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Sap Naming Conventions

Sap Naming Conventions


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SAP Naming Conventions

Object Application log Object Subobject Authorization/authorization profile Authorization object Authorization object class Authorization object group CATT procedure Change document object Class Code page Data element Development class Dialog module Documentation module Authorization object Authorization profile Chapter in a structure (CHAP) Description of a CATT procedure Dialog text General text (TX) Implementation Guide chapter Main chapter in a structure (BOOK) Note on chapter in a structure (NOTE) Release Notes Structure Domain Enhancement Enhancement project Enterprise Data Model (EDM) Data model Entity Function Builder Function module Function group User exit function module User exit function module (customer-specific) 30 8 8 10 10 10 30 26 4 4 12 10 4 30 30 10 30 4 30 30 30 10 12 20 20 28 28 20 20 26 20 12 No "_" in second position Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z** (underscore permitted) 9000-9999 Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* RP_9* RH_INFOTYP_P9* Like object name Like object name Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* * Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y_* Z_* Y* Z* XZ* * Length 4 10 Customer Name Range Y* Z* Y* Z*

Object IDoc development Segment type Segment name Basic IDoc type Enhancement type Logical message Info type number Interface LIS (Logistics Information System) Event Unit Lock object Logical database Maintenance and transport object Matchcode Matchcode ID Matchcode object Menu Message Message ID Message number Module pool Module pool for dialog INCLUDES Module pool for screens INCLUDES Module pool for info types INCLUDES Module pool for subroutines INCLUDES Module pool for update program INCLUDES Number range document object Pool name/cluster name Printer macro R/3 Analyzer: Identifier Relation ID Report Report category

Length 27 30 30 30 30 4 30 2 2 16 20 31 1 4 20 20 3 30 30 8/40 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 10 10 20 2 30 4

Customer Name Range Z1* Z2* Y* Z* * * 9000 - 9999 Y* Z** (underscore permitted) Y* Z* Y* Z* EY* EZ* Y* Z* Y* Z* 0-9 Y* Z* Y* Z* +* Y* Z* 900 - 999 SAPDY* SAPDZ* DY* DZ* SAPMY* SAPMZ* MY* MZ* MP9* MP9* SAPFY* SAPFZ* FY* FZ* SAPUY* SAPUZ* UY* UZ* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* 9* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z*

Object Report variant Transportable, global Transportable, local Not transportable Report Writer Report Report group Library Standard layout SAPscript Form Standard text ID Standard text name Style Screen

Length 14 14 1 8 4 3 7 16 4 32 8 4

Customer Name Range X* CUS&* Y* Z* 1st place not numeric (0-9) 1st place not numeric (0-9) 1st place not numeric (0-9) 1st place not numeric (0-9) Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* 9000 - 9999 If the screen does not belong to a module 1st place not numeric Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* 9* 9* Y* Z* Y* Z* Y* Z* T9* P9* PA9* PB9* PS9* PT9* HRT9* HRP9* HRI9* YY* ZZ* (if possible in append) Y* Z*

Set SPA/GPA parameter Spool Layout type Font family Device type Page format System barcode Standard role Standard task Structures/structure fields SYSLOG message ID Table Pool and cluster tables Transparent tables Table field Transaction code Type (ABAP) View Help view View cluster

12 20 16 8 8 8 8 8 8 30 2 10 16/30 16

20 5 16/30 16/30 30

Y* Z* +* Y* Z* Y* Z* H_Y* H_Z* Y* Z*

Object View maintenance data View content Table content Workflow object type

Length 10

Customer Name Range reserved in TRESC reserved in TRESC Y* Z*

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