Here’s Ma`ili Beach today. Looked like some kayaking and canoeing going on.

And some playing in the sand.

Setting up shop for the races.

I think she wants to be a surfa’.

Cloud cover.

Canoe and kayak club tentalows.

Braddah waiting for his kayaking mate to return to switch over.

Let’s turn little sistah’ into a mermaid. We’ll come back later and check on the progress.

Father and son.

Here’s a switchover. You don’t climb out, you jump out! The guy in the water on the left just dove out and made room for his mate.

Of course, you cannot take pictures of Ma`ili without taking pictures of the “tumbo.”

The Tumbo was hitting pretty well.

The surf was hitting hard and fast.

See ya braddah!

Hawaiian soup.

Getting’ it!


I thought I’d take advantage of the light peeking out.

I like sem-sillouettes. Semouettes, I call them.

It was sure smelling good. If you look closely, this guy (left) had the grill cover on his head.

Ok. We’re back to the mermaid. Looks like she has. . . “developed” quite well.

And of course their friend wanted his work of art added. Look closely! “Fawking keedz!”

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