art & Texturing

Autodesk Entertainment Suite Applications Listed Below

After Effects CSS.S For Visual Effects & Compositing

Maya 2011112 For 3D, Effects, & Animation

Premiere CSS.S For Editing

Mudbox 2011/12 For 3D Sculpting & Texturing

Illustrator CSS,S For Vector Art & 3D Curves

Matchmover 2011/12 For Motion Tracking

MS Office For Written & Presentation Work

Alchemy For Concept Creation



Computer Software
During your studies you will be using a combination of creative software. These are: • The Autodesk Entertainment Suite: Maya, Mudbox, & Matchmover • The Adobe Creative Suite 5: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, & Illustrator. • Alchemy (www.al.chemy.org).

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Free Software


Design Showcase


Over 30 products available for free" download.
Now you can push the boundaries of design with Autodesk® software. Download the same, full version software that over 9 million designers, Il'IrojieCt'~oto'fli'l

engineers and digital artists are using at 1 00 percent of Fortune 1 00 companies in over 183 countries around the world. Experience the newest edttions of 2D and 3D products, Autodesk® Revit®, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Alrtodesk® Maya®, and AutoC!l,D®. download of such as Autodesk® Inventor®,

IfraTlSlate photos into detailed 3D I1:lOCI!lIs using the weIb.

·Free products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies the software. geographies.

The products, programs and other information contained on this page may not be available in all

Live & Online Learning
Students learn in class and online: • All software demonstrations are performed live by practicing professionals. • Each class is supported by online video recordings which are available 24/7. • Our online video resource currently holds over 250 videos covering a wide range of CG techniques.

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