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The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets
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Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets
By Richard K. Nongard and Michael Johns Foreword by Ron Eslinger Text Copyright © 2007 PeachTree Professional Education, Inc. Cover and Title Art Copyright © 2007 by Paula Nongard Edited by Paula Saxon Nongard, MA

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com Secrets from Las Vegas Insiders DVD Series: Michael Johns Stage Show Induction Michael Johns and Richard Nongard present Stage Hypnosis Exposed Terry Stokes presents The Stage Show Induction: How to Hypnotize Anyone Textbooks: Richard Nongard . an easy to understand book about hypnosis Nongard and Johns .LearnClinicalHypnosis.Inductions and Deepeners: Styles and Approaches for Effective Hypnosis Terry Stokes .The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Also Available from www.com On DVD: Learn Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Anyone Nongard’s Hypnotic Inductions: Methods that Work (Vol 1) Nongard’s Inductions and Deepeners (Vol 2) Improve Recall and Test-Taking Skills with Hypnosis On CD: Nongard’s Theta Level Binaural Trance Music CDs Quit Smoking with Hypnosis Lose 20-100 Pounds with Hypnosis Fly Fear Free with Hypnosis Improve Your Golf Game with Hypnosis Increase Sexual Performance with Hypnosis PMR Therapeutic Relaxation Relaxation and Empowerment with Hypnosis 4 .The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Also Available from www.HypnosisGurus.Understanding Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis.

…115 Intellectually Creative Entertainment (p116).. Eye Fixation (p67)..……………………….23 The Secret Basic Mechanics of a Stage Hypnosis Show The Secret Framework of the Show ...The Fun Begins The Secret Convincer..……..…………………39 Induction Secrets .……... Dissection (p87). Nongard THE SECRET INDEX A Secret Note from Richard and Michael .19 The Secret to Why Stage Hypnosis Always Works …….Bring on the Trance The Secret of Induction into Trance ………………….75 Show Transcript (p77).15 The Secret of First Things First The Secret to What Hypnosis Is and Is Not ……....…………......Phase 1 . Adult Fun vs.….. Hypnotic Anesthesia (p126).……...…………………………...And Why? …... More Skits. Hypnotic Hallucination & Negative Hallucination (p117)..……………150 5 .……………….….Hypnotic Phenomena The Secrets to Skits and Bits ……………………. Side Notes (p95) Induction Secrets . Dave Elman (p71) The Secret to The Michael Johns Stage Show Induction…...…101 Convincer Skits (p102). Hypnotic Amnesia (p119).Phase 2 .9 The Secret Introduction The Secrets to How Do You Do That .. Deepening (p111) The Secret to The Heart of the Show ..6 Foreword by Ron Eslinger……………..………...... Test and Deepening Skits ………..……. Raunchy (p121). Practice and Preparation (p127) The Secret to Winding Down The Secrets of Post Hypnotic Suggestions ……………………131 The Secrets to Dehypnotizing and Safety ……………………139 The Secret Concepts Detailed for Stage Show Success…141 Secret Closing Comments……………………………………..…..…….Michael Johns & Richard K.51 The Secret Styles of Induction ………………………….. Hypnotic Regression/Progression (p123). Emotions (p124).…………....……....29 Pre-Show Music Secrets………....……………………………31 Pre-Talk Secrets……. Test Skits (p107).33 Pre-Talk Convincer Secrets........…….149 Two Minute Commercial …………………….61 PMR (p63).

continuing education. Perhaps the best resource for continued education in the field of stage hypnosis is the National Guild of Hypnotists. this ‘must have’ book is not the only ‘must have’ resource on the subject of stage hypnosis.before taking on the professional responsibility of performing stage hypnosis. at 6 . Learning how to handle abreaction. additional training and supervised experience .and it is the only official commercial source for obtaining The Michael Johns Las Vegas Stage Show Induction in print .The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets A SECRET NOTE FROM RICHARD AND MICHAEL The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets teaches practical and useful fundamental information on the ins and outs of stage hypnosis and induction . And here is the first secret for your success: Although this text is quite exceptional and comprehensive. the complications of participant psychology and other extenuating factors require the conscientious stage performer to actively seek mentorship.and therefore it is truly a gold mine of valuable information for those interested in performing stage hypnotism.

hypnotic phenomena. Feel free to contact www. and we strongly advise those with a serious interest in hypnosis to become a part of this worldwide organization. Nongard www. Nongard ~ Michael Johns 7 .net. And please visit www. ~ Richard K. Many stage performers do not come from a clinical background and thus do not realize how well clinical hypnosis can help prepare you for the many challenging situations that may arise on stage.com for additional information concerning training opportunities in clinical hypnosis.Michael Johns & Richard K.LearnClinicalHypnosis.NGH.com for more stage hypnosis training.HypnosisGurus. We further recommend that all stage performers also receive a comprehensive educational foundation in clinical hypnosis. as well as how it can provide a far deeper understanding of the tools of your stage show trade .

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 8 .

Michael Johns & Richard K. For years he has performed nightly on the Las Vegas Strip. Together Richard and Michael have created simply a great text on stage hypnosis . Michael Johns is at the top of his game in the field of stage hypnosis.a comprehensive review for experienced hypnotists and a ‘must read’ for the beginner. I have had the 9 . Nongard FOREWORD by Ron Eslinger Richard Nongard is an established expert and considered a highly qualified authority on the subjects of both clinical and stage hypnosis. He has written several other books and published numerous DVDs and CDs on the nature of many different areas of hypnosis which are popular in the professional community. Richard has also served as a pioneer lecturer and director of continuing education credits for medical and mental health workers. a venue long sought after by stage hypnotists the world over and attained by only a select few.

Hypnosis is a way to enjoy better health and achieve piece of mind and success in life. Today. individuals are seeking alternative ways of helping themselves. 10 . but to also help a client reach his or her potential for healthy changes. and I welcome the privilege of expressing my personal comments here. techniques that make it possible to harness a dynamo of mental energy that will produce the desired outcomes for the person being hypnotized and give confidence to the hypnotist. Michael and Richard openly share with their readers their secret techniques and scripts that can be used not only for entertainment. It is gratifying to know that Michael and Richard have written a book that dissects the secrets of stage hypnosis and educates on the mechanics in a way that helps the general hypnotist to become more confident and more successful at a higher plane of performance. Richard and Michael’s techniques are effective as a key to open the mind’s energy toward making the positive and healthy changes we all need. The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets gives the hypnotist tools that he or she will use in every future hypnotic engagement. more than ever before. We only use 10% of our mental capacity. Imagine the potential when we tap into that other 90%. These are simple strategies that anyone can quickly learn. Many TV and mainstream publications now advocate the rethinking of hypnosis as a viable integration into “scientific medicine” for behavioral and medical benefits. Their purpose with this text is to acquaint both the beginner and the advanced practitioner with the most up-to-date methods and techniques proven to be successful by professional hypnotists.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets opportunity to read their work and watch their DVDs on hypnosis practice.

USN. CRNA. Use it well. CAPT. Nongard As a nurse and a practicing hypnotist. and there are many things a hypnotist can do to help others make life changes by using a book such as this one. Tennessee. HIV/AIDS. ~ Ron Eslinger. Anesthesia. Retired RN. MA. Ron lectures and writes extensively to medical and nursing organizations and publications on Hypnosis. Stress Management. For more information. even through entertainment. FNCH Ron Eslinger is the owner of Healthy Visions Hypnosis & Wellness Center in Oak Ridge. and Bioterrorism. APN. He is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. It teaches the reader the techniques of utilizing the power of suggestion to help others. BCH. He has won more honors and awards than can be listed here in this small space. will share in the knowledge and experience of two masters in the field of hypnosis.RonEslinger.Michael Johns & Richard K. The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets is written specifically for the hypnotist who wants to improve their current skills or to look more earnestly into a career as a stage hypnotist.com 11 . a Certified Master Hypnosis Instructor and a Fellow National Council for Hypnotherapy (UK). the reader. I can personally vouch for the many benefits derived from hypnosis. You. Ron can be reached at www. Knowing how to manage suggestions successfully and how to develop personal confidence and values as a hypnotist is what this book achieves. CMI.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 12 .

Nongard THE SECRET INTRODUCTION 13 .Michael Johns & Richard K.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 14 .

but unfortunately they do not stop during the live show to explain 15 . What exactly is hypnosis? How does it work? What is the induction and how do you create one? How do you go about putting workable skits together? Why do you use deepeners? How do you dehypnotize someone? Are lights and sound important? Why do the participants sit boy-girl-boy-girl? How do you know if they are really ‘out’ or just faking it? New hypnotists often find themselves frustrated as they attempt to put together their first shows. learning the behind-the-scenes secrets of how to actually put on and manage a show can be quite challenging. If you do not know anyone in your real world who does stage hypnosis. Nongard THE SECRETS TO HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! AND WHY?? People have a lot of questions about stage hypnosis.Michael Johns & Richard K. Buying video recordings of other hypnotists’ live shows can be helpful to an extent .you can see what they do .

etc. 16 . in order to save you some time and frustration and answer all these questions and more. Unfortunately for you. but you want to master your induction . So. Michael Johns and Richard Nongard know this is the case because they experienced these same aggravations themselves back when they first got started in the business. starting at the very beginning with the pre-talk and working all the way through to the dehypnotizing and dismissal. and you buy more videos of other hypnotists’ shows . thus rendering the video practically useless for your needs.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets why they chose to do this instead of that and so forth. Or. You will also be able to study the Michael Johns Las Vegas Stage Induction word by word and analyze each component to understand exactly why he does what he does and how it creates such successful shows. that “boring part” was the induction you wanted to see and study. So. Whether you are simply curious because you have been fascinated by stage hypnosis and wonder why a seemingly normal person would act so crazy up on stage in front of all their friends. you go to as many hypnosis shows as you can.and when you get home you sadly discover that they cut the boring parts out and go right into the show itself. In The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets. you will dissect the mechanics of the stage hypnosis show. this book will provide the “ah ha!” answers you seek. maybe you have the basics down. or because you want to begin a career in stage hypnosis yourself. they have put together this introductory textbook full of “secrets” to explain many of the things that hypnotists do on stage.figure out how long to make it. which styles work best in different venues.

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard THE SECRET OF FIRST THINGS FIRST 17 .

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 18 .

Sleep comes from the Greek 19 .where we could open our eyes if we want to. Sometimes people refer to hypnosis or trance as an “altered state of consciousness. Obviously. He is like the passenger in a vehicle.” but it is not.Michael Johns & Richard K. A stage hypnotist takes these naturally occurring hypnotic phenomena and uses them to create skits to entertain people. and the person being hypnotized is the driver. Every one of us experiences hypnosis on a daily basis. It may be the first five minutes of sleep when we lay our head down at night . The hypnotist does not have any magical powers. These are states of hypnosis. People laugh all the time or even become teary-eyed and cry when they watch a movie. and yet it produces an emotional response. The hypnotist is just the guide with the roadmap telling them to go left or right. Nongard THE SECRETS TO SECRET S WHAT HYPNOSIS IS AND IS NOT Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. but we simply don’t care to. they know a movie is not real. You have also heard the word “sleep” used with hypnosis.

A hypnotized subject simply moves from a state of a high-level of alertness to a state of deep. The first thing we do at the beginning of a show is have the subjects take a deep breath and begin to relax. or not?” They are at a heightened state of alertness. This is beta level. The first is the beta level. focused concentration. it may seem a little paradoxical that in order to have people do exciting and dynamic fun things on stage we must first bring 20 . In this level. The second stage of brain level activity is the alpha state. They are thinking about the potential fun and/or consequences. because sleep is not really what occurs. Now. This is a state of alertness. A short technical discussion may help to explain it a little better. “What if I look silly on stage?” and those sorts of things. unfortunately. This is where relaxation and light hypnotic trance occurs. where critical thought occurs. a misnomer. Science has determined that there are four levels of normal brain activity. usually they are with their friends and trying to make the decision.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets word hypnos and is. a person’s brain cycles between eighteen and forty cycles per second (18-40cps). When people come to a stage hypnosis show. which is between eight and eighteen cycles per second (818cps). “Am I going to go up on stage. We do not put our subjects to sleep on stage during a stage hypnosis show.

because they just lay there and sleep. 21 . because they will easily enter the delta level of brain functioning. This makes for a boring stage show. at one to three cycles per second (1-3cps). essentially cycling up and down throughout the entire show. hypnotic amnesia and catalepsy can occur. with deepening skits. It is important for you to realize that subjects on stage may function at any one of these three levels at any given time. Nongard them down to state of relaxation. between four and seven cycles per second (4-7cps). This is where true sleep and dream states occur. where suggestibility becomes a paramount phenomenon. where things like negative or positive hallucinations.Michael Johns & Richard K. They will go from deep level of trance to a lighter level of trance to a deeper level of trance. You can help control these levels by the kinds of deepening skits and language you use. We do this by using the induction. The fourth and deepest level of brain functioning is called delta level. where creativity is unleashed. which is one of the reasons why we find it very difficult to work with those who have been drinking heavily or smoking marijuana. the theta level of functioning. We move the subjects to a theta level of brain functioning. but this must occur so that we can focus their concentration. This is not where we want our subjects in a stage hypnosis show. You want your subjects to be in the lower levels of alpha and in the next or third level.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 22 .

and a really easy thing to do.people are willing to come up and they actually do the things we ask them to do because people want to have fun. Hypnosis is a really easy thing to learn. It always works because hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Nongard THE SECRET OF WHY STAGE HYPNOSIS ALWAYS WORKS One of the biggest obstacles for people doing a stage hypnosis show is the fear in the back of their mind. Remember. A stage hypnosis show is successful . you can stop worrying because stage hypnosis always works. 23 . What if it doesn’t work? Well. they paid for your show and they paid to have fun. Stage hypnosis always works because people want to have fun. and the numbers are in our favor.Michael Johns & Richard K.

24 . They send their friends up. and you bring fourteen of them up on stage. As a hypnotist. “How do you really get everybody to do all those silly things on stage?” The answer is in the numbers. Stage hypnosis always works because you perform with confidence. you have developed confidence in the way that you present things. A lady once asked. So stage hypnosis always works because people respond to the confidence that we manifest. and people know that. can you get those nine people to do some silly things on stage demonstrating hypnotic phenomena? Absolutely. and you keep nine of them.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Being part of a stage hypnosis show is one of the most entertaining things a person can do. you do not have to worry about people not having fun. So. because stage hypnosis is fun. they send their family up. If you have 200 people in an audience. and people want to have fun. they send themselves up . Stage hypnosis is a numbers game. People are highly suggestible when a person with confidence is giving them directed commands.to have fun. Stage hypnosis always works because the numbers are in your favor. People respond to confidence.

You may have a drunk in the audience become a heckler. 25 . This is very important for you to remember. you can take a room with 200 people and get nine of them to come up on stage and do silly things without hypnotizing them. and will be one of the keys to your success. we ask them to concentrate. None of that is particularly difficult to do. When you do a stage hypnosis show. You always control the environment where you work. Hypnosis is easy for people to do. But you have control over these things. You will simply learn to incorporate these distractions into the phenomena that your subjects experience on stage. Nongard As a matter of fact. Stage hypnosis always works because hypnotic phenomena are natural occurrences. and people are comfortable with these natural concepts. and we ask them to create visualizations. The numbers are certainly in your favor. We ask people to close their eyes. we ask them to relax. We give them direct suggestions. and your response to it. Stage hypnosis always works because you are in control of your environment. a waitress may spill a drink.Michael Johns & Richard K. or have bartenders making margaritas in blenders buzzing in the background during the induction.

26 .The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Stage hypnosis always works when you understand the basic mechanics of hypnosis.


The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 28 .

This is your arena of expertise. and others make jokes about others . some people make jokes about themselves. how you dress for your show .’ Be confident and take charge of the stage. through your word choices and through the way you interact with the audience. When you are on stage. Some people have a dry sense of humor and others are wittier. It is essential for you to be confident. The music you select. This is done through your dress. assertive and directive in the induction.Michael Johns & Richard K. You must define and hone your style. The audience is there to see you and what you ‘make the subjects do.all of these things set a framework to follow for both the participants onstage as well as the audience. Remember: This is your show.and these individual characteristics will be incorporated into their style. Nongard THE SECRET FRAMEWORK OF THE SHOW You must put together a framework for your show. you are the expert. the way you carry yourself. 29 . because it creates a structure for controlling the audience as well as the subjects onstage.

Richard just is not good with jokes . Michael Johns. 30 .” He is a little more casual and wears expensive t-shirts with jeans and a tuxedo jacket. and tells joke after joke between bits.and he knows it . Richard wears a suit and tie. You know who you are and what you are comfortable with. comes from a comedy background and markets his show as “the funniest ticket you can buy on the Las Vegas Strip. Instead. tends to present a little more formal or mysterious style with his stage show. and keeps things relatively clean. Be yourself. but be the best you you can be.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Richard Nongard. having both a magic and clinical hypnosis background.and so he simply does not tell them. so use these traits to perfect your style. on the other hand. he creates humor simply by having his subjects do funny stuff all throughout the show.

Some hypnotists use popular rock or dance music that you would hear on the radio. there’s a party in here! We’re going to have a great time!” You want people to be comfortable when they come in. Pre-show music needs to set the vibe or the tone for the show. Other hypnotists may choose more ‘astral’ or ‘new age” sounding music and that is fine too. They may be a little bit nervous because they do not really know what to expect. or maybe they have and are trying to decide whether they will go up tonight or not. and increases the audience’s anticipation of something “amazing” to come. The music helps put them at ease and gets them relaxed and ready to have some fun. 31 . Maybe they have never seen a stage show before. You are still in the back.Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard PRE. the music should also put you in the groove. No one has come out on stage yet.they know these songs and they are right at home. It lets people know. Either way. This sense of familiarity helps increase the comfort factor of the audience . and get you ready to go on. not even your assistant. “Hey.SHOW MUSIC SECRETS PRE The pre-show music is the music that plays while the audience comes in and sits down. pump you up. if you have one. as it sets a more “mystical” tone for the show.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets If the doors open thirty-minutes before the show. You have got to be ready to go the instant you are announced. 32 . and the music is a really important part of that. you will want to organize the play list so that they “rock up” or become more intense as it gets closer to show time. The last two songs should really pump up both the audience and yourself.

you are not going to be able to do a good induction. if you cannot make the audience like you. The pre-talk is truly the most important part of your show because it sets it up. you must at least get them to trust you. If you do not do a good pre-talk. From the instant you walk on the stage.with the pre-talk. 33 . the hypnotist is announced. it really does not matter if you can do a good induction or not. no matter what you do. The hypnotist takes the stage and the show begins immediately . And. all the videos you watch. you have just a short amount of time to make the people trust you. but if you get some of them to trust you. and the show will go downhill from there. if you do not do a good pre-talk. The pre-talk builds rapport with the audience and sets the tone for the night. you can have a successful show. and get them on stage. make them like you. All the books you read. In fact. Nongard PRE.TALK SECRETS PRE Once the audience is assembled. they just do not like you. because no one will bother to go up on stage to be hypnotized. Some nights.Michael Johns & Richard K. everything you learned about hypnosis is absolutely useless without an effective pre-talk.

so they may think they can become stuck in hypnosis. A lot of religious people really believe this. People have weird ideas about hypnosis.” People have to know the truth about hypnosis . like a puppeteer. in effort to dispel the misbeliefs of the audience so they will be comfortable enough with the concept to relax and want to participate. with lines like. and that the devil is not going to climb inside of their mind and suck out their soul during the induction process. You are now under my magic spell. and this kind of misinformation is what they are thinking about when they come to your show. Another myth about hypnosis is that the hypnotist is in total control. and most really have no clue. because they simply do not understand what hypnosis is all about. The pre-talk is your opportunity to explain what hypnosis is and how it works.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Education is important. 34 . Everyone thinks they know what hypnosis is. “Look into my eyes.that it is a natural phenomenon. deep into my eyes. This comes from the old Bela Lugosi Dracula movies. and the pre-talk helps to overcome myths about hypnosis. All people really know is what they have seen on TV or in movies like Office Space.

Additionally. You should always assure the women in the audience that. They must believe that they will always be safe and you will not humiliate them. You want your potential subjects to know that everything is going to be alright and you are going to take good care of them. In Las Vegas. and if they trust you. A woman does not want to get on stage and expose herself. So we have to assure the audience and help them to develop confidence in order to get both men and women up there.” This is very important. “If you want to come up here tonight. for example. It is important that we make these little points very clear throughout the pre-talk.Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard The pre-talk reassures the audience. During the pre-talk. if a guest takes their clothes off during the show. do not like to come up by themselves. the audience gets to know you a little and decide if they like you. 35 . many venues and most night clubs across the country have laws against public nudity. and women are afraid to come up because of sexual fear reasons. It is hard to do a funny hypnosis show unless you have boygirl-boy-girl on stage. the show owners and the venue will have to pay several thousand dollars in fines. The whole point is to just cut loose and have a good time. Her boyfriend or husband does not want her to expose herself. Men. This is especially important for women. I want you to know that during the entire show you will always remain fully clothed. by nature.

A good pre-talk explains hypnosis.” Another approach is to have the entire audience try a short experiment together. You could open your eyes if you wanted to. but it simply feels so good and relaxing that you choose not to open your eyes. Now open your eyes.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Letting the audience know these kinds of legal facts can help assure them that. “I’m the guy with the map sitting next to you. the more comfortable they will become and the more willing they will be to do what you ask of them. Count to three with your eyes closed. This is the perfect time to quickly explain that hypnosis is just like driving in a car. You can always decide to go somewhere different if you want to. three. everyone close your eyes just for a second. you will be taking no liberties or unnecessary risks when they get up on stage. That is exactly what hypnosis feels like. “Now. 36 . telling you to go left or right. one. as the person in charge of the show.” Or. they go a long way towards improving the quality of your show.” These concepts are simple and easy to grasp. “Hypnosis is just like the first five minutes when you’re going off to sleep at night. two. and because they increase the comfort factor. The more the audience understands what hypnosis is like.

but since they like you. instead of being reassuring. The pre-talk builds rapport and confidence. Sometimes new stage hypnotists want to sound like they are very knowledgeable. so you cannot spend all your time explaining the history or science of hypnosis. because you need that bond in order to get them to do what you need them to do. Hypnosis show psychology follows the same principle: You want your folks in the audience and on stage to trust you. This builds trust. They have another show coming in later and must prepare the room when you are done. they often tend to speak over the audience’s head or sound like they are talking down to them. you want them to leave your show feeling good and thinking. which is great because knowledge instills confidence. You have to keep it simple . and people do things for people that they like. not lecture. And.Michael Johns & Richard K. and the audience wants to see the silly stuff. People buy from salesmen they like. Maybe you do not even have the best product or the best price. 37 . However. Pre-talk is the time to inform briefly. not submit to a college lecture. You want the audience to know that you are a nice guy or girl. they will buy from you. Nongard But be careful to not be too clinical.if for no other reason than the comedy club gave you an hour and fifteen minute time slot.

and again. 38 . but the hypnotist was just a nice person to hang out with for an evening!” They will tell all their friends about what a good time they had.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “Wow. and whoever booked you will want you to come back again. not only was the show funny and amazing.

” This instantly opens the people up and gets them a little more involved. we want them involved. Sit up and uncross your legs. they are ready to participate in the show. they are more likely to follow your other suggestions. Nongard PRE. Once a person is open. So. Let your palms rest on your thighs. These are just little teasers that help set the tone and increase the comfort factor. try this: “If you have a drink in your hand. 39 .TALK CONVINCER SECRETS PRE Convincers are really just another part of the pre-talk. For openers.short activities for the whole audience to do . and that is not good body language for the audience to be receptive to you.to get them participating and let them know that they too can be hypnotized. we use convincers . a lot of people may be sitting on their hands or with their arms or legs crossed. At the beginning of the show.Michael Johns & Richard K. They paid for the show but we also want them to be emotionally invested in it. set it down. Take a deep breath and relax. If they follow this simple instruction.

Creating a Physiological Response Consider this classic “Lemon Drop” convincer: “I’m not going to hypnotize you. I’m going to place two lemon drop candies in your hand. You know the hard lemon drop candy. begin to experience the taste of the sour inside of the hard candy. sour on the inside and covered with sugar on the outside? Two pieces of candy are in the open palm of your hand. There are a zillion different convincers you could use. hold out one of your hands. As you hold out your hand. Then. as that sweet sugary taste fills your mouth and makes way for the sour inside. Now.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Then. with your other hand. as you are explaining hypnosis in the pre-talk. Now. you can give them certain things that they can try for themselves while still in the audience. take those two pieces of candy and put them on your tongue. feel the sugary exterior begin to melt. and we will address four of the more classic ones here. I just want you to close your eyes and try this little experiment. 40 . As you put them on your tongue.

” Following this demonstration you will want to ask the audience. Could they picture the lemon drop in their mind? Or feel it in their hand? Did they taste the sweetness. “Wow! I too must be hypnotizable. When they do experience something . Now. Nongard You can switch that candy to the left or the right side of your mouth.they say.” 41 . who could feel or taste or smell the lemon drops. or whatever your preference is. open your eyes. so I’m going up on stage.and you do not care what those responses are as long as you get a response.anything . You can even chomp down on that candy if you want to. or you can suck on it and enjoy it. they are going to have all kinds of different responses . the hardness? Did they salivate? This is a powerful convincer because it creates a physiological response.Michael Johns & Richard K. If you do this with a group of 200 people. by a show of hands. the sourness. it incorporates a person’s sensory perceptions in to the process.

tight. 42 . try to pull them apart. The harder you try to pull them apart the tighter they lock together. You can now pull your hands apart. “Are you ready to have some fun? Try this little experiment. but hold them together tightly. Imagine that someone has squirted some super.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets The Hand Lock You will want to do this convincer very quickly. tighter together. The harder you try to pull them apart. Grip your hands together . Now relax.like this . right out in front of you. The harder you try to pull them apart the tighter they lock together. Excellent. superglue inside your hands and hold your hands tight. Feel the left fingers on the back of the right hand. Not so tight that they hurt. try to pull them apart. As you clasp them together tightly.and hold them tight. pump it up with a high-impact presentation. The right fingers on the back of the left hand. Keep your eyes focused on the back of your hands.

Nongard See. “Wow! I too can be hypnotized. the people whose hands are locked say.Michael Johns & Richard K. didn’t they?” People in the audience will be scrunching up their faces and groaning. And. “Grrrr…. they came right apart now. That’s amazing!” 43 .” and squeezing so hard and trying to unlock their hands at the same time.

The rubber band (or magnet) holds them together like glue. Put them about a quarter of an inch apart. take your two pointer fingers and point them up towards the ceiling. try to pull them apart. 44 . As you grip your hands together. The harder you try to pull them apart the tighter they are stuck together. just like this right here. they are going to become stuck together in one solid piece. Now your fingers are stuck together. what you want to do is look at the tips of your fingers. When those fingers actually touch. Now. Imagine there is a very powerful rubber band around those fingers (or magnet). palm to palm.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Finger Lock with Rubber Band (or Magnet) “Take your hands and grasp them together. The harder you try to pull them apart the tighter they stick together. pulling your fingers closer and closer together. The harder you try to pull them apart. Imagine that. you will imagine that those two fingers are coming closer and closer together. Now.

Now relax. So. You can now pull your fingers apart. You say. Nongard Excellent. And. concentration. you will see people who are just trying and trying to keep those fingers apart. come on up to the stage!” Then. and suggestibility. that shows you the ability to concentrate and focus. “Oh. It really worked!” So you say. 45 . See. It is fun. wow. but you can make that work to your advantage. and that’s all you need to be hypnotized. It is simply the specific use of the muscles that causes this reaction. didn’t they?” This is a very powerful convincer. gets people to relax a little bit and involves them in the show.Michael Johns & Richard K. even before it has started. Some people will say. they came right apart now. this convincer has nothing to do with hypnosis. But it does demonstrate the power of the mind. “Great! If your fingers came together.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to have fun tonight. you have new subjects. that shows you the ability to concentrate and focus. and they will tell you so. don’t fight the rubber band. So. and that’s all you need to be hypnotized. “Great! If you didn’t let your fingers came together. some people will continue to resist.” And. 46 . too. You say. and will not allow their fingers to come together. Come on. That is fine. come on up to the stage!” Either way. just let your fingers snap together.

Stretch it all the way up. mister. much better! Now. that’s a different show . Ok. Now very. with your eyes on my circle. or just to make a joke. Nongard L and a Circle “Take your hand and hold it up nice and high. you can make a point such as: “Hey.Michael Johns & Richard K. take your circle and place it directly on your chin.because they just did it. what I want you to do is look at your circle.hold your hand way up here! That’s right.” As soon as you say “chin. very quickly.not down there. Look back at my circle.” your hand-circle needs to move quickly and touch your cheek. Now take your L and make a circle. like this. Keep your eyes on my circle. This little experiment serves as a perfect explanation of how hypnosis works .” If somebody does not. now folks. take this hand and make an L. 47 . hold it up here . because they are watching your hand’s circle.the bypassing of the critical factor .

And they were amazed. 48 . As soon as they do this .The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets They are listening to your words .and watching your hand but you are going to bypass their critical factor by physically doing something different than what you said.instead of their chin like you said to .they were essentially hypnotized for that brief instant.put their circle on their cheek like you did .

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard INDUCTION SECRETS PHASE 1 BRING ON THE TRANCE 49 .

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 50 .

Head on up to the stage!” Now. Nevertheless. 51 . so you want to relax them and make them feel comfortable.so they can enter a state of hypnosis and we can begin to demonstrate hypnotic phenomena for the audience. Our focus in induction is to detach the subject from the world around them . Nongard THE SECRETS OF INDUCTION INTO TRANCE The induction is the most “mystical” part of the show for the audience.Michael Johns & Richard K. the majority have never done this before. If you are lucky. This is where you “put people under” and the magic begins. we invite volunteer subjects to come up on stage.they want to be hypnotized. They are probably not used to being in front of people and are a little bit anxious. but for the most part. when people get on stage they are nervous and tense. you may have one or two people with hypnosis experience. “Are you ready? Let’s start the show! I need these chairs filled up! Boy-girl-boy-girl would be great. following the convincers. Following the pre-talk.to help them begin to relax . right off the bat the odds are more in your favor for a successful show because (most of) the people who come up on stage want to be there .

52 .they are going to have more fun than anyone. You are going to be glad you came up. All you have to do is close your eyes and follow my suggestions. people become familiar and comfortable with your voice. fifteen or twenty or so people up on stage. when you ask them to close their eyes for the induction and they follow along. and to focus them on everything that you suggest to them. During the induction.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets The induction builds on the pre-talk by further developing rapport and trust. and it is time to begin the induction. So. You are going to feel good. You have already assured them in the pre-talk that if they do these things. Now you have ten. Induction locks the stage subjects onto the pre-talk ideas: You are going to be hypnotized tonight. You are going to be able to do real well. because you want them to feel good. they will have the best seat in the house . You are going to enjoy it. and that leads to relaxation of the subject. You are their focal point. you are off to a great start. and they are going to feel better than they have ever felt before. so you want to assure them that everything you do and say from this point forward is intended to help them go deeper into hypnosis. you want to remove the audience from their attention and distract them from all the crap going on in their every day life. Throughout the induction phase your goal is to focus the subject’s concentration on you.

You want to spot those who are going to be your really good performers. because they have volunteered to come up on stage.” or to engage in some other prank. one huge test for compliance. and watch each subject for compliance. With each instruction or suggestion you give. from the simple. you will recognize the status of your subjects. and. Throughout the induction we will ask the subjects to do a variety of tasks.” to perhaps a Muscle Catalepsy demonstration at the end. just showing up does not mean they are willing or able to follow your directions. Now and then someone will go up on stage just to “prove they cannot be hypnotized” or that “it’s all fake. If you are testing throughout. “Close your eyes. it lets us know that they are probably are not going to make a good subject for the rest of the show.Michael Johns & Richard K. We know the subjects want to participate on at least some level. Different people respond to different things at different times. in a way. if you are not getting positive compliance 53 . Nongard Testing for Compliance The entire induction is. And then of course other still skeptical people may get up there and just drop like a rock. you are testing to see who is an eager participant and who is only up there because of whatever hidden agenda they may have. and those who probably need to step down. If someone is not following our earliest simple directions. However. So during the induction you must continually let everyone know that they can be hypnotized.

they are following your directions but they are simply “playing along. after another deepening skit or two they may actually go out. But if you are wary of their agenda up front or do not feel you will have the ability to monitor them as necessary throughout the show. You can tell that.but they want to remain involved and participate fully. feel free to have them step down immediately. 54 . If you are short on subjects to begin with and if they seem to be having a good time and do not appear to have any desire to mess up the show.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets from most folks. you know that that you likely need to take your induction a little bit further and try different things. You will have to quickly make a gut assessment of their character and intentions. you might take the risk and keep them.they did not allow themselves to be fully hypnotized during the induction . “Thanks for Playing” Sometimes you will get someone up on stage who is not really “out” . If they are in an extremely light level of trance. for whatever reason. and if not or if they become a problem you can always ask them to leave later on.” Whether you choose to keep these subjects on stage or not is your judgment call.

you can feel the left fingers on the back of the right hand. Ormond McGill is affectionately referred to as the “Dean of Hypnosis” in the US. Ormond McGill tells us that four things must be present for convincers and suggestions to work. and this is a book that you must purchase if you are interested in doing stage hypnosis as a business.Michael Johns & Richard K. His book is simply a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to understand how and why stage hypnosis works. “As your hands are clasped together.” 55 . 1) The subject must be locked onto an idea. Nongard Principles of Hypnosis Subjects by Ormond McGill When discussing inductions. override the critical factor of the mind. McGill talks about all different types of inductions and convincers and a variety of different skits. This is the reason for the specifc language used earlier in the hand-lock convincer. first edition (1996). and lock their attention on the suggestion that we are giving. Crown House Publishing. and the right fingers on the back of your left hand. He wrote a book titled The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis. We have to remove all external stimulation. we should take a few minutes and talk about some principles from Ormond McGill.

We have to present confidence.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets You want the subject to be locked into experiencing the phenomenon that you are asking them to experience. 3) The critical factor must be contained. 2) The suggestion must have confidence. their fingers are going to be drawn together. The previous demonstration of the visual suggestion overriding the critical factor (L and a Circle Convincer) is a powerful way to demonstrate keeping that sentry at bay.as long as we tell them so from a position of full confidence. is key to success. They believe that when we say their fingers are going to be drawn together. you are going to have to practice it. the moment of critical analysis.” When we present ourselves as a hypnotist. focusing their concentration. the force becomes irresistible to them . When we say it is like these two powerful magnets and the force is irresistible. Locking their mind onto one task and one task only. Here is a concept that may help: Most people believe over 90% of what they are told . people automatically assign the “expert” label to us. If you are not a person who is naturally narcissistic or naturally confident. 56 . “I did not have sex with that woman.even in the face of contrary evidence. The critical factor is the sentry or guard between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

feel an affinity towards you. that hypnosis is natural and fun. Take a deep breath. Without these concepts in play.” The subject has to like you. When they do. Simple things like this can help move our subject from a state of high-level alertness to a state of focused concentration. Nongard 4) The subject must be free from objection. Breathe out. A good pre-talk will usually be able to convince the subject that there is nothing to fear. “I can’t be hypnotized. There is a big difference between. We must help them to feel comfortable and test them for compliance to create a framework for hypnosis. Try this for a minute. You cannot be stressed and relaxed at the same time.Michael Johns & Richard K. Always keep in mind that most people never ever want to be in front of a crowd of people. “I can’t be hypnotized by you. trust you. We accomplish this by doing a good pre-talk. 57 .” and. we cannot proceed with the stage hypnosis show and expect to be successful. They should also understand that no one can be hypnotized by you if they do not want to be hypnotized by you. We respond first physically and then emotionally to taking a deep breath. These four principles of McGill’s are extremely important. and that they will be okay if they give it a try. The guests are nervous when they get up on stage. they will be free from objection. Breathe in.

They are looking for something “magical” to happen. Our advice is: Don’t do it fast .where you are “putting people under” . If you do an induction too fast.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Induction is Part of the Show The induction is the part of the show that meets the audience’s expectations. you and I know different. and the induction . The induction is simply the doorway to the big show. but why would you? The induction is part of the show. People often ask about rapid or covert hypnosis. But while the audience perceives this as the ‘magical’ part of the show. seven or ten minutes.do it right. The pre-talk is the magic where you prime the potential subjects and get them ready to participate. that may only be three minutes. 58 . For some hypnotists. At hypnosis conventions. it is common to observe hypnotists competing over who can do the fastest induction.fits their expectation. the crowd will not believe it is real and they will not be entertained . if they are extremely skilled. Whatever works best for you is what will work best for your show. Do not rush through it. For others. Can you hypnotize somebody without a formal induction? Sure. They expect that we are going to do something amazing.not to mention that your subjects may not go under as well as they should. An induction should take as long as the induction takes. it may be five.

They wonder if they remembered to turn the stove off or not. making faces and so forth.Michael Johns & Richard K. 59 . A great line to use in the induction is. teasing. They are worried that the text message they got might be from a stalker who wants to ruin the date they are on. The IRS mailed them a letter earlier in the day. Their ex-wife or husband is threatening to take the kids from them. Nongard Induction Focuses Attention Let’s talk about real people for a minute. “Your problems are a thousand miles away. they have brought all of this baggage and more with them to your show. Fortunately for them. These are real things that are really happening in the minds of the people in your audience.” Let your subjects know that they can completely let go . Always keep in mind that the people in your audience have things on their mind other than the show. laughing. Their friends are joking around. so when they choose to go up on stage.and they will. they are trying to escape it all for an hour and have some mindless fun. a good induction focuses their attention and detaches them from the harsh reality of their world.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 60 .

and you all have the same goal. they hall have produced a picture of the lake. and others may chose to produce the scene in grayscale. charcoal. and the classroom has a large window that overlooks a lake. Pretend for a moment that you are a student in an art class. You all have relatively the same view of the lake. Some may use the corresponding colors of the true scene. 61 . The art of induction is much like creating fine art. however.Michael Johns & Richard K. Some students from the class may choose to paint with oils. or even pen and ink. Still another may choose pastel chalks. Nongard THE SECRET STYLES OF INDUCTION There are a variety of different inductions a stage hypnotist can use to induce trance in their subjects. The assignment given to each student is the same: to produce a picture of this lake. while others may use acrylics. In the end. you may each use any medium you choose to achieve this goal. however.

Then we will go over The Michael Johns Stage Induction word for word. as a hypnotist. they will all (hopefully) induce trance in your stage subjects. and also dissect each component of it.induction styles.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets You. including Progressive Muscle Relaxation. but in the end. piece by piece. 62 . There are numerous accepted styles and strategies available to choose from or combine. have these same kinds of options and choices when creating your induction. In this section. Eye Fixation and the Dave Elman Induction. we will overview some of the more effective and thus more commonly used .

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
One of the most frequently used inductions is the Progressive Muscle Relaxation or PMR, so we will address it first. Unfortunately, hypnotists at hypnosis conventions are often teased or picked on if it is discovered that the primary induction they use is PMR, because it is not particularly “complicated,” “fancy” or “spectacular.’ But that is a shame, because it is a good induction. PMR it is non-threatening, highly effective and subjects like it so please do not be intimidated into not using it in your own induction. The PMR induction can be used in various ways. You can take twenty minutes and go through each and every muscle in the body from head to toe, or you can condense it and complete the induction in about four or five minutes, which is generally a better choice for stage presentations. For example: “What I want my people on stage to do right now is close your eyes. With your eyes closed, I want you to simply let your chin tilt forward towards your chest. That will help you to relax. Everything we do that helps you relax will help you go further and deeper into a state of hypnosis.


The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

Now let go of all of the tension of the day. Any muscles in your body where you are carrying tension, simply let them go loose. You want your body to become loose and limp like a pile of rubber bands. Now focus on the muscles of the brow and around your eyes. The face has over two hundred little tiny muscles in it. Relax all of those little tiny muscles in your face. Feel the muscles in your neck and across your shoulders and simply let them go loose and limp. As relaxation travels from your brow through the muscles of your face and your neck into your shoulders, allow the tension to disappear through your arms and out of your fingertips. Any noises that you hear will simply be noises that reinforce your ability to relax, both mentally and physically. If you need to move in order to be comfortable, that’s ok too. Simply allow yourself to relax and enjoy this time. The muscles in the back and the muscles in the buttocks and the muscles in the thighs, simply let them go loose too. As those muscles become relaxed, you go twice as deep into a state of hypnosis. As the body relaxes, your mind also relaxes. As your body becomes even more limp and more loose, any tension that is left in your torso or upper legs simply travels through your calves and through your feet and out your toes. It’s at this point that you find yourself experiencing a state of complete and total serenity.

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

In a minute I am going to count to three. And when I count to three, you will become fully alert and wide awake, rejoining us again. One…fully alert. Two…reorienting to the room. Three…having been empowered by this brief hypnosis experience.”

This is obviously a highly condensed example of the PMR induction. The type of situation you are in (comedy club, corporate retreat, birthday party, etc) and the responses you get from the subjects will determine how detailed and extended the induction should be. It is good to give the subjects a direct suggestion at the beginning, such as, “Close your eyes and tilt your head forward, and let your chin fall towards your chest.” This helps get them used to following your directions, demonstrates how easy it is to participate, and puts them in a natural, physically relaxing position while sitting in a chair. Generally, because it is familiar to the subjects and helps you not to forget any muscle groups, you will start the relaxation suggestions at the top of the body, and move down towards the toes, but you can go in any order you wish. People carry a lot of tension in their neck, shoulders and back, so those are important areas to address for optimal relaxation.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

In this PMR example, we encouraged them to double the sensation of relaxation with each suggestion we gave. We told them to let their muscles go limp and loose. One of the most important concepts in this induction is, “As your body relaxes, your mind can relax, too.” People do not know this is an okay or the right thing to do, until you let them know. When you tell them that they can relax mentally, they take the cue to really go under.


There are two ways to do this: 1) you have your guests focus on you and your eyes. instruct them not remove their eyes from that spot. have them pick one of the lights that are overhead and simply stare at it. If you use a light source for focus. After a few minutes eye fixation produces ocular fatigue and this. combined with your suggestion to relax. Nongard Eye Fixation Induction Another popular induction is Eye Fixation. Do you see the lights? If you fixate your eyes on one of the lights… Keeping your eyes on that spot without moving your eyes… 67 . generally a light source above the stage. You want to be the center of their little universe for the next hour and fifteen or so minutes.” For example: “High above you are the lights that illuminate the stage. “Wow! I must be hypnotized because I want to close my eyes. You want them to focus on you and your instructions. you do not want them looking at people in the audience or around the room.Michael Johns & Richard K. lets people know. as this ‘eyes on you’ set-up lets you know they are paying attention. and 2) you have them focus on a specific point. Look up there now. You want them to pay attention to you.

but it feels so good to allow yourself this moment of tranquility. You are doing very well and you are enjoying your new sense of relaxation.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets It could help you to experience trance and relaxation. Let them remain open as you gaze intently at light high above you. Now as your eyes are focused on that light. your eyes may perhaps become heavy… or want to close. Very good. A freedom because you have allowed yourself to experience what is most important to you at this very moment in time. even though that light is small. Now. maybe it appears to change colors a little bit. 68 . with your eyes closed. you feel a tremendous sense of freedom. Don’t close them yet. perhaps from white to blue or purple… Maybe it grows lighter or dimmer as your eyes become fixated on the lightness. Maybe. Stay focused on that light. part of you knows you could open them if you wanted to. As your eyes remain closed. As you focus your eyes on that light and as they become more tired and more heavy and more fatigued… When you are ready. you can close your eyes.

that is okay. Every time you adjust or move. Nongard From this point forward. It is perfectly okay to get more comfortable. you will simply choose to keep those eyes closed. it simply brings you in to a deeper state of trance.Michael Johns & Richard K. If you need to swallow or take a breath or even move for comfort. In this state of tranquility and serenity.” 69 . your subconscious mind is able to… do the work that it needs to do to bring you… a sense of security… and a sense of peace.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 70 .

Hypnotherapy. Since the Elman Induction became popular. fifties. up into the heavens above. but the classic Elman Induction basically starts with an Eye Catalepsy. when and why to use certain strategies. what I want you to do is look out of the top of your head. With your eyes closed. Dave Elman had no formal medical schooling but he was an exceptional hypnotist and did more training on the use of hypnosis for physicians and dentists in the forties.com or through any bookseller. a skylight on the top of your head. With your eyes closed. we highly recommend you read his book. You can order it on Amazon. There is a window on the top of your head.” What you have done with this demonstration is put the subject’s eyes into a position where it is impossible for him to open his eyelids. It is a great text that really explains the clinical side of hypnosis. I want you to look straight up.Michael Johns & Richard K. “Close your eyes. For example. He used an induction that combines ocular fatigue with a number countdown that overrides the critical factor. out the top of that skylight. and so forth. and sixties than perhaps anyone else. 71 . a lot of variations have been derived. how it works. Nongard T he Dave Elman Induction If you do not know who Dave Elman is. out the top of your head.

“One hundred. try to open your eyes. no matter how hard you try. 72 .” You are going to count backwards. We’re going to count backwards from one hundred to ninetynine. deeper and deeper. With your eyes closed. this is a matter of muscular function as opposed to actual hypnotic catalepsy. Ninetynine deeper and deeper.” Of course. if you wanted to convince the subject that he is experiencing a state of hypnosis. which in turn tells your body that it is time to rest and relax. because with your eyes focused up like that you simply cannot open them due to the muscular pull. We are going to count backwards. and you are going to repeat the words ‘deeper and deeper’ after each number. the Elman Induction then goes into a number countdown to override the critical thinking process. I want you to say. you could also use a suggestive eyelid convincer at this point. then ninety-eight and so forth. you can’t. Or. For example: “I want you to close your eyes. simply relax. and this position also puts fatigue on the optic nerve. you cannot open your eyes even if you try. Nevertheless it is still quite convincing. After the eye catalepsy.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets And now you can start the induction. “Now.

” “Deeper and deeper. each and every number. deeper and deeper. As you count backwards each and every number. allowing yourself to simply go limp and loose and into a deep state of hypnotic experience. you’ll find yourself taking a deep breath.” 73 .” “Ninety-nine.Michael Johns & Richard K. You will simply stop counting. Let’s go ahead and begin counting. One hundred. this will be a reminder to you to go deeper and deeper into a state of hypnosis. those numbers are no longer important to you. Nongard As you do. By the time we get to ninety-four or ninety-three or ninety-five or ninety-one. the numbers will no longer be important to you.” “Deeper and deeper. you will find yourself experiencing a deeper and deeper level of trance.” Subject: Hypnotist: Subject: Hypnotist: Subject: “One hundred. As those numbers disappear in your mind.” “Ninety-nine deeper and deeper. The most amazing thing is going to happen. although you could count all the way backwards to number one if you wanted to.” Hypnotist: “Just continue to count backwards. At some point. in your mind or out loud. because you will find yourself having entered into a deep state of trance.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

This kind of countdown is quite effective in clinical settings where you are one-on-one with the subject, and it can be a great deepening technique. However, it can be challenging to use this method in a large stage show unless you call out each number to them, because when you have people who are not following specific directions (counting down on their own, at their own pace), they may get their counts off or be distracted by the others, and then you have the group doing different things at different times. But if you have a smaller group of four, five or six people, the Elman Induction can work quite well.


Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

The Michael Johns Stage Show Induction
The Michael Johns Induction is powerful and effective, using a combination of breath work, awareness, fractionation, and an Elman-style number countdown. Michael also uses a tremendous amount of ego-strengthening, more so most other stage hypnotists. He lets his subjects know, “The smarter you are, the harder and faster you go.” Michael uses this combination strategy to more efficiently reach every subject on stage. Some people react better to one kind of instruction, others to another, and Michael’s philosophy is to reach them all, one way or another, quickly and powerfully. If you have ten people up on stage and only five to seven minutes to get them where you need them to go, you want to create and induction that will throw as many different things at them as you can, so that everyone is served. However, until you are experienced, putting together this kind of induction can be tricky, so it is not necessarily recommended for someone just starting out in the business. But, just like Michael has done, you can take specific elements from his induction, or anyone else’s, and use them in your own. Michael has the subjects on stage taking deep breaths from the beginning to the end of the induction. He tells them, “The more you deeply breathe, the deeper you’ll go.”

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

The reason for this is that people generally do not breathe deep enough. Most people go through the day taking only partial breaths and they are all tensed up. Once we get them to take those deep breaths on stage, they automatically start to relax. This is simple science. You cannot be tense and take deep breaths. So get them taking deep breaths immediately. This helps them to both focus on you and know that we are actually doing something, right from the beginning of the induction. What follows is a complete transcript of Michael’s induction taken from a video recording of his live show in Las Vegas, on a randomly selected night. This was not his best night, nor his worst, so it should be a fairly average representation of a typical Michael Johns Induction. We have included this transcript so you can see exactly what Michael says and does in his induction. It is one thing for you to study someone’s prepared script (a ready-made induction written with perfect English 101 grammar and punctuation), but it is quite another to study how it really happens live, when the hypnotist hits the stage. A prepared script gives you the general concepts of what you want to accomplish during the induction, but it does not take into account the reactions from the subjects, or the hypnotist’s actions of studying the subjects for compliance while he is speaking to them, or any adjustments he may feel the need to make on the fly. So, here is a typical version of Michael’s induction script, in full. Afterwards, we will discuss why he does what he does, when, and how, as well as some parts of the induction that may not have been picked up by the microphone.


Fantastic. You’re body automatically relaxes. Fill those lungs up as much as you can. Once they are closed. Nongard The Secret Transcript of The Michael Johns Stage Show Induction “My folks onstage: I just need everybody to put your feet flat on the floor. because your safety is my number one concern. then let those eyes go closed. keep them closed. Keep your eyes on me at all times. What we’re going to do right now is start breathing .Michael Johns & Richard K. Continue on until I tell you to stop. Great job.all the way in and all the way out. I am your focal point. Then let it all the way out. What I want you to do is keep those eyes on me until you are ready to close them. Your lips will relax. Don’t anybody get up and walk off unless I ask you to. All the way in and all the way out.and all the way out. 77 . You can breathe all the way in . Put your hands loosely in your laps. Whenever you are ready to close them.

What we are going to do right now is I’m going to count from three back to one as you breathe all the way in and all the way out. Never asleep. the chair beneath you. Always you will hear the sound of my voice as you breathe all the way in and all the way out.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Now. Fill those lungs up as much as you can. As we do this demonstration. Continue that nice deep easy breathing until I tell you to stop. you are going notice the person next to you. Let it all the way out. I want you to let those neck muscles relax completely. just relaxed. Fantastic. Let it all the way out. All the eyes are closed. I want you to put your focus on your neck muscles. but you can always hear the sound of my voice. 78 . Breathe in as deep as you can. but continue to breathe all the way in and all the way out. whenever you’re ready to close those eyes. Fantastic. All the way in and all the way out. You are doing a great job. Whether you hear the noise in the room is entirely up to you. let those eyes go closed. Let your head roll forward and your chin touch your chest. You can always hear the sound of my voice. When I get to number one. the floor beneath your feet.

Let those bodies get heavier and heavier. And one. I want you to continue to breathe all the way in and all the way out. as you breathe all the way in and all the way out. Breathe all the way in and all the way out. With every breath. Two. Let those neck muscles relax. I want you to imagine you are at the top of an elevator. You are doing a great job. From this point on. 79 . a very long flight of stairs. Don’t realize the way it’s working for you. Three. an escalator. it’s making you go down deeper and deeper and deeper relaxed. Every breath lets that relaxation become more and more complete. It takes a lot of energy to hold that head up there. Now. Fantastic. Just let it go. Fantastic. with every breath you exhale. I want you to let the relaxation double.Michael Johns & Richard K. Let your body get heavier and heavier in that chair. Nongard Breathe in deep all the way out.

Nobody gets singled out. The weight is getting heavier and heavier. we’re doubling and doubling the relaxation. As you are breathing all the way in and all the way out.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets You are doing a great job. So. I’m going to count from ten back to one. If you want to lean on the person next to you. the relaxation is automatically doubling. You always want to fill those lungs up as much as you can and then let it all the way out. Nobody gets picked on. Fantastic. that’s fine. We work together here. As you breathe all the way in and all the way out. I want you to imagine there is a very heavy weight pushing on the back of your head with every breath you exhale. we’re going to let that relaxation double again. We’re a team. Just let it go. Feel that weight getting heavier and heavier. With every number that I count back. 80 . we’re letting that relaxation double. Let your bodies go. essentially folks. Breathe all the way in and all the way out.

Let it go. When I touch you on the back of the head. Ten. eight—deep breath right here. As I count from ten back to one. just let your body collapse. All we ask is let that body sink into that chair. nine.Michael Johns & Richard K. it will not disturb you. Everybody just sink into the chair. 81 . Wonderful. Reach out. nine. Ten. Breathe it in deep. Let that body just sink into that chair. Ten. nine. Nongard It’s a synergistic thing. It will not disturb you. nine. eight—deep breath right here. It will not disturb you. See the smart ones go really quick right now. Ten. Let it all the way out. eight---deep breath right here. It will help you to go nice and deep. Let loose like a rag doll. Fantastic. we’re letting that relaxation double and we’re going to touch every one of you on the back of the head. When I touch the back of the head.

if you haven’t already. I want you to take one of your arms. five. Ten. you guys. Great job. When I say the number one. We’re doing a great job. Breathe in deep. I want you to make that arm totally straight. We’re a team. here is what we are going to do to see who the really good ones are right now. three. four. Let your body melt into the chair. seven. Great job. Here we go and one. Melt into the person next to you. The tighter you can make that arm. eight. the better you are going to feel. two—everybody take in a deep breath. six.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets All the way out. nine. 82 . totally stiff. the deeper you go. Concentrate on that arm. the deeper you go. When I say the number two. Let it all the way out at once. eyes closed. Now. and totally rigid. totally stiff. Take that arm now and make it totally straight. I want you to sit up straight. and totally rigid just like a piece of steel.

Nongard Take the arm and put it straight out in front of you like you are trying to punch somebody right in the nose. 83 . Take that arm straight up there now.Michael Johns & Richard K. When you do this. Great job you guys. eyes closed. Breathe in deep. take that arm straight out in front of you. What I’m going to do right now is I am going to count from three back to one. I want you to try to pull those arms down. make that fist so tight you couldn’t possibly make it any tighter. totally stiff. Now here is what we are going to do. take the arm and put it straight up toward the ceiling. and totally rigid. When I say the next number. When you do this. Great job. They are doing a fantastic job. Sit up straight. When I get to that number one. We’re going to see the really good ones right about now. more rigid. They are all concentrating perfectly. make that arm totally straight. Here we go and three. my folks onstage. With every breath. Here we go and two. make that arm more stiff.

Fantastic. When I touch you and give you a number and say the word sleep. Let that body go. 84 . sleep. completely loose. helping you go deeper and feel better and better. helping you feel better and better. that arm will be stuck there. if you are doing a good job. just relaxed. Three. it is not important that you remember what the number is. Stop trying. then your arm will be stuck there. Breathe in deep. Let it all the way out.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets If you are doing a good job and you’re concentrating correctly. If you are concentrating correctly. helping you go deeper and deeper. Fantastic. What I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a number. all the arms will be stuck in the position that they are in. let your body go completely limp. fantastic. Again. Loose. totally relaxed. two. If you are doing a good job it will not come down. Take a deep breath. Two. Just remember that I gave you a number. You are never asleep. You are one. sleep. let them loose. one—try to pull that arm down. When I touch you and give you a number.

Feel that energy coming back into your body now. 85 . Do not open your eyes. eyes closed. Nongard Three. When I say the number two. Let that body just sink into the chair. Wonderful job. Sit up straight. sleep. Now listen to me very carefully. you are going to feel that energy coursing through your body. Do not open your eyes until I tell you to. all month. better than you felt all day. Breathe all the way in and all the way out. feel it. Here we go and one. When I say number one I want you to sit up straight. Breathe in deep.Michael Johns & Richard K. eyes closed. let it loose all the way down. You are going to be totally awake and totally alert. Fantastic. feel it. Breathe in deep. all year. Feel yourself become more alert and more aware. On the count of three you are going to be wide awake feeling fantastic. Feel that energy come back into your body now. take in a deep breath. Feel that energy come back into your body now. Four. all week. Feel it. sleep.

Nice job. totally alert feeling fantastic. deep. Feel that energy course through that body now. Eyes wide open. deep.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Here we go and two. You guys are rock stars. Here we go and three. Kind of sway back and forth in that chair. deep. Breathe in deep. Clinch those fingers together. deep. Breathe in deep. Kind of wiggle around a little bit. You are doing great. Get that blood flowing. When I say the next number.” 86 . let those eyes pop wide open totally awake.

combine to create an element of Confusion. This helps the subjects relax and focus. When you sit in a chair and you start to breathe all the way in and all the way out. this induction is very complex and involves a lot of different elements and styles. Michael also uses the breath work to aid the Eye Fixation focusing component. which all require a focused level of concentration. and we accomplish this by overloading the conscious mind by simply requiring task upon task upon task. breathe all the way in and all the way out . Nongard DISSECTING THE SECRETS OF THE MICHAEL JOHNS INDUCTION Now we will discuss the various components of Michael’s induction. so they must focus and concentrate. The multiple instructions he gives . B reathing and Eye. As you likely observed. and therefore they are unable to think about doing anything else. your body will automatically begin to relax. 87 . He consistently has the subjects doing at least two things at once. this is just the way the body works.Fixation Focus Eye plus Confusion The first thing you will notice is the breath work that he uses.eyes on me.Michael Johns & Richard K. which makes for a unique hypnosis experience. We want them to be working with their subconscious mind.

because he wants them to pay attention to him. He uses lines like. he is in charge. Ego Strengthening Michael uses a lot of ego-strengthening work in his induction. which is a powerful technique for gaining compliance and acceptance. especially like those in Las Vegas. I’m just too strong willed. But if they are paying attention to you. so it can be hard to keep track of where ten or twenty different people on stage are focusing if you just tell them to “pick a point” and let them choose. This approach works best for Michael. Many people will come up to you before a show and say. are filled with potential distractions.” and so forth.” “If you are eager to do this…. you can see who is properly focused.” “If you are a smart person….” “Fantastic.” “Excellent. Michael does not.” 88 . There are a lot of things around to look at.” along with general praise such as. “You know the smart ones always go the hardest and fastest.” “If you are concentrating correctly….The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets A lot of hypnotists have their subjects focus on a specific point for Eye Fixation. Most showroom spaces. “You know what? I don’t think I can be hypnotized. he has them focus directly on him and his eyes. “Good job. and it is him they should pay attention to. or I’m too intelligent.

Nongard You want people to know they are doing okay.Michael Johns & Richard K. Nobody wants to get on stage and feel like. at the end of it they will still say. we take the highly analytical person or the person who is critical of the process and just point out to them the things that they are already aware of. that they will know what is going on around them.they are smart just like everybody else and they are doing just fine. I wasn’t hypnotized. Awareness Michael also incorporates an element of Awareness into his induction. You want to reinforce and make them feel good about what they are doing. I’m stupid.” Well. “I knew there was a guy next to me. “You are aware of the person next to you. You are not stupid.” The ego strengthening helps counter these negative ideas. they are supposed to know these things during the induction. everyone can do this. But. “Okay. so they know it is okay for them to be aware of these things. In an Awareness Induction. I knew what was going on. I must be an idiot. You want them to know that it is okay . so we want to address the point for those who are more critical. The easiest way is just to say to them. you can tell the people over and over and over that they will not actually be asleep when they are hypnotized. I’m not getting hypnotized.” 89 .” “You are aware of the chair below you. In your pre-talk.

You do not want them doing calculations or thinking about anything. 90 . he simply uses the line. but it feels so good that you decide not to. So instead.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “You are aware of the floor beneath your feet. one hundred times deeper. “You know at this point you could open your eyes if wanted to. “He’s right.” or something similar many times during the induction. and they lose focus on their objective.” So then the subjects say to themselves. so I guess I don’t want to. I could open my eyes. “Every time you exhale. you just want them to relax. you will go twenty times deeper. fifty times deeper.” Compounding Relaxation Compound ing A lot of hypnotists will use lines like. Michael has found that this may cause some subjects to try to do the math in their head.” because this concept is easier for most people to grasp. But this does feel good. “Every time you exhale. Richard Nongard also uses this concept in his Eye Fixation portion of the induction by telling the subjects. the relaxation is going to double.” These kinds of simple awareness statements help remove opposition to the process of hypnosis.

The breath work comes first. The Eye Fixation is easy to do and it builds on the breathing and ego-strengthening.” This concept makes the instructions easy for them to follow. Building Blocks Everything that Michael does during the induction builds on everything else that he has done.Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard “If I count from ten back to one. it helps you get them a lot deeper. and each one of those techniques is doubling their relaxation. which then naturally opens the subconscious mind to the further suggestions that you give. Every time you plant the suggestion. with every number that I count back. it is the easiest. Michael’s induction essentially fills up or locks on to those five to seven pieces. you are replanting that suggestion. it becomes stronger and more vivid to the person on stage. as it is easy for people to accept that they are wonderful and doing well. If you are doing three or four different techniques at one time. One of the most important things Michael ever learned about hypnosis was the question. The conscious mind can only process and focus on five to seven pieces of information at any given time. so the mind is all focused on the process of hypnosis. The ego-strengthening builds on the breathing. Compounding is very important because when you compound a suggestion. a lot faster. your relaxation is going to double. “How many things can you think about at one time?” 91 .

But no. 92 .” You can say whatever you want after ‘with each number. So. With each number --. “I’m going to count backwards from ten to one.the relaxation doubles. They are powerful tools for helping subjects to go deep and to create fantastic stage show. they do not have time to be thinking about anything else. a person can think about only one thing at one time. Number Countdown and Visual Imagery Deepening The first induction Michael learned was the Dave Elman Induction. if they are doing what he needs them to do.but at one time. You can change what you are thinking about in a split second from this to that to this .’ but “relaxation doubles” is easy. Michael’s philosophy is that if he throws several different things at his people on stage. especially if you are already using that phrase with the breathing portion. you can only think about one thing.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets We think that we can think about a lot of things at one time. Deepening Techniques Michael incorporates a number of deepening techniques into his hypnotic induction. and he utilizes elements of this number countdown style for deepening purposes.

“Man. with the “At the top of an elevator. If I only had nine more minutes of sleep. and taking them into a deeper level of trance and hypnosis. Nongard Michael also uses visual imagery combined countdown when giving the suggestion. I feel really tired now. but you want them to go down. so you give them a choice.” At 7:18 it goes off again and you say. you can say. You say. I should really get up. or a very long flight of stairs. “Oh. I still have more time. then I could wake up and feel like I did at 7:00.” Then they can hear or feel the sound of the elevator or escalator descending. You say. Now it is 7:27.” 93 .” so you hit it again. And. you hit the snooze alarm. “Oh.” You can use any image. an escalator. and it is good to give them a choice of images to visualize. If someone has an escalator phobia or a staircase phobia.” you never want to say. but just nine more minutes of sleep would feel so good. Fractionation Deepening Fractionation is much like when the alarm clock goes off in the morning at seven. “put yourself at the top of this place or that. because a lot of people are not really “visual. You wake up and you feel great. “picture yourself on the top of the stairs. you do not want to alienate them.Michael Johns & Richard K.” Instead. At 7:09 it goes off again. but you do not need to be up that early. You wake up and you feel horrible. So.

to eight. one. seven… Let the sensation double. five. four… Let the sensation double even more . and then he goes back to nine. you hit the snooze alarm one more time.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets So. You think. At this point you must get out of bed because you have to go to work and you will be late if you do not get up. five. the guests on stage are really ready to just jump off into a deep state of trance. we use fractionation to take somebody from a level of alertness to a deeper state of hypnosis and bring them back up. Now it’s 7:35 and the alarm goes off again. then seven. four. The next time he starts back at ten. Likewise. three. He does not always just go from ten down to nine. nine. again and again. of course. Michael often does this with his number count down. eight. When you bring them back up and then take them down again. you now feel worse than you did at 7:00. The snooze alarm is really obnoxious in the morning and it irritates us. When you finally get to one. eight. it takes them down even harder and further. it is irritating for someone to go ten. He counts from ten. seven. “I should have just gotten out of bed the first time.” In the hypnotic induction. And then you are ready to begin the “fun” part of the show which is. to nine. two. Six. six.then all of a sudden back to nine. then eight. then eight. 94 . the skits. When the snooze alarm goes off that last time. and seven… The irritation is what makes it so effective.

and then use them again and again. you use what works. but we want to take a minute to discuss some of the finer points that occur during the Induction process that people often wonder about when they watch a show live or see a video . You know what you are going to say before you ever hit the stage. (We will cover the very end of the induction . you essentially memorize the lines of what works. every time. you will notice that in every single show they use almost the exact same phraseology.in the next section. Nongard SECRET SIDE NOTES ON THE MICHAEL JOHNS INDUCTION Sorry to interrupt the flow of the show with a written fractionation here. Once you figure out what you are going to do. relaxed and in control. and you know that it will work. from beginning to end. 95 .or read a transcript . from the pre-talk to induction to skits to the closing. through every part. because you know that you will not be stumbling over words or lose your train of thought due to basic distractions. You will feel more confident.of a stage show. there is never any ambiguity. By doing this. or any other professional stage hypnotist’s show more than once. First.) Consistent Phraseology If you watch Michael’s show or Richard’s show. This is important for a number of reasons.the “Test Skit” segment .Michael Johns & Richard K.

if you are video taping the show. And. (Yes.will say to the subjects on stage. of course. refine your patter.) If you always run through the same patter every time. during every show. and use it from then on. once again. because you always say them at the same times. Michael . you will know that you did tell the subjects to be careful when stepping down from the stage (and hopefully you have an assistant or stage hand to help them down). we are talking about safety. Memorize. 96 . The Numbers and The Whispery Stuff After the convincer and test skits at the end of the induction (discussed in detail in the next section).and many other hypnotists . Additionally. change out your skits and jokes and so forth. first. If something does not work. Work it out at home. You know you told them these things. you will change it to something that does. you will do this when you decide to shake up your show a little. you will. you will have further proof. just to cover yourself.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets As you become more experienced. there are key things that you want to make sure you say to the audience and your subjects in every single show. And. you did tell them that they can now remember all the numbers they have ever learned. and stick with it. you did tell them to keep their clothes on.

so what they say does not appear in a transcript either. I’m just going to take your glasses so you are more comfortable.Michael Johns & Richard K. Then. what really happens at that point? What Michael does during the ‘whispery’ part is this: He gives a number to those he wants to keep. they put the microphone under their arm or hand it to their assistant. “Okay. Take a deep breath in and sleep. I’m going to take care of you. Sometimes someone may need further instructions to relax.” Then. I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you act right and play along”? The microphone is off. “Hey. The question is. You’re doing a great job. and he simply tells them to take a deep breath and sleep. once all numbers are assigned and all the tending has been taken care of. and walk around and whisper some secret stuff in the subject’s ears. is that when the hypnotist tells them. So. like. “It’s okay. Michael tells the subjects. no one can hear the hypnotist as they whisper to each subject individually. and it can look a little shifty.” He gives numbers to the people that he wants to keep on stage because numbers are easy. and neither does the subject . so he may say something like.just remember that they got a number. You do not have to remember what the number is.” or some positive reinforcement. 97 . Nongard “I’m going to go around and give you a number.

on the count of three and not before then. I want you to stay exactly where you are. on with the show! 98 .” That’s all there is to it. carefully.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “If I gave you a number. Moving People Around Michael arranges the subjects in “boy-girl-boy-girl” order when they first come on stage. wide awake. he excuses. Do not move. if I did not give you a number I want you to open your eyes. Let yourself go deeper. and then he usually rearranges them again after the convincer and test skits. On a count of three. back to your seat and enjoy the show from there. if I did not give you a number. and go quickly.” he puts on the ends. and the ones who did not comply. And now. From the first demonstration he has learned who the potential “super stars” will be. quietly. and he wants them in the center of the stage for optimal entertainment value. The ones he thinks are going to be a little bit “blah.

Nongard INDUCTION SECRETS PHASE 2 THE FUN BEGINS 99 .Michael Johns & Richard K.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 100 .

five or seven minutes while you put the stage subjects under. but antsy. While you are busy doing the induction. are the subjects up on stage. when entering phase two of the induction. the audience is just sitting there. So.is just as important for the audience as it is for you and the subjects on stage. is the audience. when considering your induction style. you should realize that the next component of the induction . you want to use strategies that will 1) move the subjects quickly into trance. The audience is patient. 2) keep the audience entertained. we spend the majority of our time and focus during the show attending to the subjects up on stage. Nongard THE SECRETS TO THE INDUCTION CONVINCER. lest we forget. trying to be quiet for four. As hypnotists. of course. and the audience wants them to get on with the comedic craziness they paid to see. That said. First.the Convincer Skit . TEST AND DEEPENING SKITS There are two components to a stage hypnosis show. 101 . the subjects on stage are just sitting there listening to you. and second. CONVINCER . but also. but we must remember that these individuals are functioning merely as a tool to perpetuate the main purpose of the show: to entertain the audience.Michael Johns & Richard K.

does not actually begin until you initiate the first skit. actually pretty fun. In other words. before you dive right into the more complicated skits you want to make sure that your subjects are ready. “Okay. who is not going to cut loose and maybe not stick around for the whole show? The convincer skit should be a low-threat experience for the subjects. or you won’t have a show. But the real show.” so that they are comfortable and will relax even further. at least from the audience’s perspective. So. Pre-talk is educational. why people go to a hypnosis show. of course. like a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ bit or an ‘arm catalepsy’ skit. However. Inductions can be interesting.” The point of this first skit is to let you know who is going to play along and who is not. as you come to the end of your induction. I’m hypnotized now and it’s not so bad. you want to immediately go right into what we call a “convincer skit. designed to let them feel and know.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets The Convincer Skit Convince r The skits are. 102 . something simple. who is suggestible? Who is in that theta level? Who has pushed all their cares and concerns of the day aside and is ready to have some fun? Who are your rock stars? And.

and they too are amazed.are now able to test for compliance.Michael Johns & Richard K. right out of Ormond McGill’s book. you have demonstrated the phenomena of Arm Levitation (rising) on one hand. and not require them to jump out of their chairs and go screaming through the audience or anything too boisterous. it should be something that is easy for you to monitor. Whatever convincer you use.not being amazed because you knew it would work just as it did . When the subjects open their eyes.being a physical phenomenon . Using a hypnotic phenomenon demonstration such as Arm Catalepsy as your induction convincer skit will do at least four positive things for your show: 1) Arm catalepsy . He puts a helium filled balloon on one of the subject’s hands and lays a big heavy book on the other. The audience sees something happening up on stage. At the end. while the book weighs the other hand down. Nongard Richard Nongard often uses the traditional ‘Book and Balloon” convincer. At the end of the induction you instruct your subjects on stage to: 103 . they see the difference in their arms and they are amazed. so it gives the audience something far more interesting to see than the previous zombie-like induction process. You . The balloon pulls the first hand up. coupled with Reverse Arm Levitation (lowering) on the other.is quite visually powerful.

they are finally doing something!” 104 . high over your head. It will stay stuck in the position that it’s in. If you are doing a good job and you are concentrating perfectly. I am going to count from three back to one. look at them up on stage with their arms up .” The audience is watching intently. No matter how hard you try to pull your arm down. No matter how hard you try to pull it down. Three. you are going to try to pull that arm down. Now. it will not move.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “Hold your arm out in front of you. “Oh. Stiff and rigid. it will not go down. Your arm is up high. raise it up the air. when I get to number one. hey. If you are doing a good job. Two. stiff and rigid like a bar of steel. it will not move. One. Try to pull your arm down. and make that arm stiff and rigid. stiff and rigid like a bar of steel and it will not move. Stiff and rigid. Your arm is like a bar of steel.

Michael Johns & Richard K. and who is not. Nongard 2) It shows the audience that hypnosis is real. 4) It lets the hypnotist know who is paying attention and doing what you need them to do. and it is amazingly stiff and rigid. Their arms are really stuck up there. but he is stuck in that position. “Gee. I’m really doing this. you know they 105 . these people must really be hypnotized because something weird is happening. If the subjects are concentrating correctly. his arm will not budge. and no one is going to feel stupid for doing it. He is shaking with the effort to pull it down. who now says.’ The suggestion is easy to follow. You might have some three-hundred pound muscle guy trying to pull his arm down. who is going under. they will not be able to. I must be hypnotized!” This kind of skit is very ‘low threat. it actually works like you said it would. By using this kind of convincer skit at the end of the induction. when you pull on a subject’s arm and it drops. “Wow. This is an entertaining and powerful convincer for the audience.” 3) Arm catalepsy also lets the people on stage know that something is happening with them. no matter how hard they try to pull their arm down. who is suggestible. sweat dripping off his face.

They may have prior joint injuries. walk across them or even jump up and down on them.” SECRET NOTE: When we talk about muscular catalepsy. A lot of the old time stage hypnotists. This scenario has been done successfully probably thousands of times in years past. such as make an arm ‘stiff and rigid’ or ‘when you squeeze your hands together they will become stuck. You want to get rid of the people who are not following your suggestions as early on as possible. and have somebody. If you are unsure about a particular subject. The hypnotist would then pick the subject up like a statue. You. have no idea of the medical conditions of your subjects. you may choose to keep them through the next skit. generally at the end of a show. Any time you suggest a subject do something with their body. what we call the “Test Skit. our number one concern: safety.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets are not concentrating. the one or two times that it was not 106 . in order to demonstrate for the audience the power of the phenomenon. again. so that a person becomes stiff and rigid like a board from head to toe. low pain tolerance. as hypnotist.” and it is time to dismiss them. would create catalepsy in the entire body. they are not “out. suspend them horizontally between two chairs. fragile bones. high blood pressure. and so forth. we must also talk about.’ you want to also make it clear that they should not do any of these things to a point where they experience pain or discomfort. usually a small girl. But.

you want to move quickly into the next segment . The Test Skit In the construction of a stage hypnosis show. intense bruising . a reinforcing experience for the subjects. this kind of exhibition is not recommended. and indication of trance for the hypnotist. and so for liability reasons.Michael Johns & Richard K. or La Bamba. you generally want to go from easiest to most difficult. This will be slightly more advanced or complex than the convincer. They instruct the subjects to . Many hypnotists will start out with a high-powered musicrelated skit. Just take care to caution your subjects to not participate to the point of pain or discomfort. broken bones.a lawsuit comes the hypnotist’s way. using perhaps the William Tell Overture.test skit. There is substantial risk involved.such as arm catalepsy at the end of the induction .do provide a great visual for the audience. not something so far out they cannot conceive of how to participate.back injuries.grab their favorite musical instrument and play it once the song begins. but yet still a basic.with their eyes still closed . low-threat to highthreat. Once you have successfully completed the convincer skit at the end of the induction. 107 . The skit you suggest must be an experience that people can easily imagine. Nongard successful . But more benign demonstrations . low-threat skit.

Now. The more the audience cheers. And you have come to the island to play a concert. etc). you are now on the beach of a beautiful tropical island. you want to pick music and routines that people from ages sixteen to sixty are familiar with and can relate to. you will hear music. When the music begins. You don’t want them to panic or freeze up from not knowing the song you have just told them to play along with. get ready. and you will play your heart out for your cheering audience. For example: “Sit up in your chair with your eyes closed. You are the greatest musician in the world. and the deeper into trance you will go. Instead. or Springfield or New York. In a moment. You are now no longer in Las Vegas (or Wichita. you will begin playing your favorite instrument. Here’s the music. play.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Unless you are doing a college show or have an audience that you know the specific demographics of beforehand where you can easily select popular music of their particular generation. Pick up your instrument and play. You are there because you are the greatest musician in the world. the better you will play. play!” 108 .

just like they would alone in their room or the shower. 109 . Through hypnosis. Nongard This is a great low-threat first skit because everybody can play to music they are familiar with. and they will physiologically respond to that by stretching out. but you can take the ones you want to keep even deeper. not only can you weed out the ones that you want to get rid of for noncompliance. fanning themselves.Michael Johns & Richard K. you can take a person who is in a temperature controlled room and tell them they are now in a room that is 37 degrees below zero. sweating. Everybody knows what it is like to feel hot. This kind of silly musical skit is funny. Or. and it gets a great audience response. non-threatening. you know that it is time to get rid of one more person. and they will physiologically respond to that suggestion. And as for the “test” part. if any subject on stage refuses to participate in this easy. and even peeling off clothing (so be sure to keep an eye on the ladies!) These kinds of hot and cold skits are simple and nonthreatening. it deepens the subject’s trance level. You hate for it to happen. Michael Johns often uses a demonstration of the hypnotic phenomenon of hot and cold as his test skit. you can tell them it is now 120 degrees like in the desert. And with this skit. curl up and cling to whoever is next to them for warmth. and everybody knows what it is like to feel cold. They will automatically begin to shiver and shake. with any instrument they chose from their own imagination. but removing them now can avoid a lot of problems later on in the show. non-embarrassing skit.

The test skit is all about deepening the subjects’ hypnotic trance experience and comfort-level with the phenomena experience. 110 . But as your business begins to grow you will want to quickly master other opening skit concepts and become more flexible. a bus. “Everything I say and everything you do helps you to go deeper and deeper and feel better and better. as you may need to adjust the skits you use on the fly for different crowds. because that is what they have practiced and have become comfortable with presenting.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets So whether you have your subjects going hot and cold on a plane.” during the induction and the first few skits. with X induction and Y test skit and Z next skit. or hanging out at the beach. If you are doing a corporate show and the people are obviously quite hesitant to get involved due to fear of embarrassing themselves in front of coworkers or their bosses. so you may want to adjust your plan and instead start with a zero-threatening “laughing” bit. etc. and then work up to having them stretch out or do more physical things. New hypnotists often begin by developing a single solid routine. you must realize that it may take a little longer to get them where you need them to be. this is a great skit for finding out just who your real “superstars” are going to be throughout the show .the ones who really react to the suggestions with great aplomb. Another way to help this along is to repeatedly use a line like.

However. The parents pay them $2. hopping from gig to gig down Pacific Coast Highway in California. Richard. Since he has a history as a drug or alcohol counselor. Nongard Deepening Skits After the test skit when you have decided who you are keeping and who will be excused.Michael Johns & Richard K. and the other marijuana. Therefore. If you are able to book $10. Cater the material you use in your show to your client and the type of audience. he must always be aware that some of the audience members may also see him for clinical reasons. One of the most popular is getting the subjects “high. You would definitely want to choose the laughing gas over the pot smoking skit at a corporate or high school graduation event. Both concepts will help them to feel good and take them into a deeper state of hypnosis.000 nights. where other hypnotists practice it may be quite unacceptable. you will usually do a couple of deepening skits. doing Grad Nights at high schools.” There are two variations of this. There are some hypnotists who earn most of their money for the entire year in the month of May. in order to maintain his professional credibility. and they make $10. They might do four or five shows a night. also does clinical hypnosis training.000 a night.500 bucks a pop. one uses laughing gas. it is perfectly acceptable to pass out hypnotic marijuana cigarettes and get your group high on stage. or at most comedy clubs and frat parties across the country. For a show on the Las Vegas Strip like Michael’s. he never uses a marijuana bit in his show. the last thing you want to do is a marijuana skit with a 111 . for example.

they have seen it on TV and can imagine it. The concept is the same for both deepening skits. of course. if they have never smoked marijuana. because you will not be invited back for next year’s $2. to send them deeper and deeper into trance. every time you laugh. But adapting is pretty easy. and then begin laughing like crazy. you more and more. row across a lake. These are things people can relate to. 112 . And. going deeper and deeper into hypnosis. Michael tells his subjects that he is giving them a gift . and therefore comfortable and non-threatening. This lets the participants know that it is okay for them to really let loose now. it is familiar.” At the end of the marijuana skit. do this same thing with the laughing gas skit. they have been given formal approval to keep having fun. you just change the language and scenario. “With every hit you take. and when the dentist leaves the room. of course.they get to keep their buzz for the rest of the show. they know somebody who has or they have seen it on TV. you have them start sucking on the gas. you have them kicked back in a dental chair. Even if a subject has never experienced laughing gas first hand. In a different environment. or even use smells or other sensations to further deepen and enhance the trance experience. maybe they are kicked back on the couch instead of in a dental chair.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets high school group. you might have the subjects climb up a mountain. You can. With the pot skit. With laughing gas. for a different deepening skit.500 gig. And the purpose is.


The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 114 .

anywhere you go you will see a lot of different hypnotists doing a lot of similar skits . and create powerful demonstration skits.you have done the pre-talk. Hypnotic phenomena are used to show the audience exactly what hypnosis is all about and some of the interesting stuff you can do with it.divided into sections by the kind of phenomenon used . have tested their compliance with convincer and testing skits and have deepened their trance . With the following examples . this is simply an overview or discussion of some popular skits used by Michael.but nobody wants to go see ten different hypnotists all doing the exact same thing.Michael Johns & Richard K.we are not trying to outline every possible bit or teach you how to create every possible skit. 115 . to make it interesting and entertaining. we encourage you to really learn about and understand hypnotic phenomena. Because there are only so many phenomena.it is finally time to kick it up a notch and have some real fun. combined with some practical professional advice. you have inducted the subjects into trance. People are mystified and fascinated by hypnotic phenomena. Richard and others. so it is your challenge to take the phenomena and make it uniquely yours. As you put together your show. Nongard THE SECRETS TO SKITS AND BITS Now that things are rolling along . which is why stage shows are always successful.

where two or more subjects are now Martians and they talk to nonMartian subjects whose job it is to interpret the gibberishsounding Martian language. One of the subjects is now a Martian minister. and your job is to create something unique for your own show. One hypnotist (at least) has taken this idea. Or. you can construct entertaining skits from almost any idea you can conceive. One of the guests serves as interpreter. maybe the minister is marrying one Martian and one Non-Martian. Many have seen the popular Martian Language skit. Another variation is to become a Chinese or Indian-speaking person (which sounds quite foreign to most American folks).The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets It is absolutely essential that you develop your own patter or banter. and if you are resourceful and put your imagination to work. and created the Martian Wedding skit. 116 . and his job is to perform Martian wedding rituals on two other subjects. Our goal is only to expose the secrets of the strategies and concepts behind how and why hypnotic phenomena can be demonstrated for a successful show. Intellectually Creative Entertainment Your stage hypnosis show should be as entertaining as a game show blended with “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?” There are a million variations on the same theme. your own routine and your own skits. Your possibilities now are virtually unlimited.you decide. put his own spin on it. Now it’s your show . who are also Martians.

” something that is obviously right in front of their eyes . Your job as hypnotist is to take advantage of this state and pull the actor or artist out of your subjects on stage. as the suggestion may indicate. so the girls in the audience will not know what they are talking about. This is a demonstration of a “negative hypnotic hallucination. maybe you want to have an Xrated spelling bee. to use their mind a little bit more than they probably do in every day life. and people will respond to that. and this is far easier than you might think simply because people are at their most creative in a theta level of brain functioning. 117 . maybe you have them describe an anatomically correct doll prop. and she does not see . where you have the subjects spell out various body parts. Another skit that draws on theta creativity is a Spelling Bee.or feel the alligator that is climbing over her. or felt or heard. Hypnotic Hallucination Halluc ination and Negative Hypnotic Hallucination There is a video clip on the Internet of a stage hypnosis show where the hypnotist actually has an alligator walking across a lady. She is laying on the stage. or something goofy like that.Michael Johns & Richard K.is not seen. Nongard You must be creative in order to entertain your audience. Or. If you are doing an adult show. You are giving the subjects a license to cut loose and have fun. but they must spell rather than say the ‘naughty’ parts.

you will see that the back of my pants is missing. He uses a Styrofoam swimming pool worm and waves it all around and may even touch them with it.which is. of course. it absolutely blows the audience away. he tells them that when he turns around to face them this time. “When I turn around.” or “When you open your eyes. The subjects respond predictably with shock and amazement. alone. on a tropical island. Michael uses a popular “positive hallucination” in his show. shiny hiney is smiling at you. and some ladies even cringe.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “When you open your eyes. he takes the skit one step further and shows them his extra-large manhood. and my bare.and giggle and poke fun at him. 118 .” When Michael then turns around to face the audience and wiggles his butt at the subjects. On the next round. he tells the subjects that they will see something that simply is not there. They see it just as he described even though it is not really there . you will not see anything on stage that is not already here right now. extra-small manhood is dangling there. all you will see is yourself. they gasp. Then. is still covered appropriately with his pants like it has been from the start of the show. the front of his pants is missing.” When the subject responds as directed. laugh and point at his bare behind . and his pathetic.

Michael Johns & Richard K. try to cover the smell some how). where you have a person forget their own name. Richard and other hypnotists use include having the subjects believe they are watching a movie (you tell them what they are seeing and they react with laughter or shock. Nongard More positive hallucinations that Michael. and those who do may admit that every time they use it in a show. hold their nose. These kinds of hallucinatory demonstrations are quite powerful and audiences love them. hunch down. they are just waiting for it to fail. 10 or 15 minutes to the music in their head while other subjects are doing different things individually .they just sit there and rock out for 5. lean away). and then that it is actually they themselves who smell (they are embarrassed.and every time Terry uses a key word. or forget their friend’s name or where they are. you can end up with some really comical situations and the people in the audience and are absolutely mystified. 119 . the music cuts out and the subject hears only static. or to forget a letter of the alphabet or the number two. America’s Favorite Hypnotist Terry Stokes does a bit where he has one subject believe they are listening to music on headphones . In order to readjust the frequency. A lot of hypnotists will never take the risk to use hypnotic amnesia. etc). they must reach over and turn the ear or nose of another subject. or that the person next to them smells nasty (they respond with disgust. H ypnotic Amnesia Another amazing phenomenon demonstration is hypnotic amnesia. As a result.

inserting his name at the appropriate time. In other words.. Count your fingers.’ after I tell her to forget her name? That would be a nightmare!” “Or. and then have her count her fingers. you would never start your show with hypnotic amnesia. what if I tell them. Make sure you select a subject who you believe. And then they say. the number two is erased from your memory. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fame. This is one of those phenomenon that are best used when you get to know the subjects. Mee-Mi-Mo-Mame..The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “What if her name is Bertha. Or. will manifest itself. ‘One. plain and simple. based on their previous participation. someone who wants to have a little bit of fun. 120 . or even her breasts. including amnesia. Take the risk. When somebody is in a theta level of hypnosis. It works. they are creative and they are following our suggestions. Hypnotic phenomena.’” Stop worrying. Now. you definitely want to pick the right person. her feet. NAME” song (inserting his name as appropriate). The question is not if she will mis-count appropriately. he can sing the “Banana-Ramma-Bo-Bame. You can have a lady forget the number two.” or “One…Three. and she actually says. but if she will mis-count with.” You can have a big guy forget his name and only be able to recall it when he sings “Happy Birthday” to himself. ‘From now on you won’t remember the number two. “One…One. ‘My name is Bertha. is not only highly suggestible but also in a deep state of hypnosis. two.

” and then you tell him your name and he tells you his. You can do a ton of amazing things with hypnotic amnesia. Michael occasionally does a skit where he tells the subjects that they are the world’s foremost experts on sex toys. Their job is to determine just exactly what it is and/or what it is used for. The results are generally hysterical as he pushes the line with their creativity. He also tells them that under no circumstances are they to actually attempt to use the toy. Raunchy Entertainment It is important to note that there is a huge difference between “adult humor” and “raunchy. but leaves the actual narrative up to their imagination. ‘til you tell me what your name is. in-your-face” humor. He lays out on stage what are essentially wacky balloon animals tied in various suggestive or incomprehensible shapes. and has each guest on stage pick one. who. 121 . Adult Fun vs.Michael Johns & Richard K. then I can tell you mine. perhaps he will only remember it when someone else calls him “Honeybunkins” or “Jerk” or “Superman. For example. who am I? The light in my head just won’t shine. is just not that funny.” etc. obnoxious. you just have to make it funny and entertaining. He instructs them to expound on the description. You can be silly in an “adult” way without offending anyone. Or. quite often. which. Nongard Or a variation of an old children’s song: “Who.

Furthermore.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets But. Think of the way Playboy magazine leaves a little to the imagination versus a hard core porn magazine that leaves nothing to question. it limits their creativity. If you cross these lines with your guests .if anyone will book you .rather than sounding like a bunch of liquored up guys talking trash at a poker game. since Michael has set this skit it up so that they are ‘experts’ on the subject. either on their own or at your direction. and reinforce that notion during the more provocative skits. You do not want to do a show where people are afraid to return home without being teased for the rest of their life. Make sure you tell the subjects up front in the pre-talk that there are some lines that will not be crossed during the show.and many hypnotists do .word will get out. this implies a sense of ‘professionalism’ and they usually tend to carry out that professional persona when giving their explanations . Let them experiment a little.but you may also have a very hard time getting anyone in the audience who has heard about your reputation to volunteer to go up on stage. you may have a packed house at your next show . let them have some fun -. 122 . if you tell someone to do something specific. As a result. The Playboy version is generally what you want to strive for at most shows.but do not let anybody cross a line that leads to heavy embarrassment or humiliation.

you hate the teacher. their life in third grade may have been tragic or miserable for whatever reason. Heed the above words carefully to save yourself some tense times. very clear to them that they are going back to a happy earlier time. “You are in third grade.Michael Johns & Richard K. maybe. Having someone revert back to third grade or even three years old can be quite funny. most only learn this the hard way after they do it irresponsibly and make damaging mistakes. 123 .” Or. and they are on stage with you. “You have a crush on your teacher. and it can also be used in a stage hypnosis show to create skits where a person can be brought back to an earlier time in life. or even to act as they might see themselves in the future. because for all you know. there is always a risk with this kind of regression so you want to be very careful. Nongard Hypnotic Regression / Progression Age Regression and Progression is a type of phenomenon commonly used in clinical hypnosis. If you take someone back to an earlier time. or another student.” It can be a fun skit. But. you always want to make very. Stage hypnosis is not therapy.

You can suggest that a subject become angry at a person in the front row of the audience because they took something from them . when they get angry. like happiness and anger. 124 . and so forth. provided you do it safely. if you are playing on emotions of any kind you want to always say. Do not touch the person next to you. their fists and teeth clinch. Do not touch me. No matter the skit.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Emotions Emotions. bottle it up inside and do not really react. When that person is hypnotized on stage to be angry. which in turn enhances satisfaction. and can be funny to watch. “Do not get out of your chair. their wallet or their name even. are intensified during a state of hypnosis. singing horribly or perhaps they pass a lot of gas.” You can have the subjects act angry that the person next to them has offended them in some way . Using anger or indignation can be hilarious. You will then resolve this anger by turning it to happiness when the item is returned.their private parts.by being naked. These kinds of skits enhance audience interaction. Nobody ever gets out of their chair and keep your hands to yourself. you may see their face contort. Their anger is very visual. Some people.

Michael Johns & Richard K. or maybe they are told to believe one of the other subjects is rich and famous and they are dirt poor. but Susan is freaked out every time she looks at Jeff . You do not want to use fear in a traumatic way. Just take care to remain in control so nothing gets out of hand. Fear and jealousy are also popular emotions to exploit on stage.or perhaps every time you use a trigger word . aided by your direction. and likely telling her so. 125 . Jealousy might be demonstrated by one subject who is told to become ridiculously jealous when they see the hypnotist dancing with other people on stage. Nongard Just remember to keep a close eye on your angry subjects at all times. and do not keep them angry for very long at a time. Maybe a subject is afraid of the person next to them or something on another person’s shoulder. The resulting back-and-forth banters created by these kinds of skits can be quite amusing.Jeff responds to Susan’s apparently irrational fear by thinking she is crazy. When Jeff knows there is nothing on his shoulder. Remind them to stay seated and not touch anyone. but you can use intense emotions like fear to highlight a show.

and so his stage show is a little more on “the mystical world of hypnosis” side of things. if you will be around long enough to reap the benefits of a future audience.” The hypnotist then took an Alice clamp . “Okay. it is not really something we want to use to such an extreme at the average stage show.one of those things you use in surgery . His qualifications have made him well aware of the limits and risks of ‘mind over matter’ phenomena like anesthesia. Richard Nongard’s background is in magic (he studied with Eugene Berger) and psychology (he is a licensed mental health professional). Some hypnotists think that we should always bruise a subject. I’m not hypnotized. 126 . and so he does use them occasionally. And. I’m wide awake. but only very carefully. Michael did not feel a thing. just to let them know they were at a show last night. Afterwards. However. a light bruise might be effective for spreading the word around town. demonstrating hypnotic phenomena like anesthesia can open you up to huge liability. Michael thought to himself. The next day he had a huge bruise where the clamp had been.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Hypnotic Anesthesia The first time Michael Johns was hypnotized was by the Dave Elman Induction. very careful if you choose to use it. However. We know it works because dentists and baby delivery doctors use it for medical pain control purposes all the time. Hypnotic anesthesia is amazing because it works.and put it on Michael’s arm and cranked it down. so be very.

practice. the New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis. and practice some more . no matter where you get your basic ideas. But remember. and others will cost you. 127 . it is up to you to make them uniquely entertaining and to keep your subjects safe. You cannot. But. so you must be prepared to think on your feet and handle the situation as swiftly as possible. You must practice.Michael Johns & Richard K. Practice and Preparation Skit ideas are available all over the Internet. some are free.even if only in your head or on paper. obviously. what if a subject does freak out and hit another guest? What if a subject refuses to do what you suggest to them? What if a subject uses foul language at a family-type show or tries to take their clothes off? What you can predict is that at one point or another in your career. Ormond McGill’s book. is also a great resource. Most of the time the skits will go pretty much as you expect. Nongard More Skits. As mentioned earlier. predict every reaction that your future subjects might have to a new skit. as it is filled with numerous experiments that can be done with hypnotic phenomena for demonstration purposes. things like this will happen. but you should attempt to imagine as many different outcomes as possible and be prepared to handle them in appropriate ways.

the audience will think that you are the jerk. and to the audience as well. even if that means stopping the show. the other subjects. Your reaction will make all the difference.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Go over possible scenarios and consider what you will say to the problem subject. 128 . and if they refuse. so if a subject does either intentionally or accidentally injure themselves or another guest. so you must act swiftly and surely to minimize damage from both physical and liability perspectives. even under hypnosis the subject still has complete control. Safety is your number one concern.so the best approach is usually to just laugh it off and move on to another suggestion or subject. they probably have a reason . If you get mad at a subject and goad him or her for not doing what you asked them to do. You are in charge of the show and therefore responsible for everything that happens on stage.a personal line they will not cross or a deep-seated fear or something . Remember. you must respond immediately and attempt to control the situation and take care of any medical concerns first. by coordinating effective situationally-appropriate responses.

Nongard THE SECRET TO WINDING DOWN 129 .Michael Johns & Richard K.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 130 .

For example. it is probably wise to give the recall suggestion immediately after the skit is over. And. depending on how they are done. post-hypnosis is used to remove any prior suggestions. very careful with post hypnosis. either emotionally or physically.Michael Johns & Richard K. Be very. Nongard THE SECRETS OF POST. Please remember not to do anything with post-hypnosis that is going to hurt anyone.like any skit . one-time demonstration. then you must remember to suggest they now remember everything they forgot at the conclusion. 131 . you must then cancel out that suggestion by telling them to now remember all numbers they have ever learned.to further entertain the audience. If you use this kind of skit as a brief. If you have the subject demonstrate the phenomenon periodically throughout the show. First and foremost. if you used hypnotic amnesia to make the subject forget the number two as a demonstration.HYPNOTIC POST SUGGESTIONS Post-hypnotic suggestions are designed . they can either make or break your show.

but probably the most common is to give a trigger/key word to the subject. If you make and sell videos of your show and you have a subject on stage who has been a “rock star” all night and they have a group of friends in the audience. it does not have to make any rational corollary sense to the situation.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Generally. so they are easily able to ‘prick the ear’ and catch the subject’s attention. but most importantly. use any word you like for your key word. However. they are words that most people do not hear very often. or words that sound a little funny so they tend to stand out more when spoken in a noisy crowd. such as “penguin. Up-and-coming teenage hypnotist Riley Bragg prefers to use less common words to trigger his suggestions.When the show is over and you hear me say the word “blue” you are going to immediately come back up on stage and sing “Blue Sued Shoes” and dance like Elvis Presley. even if they do not know what they mean. just to increase the odds for success. There are a couple of ways to go about this. For example: “The person I am touching now .” You can. you might want be more particular about your word choice. you might suggest to the subject that. of course. 132 . like the use of “blue” does above.” “exhilarating.” “debauchery.” These are words that most people have heard. you will implement the post-hypnotic suggestions for your finale skits about forty-five minutes to hour into the show.” “quagmire” or “zygote.

“As soon as I shake your hand and say goodbye. honey.away with a little something special at the end of the show. for as long as she wants. “Just squeeze his arm right here. it’s all up to you!” 133 . and show it to all their friends. you will instantly remember everything about the last hour you have shared with us up on stage. you might wink at his wife in the audience and comment.” Then you hint to the friends in the audience. hopefully they will buy at least one copy.they suddenly remember all of the silly things they did .Michael Johns & Richard K. “Okay. it’s all about you tonight!’ and then you will proceed to do anything she wants. Another use for post-hypnotic suggestions is to send a subject and their friends or partner .the look of shock on their face is priceless. “Won’t they be surprised later when they watch the video?!” And. ‘Honey. you can suggest to the subjects that. and whether you want him doing the dishes or the nasty. Or. Nongard “When you leave the stage and return to your seat.” Then. all night long. you will not remember anything that happened tonight during the show. when you get home tonight and your wife squeezes you on the arm right here.” When the “Ah ha” moment hits . Fred. you are going to wiggle your butt and say.

As a result. however. These kinds of climax skits are fantastic for the audience . Only use subjects who are clearly in heavy trance. You never want to be degrading or mean. for how long. this is the funny part people really remember the next day. you want to be very careful with both selecting your subjects and the specific post-hypnotic suggestions to give them. The audience. my gosh! Those people left and this is what they were going to do! I wonder how it turned out?” Again. and they are all happy because the nice hypnotist has helped two older people to feel good. 134 . and if so. Ask if they are married or dating. Some people do not take certain kinds of suggestions very well. and who have been performing well throughout the show. When they do not. embarrassing. Post-suggestions are a potent concept that keeps them guessing.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Before you give a more personal suggestion like this. you always want to make sure you know who the person is with. “Oh. everyone in the audience now believes that the couple will go home and ‘do it’ tonight. and get a feel for the quality of their relationship. it can be confusing. and so you want to be familiar and comfortable with your subjects before you make any risky or risqué proposals. You might give an older gentleman the suggestion that later that night he will have the energy level and stamina of a twenty-one-year-old.when they work. and a huge let down for the crowd. loves this stuff.

now.” “The person I am touching now . and now .or at least forgive .” When the show is over. If you have a rock star “Elvis” subject. For example: “The person I am touching now . flying around like you are a bird collecting items to make a nest.when you hear the word “houseplant. and you will begin your reunion tour by performing the song “YMCA. now.unless you feel confident they will perform well too.When you hear me say the word “nightingale. If you have a mediocre Elvis.that not everyone goes back up. Then.When you hear me say the word “gyrate. but you are now a member of the Village People. there is no need to call anyone else up . You’ll find that you are no longer you. in your closing comments. Nongard To enhance the odds for success. then you might say.” You can do a whole group: “The person I am touching now.” you will immediately return to the stage and flap your arms. you say goodbye to everyone and send them back to the audience. provided that the one or two who do give a good performance. one approach is to use several suggestions with several different subjects at the end of the show.” you’ll come back up to the stage.Michael Johns & Richard K. and the subjects start coming back up on stage to do their suggestions. 135 . then great. The audience will forget . you work in the keywords.” you will immediately return to the stage and perform for us like Elvis Presley.

It leaves them with fun things to think about throughout the night. In this case. ‘I’m a hottie. when you cross the threshold. you will have to do the post-hypnosis segment quickly.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets “Boy. For example: “When you get back to your hotel room (or house or apartment) tonight. then watch your subjects. that was a great job.” If you are lucky. these usually end up being “throw away” bits for the audience. then it is time to end the show. then why bother doing the other two? Why not end on a high? “Looks like we’re out of time folks.” At a lot of events. your timing has to be exact. even if they never see the results. If you are pushing the limit. I hope you guys had a great night. your left foot will stick to the floor like glue. more than anything else. you have to remember that people in the audience will only remember what they remember. suddenly at least some of your four guys with the ‘houseplant’ suggestion keyword will come back up on stage and act out “YMCA. Elvis. And. And if they also do not perform well. yessiree. and thanks for coming out. I’m as hot as hot can be!’ 136 . The point is to set up possibilities. Not! A houseplant could have done better.” and the show is on again. you cannot run over. It will not move until you yell. If you hand out four post-hypnotic suggestions and two of them work great and the audience is pumped.

they will not respond. 137 . Sometimes it seems like a rollercoaster. which will make your people on stage respond. they are quite likely not going to follow through.and neither is your voice . Nongard And. it is fine that the audience will not see or know if the subjects really follow through or not. the crowd is really high one minute and the next minute they are totally silent. Your job as an entertainer is to keep that energy level up. just so you know. and the audience is left wondering. This is why it is so important for you to keep the energy level of the room up throughout the entire show. You will accept the suggestions that I give you. Whatever the subject is instructed to yell out is entertaining now.because this is how you set it up to begin with.” “Every time the audience laughs.” When the clapping crowd is no longer there . The majority of the time the subjects derive their ego-reinforcement to perform from the crowd out there clapping and from your voice . you know that you are doing well and you will go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. “You will focus on the sound of my voice. claps and cheers.Michael Johns & Richard K. which will make the act so much better. “Are these people really going to do it?” By the way.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 138 .

For example: “In a minute. Three. Two. You are conscious of the people and things happening around you. aware of the sounds around you. One. totally alert and functioning normally. you will become wide awake and completely alert.and getting them back to their seats in the audience safely and in a level of alertness.Michael Johns & Richard K. but it is important that you do it correctly and completely. It is not difficult to dehypnotize someone. Nongard THE SECRETS TO S ECRETS DEHYPNOTIZING AND SAFETY The last element of the stage hypnosis show is dehypnotizing bringing your subjects out of trance . I am going to count back from three to two to one. You must respect and implement the safety factor in every show that you do. 139 . When I reach the number one and snap my fingers. You are now wide awake. You are becoming more alert. Open your eyes.” Safety is your number one concern.

Specifically state that any suggestions.someone remains in a state of trance after the de-hypnotization process and then exits the stage and stumbles around hurts themselves or someone else. 140 . but nevertheless you will want to be attentive to this. you really do not want them returning to work on Monday as an accountant without first removing the suggestion.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets because you are responsible for your guests. you will give them further personal suggestions to wake completely. thank them for participating. You will also remove all prior suggestions given during the show as you awaken them. to the time they are back safely in their seats. Ask them their name. it is not a good laugh for someone to fall and break an arm. their safety is your first priority. When someone comes out of hypnosis. and lead them to the edge of the stage. Furthermore. until you are convinced of their full consciousness and ability to function appropriately. keywords or other commands will no longer work and are erased. It is highly unlikely and improbable that such a suggestion would remain outside the arena of the venue and without the social pressure of the audience to perform. You never want anyone to get hurt. look into their eyes. where hopefully you have a helper to assist them down the stairs. If someone appears to still be in even a light state of trance. shake their hand. the number one reason stage hypnotists are sued comes from physical injury . they may be a little groggy or disoriented for a few minutes. Take the time to assess each subject’s level of awareness and alertness before they leave the stage. If you do hypnotic amnesia and have someone forget the number two. From the time they leave their seats to get on stage.


The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 142 .

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

Confidence will be the number one key to your success for a lot of reasons. No one will get on stage with a hypnotist who is not confident about what they are going to do. If you were to say, “Alright folks, come on up. I hope this works tonight. I’ve never done this before, but let’s see what happens,” the audience will balk and you will have no show. Even if you are nervous you must project confidence. Everyone likes - and expects - a confident performer. However, take care that you do not cross over the line from confidence to arrogance, because there is a difference. It is okay to have an overall persona that is a little bit cocky, but if you are rude or come off as a know-it-all, it will likely backfire on you.

You want - and need - the people to trust you. When they take the risk to get up on stage, they are saying,

“Okay, {insert your name here}, I trust you to hypnotize me. I trust you to take care of me while I’m up here.”
Everyone wants to feel safe and secure, and that they will not be humiliated or overly embarrassed. For the subjects to have faith in the process, they must trust you, or they will not take the risk to perform.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets

Comfort of Guests
You want your subjects to be as at ease as possible on stage. You want nice, comfortable chairs, even if they are the cheaper, stackable kind. You want the subjects situated ‘shoulder to shoulder’ - enough room to breathe, but not enough to move around too much on their own. Many hypnotists will tape the chairs together at the arms or legs so they do not slide apart. Mental comfort is just as important as physical comfort. Let your guests know many times that everything is going to be alright; you are good at what you do and you are going to take care of them.

Every hypnotist has a different performance personality, and this is fantastic because it means that everyone’s show will be unique, even if some of the skits are similar. You will need to define your own personal style and performance personality - but you have to be genuine; be comfortable in your persona; be your natural stage self. Some people are rather shy in person, but they come to life and simply shine when they are on stage. Others may be a little goofy in real life, but when they hit the stage they turn into “the professor” and drone on with all seriousness about the science of hypnosis and this is what we will do and this is how it works and so forth. And then there are the “party guys” who take every risk they can on stage and really get the crowd going.

Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

Do not try to be someone else or copy the style of some other hypnotist. Borrowing concepts from another performer is one thing, but make your persona and your show your own. People respond to genuine people, and they can sense a bad actor from a mile away.

Stage Presence
Stage presence is very important. This is your stage. This is your area. You control this time and space. This is your own little kingdom, for lack of a better term. So, have presence. Do not hide behind the chairs or mumble or talk with your head down. Be confident. Use your diaphragm and project your voice when you speak. Interact with the crowd; do not be afraid to get out there and talk to people. This may take practice, so practice. If you have even a little bit of stage fright, work to get over it. Stand in front of a mirror and give your pre-talk a hundred times.

and be in front of a crowd.and the audience respond to so you can adjust future bits if necessary. but right now we are concerned with your focus on the show. You want to see how they react to different bits. do not be thinking about the girl or guy sitting on the front row that you want to hook up with after the show. You need to know what the subjects are doing now and what they are going to do next. Take every opportunity possible to talk to other people about hypnosis or just anything . Do not be thinking about making your car payment or where you might go on vacation or your kid’s report card. 146 . You should always be thinking one. You must be mentally and physically prepared and in control at all times. Do not be drunk or otherwise chemically impaired. two or even three skits ahead. Pay attention to what the subjects . Keep your focus on your people on stage and the audience. When you are on stage. Focus Focus can be many things.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Videotape yourself practicing an induction so you can see what you do and ways to improve. Do not let your stomach rumble because you forgot to eat. Do not bring personal problems to the show.

Instead. Do not be an attention hog. But it is so important to remember that it is not all about you. the show is all about the people that came up as your guests. Relish in the glory that you are the one creating the show. Give them the chance to be in the spotlight. worry or whatever . You are doing your thing and it is going really well. and make yourself famous by helping your guests on stage give a great performance to the audience. fall apart. then you can eat. and this will naturally make you feel really good about yourself. The Guests are the Stars of Your Show It is always good for your ego when you get up on stage and everyone in the room is paying attention to you. Make them the stars of your show. 147 .but not a moment before. or your show will not be successful. Nongard When the show is over and the last guest has left the venue.Michael Johns & Richard K.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets 148 .

~ Richard K. Nongard ~ Michael Johns 149 . Nongard THE SECRET CLOSING COMMENTS We hope that you have found the concepts. We always appreciate feedback. so much more you can learn and master. so please don’t hesitate to contact us at www.HypnosisGurus.Michael Johns & Richard K. There is so much more to say on the subject. Wishing you the best of everything always.com and drop an email with your comments and suggestions. but we hope to have at least provided enough fundamental “secrets” to aid in your future stage show success. strategies and suggestions in this book to be helpful.

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets Our product inventory is constantly expanding.The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets TWO MINUTE COMMERCIAL STAGE HYPNOSIS TRAINING If you are interested in learning more about stage show hypnosis to improve your skills. so check back often for new releases! 150 . and how you can do it. Nongard . Secrets from Las Vegas Insiders DVD Series: Michael Johns Stage Show Induction Michael Johns and Richard Nongard present Stage Hypnosis Exposed Terry Stokes presents The Stage Show Induction: How to Hypnotize Anyone Textbooks: Richard K. These instructional videos take you step-by-step through Michael and Terry’s personal strategies for a successful stage show.Understanding Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis. you should check out our website at : www. too.Hy pnosisGu ru s .Inductions and Deepeners: Styles and Approaches for Effective Hypnosis Terry Stokes .com Richard Nongard (stage and clinical hypnotist) and Michael Johns and Terry Stokes (Las Vegas Strip stars) have joined forces to put together several videos and texts on perfecting stage hypnosis inductions and shows. an easy to understand book about hypnosis Nongard and Johns . with detailed explanations by Richard on how and why everything works.

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