Surface Chemistry

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The interface or surface is represented by separating the bulk phases by a hyphen or a slash. • For example. there is no interface between the gases.INTRODUCTION • Surface chemistry deals with phenomena that occur at the surfaces or interfaces. • the boundary that seprates the two bulk phases is called surface or interface 4/21/12 . Due to complete miscibility. The bulk phases that we come across in surface chemistry may be pure compounds or solutions. the interface between a solid and a gas may be represented by solid-gas or solid/gas.

is not attracted to other molecules from all sides because there are no neighbouring molecules from all sides because there are no neighbouring molecules above the surface. hence • It possesses some unbalanced or residual a result of these unbalanced forces the molecule present at the solid or liquid surfaces tend to satisfy their residual forces by attracting the molecules of other species when brought in contact with them and retaining them on the surface.ADSORPTION • A Molecule present at the surface. • this causes increase in concentration of the molecular species near the surfaces as compared to its bulk phases 4/21/12 .

• This accumulation of molecular species at the surface rather than in the bulk of a solid or liquid is referred to as adsorption. • • 4/21/12 . the molecular species or substances which concentrates or accumulates at the surface is called “ADSORBATE”. the material on the surface of which adsorption occurs is called adsorbent.

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