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Iridian Kitten

Iridian Kitten

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Published by Tom Mansfield

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Tom Mansfield on Oct 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Iridian Kitten

There’s a pearlescent pigeon that is flapping to the rythym, Of a drum skin being beaten by a woman on a cushion, She plays percussion with a passion that compels the pigeons flapping, Until it’s chased off by a skittish colourful kitten, The kittens fur’s Iridian and the sunshine sets it shimmering, The drummers drumming quickens – As the little mammal pounces for the pearly feathers glistening, But the pigeon lifts aloft to escape the feline clutches, Now its hidden in a chestnut tree, its chosen safety destination, The bird commences cooing which confers its jubilation, The kitten soon forgets its prey and gives its paws a licking, Sprawled out, tail flickering in a green and pleasant woodland clearing, Now the pigeons cooing’s fading, And the drummers playing’s slowing, As the sun is sinking lower there’s a redness to its glowing, And its setting now below the trees, A darkness creeps across the leaves while the gloaming’s growing.

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