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Title Document Control Serial # Author Reviewer Approval

Corrective and Preventative Action Report OP-30-402 Diane Ward Jordan Towart Diane Ward BRC Clause 3.8 Issue Date Rev. Date Page 12/02/10 0


Non-Conformities Identified or Potential Areas of Improvement Date: Department: Ref. CAR if any: Handling of Customer Complaints Pest Control Internal Quality Audit Others, Specify: Result of Investigation Identified By: Description of Non-Conformities or Potential Non-Conformities: Root Cause: Action Recommended: Responsible Department/ Person: X Raw-Material Inspection and Testing In-process Inspection & Testing (Specify the

Final Inspection and Testing Manufacturing

Date: Description of Action:

Corrective Action Taken Taken By:

Summary of Document Change etc.: Planned Date For Reviewing Effectiveness: Review Effectiveness of Corrective Action Taken:


Management Representative: