Organizational Behavior

     Behavior Theories Managerial Grid Understanding The Model Five Distinct Leadership Styles Applying the Model in Real Life. .

 The Ohio State theories.  Universities of Michigan studies.The behavioral theories concentrated on the unique behavioral aspects found in leaders that enabled them to attain effective leadership following are the four main behavior theories of leadership.  The managerial Grid  Scandinavian studies  .

The Managerial Grid by Robert R.  The five Managerial Grid styles are based on two fundamental concerns. Mouton  It is a very simple framework that defines five basic styles that characterize workplace behavior and the resulting relationships. • Concern for people • Concern for results  .Blake & Jane S.


  Concern for people.the degree to which a leader emphasizes concrete objectives. their interests. Concern for results. and areas of personal development.the degree to which a leader considers the needs of team members. organizational efficiency and high productivity .

 Impoverished Leadership – Low Production/Low People Description-A delegate and disappear management style. Characteristics-A manager shows a low concern for both people and production. He avoids to get into trouble. thoughtful attention to the needs of the employee. . A basically lazy approach. Characteristics-The manager has a high concern for people. Country Club Leadership Description-one sided. but a low concern for production.

.The manager is autocratic and have high concern for production and low concern for production. Produce or Perish Leadership Description-Authoritarian or compliance leader Characteristics. He provides his employee with money and expects performance back.

Characteristics. Middle-of-the-Road Leadership Description.The manager tries to balance between the competing goals of the company and the need of the workers. .The manager gives some concern to both people and production hope to achieve acceptable performance.

 Team Leadership Description. The manager give high concern to both production and people. Characteristics. .The manager encourages teamwork and commitment among employees. This style emphasizes making employees feel part of the company. Motivation is high.The ultimate.

 Put the Grid in Context.Identify your leadership styles.  .  Identify areas of improvement and develop your leadership skills. place yourself in the grid according to where you believe you fit. Look at your current leadership method and critically analyze its effectiveness. Team Leadership style isn’t always the most effective approach in every situation.

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